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Sunday, August 5th, 2012

VIRGIN CHERRY POPPED 2 DUE TO GREAT DEMAND Here is the second installment in our VIRGIN CHERRY POP SERIES! We met this sexy new virgin thru Xtube he is a big fan and messaged us all the time constantly telling us how much he wanted to loose his virginity to us on video. His names Billy…After he showed us his PROOF OF AGE with two forms of ID we got a chance to meet and talk with him, he turned out to be an amazing guy, very very smart for an 18 year old and sexy as hell, and as sweet and cute as they get lol We immediately all clicked and decided to make a video with him. At that point we got all the necessary medical testing done together…We decided to have him chill with us on our annual camping trip, and boy was that a great idea. The first night we met him he spent the night at our place and surrendered his virginity to us…SOOOO HOT lol Yes I have it on Video lol then we went camping in the morning ..we FUCKED every where!!! we started out with wet sloppy road head driving to the camp site, then once we arrived we got into it right away, sucking and fucking in the bunk house bunk beds, it was kind of risky while the other people were all around us in other areas of the bunk house lol we had to be super quiet but it was a blast, we then went on a hike and found an abandoned cabin and fucked around there, then we upgraded from the bunk house to a cabin where we could get loud and do some serious fucking, this was HOT in so many ways he was a great kisser, had a tight ass, came huge loads has a pretty face sweet body, loved our cocks and just wanted to please us. You will definitely see this hot hot guy again in our videos. Please tell us what you like about this guy and what you want to see us get into with him. Thanks for stroking with us ! Cole Maverick and Hunter


Monday, February 27th, 2012

This is the very last Billy video, Billy Billy Bang! Bang! – Fun Fuckers. In this final Billy video, we take him on a day trip to Maine for some boating fun with friends. On the drive home we found a fun little amusement park with go-carts – so much fun! At one point I was laughing so hard that I crashed into Hunter (good thing he has that big muscle ass to protect him). Billy’s smile was from ear to ear. After a long exhausting day, we headed back to Boston to chill out and pound some boy butt.. This particular day, Billy was feeling super passionate, so much so that when we started fucking the bed was banging against the wall and finally broke, so we moved the mattress to the floor.

It was a different kind of day because Billy was very into making out, he usually loves kissing but today he was seriously getting turned on by it and wanted all he could get his sweet lips on. We all smooched for a long while before he would let us penetrate his sweet ass again. Hunter got tired of making out cuz he wanted some ass, so he munched on Billy’s sweet little butt for a long while until Billy started moaning and arching his back and lifting that sweet boy butt up so Hunter could bury his tongue deeper and deeper. Wow! Once he decided to opened his ass for us we had a serious hard-core fuck session. Billy shot a shocking huge load, too!

You guys will love this one, it’s a winner, and it’s the last new Billy video you will see on our site. Say bye-bye to Billy under this video. If you are new to Billy’s work, I suggest Virgin Cherry Pop – Gone Camping and Virgin Sacrifice – his first time. Bye -bye Billy, we love you!

Xoxox Cole and Hunter


Friday, February 24th, 2012

Billy Billy Bang! Bang! – Birthday Ass Bash, is a VERY special video for a few reasons; first, it’s HOT as fuck, and second, in this video you get to know the real Billy.  This boy is a serious QT-pie and obviously his sexual skills are unmatched for a little mate his size.  Never let it be said that our Billy boy can’t take it like a man.  In this vid, we take him away for a birthday weekend in RI where we check into a hotel and take him out for a nice bday dinner.  What Billy really wanted was us to lavish him with attention and our cocks, lol.  Being the good hosts that we are, Hunter and I fucked the hell out of his sweet boy pussy all night long.  We all had a blast that weekend with lots of amazing memories.

We’ve been hanging onto these last two gems because as you know, Billy has decided to retire from porn.  You won’t likely ever see him and his sweet boyish smile and amazing bottoming skills ever again, so like hot biscuits and creamy boy gravy; soak up these last two red-hot Billy videos.  The second and last video will be out NEXT WEEK, it’s called Billy Billy Bang! Bang! – Fun Fuckers.  Leave Billy boy some birthday love!


Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Okay guys, we promised you all that we were going to start the New Year off with a BANG, so here it is; a BILLY BOY BONANZA!  We’re bringing out three of the hottest, never-before-seen Billy videos direct from the VAULT OF LUST!  We have been saving these hot gems for over two years.  We’ve been feeding you all bits and pieces of these hot hot videos and you guys have been screaming for more, so here you are; your wish is our command.

