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Monday, January 31st, 2011

Hey Guys, we have been sitting on this video for a while because we HATE to do masked videos.  But we have decided to do a few every now and then…we realize that people love to see face in the videos UNLESS the guy has a hot hot bod like this stud.  The story with our buddy Sean here is he has been messaging us and emailing us for over a year asking us to do a video where he tops one of us, lol.  He also kept bringin up the wanting-to-wear-a-mask thing and we kept telling him that we don’t bottom and we don’t do masked videos.  He was VERY persistent; always sending us hot cock shots and sexy pics, but we had never actually met and then eventually one summer day when we were walking home past the south west corridor we bumped into him all sweaty and shirtless playing some hoop with his buds.  He is so masculine and big, he looked like your typical straight 20-year old guy but that crazy hot body he had was too much to pass up.  So, we decided we would just do it already.  Sean was so excited to finally meet up and chill that he gave up his man ass for us.  So yes we nailed his big ripped muscled ass hard and good, when it was finally his time to cum he came SO SO MUCH (you will be shocked).  I mean this horse-hung ripped sexy fuck is a fucking CUM GUSHER like no one we have ever been with.  He is also a big baby when he is getting fucked and it was so hot to hear this big tough guy whimper for mercy, lol.  We decided that since he was going to be a pussy and wear a mask, that we would punish fuck his ass and use his boy pussy hard.  His moans and whimpers as we fuck him are super hot.  Hunter and I know you will like this one, BUT you should know that since there was no time for him to get tested, we did have to wear condoms in this video.  Let us know what you think.

Cole and Hunter


Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Here are the first few quick sketches from our buddy, Ro! Check out what Cole sent Ro as the first bit of art direction on our new web comic. So pumped!


To Romir from Cole:

I love the idea of Heavy Metal, it’s one of my favorite animated movies, but 300 is definitely a look that I think would be amazing for what I have in mind, BUT it should not be earth; it should be earth-like, some kind of other worldly gladiator civilization feel could work well…. a place were anything is possible…Have you seen any of the TV series Spartacus Blood and Sand? It’s SOO Hot HOT! You def need to google and look at images from that series…let me describe what I wanted to create here:
I wanted to do a monthly comic strip for the site. I would write out a scene and you would create some images based on the scene, it would be important to show the gritty raw sweaty xxx sexual feel of the story I have in my head. When we are not naked in the series, lol our physical look meaning Hunter and I, should be Roman-ish garb with short swords, shields, leather and studded armor that shows some ass and chest and maybe cock or cod piece. I’m not sure how detailed you want to get but even black and white sketching could work with some small splashes of color, the faces would definitely have to look like us. I have the entire story in my mind’s eye, but I would also like to enlist the help of the fans here on I know they will send lots of suggestions. That’s a big part of it I want it to be; a fan collaboration. Here is the first story line for you to sketch from:

I was thinking the first images could be Hunter in a slave caravan from a place like Syria. I want us BOTH to have Syrian roots. It has to do with the names of the characters I have chosen; I want to model them after REAL historic ancient Syrian warrior saints that were executed for there open love of each other. I am working on a variation of these names and characters to fit into the story line. In the first drafts, Hunter’s hands should be shackled behind his waist he might have been caught after some battle skirmish or something and he’s brought into the city to be sold. It just happens to be where Cole lives; maybe it’s a neo-Roman looking city. The guys selling Hunter and the other prisoners are obvious slavers into selling men as fighters in the arena, or as sex slaves. Cole is there looking to buy slaves to train to fight. Hunter should be sweaty, dirty almost naked maybe a loin cloth, his hot ass and muscled arms showing and Cole is eyeballing him at a distance then walks up to him to examine him, grabbing him by the chin to look into his eyes and Hunter looks back with a look of defiance. Cole smiles and walks back to where the other bidders are standing, Cole then out bids another slaver that wants Hunter. Cole has made up his mind and wants to own Hunter so he intimidates the other bidder by walking over to him with two of his men to confront the other bidder. Cole’s belt should have a wicked-looking spiked ball mace, maybe the mace should have a cock shaped handle and he should have a short sword. His two men should have spears and short swords, maybe his guards/men can be very TALL black twins like the warriors of Masi tribe of Africa, or TALL Asian looking exotic men, something along those lines. Please send the first rough drafts panels ASAP.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Our fans send us pics all the time and we LOVE IT, especially when they take the time to decorate their bodies with our logo or names, hahah.  This big tall masculine manly man sent us some pic love, so we chatted him up on skype and it turned out that he was as sweet as he is sexy.  Thanks for reaching out stud, we hope to MEAT you and that massive chocolate joystick some day soon.  Xoxox Cole and Hunter


Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Hey guys, this video is basically one long hot sweaty testosterone-pumping fuck session (ya can almost smell it). I mean what else could it possibly be when you put an 18-year old horned-up undersexed beautiful bubble butt guy like Christian in the mix? This guy is insatiable and very fun in the sack. He has a THICK hot uncut cock, and a ROUND furry ass, thick hairy man boy legs and big beautiful blue eyes, what more could u possibly ask for? We are very excited to introduce you to our sweet TwinkAlicious Cherry Ass FuckAlicious boy, Christian. Warning: when you watch this video you will definitely need to stroke one out so be prepared, lol. In this video we eat his sweet boy pussy like a cherry pie, then we explore his sexy tight body; kissing his sweet lips all the way to his cute little toes. We massage his sweet ass, suck his thick uncut cock, face fuck him, and show him how to get fucked and take cock like a big boy. His cum shot (or should I say fountain of cum) that blows out of his cock as he is riding a big dick is not to be missed! And yes yes yes; we know he looks young but he is definitely 18 and definitely experienced. We all had a fantastic time and Hunter and I are glad to call him our friend. He is a sweet sexy guy with an ass that just won’t quit.

