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Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Hey Guys, as you know our book “Maverick Men – the true story behind the videos” just came out and has been a HUGE hit, we could not be happier with the response from you all. Hunter and I made a video to promote the book made up of a bunch of clips and red hot moments from several of our videos, we posted it here on the site and people loved it. The video compilation has been getting a lot of hits, for some reason we have been getting tons of messages and emails asking about the very end on that video where we are chatting with our HOT Dutchie boy after fucking him,  apparently some people haven’t seen XXX Amsterdam Adventures, they have been messaging us asking where that clip is from, so I decided to post this video to show you guys what that video is all about and also show some hot outdoor footage of us fucking in an alley in Amsterdam, people seem to LOVE outdoor sex  places where you might possibly get busted, lol. We LOVE IT as much as you guys so here is some footage from XXX Amsterdam Adventures and our outside sexcapades. Let us know what you think and if u would like to see more.

Cole and Hunter