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Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Hunter and I want to thank you for coming to check us out.  We genuinely appreciate all the love and warmth you all continue to send our way.  We wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year filled with love, kindness, prosperity, good health, and of course fun hot sex!

We also hope that 2012 will be the year you choose to make your new year’s resolution a great one; try your very best to love one another.  As we look around and see all the negativity and hate directed towards our gay brothers and sisters, we need to stick together and stay focused on what’s important; the freedom to love one another in peace and equality.  So focus on showing love and respect to each other and let’s show the haters that love will always win out in the end.

XO Cole Maverick and Hunter


Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Sorry it’s taken us so long to share this video with you all.  Believe me when I say: IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!  We recently posted a teaser with our sexy fuck machine Jed called, We Love Otters (click here to read), and we received so many emails and messages from you all DEMANDING that we do a video with him.  As always; your wish is our command!  After months of chatting, skype’ing, sext’ing and all that fun stuff we found an excuse to go visit Jed during Southern Decadence in New Orleans.  We spent a few days with him and made sweet sweet manly man love to this stud.  The very best thing about fucking around with a guy like Jed is that he is an experienced man and can take a serious ass fucking.  Jed and Hunter and I had so much fun together that we are definitely going to have him back for another video.  And he’s quickly becoming a good friend!

Jed is a tall, bearded, sexy, hung, TOP/vers manly man from the Louisiana bayou.  Oh man, all I have to say is that I love me some down-south swamp men after this, lol.  Please let us know what you think of Jed and leave him some otter-love here under this post. WARNING: Cover your keyboard! – You will definitely blast a big load to this one.  Oh, and if you like the sound of LOUD MEN fucking, make sure to turn the volume way up.  Jed is a serious loud hot moaner (so hot!).  This video is GUARANTEED to become one of your favorites, especially if you like to stroke to close up hole penetration because there are some beautiful, juicy, and deep penetration moments that will get you horned up.
Thanks for stroking with us guys we love you…and Jed if you are reading this, we love you too man.  Please come back for some more Maverick loving!

xo Cole and Hunter


Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Club Standard in Denver was a mega massive mondo blast!

We had such a great time at the grand opening of Porn Star 2nd Fridays at Bar Standard. They flew us in and put us up, gave us the run of the club, and treated us like gold. It was definitely a shock to see how many people showed-up at the club, book in hand, for us to sign! We were blown away at what a large fan base we have out in Denver. We were greeted with so much love and crazy energy that we decided that we have to go back there for a while, ASAP! (correction; only after it gets a bit warmer out there, lol) The GUYS in Denver were just WOW; lots of  sexy boys and rugged men, tons of military hotties and sexy mountain men; so many eager hot fuckers.

The best part about the visit was that we finally got to meet up with one of our serious fans, Liam. After close to two years of chatting on-line, we got to meet him face-to-face and make a crazy hot fuck video. We’ve called it “The Fuck Of The Irish”. Hunter and I decided that since it’s close to Christmas we would give you guys a nice hot glimpse at this upcoming video. In the meantime, if any of the guys from Denver are reading this: we want to say THANK YOU for showing us an amazing time!
Cole and Hunter


Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

These awesome Christmas postcards are from our Frat Boy Bradley.  He constantly surprises us with his creativity.  I think these pics say it all!  I mean come on, he is so fucking cute and sexy and we just love him, lol.  If he didn’t have a boyfriend, we would stuff his stocking in a big way.  And yes, “Cole” and “Stalking” are misspelled on purpose.  Our boy Bradley is quite naughty, indeed.  Merry Christmas Bradley xoxox!


Monday, December 19th, 2011

Talk about talented fans, wow! The artist, Orge Navarro from Chile, has to be one of our biggest and most talented fans.  He created this amazing picture as a gift to us. We absolutely LOVE it and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from him. What do you guys think?


Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Hard Love, a teenage tail, is by far one of the hottest videos we have ever made.
We had such a hot time with our boy Gio last year in his first video with us, Training Gio, that we had to see him again.  Gio is undeniably hot and he’s as sweet as they come.  He’s got a deep masculine voice and a polite manner and you’d never guess that he’s a skilled man in the sheets.  He has beautiful lips and a sweet cock but Hunter and I have fallen in love with his big BOOTY, lol.  His amazing ass is prime beef!  Honestly, words can’t describe; his butt must be experienced to be believed.  Round and bubble-licious, it jiggles just enough and can take a thick cock HARD AND FAST without mercy.  I’m afraid we have created a monster with Gio.  He loves man sex, but it has to be aggressive and dirty or he doesn’t get off.  He’s driven wild by sweaty man smell and jock straps (a boy after our own hearts).  He retained the yes- sir-no-sir mentality that we taught him the first time.  It’s now his way of life.  After our first video together, I asked him what he liked most about fucking with us and he immediately responded, “I love it when you guys take control of me and make me your boy”.  Be warned; this video has a lot of verbal commands and hard mean looking sex, but it was all at Gio’s request.  If you want to see more aggressive and hard sex like this, leave some comments here and let us know.  Gio, when you read this I hope you have a big fat boner!  We love you, sexy boy.  Be a good boy and come see us in Boston real soon.

XO Cole and Hunter

WE HAD A BLAST AT CAMP 2011!!! (part two)

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Here are a few more hot and sexy pics from our camping trip earlier this summer at Camp 2011 in the Pocono Mountains.  We still have a lot of hot video footage from this trip that we’ll share with you all soon.


Tuesday, December 6th, 2011