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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Why is Oakley a True Maverick Man?  Well, we first met Oakley over 2 years ago.  Like a lot of our new friends, he contacted us because he was a fan that loved to watch our videos.  But we would later learn that his real reason for watching was even deeper; he loved watching our relationship and our intimate moments.  He said he was fascinated with the love part of what Hunter and I do.  He had seen plenty of man sex on-line, but never the love and emotions.  Before us, Oakley had never had sex with a guy(s).  Sure, he had a few stupid moments with friends, but that was it.  He lived in a very rural American town where to be called “gay” was the worst possible thing.  In his hometown, if there were any gays, they kept it to themselves.  Being open and out just wasn’t done (much like Hunter’s home).  So Oakley kept his desires to himself and kept his mind on his hobbies; riding and taking care of his horses, and fixing cars.  We were Oakley’s only connection to the gay world.  After a few cryptic and curious messages back and forth on the site, he eventually asked if we could Skype.  We instantly hit it off, and that’s when he decided that he wanted to come out of the closet in a BIG WAY, lol!  He asked to come do a Virgin Cherry Pop video with us.  We were very happy he did, not only because he’s fucking SEXY as hell, but also because his time with us helped him to see things in a different and better light.  We are happy to say since the video we have become good friends with Oakley and have stayed in touch, not as often as before but we do still talk to him on line.  Hunter and I are so happy to hear that he is in a great place in life with a fun, hot sexy lover that treats him like gold. They are both out and proud and happier than ever before.  Oakley recently told me that he has been to a few pride events and had a blast.  He also added that he is happier than he has ever been now that he has met his lover and has come out to his friends and family.  He thanked us again for helping him thru that difficult time, and wanted to share some of his pics with us (seen here in this post).  We are truly proud of our friend, Oakley. You have come a long way, Maverick Man!  You and that hot lover of yours had better come visit us here in Boston this summer or we might just have to come invade your little country-hick town and stir things up! xoxox

Cole and Hunter

PS – Oakley’s video with us continues to be the most-watched clip on Xtube with over 13 MILLION views!


Monday, May 30th, 2011


Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Hunter loves his sneakers. In my opinion I think it’s OVERBOARD. I mean we have NO MORE ROOM in our fucking house for his sneaker arsenal; it’s at the point that he stuffs them under our bed because the closets are too full. So when I saw that he went out and got ANOTHER four pairs of high tops I decided to break his balls about it. I said, “these goofy red and white high tops are over priced and silly looking”, but he insisted that they were bad-ass and wanted to get them for our trip to Chicago. Fast Forward to the Expo – we were standing at the ManHunt booth talking to people and I noticed this cute guy kneeling down snapping photos of Hunter’s new sneaks. I had to laugh and said, “hey you like them sneakers” and he said, “YES, I would eat them up!” I said, “go for it”, and as fast as a goose on a June bug he jumped down and started kissing and licking Hunter’s new kicks. It was hilarious and very hot at the same time.


Friday, May 27th, 2011

We absolutely LOVE Chicago and we’re long overdue for a visit! Last time we were there, we got snowed in for several days and two people died on the sidewalk outside (it was that cold!). We’d love to go back to Chi town and plan to next summer.


Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Here is the Director’s cut of Unmasking Frat Boy. In this classic video we get Frat Boy Bradley to take off his mask and make a HOT HOT fuck-filled video with us. We took his sexy ass to Rhode Island, where we rented a hotel room and went out to a few great strip joints and clubs. RI is the best for night-time fun! In the first scene, you’ll see us chatting him up and talking him into removing his mask to show his sexy face. He’s a bit reluctant at first, but he finally loses the mask, and then we start the party. We sat his sexy ass down on the sofa and sucked his sweet cock, then bent him over and licked his hairy man-boy ass. Hunter was in total heaven. But it doesn’t stop there! Then, we face fucked him, and dragged him to the bed where we gave him the fucking of a lifetime. This sexy fuck came so hard and so much that he covered his own face with gobs of man batter! The fucking and dirty talk in this vid is hot as hell. We cover a lot of ground in this vid; we included lots of fun stuff like the night clubs and when Hunter and Frat Boy got charged by a cop on a horse, lol. Be sure to watch Frat Boy Bradley’s other hot fuck vids on our site. He’s been back many times after this vid and we love the guy a ton! Thanks for stroking with us!

Cole Maverick & Hunter


Sunday, May 22nd, 2011


Friday, May 20th, 2011


Thursday, May 19th, 2011