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1. You must want to suck dick. You must enjoy it.

2. Get into a comfortable position when you’re about to give head. And for fuck’s sakes, don’t rest your pointy elbows or heavy forearms on your partner as you’re sucking his cock. Let him enjoy it without feeling any distracting pressure on his thighs or stomach.

3. Ask your partner how he likes his dick sucked because everyone’s cock is different.

For instance, some guys like it hard and fast like a vice grip and a vacuum. Some guys like its slow and gentile as some cocks are very sensitive. Most uncut cocks are highly sensitive and should be sucked gently, but then again, always ask the guy to whom the uncut cock is attached. Some Guys love it sloppy and wet with lots of spit. Some guys hate it sloppy and find the slobber distracting. Some guys with bigger cocks like it when you use your hand and mouth together as an extension of your mouth. You may also want to put a drop or two of lube in your hands while you suck and stroke it. Encourage your guy to put his hand on the back of your head so he can show you the rhythm he likes. Ask him to let you know if he likes it and if you’re really lucky, he might talk dirty to you (which will give you even more info on what drives him nuts).

Deep-throating is a beautiful art that must be practiced. NEVER deep throat a cock when you’re impaired or after having just ate; puke will happen. Puke is (usually) not part of the blow job. If you’re good at deep-throating, you should do it in conjunction with regular sucking while incorporating the hand extension explained above. Exclusively deep-throating is only good if the top can fuck your throat till he shoots. Most guys can’t hold their breath that long. You can always practice working on your gag reflex with a dildo. Oh, and blow your nose before you blow his dick. We all need to breath and repeatedly shoving a cock into your mouth and throat can over work your mucus-producing membranes which can make everything all snotty.

Lets get back to hands and fingers as I mentioned above. If your mouth isn’t as wet as it should be, add a little lube to the cock and your hands or both. Consider cupping his balls with one hand and stroke with the other. Some men love it when you touch and play with their hole as you suck their cock. Some guys have sensitive balls so NEVER just suck one of his gonads right into your mouth without checking with him. I know some men love their nuts tugged and squeezed and some absolutely hate it.

Don’t be a suck-and-stop queen. Don’t suck on his cock and then stop and ask, “How was that?” Don’t just stop and look up at him with his cock in your hand; STAY ON THE DICK. Stop-go, stop-go bjs are annoying and can pull your guy out of the zone. When a guy’s getting head he wants to think about the bj and that’s it, not why it is that you keep stopping.

Ask your man to tell you when he’s close to cumming and when he starts, if you’re cool with jizz in your mouth, then keep on sucking exactly the way he likes it until he shoots his load in your mouth. PLEASE PLEASE remember this important bit; during orgasm, don’t overstimulate the head of his cock! If you suck the head too hard as he’s cumming, then it will most likely ruin his orgasm and all your work will be for nothing.

If you can incorporate rimming his hole as part of the cock worship, then you’ll get a repeat customer for sure. But maybe that’s another blog post.






Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Hunter and I were just saying how much we love hugging, especially each other. It’s something we do ALL the time, every day and every night. We do it because it helps us to feel closer to each other and even more loved. Hugging is simple and you may not put much thought into it, but it has a major impact on your health, both mentally and physically. Hugs have been shown to reduce heart attack rates, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, increase nerve activity, and a host of other beneficial effects. Case in point: Hunter and I have noticed that when we big-welcome-hug a guy that’s come to our place to do a video, we can feel his stress and nervousness melt away in our arms. Their comfort levels are increased and they enjoy being around us even more. That initial hug can set the tone for the entire visit. From one hug we can usually tell if the video will be hot, or not.

Hugs are very revealing and they communicate many things to many people. A hug from a friend or family member can bring back happy memories and lets the hugee relive and FEEL those awesome moments. A hug creates feelings of acceptance and compassion that can sometimes be difficult to express thru conversation. Our skin is made up of many nerve fibers that spring into action when we are cuddled, stroked or gently touched. Hugging also boosts your immune system. Yup, that’s right; mild stimulation and light pressure on the sternum regulates your body’s production of white blood cells and in turn releases serotonin to help you get happier and less bitchy. Make hugging part of your daily diet! Remember, the longer you hold the hug, the greater the effect. Maybe even try the MaverickMen Hug: when you lift your shirts and press your bare tummies together as you hug. Or better yet, do it naked. But for fuck’s sake; just do it! Hug at least one person a day (you’ll be getting yours in, too).




Wednesday, January 8th, 2014



Hey Guys, 
thank you for all of your amazing videos! I remember finding y’all on xtube years ago and now you have your own site! Your videos are like my go-to videos for getting off. At first I loved watching the two of you (Hunter is so hot when he bottoms!). Then I was in love with the Billy videos. Then there was Brandon Lewis and your video with him was way better than any of his industry stuff. I love the Davis videos. Ugh, when he’s on the couch and asks you to come eat his ass…fuck that’s so hot. But my absolute all time favorite is Jed. Fucking hell! Those videos are just the best. A scruffy guy like that is an absolute fantasy! I don’t know if y’all will ever be able to top him (see what i did there). Beyond the sex, I really appreciate the sense of fun and humor in your videos and also that y’all aren’t afraid to voice your opinion on politics and other issues. One that I really appreciate is when you called out ‘masc’ gay guys for hating on the more ‘fem’ ones. Such a ridiculous thing for people to do in the gay community! Anyway, sorry for the long fan mail, but it’s stuff I’ve been wanting to say for a while. Keep up the hot videos and just being awesome and authentic in general. (Also, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but please don’t post this on your feed, I’m kind of shy. Just wanted to send y’all some fan love.)

COLE: Come on, are you kidding me? I am definitely posting this – OBVIOUSLY without your tumblr or name, of course. This is an awesome message and I feel like we have to share this with our fans. Don’t sweat it shy boy; your anonymity is safe with me. Thank you so much for the love and thanks for checking us out and knowing all of those videos. Email me direct at with some info and the name of your tumblr so I will know it’s really you and I’ll will hook you up with free time on our site. It’s the least I can do for a loyal fan! xoxox


Monday, November 18th, 2013



What’s your favorite date night?! How do you keep sex between the two of you romantic and intimate when you aren’t destroying beautiful boy hole together? I am a long time admirer.


Our favorite date is going to a movie together. We usually grab dinner afterwards. Pretty boring stuff, I know! We love to cuddle in bed watching tv. We’re just a normal everyday couple (heh). Sex between us is always great because we have been together so long that we know exactly what gets the other going.



Thursday, October 17th, 2013



You maybe already had this question, but how do you guys keep yourself clean if you have sex on such regular base? I can’t imagine you guys cleaning out all day long just to prevent some dirty stuff from happening. Me and my bf are having sex on a casual basis but every time we want to go trough the backdoor, it takes so much preparation to keep everything spic and span. Is there any easier way to have anal sex whenever you want but keep it clean? Thanks and I absolutely adore your videos! x


Yes, I’ve answered this question a BILLION times. Buuuuutt, in a nut shell; it happens! So, if you like anal, weather you’re straight or gay, boy or girl – IT HAPPENS, so you MUST be prepared for that possibility. Butt in the meantime, keep your little chocolate starfish as clean as possible inside and out. You can’t beat a good ol’ douche for getting your hole ready to plow (dump out the fluid that comes in it and refill with body-temp water, give yourself about 30 mins after cleaning before you get to screwing), butt please remember; frequent use of an anal douche is NOT good for your colon (Google it). I say save the ass play for the guy you really like and make it special; don’t just bend over every time a cock pokes you in the back. Make that fucker work for your ass candy (and the subsequent prep time you’ll put in before he gets in).