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Monday, August 30th, 2010

Our super sexy friend Mikey from our Brazilian Virgin Cherry Pop vid came to spend the night with us this past weekend, we love this guy so much, he is so sweet and passionate and loves to laugh and have a good time, his visit made us realize just how super hot this guys is, he has THE MOST AMAZING sweet bubble ass, and hot cock and all that comes with it, Hunter and I just could not get enough of his sweet hole while he was here. It was raining and gross outside but we had a ball just the same. We hung out, went to the movies, ate pizza, watched TV, and just chilled, it was a great night and we hope he will be back for many more visits. Please leave Mikey some love here, under this post.

Cole and Hunter

RAUNCHY: Yes or No?

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Yes or no; Raunchy, Nasty Sex? What is it wit Hunter and myself, why do we like it down and dirty nasty sticky cummy hot? I have given up trying to figure it out, can you dirty boys help us out, tell us why we love it, why we crave it, why is cum sweet honey to some of us? Why dose the smell of a sweaty dude drive us fucking CRAZY? Why is it when I suck, lick and bite a sweaty salty neck as I slip my cock into his tight hairy hole it makes me so fucking hot? Why is my carnal urge shifted into high gear when I taste a hot pink hole in the center of a hard hairy ass? Why is nasty sweaty cum soaked sex so fucking amazing? Can you tell me why a hard willing ass with an eager tight hole sends us into a frenzy of lust? Perfection to us is a guy that likes it hot, sweaty and aggressive, a guy that gives up his ass and body to us willingly, letting us take him under our control to show him what man sex is all about. To be totally honest, we get our biggest pleasure from man-handling a sexy fucker that totally surrenders to our desires; a guy that trusts in us, that knows we know how to make him gush gum and moan and laugh all at the same time.  I say this with humility, not bravado, I am certain that once you surrender to Hunter and I, you will have the best sex of your life bar none. If you are honest, open and willing to surrender, we would like to meet you. One of my very favorite things is to have Hunter shoot a bog load on a nice clean pink sweaty virgin hole, then I lick it off, lol, that just makes me fucking CRAZY.

Am I crazy? Yes or No?

Cole and Hunter


Friday, August 27th, 2010

Hey Guys, we are off to Burning Man in Reno Nevada for Labor Day week, I’ve  been there a few times in the past and loved every second of it, Hunter has never been so I am very excited to  share the experience with him, we are going with a bunch of friends in an RV, I know it will be an insane blast, if there’s any way you can go it’s a MUST do, put it on your bucket list, it’s truly not to be missed. It’s been about five years since my last Burning Man, and I had not considered going since we have been so busy setting up the site and traveling but after chatting with one our most amazing fans, his name is “GAVY”, I mentioned Burning Man to him and he went wild at the thought of Hunter and I going while he is there, so to motivate us to go he MADE these amazing hats for us, the work he put into them is shocking, they have the logo in one and the other has tons of cherries sewn into them lol, woven and intricately soldered  with red and blue electronic glowing blinking wire lol, they are so kick-ass as you will see here in the video, his amazing gift and fun motivating messages made us decide to go, so we are off to the desert for some crazy fun, I promise to take lots of pics and videos to share with you, hey please leave a comment under this video if you have ever been to burning man and tell us what your experience was like or send us a pic, if any of you guys are going please let us know so we can meet you there, we will continue to update while we are away.

Cole and Hunter


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Hey Guys, as you may know once in a while we shoot for On The Hunt, they invite us along to film content for them and add some fun to their shoots, it’s always a great time; they are a crazy fun bunch of guys, we’ve met some special people in the industry because of these shoots, we have banked several videos with some of the cream-of-the-crop guys from these shoots, soon to come to But this video is very special to us because we got to meet and chill out with one of Hunter’s biggest crushes, Brandon Lewis, as a rule we don’t usually do videos with guys in the industry because they intimate us hahah, no just kidding we don’t shot with them because we don’t pay guys to have sex with us, it’s that simple, and a lot of the guys in the industry are doing videos to make a living and we respect that but we want guys to fuck around with us for the love of sex, we want them to do it because they are into us, and that’s one of the reasons that our vids are so unique, in the case of Brandon Lewis, we met him on the Atlanta shoot and instantly fell in love with him. He is the sweetest, nicest southern boy in Atlanta, bar none! With his sexy smile, ripped body, fat cock, hairy hard ass, big blue eyes, deep voice sexy southern accent, he is pure sex on a fucking stick!  When we first met Brandon, he was sipping a beer, chatting with the other guys on the shoot, when he looked over and saw us walk in, he instantly stood up walked over hand extended, and said HEY Y’ALL are awesome I love your stuff, Maverick Men Right? Hunter nearly came in his pants, haha, we chatted for a while had some beers then asked him if he would be into showing us around GA, he said it would be his pleasure, we drove around and got to know him, then parted ways and called him and asked if he wanted to hang out again after his shoot for On The Hunt, he said hell yes I love you guys, now it’s important to know that Brandon is as straight as a straight guy that does gay porn can be, lol, so his enthusiastic answer made us melt, when we met up with him, he decided to take us out to his favorite spot deep in the woods, and yes of course he was sweating and smelled AMAZING, lol, so I hit on him, he was hesitant at first then quickly changed his mind when we got to his favorite Blow Job spot in the woods, the three of us quickly ended up having a sweaty hot session in a quiet spot in the woods, we came all over the place, sucking, rimming, kissing you name it, we eventually ended up back at our hotel where we continued our fun, we had a serious all night fuck session that must be seen to be believed, this guy was a true fan and did the video with us for the sheer pleasure of being with us, we seriously love Brandon, he is as real as you can get, and as hot as they cum.

