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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Clarke is just plain HOT…What can we say that’s not readily apparent in the video and photos from his visit with us in Miami? He is 6’2″ HUNG !!! Has sexy Blue eyes, is totally masculine, sexually open versatile prefers to top but he bottomed for us, and with a Sweet personality, he simply cant be beat.. He loves fun sex, running, surfing, and absolutely loves the beach, we met him a few times walking along the south beach near 10th where he is a life guard five days a month.

When we first met Clarke, we were not totally sure he was gay until we caught him checking our bulges out thru our bathing suits lol He tried to be coy about it, but it was obvious that he was also trying to feel us out to see if we were into him. As soon as we caught him looking and saw his face turn bright red we knew we had a sexy lifeguard to play with, and man was he a blast.  After meeting him a few times, and telling what we do and telling him that we wanted to do a video with him, and he agreed we then had him over for a sweaty workout in our gym. He was so hot that Hunter and I could not wait to eat him up so we started out having some hot fun in the locker room and then the sauna, man that was a fantasy come to life lol then we ventured out into the hot tub . after a few hours of grab and tickle by the pool and the hot tub we took him up stairs and then popped his cherry it was one of the best times Hunter and I have had with a guy because he was so into pleasing us and we were so into pleasing him, the chemistry was perfect, and he was all smiles and laughs before during and after, sex he confessed later that he had known who we are and had secretly jerked off to our videos many times, we made a great connection with Clarke and plan on having him come stay with us in Boston again real soon to hopefully to make another hot video. About Clarke: His secret little pleasures are hot tubs, candles and blueberry vodka hahaha this guy is a serious catch for any single guy with a good heart, feel free to leave him a message here I’m sure he will read it.


Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I’m not sure what you can say about our Tow Truck driver Chasen. but I will try he is Italian crazy fun, slightly intimidating, surprisingly sensitive towards other peoples feelings, very loyal to his friends and loves Budweiser & sushi lol Superficially he is BIG ! HUNG !!! and totally masculine and knows how to follow orders, what a fucking dream come true for Hunter and me…he was basically given to us along with a few other boys as a gift by (OTH) On the Hunt lol it’s a long story but in a nut shell ManHunt and OnTheHunt love the way we shoot our videos so they throw guys at us ,we then pick who we like and make a hot video with them and in return they let us have the content to share with you guys and they also show it on OTH I think its fair since we love the guys they send to us, and are still able to stay true to the integrity of our content..we would love to hear what you think.?

Back to this guy Chasen, he is a straight/bi gay for pay man boy I say Manboy because he is 6’5″ tall weighs in at 250lbs of lean hard meat, with a solid frame big dark brooding eyes and a deep voice…. with his thick 9″ cock and massive frame he was a little intimidating we knew we had to act fast with this guy and dominate,him and show him who the bosses were in bed after some hard conversation and ego stroking we got him to bottom for us , when he let us penetrate his big muscle ass it was heaven on earth….eventually he gave in let go and surrendered his ass , and then BOOM we got some serious hard core fucking , it turned out that he prides himself on the fact that he is tough and can handle anything, so Hunter and I both nailed and railed his big boy ass all over the place, he was yelling and screaming so loud that we had to cover his mouth, after the 2hr fuck session he was walking like a serious cowboy lol to his credit he never pussed out even once, he never said wait, or stop, or slow down, he just took it like a man, and since he was so awesome after sex we all went out for some food and had lots of laughs, then the next day we all 3 hung out again and drove around in his souped up truck, he was a ton of fun, we have seen him blow up since our shoot with him, he is all over the porn sites, and I can see why, this guy is HOT!


Friday, January 1st, 2010

We rang in the new year in South Beach with some crazy fun friends. And we met and partied with a bunch of fans from the area, we were shocked at how many people recognized us and were so cool and nice. We were at a swank hotel on south beach and met a ton of hot  “STRAIGHT” guys in the lobby of our hotel lol below is a pic of one we got back to our room, we ended up all sharing our bed that night, nothing sexual happened until the morning when Hunter spotted his morning wood and went down on him, that led to some ass eating and  a virgin cherry pop in the shower, lol unfortunately he was not into doing a video, oh well you cant win em all.  The guys in Miami were bold and hot and not at all shy, so many guys email us and say they saw us and were to scared to come say hi, but not in Miami lol so please please don’t be afraid to come share the love and say hello ,we love meeting you guys, please be like the boys of Miami and come right up to us and say hi , feel free to ask any questions you like, we only bite if you don’t ask politely 🙂  or if u have a nice ass we might just bite that. Keep an eye out for us we just may be in your area soon we travel a lot, also keep in mind that we now ONLY fool around with guys if they are into doing a video with us, no more off camera escapades for us, it’s all about sharing the videos with our fans.

We ordered Champagne Caviar and a sexy  straight boy from the lobby, it was a seriously hot new Years Eve in Miami