For all the Billy fanatics out there, this will be heaven.  You will love this hot trinity of digital lust.  The first in this triad of hotness is called, Bad Bad Boy and it’s the first installment of our last three Billy videos.  I say last three because as you must know by now, Billy is retired from videos and has been for two years now.  He requested that we send him off with a big ol’ bang.  This collection is sure to get you growling with lots of clowning around, laughs, tickles, and fun.  Oh, did I mention the red-hot fucking, sucking and sweet cherry-ass action packed into each video?!  So get comfy in your favorite stroke spot, lock the door, turn off your cell phone, dim the lights, unbutton your pants, and take matters into your own hands and enjoy the last of these super hot Billy videos!  We are going to put the next two vids up this month and next, so enjoy and please show Billy some love here, under this video.  He is an awesome sweet guy and we love him dearly.

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole and Hunter


Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Yes!  This is a VERY special video because it’s a never-before-seen Billy video, and we know how much you guys drool over our Billy boy.  It’s even more special since Billy has been retired from doing MaverickMen videos for close to two years now.  Yes, yes we know; you love him, but honestly he has moved on to other things in life.  He is doing very well with his school, work and life, but yes he has hung up his hot little jock strap for good.  So send him some love here under this post to tell him how much you all love and miss him.  FYI: This is one of three very rare, never-before-seen videos staring our hot boy Billy.  So savor it because there are only two more Billy videos left in the vault.  The other two will come out soon enough but ONLY when you guys let us know you want to see more Billy stuff.  In the meantime, enjoy this SICK HOT, aggressive, dirty-talking, cum-splashing, feet-sniffing, tickle-tourturing, boy-butt fucking, dick-stroke sexfest of a video!

Click here to see the full video in our theater.


Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Hey guys, here is a video near and dear to our hearts because it was the very first video we did with our hot boy toy, Billy.  Hunter and I have noticed that people are STILL watching this video over and over again on our Xtube page.  In fact, to date it has been viewed approx. 2 MILLION TIMES, lol.  So, we decided to go thru all of our original footage from this RED HOT fuck-filled afternoon, and low and behold we discovered that we had TONS of extra footage from that day.  The original was only 26 minutes long and this new Director’s cut is over 45 minutes.  This is the much-anticipated prequel to the Cherry Pop Camping Video with Billy.  I decided to wait to put this one out because it’s SO FUCKING HOT! This is when we met our little sexy CHERRY CAMPER.  In this video, Billy gets his wish; to pop his actual cherry with his two favorite men. We showed him a very hot time. We started off with getting to know each other with some tickling, kissing, and laughs, but it quickly escalated to lessons on how to suck cock, and ride a big dick. He was just as excited as we were to get down to business.  Billy was dripping pre-cum the entire time we were clowning around, so we knew he was loving it.  After, we had him suck some dick for a while and we treated him to a double oral session; Hunter ate his sweet little cherry hole while I sucked his nice cock.  And then we got to the fucking. Oh man, this boy was a fast learner and eager to please. When Billy finally shot his load it was MASSIVE and amazing!  I think you guys will love this one. Ya’ll know how much we love our Billy boy.  Enjoy and please let us know what you think.

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole and Hunter


Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Hey Guys, here is a bloopers moment we thought you might get a kick out of, this is usually stuff we edit out but you all have said that you want to see more of this kind of thing, so here ya go. Tell us if you all want to see more stuff like this clip from one of our never-before seen Billy videos. Let us know by posting a comment.

Thanks for stroking with us, we love you guys!

Xo Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Hey Guys, Hunter and I have a surprise video for you all starring our boy, Billy. This is a rare treat because as you all know Billy has retired from doing videos and we have been holding off on showing you the last of Billy’s vids. We want you to savor them hahaha, we only have 2 more after this one I think, so enjoy, this last video with Billy was filmed almost 2 years ago when he came to visit us on vacation. He was missing us and we were missing him so we flew him in for a few days of fun in the sun, we had an amazing time as usual, we spent a lot of time at the beach and by the pool having laughs and chilling out, Billy had not had sex for a while before his visit so he ran us thru the ringer and we loved every moment; lots of tickling, sucking, fucking and fucking fucking in this one, lol. Hey here’s and idea; why don’t you leave Billy some messages asking him to do another video with us maybe he will change his mind and cum out of retirement.

Cole and Hunter