Hunter and Cole


Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Hey Guys we were sitting here with some buddies going over our stock footage to show them our favs, and they were like WOW who is that little stud, lol, so I got this short clip together and thought we would post it on the blog, it’s one of my favorite clips from one of our hot fucking videos with our boy Niko, we did 2 videos of him; the first one was Fucking Our Boy Niko, and the other was, Hot Gym Fun, this clip samples from both videos, Hunter and I just LOVE fucking these little tough virgins ,lol, and yes he was a virgin during this, his second video ever with gay guys. Let us know what you think, if you get a chance to see either of the full videos here with him in them leave us some comments so we know if you all want to see more of him.

Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I just LOVE this Video, its brilliant I have been watching this SICK HOT “Ice Cream Truck” video so much that Hunter is sick of it lol I just thought it was so fun and hot that I would post it here for you boys to check out, the guy that created it, Cazwell, tapped directly into my most embarrassing childhood moment. Here are 2 photos from Back in the day so you guys can see what a skinny twink punk I was, lol.

I was 17 and standing in line at an ice cream truck in my old neighborhood, a very Italian/Irish part of Boston. It was a hot summer night and I was with about 10 or 15 of my punk teenage friends from the hood. It was a very hot summer night most of us were shirtless, I was wearing Adidas sweat pants with an elastic waistband (they were very fashionable at the time, lol) because it was so hot, I had just taken off my white-wife beater t shirt. After I paid the ice cream guy, I was holding 2 large ice cream cones, one in each hand, and as I turned around to hand the ice cream to my girl friend, (yes “GF” it was a long time ago, lol) my best friend yanked my sweat pants down to my ankles. And I was NOT wearing any underwear! The entire group of my friends burst out into shocked laughter. They were all rolling on the ground laughing and screaming. It seemed like an hour went by, but it was only seconds. I was standing there in shock as my ass, cock and balls were there for all to see. I quickly tried to hand off the ice cream to the person nearest me so I could pull my pants up but they all laughed and backed away, saying no. So I finally stuck one ice cream in my mouth, and for effect and to try and save the little amount of self-esteem I had left, I decided to be cool and pretend I was not mortified. I made a point of pulling up my sweats slowly like a strip tease, lol. It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. To this day I blush whenever I see an ice cream truck.



Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Hi Guys –
Hunter and I just spent the weekend with our boy Billy for his 20th birthday in Montréal. We had a great time, but sadly he is retired from doing any more videos. 
We do have a few more hot and fun videos of us at play with Billy soon to come. I know you all love him and want to see more, but in the meantime here are some fun pics and a video clip of us when we visited family in Vermont last year around this time. I thought these pics and clips were nice and funny, plus I thought you all would like to see what happens when we are not getting down and dirty, and we were hoping it might inspire you to send us some funny sexy pics and clips of your own.

Thanks for Checking us out
Cole and Hunter


Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Hey Guys we are in Montreal for the weekend celebrating Billy’s 20th birthday, so Hunter and I thought it would be a perfect time to show you all this amazing NEW never before seen Directors cut version of RETURN OF BILLY there’s TONS of extra HOT footage, in fact it is all most twice as long as the original ! Our favorite boy is back for more! I bumped into Billy out and about in the city he asked what were up to and if he could come hang out with us. I couldn’t say no to that sweet sexy face and that impish smile. His shy little smile instantly made my cock hard. I was in a hurry actually I was on my way to go price an important job, but I blew it off hahaha. I pictured Hunters huge smile when I walked in the house with this sexy present for him lol Billy is way too cute to pass up a hot 3 way afternoon delight with! I took him home and we had a blast. As soon as he came into the house Hunter and I were all over him, and he was all over us, we had not seen him in a while, so he was very much into getting down to business, his kisses and moaning were born of true teenage male passion. He and Hunter came so hard and so much I was pretty shocked, so not one to be out done I shot a massive load on his sweet little punk ass. When we got him where we wanted him half naked bent over panting the sofa in our bedroom, he looked so hot that we couldn’t wait to eat his hairy little bubble but so ripped his long drawers off to get to that sweet ass lol. The cock worship and ass eating in this video is hot and is only surpassed by the hot and nasty ass pounding and massive cum shots. I am certain that you guys will LOVE this video. Please feel free to leave comments for Billy here under this video. Let him know how much you all love his sexy ass. I know this video will become a classic right off the bat. It’s seriously FUCKING HOT! It’s beautifully shot with tons of sunlight. The close up hole and cock shots and cum squirts are amazing. Thanks for stroking with us , you will LOVE this video. Cole Maverick and Hunter