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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

I found this GEM way in the back of our porn vault! It’s a really special vid because it was our very first breeding video from 2013! I had almost forgotten about it because at the time I decided not to post it because it was just not the right time to share breeding. This one is such a hot fuck and breed video that we had to share it. Funny story, Leham the hot ginger in this video, had been begging us for years to share this and we just never did. He’s going to LOVE seeing it now after all this time and we hope you do, too.


Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Man oh man, we really enjoyed doing this video with our pocket-sized buddy, Jason.  He came by our place to do a solo stroke video while Hunter was away and he was just way too cute for words.  I had to really restrain myself from fucking his sweet little ass right then and there.  So, I made Jason promise to cum back and meet Hunter and do a fuck video with us.  He has the most beautiful alabaster skin; its so smooth and white like freshly fallen snow with just the right sprinkling of freckles.  We basically ate him alive like a delicious vanilla cupcake with strawberry cream frosting.  We snacked on his delicious ass for a while, then we pushed our cocks down his tight little throat and finally railed his sweet delicious little pink starfish.  At the end of the video, there’s an amazing facial cum splash down all over his face.  To this day, all I have to do is think about that moment and it makes my cock hard.








Saturday, August 13th, 2016

OMG! I have to confess; after this video, Hunter and I have come to realize that we are REDOPHILES! Our boy toy Red came by to show off his big new ginger ass. Man, he’s been working-out that alabaster muscle ass so hard that it’s now a perfect work of ginger art and should be housed in a museum (or kept chained up in our place). Red stripped-down for us and jumped into our bed. One look at his tight little stud physique and we dove right in and starting devouring him. THEN, I realized we didn’t turn on the camera, so we backed off, took a breath, and turned on the camera and went to work fucking this boy into oblivion!








Saturday, February 20th, 2016


Here’s a hot session we had with our boy, Red. He’s not only sexy as fuck with a beautiful body, gaydorable face, sweet muscle ass, and delicious cock – but he’s also hilariously fun to hang out with. I showed Red our toy collection that random companies have sent us over the years and he was fascinated. So of course we had to challenge him to a dildo vs. asshole sword fight. Much to surprise, Red was able to take those rubber monsters and STILL have a hole tight enough to pop the cap off a bottle of ginger beer!


Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Happy Halloween, beasts and ghouls! Here’s a special Halloween freebie vid just for you wonderful and supportive fans. You’ll looooove this delicious muscle-butt ginger pumpkin pie (we sure as fuck did!). We think you’ll find it quite delicious and certain to make your Halloweenie howl with pleasure! WATCH! WAAAAATCH the magic pumpkin butt!


Cole and Hunter




Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Seems like you guys can’t get enough of Fire Boy.  We constantly get emails asking about him, asking why we haven’t done a FULL Director’s cut video for RETURN OF FIRE BOY.  Well, here it is.  I wonder why you guys lust after him so much.  His two videos with us, “Virgin Cherry POP” and “Return of Fire Boy” have been viewed over FIFTY THOUSAND times between Xtube and  Maybe it was his furry virgin cherry hole, or big fat uncut cock, or his sexy blue eyes, or his LOUD sexy moaning as we fucked him.  Who knows, maybe it’s a GINGER THING, lol.  But in any case; yes, Fire Boy is back by popular demand in this full Director’s cut version.  This sexy fire crotch with his hard lean tight body, little round bubble butt, BIG uncut cock, ice blue eyes, fire red bush and smooth alabaster skin is always a blast to play with.  For this video he came back for more fun with us and what can I say; this boy knows what he likes.  He loves women but also loves to experience grown men that now how to make him orgasm like never before.  In this video, we start out with some laughs and fun then quickly move into cock sucking and hot ass eating.  YUM!  This cutie has the best blond furry ass crack.  Hunter’s face was permanently planted in it for most of the shoot.  Mmmm Mmmm!  We loved eating it and getting it ready for some serious fucking.  We moved him to our favorite leather chair and bent him over and slipped in our cocks in his tight ass till he is squirming and giggling with pleasure.  Then we move him to the kitchen table where we rail his tight hole and suck his sweet little toes and kiss his feet until he groans.  And that’s when it gets hard core and the fucking gets real and the cum starts splashing,

Thanks for stroking with us,

xoxox Cole and Hunter


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This is the latest addition to our most popular videos category the VIRGIN CHERRY POP series. You can only see this video here on . Hunter and I have decided to call this guy Strawberry Cherry Farm Boy because this cherry boy lives on a farm here in New England and has a shock of thick reddish blond hair. This sexy boy is as sweet and virginal as they get, he was so excited the first time he emailed us that he sent a short stroke video to us to make sure we liked him lol he is so funny and nice always laughing and smiling, and willing to please, he loves tall masculine guys in there 30’sand 40’s with hairy chests and big cocks lol his turn on’s are masculinity, and aggressiveness and he has a serious turn on to man sweat just like Hunter and me, hot sweaty man musk is a big turn on to us so we made sure to shove his cute little face in our pits as we fucked his sweet cherry ass ! When you get him going he turns into a little sex machine. He is tall and lean with bright blue ewes and alabaster skin, he loves to suck dick and get sucked, he has a thick cut cock, and little furry butt, after we followed him around and filmed him as he fed the chickens and walked the dog, then we got down to some fucking and sucking, we popped his cherry out side on a pile of lumber and up against a pile of rocks, it was loud sweaty and fucking hot, at one point we were so engrossed in our fucking that we didn’t even notice there was a guy on a lawn mower watching the entire time lol he was obviously into checking us out so we kept on going, this virgin pop is a serious must see, its a bit aggressive at times but thats what this sexy strawberry cherry wanted MAN SEX!

Thanks for stroking with us

Cole Maverick and Hunter


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This is the first in our VIRGIN CHERRY POP SERIES! We are starting out with a super fucking HOT Bisexual Ass Virgin he is 20 with a fat uncut dick and a sweet furry bubble butt. He is a blast to chill with we had a long serious hot sex session with tons of fucking and sweet ass eating and loads of cum splashing and most important lots of laughs. He saw us on line we did some back and forth chatting did all our ID checks and got the necessary testing done, and after all that he decided he wanted us to POP HIS CHERRY ! We get a ton of virgin requests so we have decided to make a VIRGIN CHERRY POP series, this guy is the first , a real tough cookie lol we pounded his virgin ass till we all collapsed in a sweaty pile lol Enjoy and let us know if you want this guy back for more? Thanks for stroking with us! Cole Maverick and Hunter