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Monday, July 19th, 2021

For all of our awesome fans, Gay, straight, bicurious, straight curious, bisexual trisexual & sexually fluid “non judgmental fans” this ones for you lol 

Yup this is our second Bisexual video. If its not ur cup of Tea or should I say cup of pussy, then this video is not for you, so fair warning 🙂 even tho I think its RIDICULOUS to have to say that, given how for eons homophobic straights have been telling the queer community who we can, and can not fuck lol 

We LOVED making this video with our beautifully deliciously sweet cherry girl CeeCee! Pronounced – (SEE SEE) She is not only HOT she’s also Bi and loves both men and women, but more importantly she and her boy friend, are HUGE MaverickMen fans, and yes we shot with her BF popping his cherry (coming soon)

We hope you will be leaving nice comments not judgmental nasty ones, after all there is a WORLD of porn out there for you to choose from, so if you don’t like this video, feel free to watch another of our videos in our vast library of content or go to another site and support them, we will not judge YOU 😛


Friday, July 2nd, 2021

This video is pure PORN Gold, beautiful shot, with delicious close ups of penetration and raw lucious aggressive breeding. It’s easy to make a hot video when the chemistry is REAL. This sexy fucker is an amazing FUCK! We love having Hunter Vulpex over for the weekend, we always have a GREAT time, he’s fun, sexy, sweet, and MAN he is HOT in bed! The 3 of us came so many time we couldn’t keep track, this little stud can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and take dick like a pro, you will love this video or ur jizz back lol Enjoy