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Thursday, February 11th, 2016

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! This video is deeeeeelicious! I have to admit that I beat off to this video twice while editing. I love thinking back to that hot and sweaty afternoon on the Cape with Hunter and I meeting up with Riley at a pool party. Then we went for a long bike ride back to our place to fuck the brains out of his sweet hairy ass. Hunter and I both love sex with Riley and the chemistry is so obvious in this video. You’ll absolutely LOVE how we stretch his holes out and throat fuck Riley. Hunter even managed to stick his cock in DP while Riley was riding me and moaning and purring like a big horny cat!








Friday, November 8th, 2013


I was going through some of my old photos from over fifteen years ago and I found these gems from a day at the beach. I shot these photos sooooo long ago, it was B.H., in fact (before Hunter, lol). Yup, that’s how long I’ve been snapping pics and filming naked men. I guess porn truly was my destiny. On this day at the beach in Cape Cod, I was with a few friends we were sunning and having some laughs and it was pretty crowded with lots of men and women but it was in the “gay section” of the beach that I spotted this cute guy setting up his spot in the sand. Then, all of a sudden he took out his big cock and started beating off! I was blown away that he didn’t give a fuck about who was watching, so of course I swatted my friends to point him out and they became transfixed on watching him with a mixture of shock and excitement. Being the forward kinda guy that I am, I went over to him, knelt down, and asked him if I could photograph him. With fat meat in hand (see pics below), he said, “Yes! I would absolutely love that. I like when people watch.” What a Maverick Man! Needless to say, it was a very horny day in the sun, and yup I hit on him but much to my surprise he was straight (at least that’s what he insisted). The guy shot his load and packed up and took off, but not before waving good by to us. We all applauded loudly for the great show he gave us as he strolled off into the sunset, never to be seen again.







Friday, July 8th, 2011

This is our second vid in our “Jock Fuckers” series!

We had a BLAST last year in Provincetown (Cape Cod), MA.  It’s our favorite place to stay during the summer (and still Hunter’s all-time fav of places that we’ve visited), and we always meet the hottest guys there like this sexy soccer boy, Dennis.  We had been chatting on-line with him back and forth to finally set up a meeting, but he took too long so we told him we were headed to Ptown.  MUCH to our surprise he found his way to Ptown and started sniffing around for us.  We saw him sitting outside of The Vault, one of our favorite bars to hang out in while in PTown.  You’ll always find lots of sexy boys and hairy beasts there, lol.  We snatched him up and took him back to our hotel room and the Crown and Anchor.  We LOVE that place!  It’s the perfect spot to stay if you ever go to P town – awesome rooms and great views directly in the center of town overlooking the beach, and as I said; it’s always full of sexy men.  When we took our sexy boy to our room to show him the view, we decided we couldn’t wait to inspect the goods, so we made him strip for us and show us his beautiful bubble butt.  We got Dennis to put on a jock strap and get to work shakin that ass.  We played with his bum for a while and made him dance and shake it for us then it quickly escalated it to some serious raw hot ass fucking.  This boy’s hairy wolf pussy was so tight that it took half a bottle of lube just to get my head in.  Hunter blasted an amazing load, squirting all over Dennis’ hairy man hole.  You will LOVE this video.  Show our soccer boy some love and leave him some comments here under this video.

Xo Cole and Hunter


Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This is a special video for many reasons – firstly, because this guy Cooper was very popular when we originally introduced him over a year ago. His first video was only up for a few weeks before we had to pull it because he had some issues with the military and asked us to take it down for a while until he got out of the service. Now he is out and we have decided tobring him out full force along with 2 other smoking hot videos we did with this sexy military cherry, he has since done a few other sites and is rocking the porn world with his sexy sexy eyes and big cock. I painstakingly re-edited all of his content with love, lust and a big hard on just for you dirty boys. You will love this and the other videos to come with Cooper. He is a tall sexy well hung 23 year old guy with a sexual appetite for cock unlike anyone Hunter and I have ever met. In this video filmed last summer in P-Town, we spent a lazy weekend at the beach fucking and sucking on the beach in the dunes, and back at the cottage, then back to our place in the city so we could get into some hard core ass fucking, and hell yes we got our fuck on. We made this boy our personal little cum guzzler and he loved it. This video is filled with lots of face fucking, cock sucking, and verbal commands, with a sprinkling of serious ass eating and several big sticky cum shots, guaranteed to make you want more of this sexy blue eyed beauty. Please tell us what you think and and if you want us to put out his other videos , tell us by leaving a message in the comments box under this video.

Thanks for stroking with us…

Cole Maverick and Hunter


Friday, August 6th, 2010

Hi Guys-

Cape Cod has been a great place to spend the summer, we have been spending every possible moment at the beach. Hunter’s favorite place to be on earth is the beach, so of course when I asked him where he wanted to spend his birthday, he said THE BEACH PLEASE, lol. We were there all day, our favorite frat boy Bradley drove all the way here to spend Hunter’s birthday with us, we all had such a great time, so I thought I would share some of the moments with you boys.

