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Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Throughout the years, Hunter and I have been guilty of favoritism towards ass. So this time, we’ll swap it because we DO indeed love cock just as much as booty. If you have an unusual penis (and you’re over 18 years old), send us a pic so we can share it with everyone. Cocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors and no matter what your willy looks like, you should treat it like the prize it is! So send us your dick pics and if we post them, you’ll win a prize.

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Get ready for one amazingly hot ass-stretching, cock-sucking, hole-devouring, cum-squirting good time! You’ll love watching tall and lean Johnny big cock getting ravished by us in every possible position. Keep an eye out for the random looks of shock and ecstasy in his big blue eyes. Some of hottest moments in this video are how Johnny looks up at us as we pound-out his beautiful ass. Hunter and I both LOVED getting naked with Johnny boy. He is a true sweet heart with an equally sweet all-day-buffet body. Hey Johnny, if you’re reading this, come on back for part two!








Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Hunter and I recently made a cute new “straight” friend with a massive toy! It took our next-door neighbor friend Ken quite a while to warm up to our obvious advances. We chatted with him over a beer and invited him to come over to our place to drink as much of our free beer as he’d like, as long as he was naked. God I love giving straight boys ideas like that to mull over. It’s like planting a seed and watching it sprout into something amazing. And much to our surprise and delight Ken has quickly become the naked neighbor that just won’t leave. He loves to tease us and stroke his eleven inch monster cock in our yard, kitchen, or garage. We discovered that Ken is a true exhibitionist and so I invited him to do a video with us. At first he declined, then as he got to know us he’s been warming up to the idea. What do you think of our new Ken doll?


Friday, August 12th, 2011

Return of Victor MONSTER Cock is part two of our hot weekend with Victor.

The first video was crazy great but this one is even better!  In this much-asked-for video, we get hard core all afternoon long, eating Victor’s sweet hard tight ass and chocking down his 10” monster cock (which ain’t easy!).  But the fucking was by far the best part.  Victor has a tight delicious pink hole.  Hunter and I fucked the hell out of him while he was moaning and squirming and loving every inch we gave him.  You might remember from his first video that Victor is actually a top.  We trained him how to bottom like a real man and he is amazing at it. You’ll hear us talking about getting a hot bottom for him to fuck, so if there are any volunteers step up and leave a comment under this video.  I’m sure he would love to hear from you.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we literally came three times each this afternoon.  The sex is super intense in this video; I literally ripped his jeans in half to get at his sweet man hole and by the end of the day we had torn his shirt and jeans to shreds!  I had to have sex with Hunter two times while editing this video – that’s how hot it is.  If you don’t love this video, you might just be straight.

Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Hey guys Hunter and I had a blast this weekend and we wanted to share some of the crazy fun pics and a bit of video with ya’ll. Our boy Victor wanted to spend his birthday weekend with us here at our place in Boston, as you guys know we love us some sexy Victor, so we were very very happy to hang out again, we always have a hot hot fun time when he comes to chill with us, this time he decided to bring along his friend “Lucky “and boy are we glad he did, lol. It turned out that Hunter and I were the lucky ones, lol, between Victor’s massive monster Pinga and Lucky’s huge donkey dick we must have had at least two plus feet of cock, lol. Victors buddy Lucky is just as tall as victor with a beautiful body handsome smile and funny personality they were the perfect pair, both guys are so fun and so sexy we all just clicked right away, the first hour they were here we must have had sex three times before we went out on the town, it was heaven, when we got to the first club we noticed that the GoGo boy we fell in love with the last time we were there was wearing the speedo, we just about died when we saw that and had to take a quick video to show you, it was truly priceless. Hunter was grinning from ear to ear all night. These boys play well together, both vers Tops with bubble butts, big dicks, sexy faces and great personalities, so you know when we went out to the clubs we had a BLAST. Victor’s boy Lucky is not ready for prime time yet that’s why we hid his face but maybe if you guys show him some love he will do us the honor of showing you his face in a hot video. Show our boys some love. Hey and thanks so much to all of you that came up and said “hi” to us in the clubs. We LOVE meeting you guys, so don’t ever be shy about introducing yourselves.

