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Thursday, November 26th, 2009

This is our last week in Amsterdam. There are Plenty of places to chill and blaze, it was pretty gross to see how commercialized the marijuana industry has gotten there, I was there 20 years ago, when it was very bohemian and hippies with cool spots to chill in, now the pot shops are next to a MacDonald’s lol and there are millions of low grade marijuana leaf souvenirs’ EVERYWHERE its sad to see how commercialized the place has become. It’s very common to see small groups of obviously stoned teenagers on vacation or school breaks, from all over the world walking from one pot shop to the next , giggling and having a HIGH time lol its also sad/funny to see the 40 and 50-year-olds that have been stuck in a time warp by that I mean there are people walking around with LONG mullets tie die shirts and spandex and clothes from the 1970’s and 80’s they have been so stoned for so long they have obviously lost track of time.


Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Went to the Wasteland event, around 11pm it was a FREAK show in every sense of the word, a fetish ball extravaganza lol so shocking, and trust me, it takes a lot to shock us. There were hundreds of people dressed in some of the strangest gear you could imagine, I mean CRAZY things like hats with REAL fire shooting out from the top, and 6’10” drag queens in rubber white nurses out fits with bandaged patients on leashes and harnesses trailing behind them, there were massive circle jerks under the sound stages with rooms with chain link fence mazes leading into several different rooms, with different things going on, we went into one room with a huge crucifix on the floor with a woman chained to it and 30 to 50 straight men jerking off and shooting there loads on her naked body, she was writhing in pleasure as each load splashed on her , she was guarded by a massive black hulking muscle guy wearing a menacing looking leather mask, this guy was HOT if u are into muscle daddys lol he was just standing there over her head. As her protector, he was perfectly intimidating, his massive corded muscled arms folded across his chest standing guard over her silently watching to make sure none of the crazed masturbators got out of line. We were riveted lol we stood there peering thru the chain link fence watching all these random guys stroke, I have to admit, I enjoyed watching was hot and demented at the same time.

We moved on in to the gay area separated by long hallways made of chain fence, LONG mazes of chain link fence with people densely packed in , pressing up against each other it was a fire death trap, but no one seemed to care lol . As you can imagine there were TONS of craziness going on, lots of leather guys chained up getting fucked and sucked, there was one guy with chain mail covering his face it was a hood so u could not really see thru it, he was over 6’ tall with just boots on and the biggest cock Hunter and I have ever seen possibly 14” long and as thick as a coke can, he was just laying back stroking in front of a crowd , people would squeeze buy and have a touch bit most were scared to approach him lol of course I dragged Hunter up to him, and made Hunter pick up this guys massive meat and give it a stroke or to, Hahhaha it was so funny to see the shocked expression on Hunter’s face when he realized that it was real, the guy just sat there and moaned, we moved on to the next freak show lol all and all it was aprox 70% straight and 30% gay I have to tell you guys that straight people are WAY MORE sexually crazy than gays hahaha.


Friday, November 13th, 2009

Hunter and I had a seriously crazy time in Amsterdam, we did it all if you know what I mean lol but by far the best part of our visit there was meeting our little hunky dutch boy. This guy was small but had a thick hairy frame with a hard bod, and nice abs and a hairy double bubble ass that would not quit. He LOVED Americans and especially us in a big way. It turned out that sexually we had a lot of things in common, for instance, he loves the smell of man sweat arm pits, sweaty sox, jock straps all that good man musk stuff lol Hunter and I are seriously into that, we were in a crowded trap headed back to the center of Amsterdam and when no one was looking this sexy little fuck rammed his face right into my pit and deeply unapologetic breathed in the sweaty musk smell of my arm pit, lol. I was shocked but totally turned on I got an instant hard on right there lol Hunter was just slack jawed and found it hilariously hot… at that point we knew we had a hot fuck session waiting to happen lol.

We first hooked up with this kid in an alley way haha we didn’t have a room ready yet so we dragged him down a dark alley and made him go down on his knees and made him suck us off and guzzle down our loads he slurped up every drop mmmm what a hot session that was while that was happening we explored his hairy hole and amazing little body all the while he serviced us on his knees in this random alley way in Amsterdam, lol it was crazy as hell risky but super fucking hot. After that we all went out and got routy and came back to the 555 guest house it turned out to be a beautiful guest house and we took full advantage of it. We stripped our new boy toy down and used him in every way possible he loved to eat ass and service, loved to swallow a cock and get fucked, when you see the video you will FLIP its so hot, he was sweet and an amazing lay so we let him spend the night, he even cooked us breakfast in the morning lol I hope we will see this boy again someday.


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Found a great gay hotel in Amsterdam called the Triple Five Guest House at 555 Prinsengracht when we got there one of the owners greet us with open arms, he was a sexy sweet man named Andre, coco skin nice body in his late 30’s early 40’s he and his lover a BIG tall handsome leather daddy in his late 40’s early 50’s both confident handsome charming masculine men, both with children of there own from earlier straight relationships, I enjoyed talking to them both very interesting men. After chatting with them, they told us about the annual Wasteland party and said that we HAD to go it was a crazy event that we should not miss, BUT in order to get in to the event we had to dress up in a big way in leather, or fetish or something, or they wouldn’t let us in. As fait would have it, our hosts just so happened to be into leather in a BIG WAY and had plenty of outfits for us to try on lol so we went up to there pent house had some beers and tried on several leather outfits, chaps, jocks, shirts you name it they had it, it was a laugh riot they helped us zip up and squeeze into some of the outfits it was funny and hot at the same time, but at the end of it all we found somethings that looked pretty hot, it took a lot of convincing from Hunter to get me to walk outside in leather chaps over my jeans and just a leather vest lol he loved me in the out fit and his was HOT he wore a little leather vest and a leather jock strap that showed off his massive muscle ass lol.


Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Went out to clubs in Amsterdam, got recognized a few times by fans, the clubs for the most part were un interesting, mostly quiet during the week with a bit of a crowd on the week end, we are not bar people so we didn’t take the time to check the schedule to see when they were busy, there are quite a few bars with DARK Rooms for sex, but they were pitch black and I am guessing for not so good looking guys to get off in. The streets of Amsterdam, are full of hot looking guys of every flavor, the Dutch generally are HUGE people towering over 6 + feet on average with great faces, so if u like big blond guys this is the town for you. I did notice at the local straight gym & Sauna that there were a LOT of 40+ very good looking in shape tall dutch men, this is a daddy lovers paradise.

There were plenty of Moroccan closet cases on every street but be warned they are seriously homophobic and get very upset and crazy if they catch you looking at them lol its strange because if you are a Transzestite or drag queen and look at them they love it and will be all over you, we were walking around the RED LIGHT district were we saw groups of Moroccan men checking out the transvestites and hooking up with them. The red light area is pretty shocking, its a large area in the center of town with street level “Shops” with large windows that looki directly into small rooms usually with a bed a night stand and a red light ,there is usually a woman or tranny sitting on a stool dressed in sexy lingerie, when you walk by they tap on the glass and beckon you in, its pretty funny to see all the tourists walking by with there children and grandparents all looking over there shoulder and pretending not to look haha. One of the most glaring things about the red light district, is the absence of “MALE’S” there are NO male escorts in any of the windows, it was pretty strange not to see even one man in any of these windows, I asked my friend from Amsterdam why they didn’t have guys in the windows and he told me that they used to have them years ago, then the Morocan’s and Muslim community went crazy and started riots and broke windows in the area until they stopped putting men out there, it was pretty shocking to us to think the Dutch government gave in to that kind of nonsense.

We went to the Sauna Thermos to check it out , Hunter had never been to a Sauna, we walked around checking out every nook and cranny of the place , it had multiple floors , pools, Jacuzzi, saunas, steam, resturant, bar, tv room movie theatre, tanning booths, and a gym, it was a massive multi level place, quite a few dutch hotties we got a quick blow job from one dutchie, then Hunter and I started to mess around in the sauna, it was pretty hot there were 3 or 4 guys sitting around stroking watching us, then 3 or 4 guys turned into 10 and they started to come closer so we stopped and walked around some more until we decided to head out, but all in all, it was a fun time there, there were some ancient grandpas’ there that were chatting and having sex with cute boys it was cool to see that kind of daddy/grand daddy thing going on lol that’s something you hardly ever see in the states.


Monday, November 2nd, 2009

This past October we had an amazing Halloween party, it was a 2 day event, Halloween weekend we went all out with some creative friends and artists to create an amazing event. Our good friend had recently purchased the lot next door to his home to expand his property, on that lot was an ancient Victorian mansion, from the early 1800’s that had not been lived in for over 30 years it was the quintessential haunted house we asked him if we could hold our annual Halloween party there and much to our delight he said yes, it was a 21 room beauty complete with cobwebs and ghosts we spent a bucket of cash to create this amazing 2 day event, we hired caterers bartenders an amazing DJ Jason from Club Café and Machine in Boston, he rocked the house with amazing music until the wee hours of the morning.

The haunted theme was Circus of fear, evil clown’s and crazy freaks every where, we hired a girl dressed as Britney Spears, to climb into a glass casket with 25 live rats crawling all over her , the coffin was propped up on the front porch for guests to walk by and peer into, it was a huge hit, people were freaked out lol every room was custom done with freakish and strange art work, and horror themed decorations, we even had industrial thunder and lightning effects around the property and massive smoke makers, the traffic was so bad the we had to hire 2 police officers to direct the cars driving by, we also had tons of drinking games and the best props and Hollywood special effects anywhere.

The first night was for family members, straight friends and business associates and the 2nd night was a gay bash with tons of hot guys and sexy MaverickMen boys, even a few VIP’s from ManHunt had a blast in their hilarious costumes, 99% of the costumes were pretty sick, or hilarious , Hunter and I went as demented cannibal clowns, I had a 3’ albino afro and Hunter had an Edwardian wig, complete with chain saws and matching one peace pink Bunny pajamas J Our favorite Boy Billy was there dressed as Pinochhio. He was so cute that every one was attacking him lol he was freaked out by the sheer size of the event and crowd so he stuck with us like glue throughout the entire event, Frat boy showed up dressed as a shirtless sexy devil mmm mm he looked hot he came with a tall sexy date, there were tons of sexy boys there and lots of nasty dancing, at the end of the night around 4 am we took our little Pinocchio home and had our way with him fucking for another hour or so then we all collapsed in a heap of clown makeup, puppet strings, and lube.  It was the best Halloween party ever.