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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Hi Guys we are back with another hot “Virgin Cherry POP Video!” This video was a blast to film, we did it during Gay Pride in RI, we loved our last visit there so much that we decided to go check out their pride events, we met up with this super sexy 18 year old ripped lean Brazilian guy named, Mikey. When we first met him, he was very reserved and pretended not to have known who we were, he eventually confessed to being a huge fan of our videos and asked if we would be the first guys to pop his hot muscular virgin cherry ass! Who were we to deny this hot fucker, he was a true ASS VIRGIN with only ever having had oral sex with a friend and nothing more. This guy was so cute and sexy with a deep masculine voice and fat cock, hot bubble butt, and ripped lean body, we were blown away, we were also pretty surprised when we first met him that he was even gay; he looked and acted so much like a straight guy.

One of the best moments with Mikey was after chatting for a while he confessed his deep dark guilty little secret; he had never kissed a guy before and wanted to try with us.. lol, it was so cute to hear him say that, as soon as he said it my cock got instantly hard, lol, he has sexy full lips and almond shaped eyes, kissing him was going to be a rush. He turned out to be a sweet, fun, funny playful little hottie. The sex was hot and sweaty just the way Hunter and I like it, it took a while to pop his cherry, I gave the honors of the actual cherry pop to Hunter, he was more than happy to help out, lol. When we first met up with him in the hotel lobby, we took him to our room to get more comfortable, once we were there we taught him how to kiss, suck dick, eat ass, and just relax and have fun, after that we took him out and about to the Pride parade, it was his first gay event ever, we all had a blast, after the parade we took him back to spend the night at our hotel, and that’s where the virgin cherry popping happened, it wasn’t easy, this guy was TIGHT and had a hard time at first getting it in his hot hard muscled ass but eventually Hunter got his cock in and the fucking commenced with Hunter slowly popping him then working up a sweat of hard fucking then I stepped in and drove it home, the three of us fucked, kissed, sucked, massaged and played all night and into the next day, he is now a full MaverickMAN, lol.

Mikey left with a huge smile on his face with the promise to come back for more soon, the last thing Mikey said before he left us was “I think I would prefer to be a TOP, my butt is so sore.” We LOVED this guy he is the quintessential MaverickMan; funny, sexy, and adventurous. Please leave a message under this video to show Mikey some love and tell him to come back to do another video with us. Thanks for stroking with us, Cole Maverick and Hunter


Monday, July 26th, 2010

Hey Boys, here is a quickie post that Hunter and I just knew we had to get up for you all. As we were walking home at around 1:30AM from having a few beers at a bar here in P-Town, we were quietly walking down our pitch-black street and as we neared our place, I heard a sound coming from the back of our car parked next to our house, it was totally dark, I yelled HEY WHO’S there, Hunter punched me in the arm and told me to be quiet, it’s too fucking late, lol, and said that it was probably just a raccoon or a skunk or something. Then, as I peered into the inky blackness, I remembered that I had my camera WOO HOO!!!, so I turned my flash on and snapped a pic and this is what I captured!  Hunter and I laughed so loud and so hard as we ran into our house that I almost pissed my pants, lol, she must have been as shocked as we were because the smile on her face is PRICELESS!

We have some crazy fans that love our sick sense of humor and you know who you are this pic is just for you lol.


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Bears? Beers? Bare asses? What more could two over-sexed guys want you ask? Well we want it all; we want the cubs, clubs, and entertainment, and we definitely found it here in P-Town. We descended on the bears and their play caves like bears to nuts and honey, we made it a point to see Ryan Landry’s “Show Girls” and WOW I have to tell you it was FUCKING amazingly fun, shockingly good talent, it’s a MUST see, Landry and his motley crew of sexy funny friends are those rare talents that exude creativity and hilarity in all that they do, if you don’t go to one of his shows you are seriously missing out, we plan on checking out THE GULLS this week, not to be missed is Tommy Yaz; his video selections and creations during the show will make you piss your pants, he is as twisted as they come, you will love his work.  Okay getting back to the big bears of BEAR WEEK, it wasn’t difficult to find the bears, Hunter has a nose for bear meat, he sniffed out the big hot hairy manly bears and I just covered my cock with Honey to trap the otters and cubs. We now officially love our bear boys, what’s not to love about a BEAR? – they cuddle, snuggle, sniff, and fuck like crazy, so stumbling upon this week of hairy beasts here in P-Town was an amazing stroke of luck for us, we have never been greeted with more love and big bear hugs anywhere else. Here is a little photo montage of our bear buddies.

We will be leaving early august, we have been here 3 weeks now and have been having so much fun. Just the other day after coincidentally renting John Waters movie “Dirty Shame” featuring a hilarious bear segnment, it was fate that we bumped into the director himself right on Commercial St, here in P town. Waters came whizzing by us on his Elvira Gultch style bike stacked with important documents strapped to the rear fender, as he zoomed by us, one of his documents flew off the back of his bike and landed at our feet (FATE), as I stooped down to retrieve it I called out to John and said in my most butch voice said “HEYYYYYYYYY ! you dropped something” at that point I had no idea it was Waters,  he glanced back over his shoulder, he gave us a perturbed look, then screeched to a halt, turned around and started back for his paper, upon noticing who it was I stupidly said “Ummm John Waters WOW!” Yes I had a moment, I was 17 years old again sneaking into a midnight showing of FEMALE TROUBLE, my favorite and a “CULT CLASSIC” John Waters film, lol, my friends and I snuck in and became instant Waters fans for life. After I collected my nerve as Hunter looked on over my shoulder, in star struck awe (Yes we are both big fans of his) I stupidly said hey John Waters, and he looked at us and said HEY The Maverick MEN! hahaha (NO I WISH lol), He said YESSSS in a surprisingly baritone voice, I said “here you dropped this”, he smiled a big smile and said thank you very much, remembering my ever present camera in my pocket, I realized I had to seize the moment, so I quickly grabbed and groped in my pocket, he looked at me in shock possibly thinking I was a psychotic fan with a chain saw in my pocket or worse A CAMERA, lol, I quickly said “would you mind taking a photo with us”, after he realized I didn’t have a weapon he said “sure thing”, to which I replied “Hey my roomate is in love with you”, Ughhh he looked at Hunter and said “OH MY!”, it was a funny but awkward moment, after the photo we exchanged pleasantries, then he zoomed off on his way to an important meeting or perhaps to by toilet paper who knows, in any case it was a thrill for us and I’m sure underwhelming for him, lol.