Cole Maverick and Hunter


Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Okay here’s the deal with this guy (Victor), he has been a long time fan, loved us from afar but never reached out because he is a TOP and wasn’t interested in bottoming, he LOVES to TOP so naturally he assumed since Hunter and I are both tops that we would not be interested, and he was right, lol.  BUT he recently decided that he wanted to be taught how to bottom and he said he wanted to learn from the best, his words, lol.  So he came for the weekend, he had his two IDs and his HIV negative status and papers all in order, we got the formalities out of the way and got to know him face to face….It was a huge success!  We showed him how to take a cock like a champ, this guy was FUN, sensuous, open to learning, and a fucking sex machine.  SERIOUSLY it was hot; between the three of us we all came a combined 15 times, lol, and that was just day one people 🙂 The action started right away shortly after we chatted, we were kissing, he loves to kiss, and is very into Hunter and me so it was HOT HOT.  With his big sexy full pillow lips and long slippery wet  tongue it was a pleasure, Hunter and I were pre-cumming from the make out session alone…after the ice was broken, we got right into the hot sex, hard core sucking, licking and ass eating, then the bottom training and education led right into the penetration and fucking; non stop for the first day and night.  Victor has since been back twice to chill with us and each time he gets better and better in bed.  We have a ton of respect for an alpha horse hung TOP like Victor that is willing to bottom.  He gets a MAVERICKMEN.COM FIVE STAR RATING *****, lol.  This guy is something special; he is 21 years old, stands 6’5” with a lean tight ripped body, deep voice, sweet bubble ass and MASSIVE COCK – 10”very thick, and a big shooter!  Victor has it all. But besides the obvious physical hotness that this guy exudes, he is so fucking nice and chill, we have hung out with him a few times now and consider him more than a fuck buddy, we consider him a friend. I don’t think we will ever be disappointed when Victor comes for the night, the weekend or just the day.  Please tell us what you think of this guy, we made two videos with him, here is the first video, in this special vid we actually pop his man cherry, it’s seriously HOT!  So, if u like it and want to see more of Victor please show him some love on the site and tell him what you think of him…FYI ATTENTION BOTTOMS; Victor monster cock wants to show us his topping skills and fuck a sweet bottom boy for us in his next video, any bottoms out there that want to step up and volunteer to take his monster cock in our next video with him?


Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Chicago shoot, we ended up doing a video with this amazingly hot HOT 10″ huge hung HUNG lean 6′5″ tall handsome super masculine ebony masterpiece named, Derek. We had been chatting on-line with him for a few months in anticipation of our Chicago trip, I have to be honest I had my doubts that this guy was for real because we didn’t get the chance to cam with him, as that’s our usual rule, it’s the best and only way to rule out flakes and fakes. So when this guy agreed to meet us, I wasn’t even sure he would show up, he ended up meeting us outside at the Chicago river walk, when I walked up to him and he stood up he towered over me, lol. He looked so straight and had such a deep voice that I thought we had the wrong guy lol, much to my relief we had the right guy, he had his 2 forms of ID and testing paperwork all set and was eager to get back to our hotel room with us after talking to him for a long while, we quickly realized that he was a top and was not into us fucking him, so I said SORRY man, we are not bottoms so no ass no play, lol. I want to make it a point to tell you that this guy had a HUGE hard BIG FUCKING Black Cherry MAN ASS! I mean it was BIG and when I say big I don’t mean fat lol, I mean hard MUSCLE! So when he told us he was not bottoming we almost cried…he tried to convince us, but when we insisted and we were escorting him to the door of our hotel room with great regret. Then, he had a change of heart, lol! It was a beautiful moment, he said and I quote, “Man I only been fucked once before and didn’t much like it, so ya’ll better be as good as it looks in ya’lls videos.” I quickly reassured him that it would be the very best fucking he had ever had, and it was. We fucked this super hot man all over the place. He was a hard-core man during sex and took the pounding Hunter and I gave him like a man. I am editing this video now and should have it up within the next few weeks. It’s very raw and hard-core with beautifully clear penetration and cum shots that have to be seen to be believed.

Cole and Hunter


Monday, September 6th, 2010

We are serious chocolate lovers! BRING EM ON. We love a delicious variety of sweet dark goodness; coco, dark, creamy smooth peanut butter skin, or jet-black chocolate, we love all shades of brown, it’s all yummy to Hunter and me. Our boy CJ, with his sexy eyes and huge uncut cock is a hot fuck, this boy is eager to please, and a true daddy lover; he calls us each week to see how we are doing, always sends his love and is ready to come back to visit us in Boston any time. He is a sweet boy that loves to please, one of his favorite things is getting cock-spanked on his ass, loves to get fucked, sucks cock like it’s his calling in life. He’s a top vers, and that’s a great thing for the bottoms out there because if you ask me his cock is made for pounding; it’s a straight HUGE uncut tool.
We made 2 videos with this guy, the first is “CoCo Cherry Pop” and the other is still in my computer and I have not edited it yet but it’s HARD CORE, raunchy, and very aggressive, lol. He wanted some mean sex this time so we gave it to him full throttle. If you like this guy, please leave some love for him and let us know if you want to see his second video, and maybe you can suggest a name for it 🙂 If we use your suggestion we will give you some free time to see the full video in our theater.


Cole and Hunter