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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Hi Boys, we have been busy as hell collecting tons of video content from different places, here is something we thought you all would appreciate. I decided to purchase the new G4 I-phone because Hunter has been torturing me to upgrade from my old school razor to something less prehistoric lol while I was clearing out my photos and videos from my razor I realized that I had some seriously hot small cell phone videos from various friends, but by far our Frat Boy Bradley has sent us the most video clips and photos. Some of these hot clips from Frat Boy were just to good to trash so we decided to make a little video montage for you boys of all the super sexy photos and clips that Frat Boy has sent us throughout the past 2 years and I also added some of the photos we have taken of him. I added his favorite bit of music to go along with it. We hope you all enjoy it as much as Hunter and I did making it. Hey Frat Boy, I hope your not shocked that we made this with your private clips that you sent us but they were just too sexy not to share with our fans lol we love you Bradley, you are a blast to be with and a good friend stay sexy.

xoxoxo Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It’s been a while since we have seen our buddy Cooper.  Now that he is out of the military and can do what ever he wants, he reached out to us and expressed some interest in doing another video with Hunter and me. I just posted his very first video with us ( Military Cherry P-Town Adventures) from last summer in Cape Cod..Its posted here in the videos section. After editing it I realized just how hot this boy is, so we have decided to show you guys the other 2 full videos that have never been seen before, I will be working on them this month to post….but only if you tell us if you want to see more of this tall sexy Blue eyed fucker.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Even tho it rained on our parade here in Boston, we made the best of it. The parade itself was a little lack luster, maybe it was the rain or maybe it was Hmmmmm???? lets just say…different? There were some things in the contingent of marchers that Hunter and I just didn’t understand how or why they had anything to do with gay pride..They were not “Gay” or ” full of Pride?” Not Gay pride related as far as we could tell.  We are curious what you guys think of the 3 images I snapped at the parade, are they gay pride related?…Tell us your thoughts. We had a BLAST at the Fritz block party, they always throw an awesome event rain or shine and the bar tenders there ROCK! We hit the other block party on Dalton street Sunday and that was also packed and fun. We met a bunch of our fans at both block parties.  FYI we LOVE it when guys come say hi and ask to snap pics with us, we don’t bite! Here are a few pics from our fun Pride weekend at the events; Club Cafe was hot, Fritz was a blast.


Friday, June 18th, 2010

Hi Guys –

We decided to make this special video for our little star, Billy. We call him a “STAR” not because he stars in a bunch of our videos, and not because he has literally hundreds of thousands of our Xtube fans going crazy over his hotness; we call him a Star because he shines like one to both of us. Whenever Hunter and I hang out with Billy he is always smiling, always laughing, and always ready to try something fun or hot with no bullshit or drama.  He is a great and fun friend to us and we love him and wish him the very best in life.

This little video is one of our ways to show him how much we love him. If you want to see more of our little star, he is in a bunch of our videos…Virgin Cherry Pop “Gone Camping”, Overnight Fuckfest, etc.  There are too many to mention all, but every one is worth checking out here in our videos section. Please show Billy some love and leave a comment here under this video.

Cole and Hunter


Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Check out this article on us from We wanna hear what you guys have to say about it, too…

Just click on the image above to go to the article, or click here.


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I love my man’s cock; it’s fat and long, always rock hard and hangs out with two big ol’ bull nuts, lol.  But more importantly, it’s attached to the man that I love, and my best friend.  I can’t get enough of his meat.  It’s a good thing for me that I’m 110% head-over-heels in love with him, cuz I am addicted to his dick, totally dicktified.  My man taught me everything I know about sex; how to suck a dick, how to fuck an ass, and what real man sex is supposed to be; aggressive, sweaty, primal, and fun.  Growing up I had always been turned on by the smell of other guys – the high school locker room was a vortex of sexual energy for me.  But it was Cole who really taught me the appreciation of a sweaty jock strap or gym socks.  Now when I see another dude strip down in the locker room and drop his jock next to his socks on the floor, it takes every ounce of personal strength I can muster to NOT snatch them up and breathe in deep ;).

One of my favorite things in life is to watch Cole walk around our place naked.  His junk bounces all over the place; big nutz slap against his thighs – his cock flaccid is fucking beautiful and swings around, always teasing me to get on my knees and suck it.

I love it when Cole just kicks back in our bed (or sits back in our special blow job chair) and makes me suck him off.  I completely worship is massive cock.  It’s taken me a bit of practice, but I’m finally able to completely deep throat his fat hog.  I love the way it fills up my mouth and throat.  I like really taking my time and listening to him moan.  I know I’m really driving him nutz when he starts to shake as I really work over his fat shroom head.  I love pumping him dry and I always suck up every last drop of his sweet man batter.  Damn; I think he turned me into a cum pig, too, lol.


Friday, June 11th, 2010

Check out this vid we put together on the Psychology of Spanking. Are you into spanking? If so, let us know what you like about it.


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Check out this article on our vids from a Brazilian site, MixBrasil. We need one of our hot Brazilian fans to translate for us ;)….

And a fan answered!  Thanks very much for your help, Rick.  Here’s the English translation:

One of the most asked quetions that answer is about my favorite porn movie studio.

Obviously I love FreshSX, the sudio I work. But when I watch porn just for fun, it wouldn’t be right for me pick the ones directed or the ones I’m in front of the cameras. Before I worked with the industry, Bel Ami was my favorite. I still like what they produce. But it doesn’t turn me on like it used to do. Almost every time I watch porn from others studios I use a critic eye. I want analyze the angles from the cameras, lights and positions.

But some months ago I discovered the videos form Xtube are the only ones that turn me on. And suddenly I discovered the best porn in the world! Maverickmen22 is their name. Cole Maverick and Hunter are a real  couple exploring their adventures in front of the cameras. With a lot of straight guys, and also virgin twinks. The straight are really straight? The twinks are really virgins? Being a reality-porn, the fantasy is what it matters. And it doesn’t matter if it’s fake in the end, relax and cum!

While recording they are wild and dominators! They rip of guys clothes, and close the mouth from the straight while they scream in pain, and sometimes kind of agressive. The videos are amateurs but with pro-video-caractheristics . The most scenes are bareback. Which I don’t like. But they always warning that models are tested, so as them, and only the negative ones are recruited.

They success in Xtube has over 80 millions of fans spread all over the world, with makes them thought about create their own website. A few days ago, I found their profile in DudesNude. I sent them a message and thinking they would never send me an answer. Because wild dudes like them don’t like my profile. I always look very “baby” in theses porn websites. Although I not a baby obviously.

Well, they answered. And they are super cute. Which proofs once more, that porn, TV or reality entertainment works with our fantasies.