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Monday, July 27th, 2020

Hey guys we know you are going to love this one, we finally invited our delivery twink over to deliver his hot tight package of peaches and to help us out with our fully loaded blue balls. Much to our delight, he was eager to help us deal with these big creamy pent up loads. He told us he had one condition if we wanted his help: IF we wanted his holes, we would have to fuck him outside, in a place where we might get seen, some guys love that stuff lol. Since we are nice guys, we said sure no problem, so we feed him our cocks in our yard. Then, when things started to get crazy, I carried him over my shoulder to the sweltering hot tool shed where we started to get it in deep and hard, and I’m happy to say, we used only our spit and sweat as lube. Woof! After sweating like a couple of whores in church, we took his sweet little ass into the house where it was much cooler and boned him on the stairs, filling his hot little hole with our loads. Enjoy!