Hunter and I were talking about this guy we met in Atlanta a while back. After looking all over for his pics, I finally found them. I forgot how amazing this situation was, lol. I won’t get into the details as to how we came to hang out with him, but let’s just say there was LOTS of beer and this guy could put them away. As you can see here he is 6’3″ and has a pretty hard body. Now it’s important to note that this guy did porn before and seemed pretty chill. He felt it important to tell us that he was a top only, as we clued him in on that fact we were both tops, as well. Several beers later, he asked if he could fuck us. I have to be honest, we did think he was hot but he smoked cigarettes like a chimney and he was a bit drunk, so we decided to pass on the ses. Then he kept bragging about what a big cock he had and so of course I told him to whip it out. I have to admit that it was pretty impressive. Fast foreword to many more beers all around and he asked us again if he could fuck one of us. He kept at it saying, “Come on, you will love it I swear,” blah blah ya know; the things all us tops say when we want some ass, lol. Then, because I was very buzzed I said, “Hey, since your cock is so big why don’t you go fuck yourself!?” He laughed and said that he would if I could, so I pressed the issue and convinced him to give it a try. Hunter was right there cheering him on and making him strip down. And then it happened! Much to our shock, surprise, and delight he indeed went and fucked himself! The mother fucker actually came in his own ass. His eyes were rolling back into his head as he SHOT HIS LOAD IN HIS OWN ASS!






5 Responses to “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

  1. Will says:

    Lucky guy!

  2. xlee says:

    mmmmmmm when that scene comes out my dick will explode a fountain of cum

  3. kyle says:

    The last pic, the face…. My sides!!!! 😀

  4. Willy Madera says:

    Awesome!! Best Page ever!!!! Congratz Guyz

  5. mark says:

    Infairnes he is hot. Haha 3 of you will me nice to fuck me lol. I dont know if u receive my pic. Im from canada

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