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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

This video is one of our original “GUEST” videos from back when we were making videos with Little T. We constantly get requests and emails asking us to make a video with him again, so I decided to roll out this seriously hot classic. I re-edited it so it’s twice as long and twice as hot; it’s my full, thick director’s cut ;). Not only is Little T as sweet as the night is long with a masculine persona and boyish charm, he is also HUNG like a little stallion, with a hard ripped small smooth frame and flawless caramel skin AND did I mention a tight little bubble ass to DIE for?! Trust me when I say this kid can take a serious aggressive fuck from 2 guys that are over 6′ and weighing in at 200 lbs. Hunter and I love a boy that can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch and ask for more. We love having Little T over; it’s always lust-filled hot-ass fucking and tons of laughs…You will LOVE this full director’s cut; it’s one of our favorites and it’s truly a raw aggressive fuck video in a big throbbing way! Thanks for stroking with us.


Sunday, December 26th, 2010

This year all my birthday wishes came true.  Hunter and I had some serious fun and laughs with friends, family and THE BOYZ!  We usually celebrate our birthday all week long, so the first night we had a mellow chill night with family and a few friends, and THEN we threw in a few crazy nights.  I got everything I wanted AND THEN SOME., lol.  Thanks Hunter, I love you more thank you know, you’re the reason I smile each and every day. Xooxox I love you baby.


Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Happy Holla-Dayum! Hey guys, Hunter and I wanted to give you all a very special sticky yummy holiday gift, so we decided to roll out one of my favorite videos for your viewing pleasure. In this FREEBE video, I eat, lick and munch on my favorite holiday snack; big, hairy, yummy, muscled Hunter’s buns as he strokes one out in his own mouth YUM YUM. This will make you CUM CUM, lol.  In my opinion, it’s one of the hottest moments I have ever filmed. Thanks very much for stroking away the holiday season with us and we hope you Christmas piggies enjoy this XXX-Mess present as much as we enjoyed making it.  Let us know what you think by posting a comment here under the video XO


Friday, December 17th, 2010


Monday, December 13th, 2010

Hey guys, welcome to our first FRECKLE FUCKERS video, lol. We have known our buddy Conner for quite a while and he recently confessed that he wanted to do a video with us. Now you have to understand how strange this was to us because Conner has always been super shy, he has been over a few times in the past and we have only massaged, and he gave us head once but we have never kissed or fucked until this video, he says he has had oral sex a few times with some friends from school and got fucked twice, but since watching our videos he had decided to go all the way with us. He was so excited to kiss and so excited to try on one of our jock straps and even brought along his very own cock ring, lol. This boy is so cute with his zillion freckles and big blue eyes and we just loved nailing his sweet Irish ass. You guys will be happy to know he loved every inch of penetration and has since been back for more and more. Please let our sexy pal Connor know what you think of him and this seriously hot fuck video. Thanks for stroking with us
Cole and Hunter


Friday, December 10th, 2010

Hey Guys, The month of December is insane for me and Hunter, we love the holidays but HATE the rush, this year we decided to cram way too many things in at once; we are buying gifts for family and friends, Christmas tree hunting, flying to Utah to visit Hunter’s family, then flying back here to New England to visit with my family – it’s crazy!  We have been literally rushing the FUCK out of our relationship so we made it a point to stop and kiss and fuck no matter how busy we were or what we were doing, so in between Christmas tree shopping and making travel plans we made ourselves to have some naughty xxxMass fun.  Remember this time of year is not only about giving gifts and going to parties, it’s that time of year to show some of that LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE!  Please remember to SLOW DOWN and show that special person(s) in your life how much you love them.  You can do what I do; if your man’s to busy or tired to show some love, fix him some hot spiked coco,  tie some mistletoe and tinsel around your cock, and demand a kiss and some ass lol.  So get at it and suck a big candy cane, tickle your jingle balls, or do whatever you need to do to spread some holiday cheer.  Xoxox  Cole and Hunter


Monday, December 6th, 2010

Okay so I wanted to address a very common question, many people email us on this subject – we literally get hundreds of emails asking: Cole and Hunter, how do I get my guy to bottom for me, or why does it hurt my guy when I am topping him, or what’s the best way to fuck without it hurting, or how do I penetrate my man’s hole etc, etc.