Cole and Hunter


Monday, July 26th, 2010

Hey Boys, here is a quickie post that Hunter and I just knew we had to get up for you all. As we were walking home at around 1:30AM from having a few beers at a bar here in P-Town, we were quietly walking down our pitch-black street and as we neared our place, I heard a sound coming from the back of our car parked next to our house, it was totally dark, I yelled HEY WHO’S there, Hunter punched me in the arm and told me to be quiet, it’s too fucking late, lol, and said that it was probably just a raccoon or a skunk or something. Then, as I peered into the inky blackness, I remembered that I had my camera WOO HOO!!!, so I turned my flash on and snapped a pic and this is what I captured!  Hunter and I laughed so loud and so hard as we ran into our house that I almost pissed my pants, lol, she must have been as shocked as we were because the smile on her face is PRICELESS!

We have some crazy fans that love our sick sense of humor and you know who you are this pic is just for you lol.


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Bears? Beers? Bare asses? What more could two over-sexed guys want you ask? Well we want it all; we want the cubs, clubs, and entertainment, and we definitely found it here in P-Town. We descended on the bears and their play caves like bears to nuts and honey, we made it a point to see Ryan Landry’s “Show Girls” and WOW I have to tell you it was FUCKING amazingly fun, shockingly good talent, it’s a MUST see, Landry and his motley crew of sexy funny friends are those rare talents that exude creativity and hilarity in all that they do, if you don’t go to one of his shows you are seriously missing out, we plan on checking out THE GULLS this week, not to be missed is Tommy Yaz; his video selections and creations during the show will make you piss your pants, he is as twisted as they come, you will love his work.  Okay getting back to the big bears of BEAR WEEK, it wasn’t difficult to find the bears, Hunter has a nose for bear meat, he sniffed out the big hot hairy manly bears and I just covered my cock with Honey to trap the otters and cubs. We now officially love our bear boys, what’s not to love about a BEAR? – they cuddle, snuggle, sniff, and fuck like crazy, so stumbling upon this week of hairy beasts here in P-Town was an amazing stroke of luck for us, we have never been greeted with more love and big bear hugs anywhere else. Here is a little photo montage of our bear buddies.

We will be leaving early august, we have been here 3 weeks now and have been having so much fun. Just the other day after coincidentally renting John Waters movie “Dirty Shame” featuring a hilarious bear segnment, it was fate that we bumped into the director himself right on Commercial St, here in P town. Waters came whizzing by us on his Elvira Gultch style bike stacked with important documents strapped to the rear fender, as he zoomed by us, one of his documents flew off the back of his bike and landed at our feet (FATE), as I stooped down to retrieve it I called out to John and said in my most butch voice said “HEYYYYYYYYY ! you dropped something” at that point I had no idea it was Waters,  he glanced back over his shoulder, he gave us a perturbed look, then screeched to a halt, turned around and started back for his paper, upon noticing who it was I stupidly said “Ummm John Waters WOW!” Yes I had a moment, I was 17 years old again sneaking into a midnight showing of FEMALE TROUBLE, my favorite and a “CULT CLASSIC” John Waters film, lol, my friends and I snuck in and became instant Waters fans for life. After I collected my nerve as Hunter looked on over my shoulder, in star struck awe (Yes we are both big fans of his) I stupidly said hey John Waters, and he looked at us and said HEY The Maverick MEN! hahaha (NO I WISH lol), He said YESSSS in a surprisingly baritone voice, I said “here you dropped this”, he smiled a big smile and said thank you very much, remembering my ever present camera in my pocket, I realized I had to seize the moment, so I quickly grabbed and groped in my pocket, he looked at me in shock possibly thinking I was a psychotic fan with a chain saw in my pocket or worse A CAMERA, lol, I quickly said “would you mind taking a photo with us”, after he realized I didn’t have a weapon he said “sure thing”, to which I replied “Hey my roomate is in love with you”, Ughhh he looked at Hunter and said “OH MY!”, it was a funny but awkward moment, after the photo we exchanged pleasantries, then he zoomed off on his way to an important meeting or perhaps to by toilet paper who knows, in any case it was a thrill for us and I’m sure underwhelming for him, lol.


Friday, July 16th, 2010

Hey guys-

Hunter and I decided to spend the month of July in P-Town to chill out, relax, and have some fun with our friends. This is the first of several P-Town posts we will be putting up while we are here. So far we have been blown away at how crazy fun this place is, we got here a few days ago and it’s been non stop craziness and hot fucking guys, we had to go see Hunter’s favorite barber, Joey Casto, at the Monument Barbershop, he is by far the best and friendliest barber in the state, he always makes Hunter look nice and tight for me, that was our first stop, then we hit Tea Dance at the Boat Slip and met some friends and fans who kept buying us things, so of course we went a little crazy lol, then our frat favorite boy Bradley came to visit us for some beach fun, we made a SERIOUSLY HOT BEACH FUCK video that you boys will LOVE, even with the sand and green head flies biting our asses we still managed to pull off a smoking hot fuck video, we have been out and about town and so many chill guys have come up to say hi, it’s so nice to feel the love, so feel free to come say hi whenever you see us, we only bite if u look snacky, Ohhh and of course it’s BEAR Week here in P-Town, GROWLLL! We will be doing a special post just for our big hairy man beast bear buddies, mounds of man meat and muscle covered in fuzzy hair makes us crazy lol, especially Hunter, so if you read this and you are a muscle bear, panda bear, black bear, ginger bear, cub or a even a giant Kodiak bear, please come say hi and take a photo with us for the bear blog post. Thanks for checking us out.

Xoxox Cole & Hunter