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Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Miles and Max is a special little video for us because it’s one of our new MaverickMen Directs video.  We have been working on a bunch of new concepts for our video lines and this is one of our favs simply because we get to film and feel these guys out before we actually fuck them, lol. Miles is out and proud, Max seems to be straight and they are childhood friends that used to mess around, sucking and jerking-off each other.

Miles recently answered an ad to do a stroke video and show-off his big boy cock for On The Hunt. For moral (ha IMMORAL!) support he decided to take along his “straight” buddy, Max. Somehow during the interview process, Max got so comfortable that we were able to talk this obviously straight boy into the action. Man, were we glad he did!

Now let me restate that Max is indeed straight, for what it’s worth, and by straight I mean he prefers pussy over cock and had NEVER been fucked in the ass until tonight. I have to confess that we fell in lust with this straight boy (we always do!). He’s a serious wise-ass punk with a sexy swagger, and oh yeah; his sox smelled awesome! During this video you’ll see Miles getting all excited to fuck straight boy Max but that ends quickly when Miles confesses that he really wants to be fucked by his straight boy crush of many years. You’re gonna love this hot awkward suck and fuck session in a big way. Please let us know if you want to see more MaverickMen Directs videos on this site!

Thanks again for always stroking with us. We love you guys!
Cole and Hunter


Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Here is some of the beauty we discovered in the UK a few summers ago. It’s time for another visit! We looooove you sexy Brit boys.


Monday, June 25th, 2012

(This video will be up the first week of July)


Saturday, June 23rd, 2012


Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Hope ya’ll are having a blast this pride season – tis the time to be horny and proud!  This next video is a special one for all you horny twink lovers out there.  We’ve had a few requests asking us to bang some hot twink ass, so here ya go!  Not only is this vid very HOT; it’s also fun and funny (our favorite!).  We were hit-up by this cute twink couple asking us to help them figure out if they were tops or bottoms.  Haha, and Hunter and I determined that they are both most definitely bottoms!  On a side note; we had met Xander months before dancing as a go-go boy (Hunter looooves go-gos) and instantly fell in love with his crazy-fun energy and his eclectic taste for both daddy bears and twinks.  And yes; we do have a few more videos with just him – those will come out later.

When Xander started dating his cute new boyfriend Obie, they came to us for some sex advice and a fun photo shoot.  Naturally after a few minutes of shooting them and their cute little twink asses, it immediately turned into a full-on fuck video.  Since it was so spontaneous, there was no time for testing so we used condoms – never the less, the man-on-twink fucking was as hardcore as ever.  When the boys offered up their sweet holes for sacrifice, face-down and ass-up in a matter of seconds, we couldn’t resist.  Being the obliging gents that we are we went all out and fucked the hell out of their hard little butts.  They were moaning so loud as Hunter and I fucked them simultaneously that we made them make-out as we pounded them out.  FUCKING HOT!!!

XOXO Cole and Hunter


Monday, June 18th, 2012


Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

We’ve been invited back to Denver to help them celebrate their pride and we are so pumped for it!  Denver boys are so dang sexy!  Here’s where we’ll be:

Friday, June 15 we’ll start at the 4th annual Corky’s Pride Pool Party, from 5 pm – 9 pm, then from there we head over to Club Standard for Porn Star Pride (see graphic below).  If you’re in the area, come over and party with us!!!

Corky’s is at 4501 E Warren Ave , Denver – BYOB, woo!!!

Club Standard is at 1037 Broadway, Denver – doors open at 9 pm, get there early to avoid the line!!!


Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Here is a classic that’s been sitting in the vaults for a LONG time.  This is little T’s last video with us from maybe as far back as three years ago.  Wow!  As I was sitting here watching it I got so many flash backs of our fun times with that sex machine, little T.  I have to confess; he was one of the best sex partners Hunter and I have ever had.  Little T knew how to bottom like a true champion and he gave the best head this side of the Charles River!

In this vid, Little T comes over super horned up and begging for some ass pounding so we gave it to him just the way he likes it; hard and fast.  We both looooove his smooth, tight little body.  And his beautiful round bubble-of-an-ass was made for deep delicious man fucking.  Little T is retired from videos and has since moved out of our neighborhood.  We miss him a ton and wish him nothing but the best.