Friday, July 16th, 2010

Hey guys-

Hunter and I decided to spend the month of July in P-Town to chill out, relax, and have some fun with our friends. This is the first of several P-Town posts we will be putting up while we are here. So far we have been blown away at how crazy fun this place is, we got here a few days ago and it’s been non stop craziness and hot fucking guys, we had to go see Hunter’s favorite barber, Joey Casto, at the Monument Barbershop, he is by far the best and friendliest barber in the state, he always makes Hunter look nice and tight for me, that was our first stop, then we hit Tea Dance at the Boat Slip and met some friends and fans who kept buying us things, so of course we went a little crazy lol, then our frat favorite boy Bradley came to visit us for some beach fun, we made a SERIOUSLY HOT BEACH FUCK video that you boys will LOVE, even with the sand and green head flies biting our asses we still managed to pull off a smoking hot fuck video, we have been out and about town and so many chill guys have come up to say hi, it’s so nice to feel the love, so feel free to come say hi whenever you see us, we only bite if u look snacky, Ohhh and of course it’s BEAR Week here in P-Town, GROWLLL! We will be doing a special post just for our big hairy man beast bear buddies, mounds of man meat and muscle covered in fuzzy hair makes us crazy lol, especially Hunter, so if you read this and you are a muscle bear, panda bear, black bear, ginger bear, cub or a even a giant Kodiak bear, please come say hi and take a photo with us for the bear blog post. Thanks for checking us out.

Xoxox Cole & Hunter


Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Hi guys, Hunter and I had a great 4th of July weekend with some friends, it was so much fun we wanted to share it with you guys, it couldn’t have been better,  we were with some amazing friends and we did the usual July 4th stuff; we swam, had a bbq, saw some awesome fire works, made a huge bonfire, and enjoyed the hot hazy weekend, lots of fun. It couldn’t have been any better until Bradley, our favorite frat boy, drove down to the Cape to surprise us, needless to say, he added a lot to the festivities, we love our frat boy, lol.

Hunter and I were having a conversation about whether or not you all want to see more stuff like this, we are not sure if you guys wanted to see stuff like this OR just sex related stuff, lol, but just in case we thought we would share some of the fun July 4th weekend high lights with you all, we hope you like it. We are headed back to Cape Cod today, feel free to leave a comment here to tell us what you think of this post. If you would like to see more stuff like this and what our lives are like on a daily basis, we would love to hear from you, after all this site was created for you guys.

Have a great summer, if you see us out and about please feel free to come say hi and come play with us xoxo

Cole Maverick and Hunter


Friday, July 9th, 2010

Hey guys, Hunter and I had a fucking BLAST in NYC for pride.  The city was sticky hot and filled with shockingly hot sexy guys, there were so many friendly chill people there, we must have been stopped a hundred times by you guys telling us how much you all like our videos, it was awesome how much love NYC has for!  We were originally coming to NYC to meet our #1 fan Javi to do a video with him, Javier has been a fan for several years now and had decided that for his 19th birthday he wanted to finally meet us and have us POP his sweet cherry, and man oh man did we.  This guy is tall and lean, with a HUGE perfectly shaped cut cock, it has a slight downward curve for exact penetration, this guy has only topped before and loves to fuck hard and long, we have seen some home movies of him banging a friend and he knows what he is doing, he finally decided to try bottoming and naturally he asked us to break him in.  We fucked his hot ass and had seriously hot sweaty sex with this guy for hours what an amazing time, he is sweet funny, and goofy all rolled into a tall lean hot package.  We can’t wait to see this boy again, I am working on the video now, you will love it, but in the meantime it just so happened to be NYC GAY PRIDE, lucky us, lol.  We had so much fun, we were there for 3 days in the MEAT PACKING district and boy did it live up to it’s name, we packed some serious meet during our stay.  We made some great new friends from all over NYC and hit some HOT clubs, here are some pics from the parade on Christopher street and out and about, please leave some comments to tell us what u think of this post.


Cole Maverick and Hunter


Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Hey guys check out what blogger, Aymar Jean Christian had to say about us in an interview (click on image)…


Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Hey Guys ! This is a little video post we put together to show you some of the amazing things we saw in RI during their annual gay pride, it starts in the morning and and as far as we could tell it goes on all night long. If you have never been to an RI pride, you are missing out, check it out next year for sure. It’s a huge fun event maybe one of the best prides we’ve ever been to, the parade itself started at 8pm and the party went all night long. SPOILER ALERT! We also decided to give you a sneak peek at the video we shot while we were there of this smoking hot 18 yo virgin Brazilian guy we met, MAN this guys is H-O-fucking-T!