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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Hey Guys!  We just got back from Sand Blast Weekend on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ.  We had an INSANE time!  These guys know how to create a fantastic event and they asked us to co-host it with them.  At first, we weren’t sure how it was going to go. Then when we got there and saw just how big this party on the beach was, we knew we were in for a great time.  We were blown away at the amount of energy and time they put into it.

The set-up was perfect; it was all on the beach, or within a two minute walk to the beach, the DJ’s were spinning some amazing music, the weather was perfect (so hot!), and the guys were sexy and friendly.  The whole thing was a perfect event across the board.  We hosted a few cocktail parties where we met a ton of sweet guys.  Best of all, they asked us to host a Butt Contest at the Asbury Lanes (such a cool place).  Ya’ll know we LOVE butt contests, lol!

But I would have to say that the best part of Sand Blast was meeting our MaverickMen fans.  We had no idea that the response from Mav fans would be so huge.  So many guys came up to us to tell us how much they like the site and to take pics with us.  We had so many great conversations with guys about relationships and sex.  The love was overwhelming.  We met some of the hottest and sweetest people ever.  We also made some great new friends.  We were running around so much that we barely had time to fuck anyone (barely, lol).  So all in all, it was a romantic’ish getaway for Hunter and myself; we stuck to fucking each other, haha.  We were tempted with quite a few offers from some really sexy fuckers, but in the end we opted to keep it just between us.  To all the guys at Sand Blast Weekend that came over to say hi: Thanks!  We really appreciate your energy, kindness, and funny comments, xoxo!

Sand Blast Weekend is a MUST-DO Event!  We very highly recommend it to you all.  We give Sand Blast a solid 5-Star rating:  1. Great music.  2. Great location.  3. Great mix of sexy and friendly guys.  4. Very reasonably priced.  5. And lastly, and most importantly; seriously FUN!


Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

We recently got a love letter from a gal that apparently really loves our book.  She had some very sweet things to say and we loved it!  She told us how she was reading our book on the train when fellow passenger checked out the cover gave her a “look”.  She then looked the guy square in the face and said, “HEY IF I WANNA READ MY GAY MAN PORN ON THE TRAIN, I WILL!”  Now that’s a Maverick!  Haha, and she is so friggen cute to boot!  It still blows us away how many women love to watch our porn and now read our book.  We love hearing from you, Ladies!

You can purchase a copy of our book on the TLA website by clicking here.

Cole and Hunter


Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Greetings from the train! We are posting this update as we ride the choo-choo to get to Asbury Park, NJ for Sandblast weekend. We can’t WAIT to meet some Jersey-boy hotties!

This is a video with photos from our recent, and what quickly became historic, trip to NYC for Pride. I say historic because not only was it the 25th anniversary of Pride, but also on the very night that we arrived NYC State Legislators legalized gay marriage. As I’m sure you can imagine the city was buzzing with excitement. We stayed in the Village because I wanted Hunter to see the also-historic Stonewall Inn. If you haven’t had a chance to go there, you should put it on your bucket list. We were so happy to be there that night when they made the announcement. There were news cameras and smiles everywhere!

In this video, we run around and have fun all over the city. We don’t get our fuck on in this video post, but you might find a bouncing boner or two. We are sharing it because so many of you have told us how much you like our behind the scenes and day-to-day fun. So as usual, ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE! We love you guys and we always love hearing from you.

Cole and Hunter


Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Hi guys, we thought that you all might get a kick out of this random footage stuff.  Here we are riding with our boy Cooper to a concert.  That night we saw Cold Play together and we had a great time.  After the show, we had some laughs then drove home and fucked like beasts, lol.  The video we made from that weekend was HOT!  If you haven’t seen it, then check it out in our theater, it’s called  Military Cherry and you can see it by clicking here.


Sunday, July 17th, 2011

We are happy to present you with our All-You-Can-Beat-Your-Meat Video Buffet!  Now exclusively for existing members and visitors to our blog: you can get unlimited video viewing for $17.50 by logging in, or by using this special link (click here).


Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Yes!  This is a VERY special video because it’s a never-before-seen Billy video, and we know how much you guys drool over our Billy boy.  It’s even more special since Billy has been retired from doing MaverickMen videos for close to two years now.  Yes, yes we know; you love him, but honestly he has moved on to other things in life.  He is doing very well with his school, work and life, but yes he has hung up his hot little jock strap for good.  So send him some love here under this post to tell him how much you all love and miss him.  FYI: This is one of three very rare, never-before-seen videos staring our hot boy Billy.  So savor it because there are only two more Billy videos left in the vault.  The other two will come out soon enough but ONLY when you guys let us know you want to see more Billy stuff.  In the meantime, enjoy this SICK HOT, aggressive, dirty-talking, cum-splashing, feet-sniffing, tickle-tourturing, boy-butt fucking, dick-stroke sexfest of a video!

Click here to see the full video in our theater.


Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Here’s the info on the FOUR parties we’ll be co-hosting during Sandblast weekend. Come out and play with us!

1.  Friday night 8pm-2am at Aqua Bar (at Convention Hall, on the boardwalk north of 5th ave)
2.  Saturday afternoon 12-7pm on the Beach (enter near Aqua bar at Convention hall)
3. Saturday night 11pm-2am GUTTERBALL at Asbury Lanes
4.  Sunday morning 11am-6pm at the Rip Tide Pool party at the Berkeley Hotel


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011