Yes!  This is a VERY special video because it’s a never-before-seen Billy video, and we know how much you guys drool over our Billy boy.  It’s even more special since Billy has been retired from doing MaverickMen videos for close to two years now.  Yes, yes we know; you love him, but honestly he has moved on to other things in life.  He is doing very well with his school, work and life, but yes he has hung up his hot little jock strap for good.  So send him some love here under this post to tell him how much you all love and miss him.  FYI: This is one of three very rare, never-before-seen videos staring our hot boy Billy.  So savor it because there are only two more Billy videos left in the MaverickMen.com vault.  The other two will come out soon enough but ONLY when you guys let us know you want to see more Billy stuff.  In the meantime, enjoy this SICK HOT, aggressive, dirty-talking, cum-splashing, feet-sniffing, tickle-tourturing, boy-butt fucking, dick-stroke sexfest of a video!

Click here to see the full video in our theater.


  1. Marc says:

    Love me some cute ass billy and with all of yall its sooo hot!! great job guys!

  2. Carlo says:

    hi guys! another Billy video yayy! He is cute and hot at the same time and you guys(Cole & Hunter) are awesome, i like to much this page

  3. john says:

    goosshhh… this one is so fucking hot …

  4. Zack says:

    Are you guys still in touch with Billy?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Zack, we do hear from him regularly and he’s doing really well. He’s a busy boy with school and work these days. – Hunter

  5. cezar says:

    cuando bienen a mexico yo quiero que me hagan lo mismo jeje

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: goods to Mexico when I want you to do the same hehe

      Gracias, Cezar! You let us know if you ever come to Boston. đŸ™‚ – Hunter

  6. Aii says:

    Billy, Billy, Billy!!! Finally there’s another Billy-video. Billy is so damn cute and you three together’s always the best. I understand that Billy may have his own life now and won’t have other new videos with you guys :((, but I’d really like to see some recent pictures of him.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, A! We were psyched to post this vid for ya’ll. To answer your other question: kinda sorta yeah (long story). The other two unreleased vids with Billy won’t be like that. Keep in touch! – Hunter

  7. alirio says:

    Me encantarĂ­a culiar, follar contigo, estoy en CALI COLOMBIA

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: I would love coolies, fuck you, I’m in CALI COLOMBIA

      Woo hoo! Thanks for your message man. Muy caliente! – Hunter

  8. Mike says:

    Hey Guys,
    Damn that was a HOT VIDEO with a HOT BOY, not to mention you HOT MEN…nothing better then HOT MEN/BOY ACTION …would LOVE to SEE your guys DOUBLE FUCK HIM …or maybe even another if he’s not into it…LOL…as I find it REAL HOTT…LOVE seeing MORE of him… CUM BACK BILLY…

  9. Joe B says:

    I really like Billy i wish i could talk to him and get to know him he is so cute and adorable xxx

  10. peter says:

    love billy! would love to see more of him. he’s so hot and adorable at the same time

  11. i love maverickmen says:

    super le video cole tu me donnes envie de le faire avec toi…

  12. davidlhartzog says:

    I envy, ,,
    my man and i just had our third threesome and the third was hot as fuck……he called me the ass eating beast!…..(but), my man got his rocks off and freaked out because i was still enjoying myself…! (thats fucked up)…………so i logged onto (gaytube.com and saw your clip…….) i ventured onto your site and saw this video!…..thank you for fulfilling my needs…..! btw….that third could suck cock like i have never been sucked! (oh hell yea)!
    I would love to join you two for some ass eating , cock sucking and what ever you have in mind.! (FUN)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Glad you like what you see, David! A discount!?!? We just unveiled our new All-You-Can-Beat-Your-Meat Video Buffet with unlimited viewing for one monthly price. – Hunter

  13. tdog says:

    That was one hot video Cole and Hunter. I think you all need to make Billy a regular in all your videos, so now it would be the three of you and what other hot guy you find.

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