Please show him some love and leave him some messages here under this clip tell him what you think.

Xo Cole and Hunter


Monday, January 24th, 2011

This is a sneak peek at a video we just made with this guy Hunter has been lusting after. There is a big construction job across from our place and Hunter has been cruising and checking out the construction workers for months, he has been begging me to go snag this one particular guy that works there that’s always looking up at us when we are out the window or when we walk by the site. I bumped into him on his lunch break at local Dunkin Donuts (go Dunkies!) lol. We talked and it turns out he is a chill guy and obviously bi curious, so after over a month or chatting him up on his lunch breaks and having him over he finally decided to seriously mess around with us. It’s a big step for him, but we made it clear that we were not going to mess around with him unless it was on camera, and man oh man was that a great idea because what we got on video is HOT in a big way. We know for a fact that he had sucked dick before and has had his hole fingered and once let his cousin stick it in but he had never been truly fucked in the ass by a man, and he had never kissed a man. So it was a serious challenge but we finally got him relaxed enough to bottom, woo hoo!, you guys are going to LOVE this video when we post it. Let us know if u are into it and maybe it will go up sooner.

Cole and Hunter


Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Hey guys, we just got word from our publisher about a special promotion on the paperback version of our book.  Check this out:

“Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos” was released in September 2010, and has since garnered a perfect 5-star rating from book reviewers on  To kick off the new year, inGroup Press is offering the paperback version of “Maverick Men” for only $11 (originally $15.95), with free shipping to customers in the U.S. and Canada.  This offer is limited to 2,011 copies.

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Thursday, January 20th, 2011

We were recently reminded how much we love puppies.  My nephew and his girlfriend came over to our place with their little pup, Lola.  We had some dinner and hung out and instantly fell in love with this sweet little bundle of fun.  As they were leaving, we tried to steal her but they put up a good fight and got her back, lol.  Now we have been wondering if we should get one of these little pups.  She’s a dachshund.  Do you guys think that’s a good breed to have in the city?


Sunday, January 16th, 2011

This is a creation made for us by a very special fan. Hunter and I developed a great on line friendship with him, he is an AMAZINGLY talented artist as you can see, but at the same time, he’s an even more amazing person. Hunter and I truly hope he finds the lover/wife/or wherever he desires. Based on our extensive emails back and forth with him over a very long period, I can say with out hesitation individuals of this caliber don’t pop up very often, so whoever lands this guy will be lucky indeed.  Hunter is especially pumped because I finally get to make my gladiator web comic with this guy (see message below).  What do you guys think? 

Here is a brief back and forth regarding the awesome image he created for us.

From Cole:

WOW is all I can say!  WOW!

WE LOVE IT!  So amazing!  You did a beautiful job and it was well worth the wait!!! I want to make it a blog post on, would u like me to leave you as anonymous, or would u like us to put your web address to your work?  It’s your call, I know you are not out so I want to do what works best for you.  Did I mention that I just love it.  You are exactly who we were looking for.  We need some sketches and or renderings of classic gladiator men with our faces in action.  If u are into that, we would love to collaborate with you.  We are planning on creating a web comic strip series of XXX-rated, gladiator style stories based on some stories I have written for Hunter.  We want to post them on the site, with updates about once a month.  It will be about two gladiators, HUNTER and COLE – variations on the names, one older and one younger, that meet in the arena and fall in love.  Basically it’s about their adventures and all their hot sex with slaves and other gladiators, basically.  I have the stories all out-lined, I just need someone to draw it.  It could be charcoal, black and white, or whatever; something simple.  If you have any ideas or sketches, I would love to see what you have in mind, or even if you are at all interested.

Cole and Hunter

From our new friend:

Yes please do the feature, and nah, don’t keep me anonymous… I’ll just think of that as little steps of coming out. Hehe. I love the account you set up for me, I love my username and password, brilliant! Hahaha

Well The ‘maverickmen-fan.deviantart’ account is actually were I want to put all my homoerotic art… I’ve done several but I haven’t yet posted… I’ve been wanting to draw or make homo erotic comics for the longest time, so I’m actually excited about this plan of yours to make yourself into Gladiators and make animations or web comics. Sure sure SURE! Of course I’d be willing to lend a hand.

Send in head shots of you guys, different expressions and angles for references… well I do watch you a lot but I can’t claim I can draw perfect look a likes of you guys in a snap. I’ll work on your request asap.