Hunter and I have our own rules when it comes to penetrating boy pussy, lol. Rule number one, your bottom needs to feel comfortable and relaxed so chill out, make out, and get comfortable. The next step should be cleaning out his butt approximately an hour ahead of fuck time (how to do that is another post). After he cleans out, he should spend some time chilling at least a half hour before anything enters him. His insides need to relax for a bit after the cleaning process, which allows his body’s natural lubricants to come back. Then, after that you should treat your guy to some serious ass worship; start off with him on his belly and ass up. Massage his legs, feet and butt, and tease his ass a bit and slowly lick and eat his hole for a while – munch munch munch.  Sometimes I have to pry Hunter away from a guy’s butt because he LOVES to eat ass so much.  When you start to hear him moan and feel him arch his ass up into your face, then he is ready for some digital penetration. Just use ONE finger at first with LOTS and LOTS of lube, did I mention the lube; lots of lube. After you gently probe and play with his hole with one finger then insert two and stop at two. You will know if and when it’s time to penetrate. Positioning is important, I personally like to fuck a guy when he is face down flat on his belly; chest flat and ass up – that way I can get deep full penetration. To get his ass as high as possible while he is flat, I slide my knee behind his knees and push outwards to naturally arch his lower back. Then when his ass is up, slowly insert the head of your PRE lubed cock, all the while staying in control by firmly holding on to your bottom to show him you are in control. Then slowly slide your cock in. Once you are all the way in, it’s good to lay on them adding your entire weight, and some ear nibbling and lip sucking is a good distraction to the pressure they may be feeling with your cock inside them, so kiss away. Personally, I hate power bottoms that try to fuck my cock with their ass, hahah. I like the control of topping. If your bottom is super tight or is just nervous, you should have them sit on top of you in the saddle, that way they can guide your cock in at there own pace. We recommend that for beginners or tight asses, lol. Once your bottom boy relaxes, you should be ready for all positions.

Hunter loves to watch his cock slide in and out – that makes him shoot right away – and he likes to pound away hard and fast like a jackhammer. He likes fucking guys on their back, while pushing back their legs and pinning them down so he can look em square in the eye, lol. Everyone is different with what they prefer, so here are some images of different penetration positions. A very important point should be made here; IF you are FUCKING raw you should know your status. Testing is so easy and fast now that there is no excuse why everyone shouldn’t know their status. Tops and bottoms have an obligation to each other, it’s about mutual respect, be honest to your partner and don’t fuck if you don’t know what’s up. Easy enough, right?


Friday, December 3rd, 2010

This is why we love you guys (our fans and friends) so much; you keep us on our toes and help us to stay real with this site and our relationship. We recently got a post in our FAN ZONE section from a concerned fan that thought we were no longer together because we seem to only be doing videos with a 3rd and not just Hunter and myself. He was wondering if we were still together and in love because he had not seen videos of just the two of us on the site in a while. Needless to say I was pretty shocked, lol. Here’s our back & forth (posted with his permission, of course):

From him:
I am happy to see the Maverick Men site so successful but disappointed for those of us were primarily Cole and hunter fans. As the site displayed more and more new guys it stop showing Cole and Hunter interacting. Are they still a couple or just business partners? Are we likely to see them in one of their classic ass pounders???

From Cole:
Hey I don’t know your name it wasn’t in our email message, so I will call you “Hey” lol.

I am so so so sorry that you think Hunter and I are not together, we are very much together and in love and we are never ever breaking up, ever hahah. Our relationship is the real deal; we have a commitment to each others’ soul; we are one, sounds corny but we are really best friends. We are never separate, we do everything together; we Live, Love and Laugh together. We work and play very well together and the day it stops being fun is the day we will toss our camera out the window, lol. We are the ONLY ones running this site, all the images, bios, videos all things other than the IT stuff. We do it all and read all these comments EVERY SINGLE one no matter how long it takes us. So I was blown away when I saw what you wrote. You have to realize we are not some big money makers, we are not big porn producers lol this is a labor of love and it’s always just us and my little camera, we do all the filming together, I do all the editing and Hunter posts the vids up after I create them. We both monitor the site and have a fantastic Webmaster to do IT stuff that we don’t know how to do.

We work SOOOooo hard every day to keep it REAL and to stay who we are, so feel free to reach out any time here at my direct email,, or on FaceBook, if you want to give some feed back.  Also you should know that a lot of our videos have Hunter and me just fucking in them before our friends join in, BUT because of your email I will make it a point to do a hot video of just the two of us lol any requests?

From him:
Dear Cole and Hunter…

First off my name is Joe I didn’t realize that the comment would not reveal that. I am sorry that my comment came over so negatively I did not want that to be the case nor did I mean to suggest that you guys are not hardworking. I don’t know of any site where a comment would get an instantaneous response or that new product would be displayed practically on a daily basis.

My point was that most fans who came to view your site did so because of the physical, sexual and emotional interaction of you two. The reason for this is that in all the pornography that you might look at you will certainly see many presentations of two guys going through the motions as a top and a bottom, but in most cases it becomes obvious that they are acting not so in your case and that is what made it so exciting no subsequent presentation of various tricks could equal that. I realize that you are trying to add more appeal to your site and I respect that but in the midst of all that work you slipped away from the display of your unique one on one relation.

Of all your 32 videos only three feature just Cole and Hunter namely #31 “Big Daddy Cock In My Ass”, #17 “Maverick men Classic suck off” #16 “Sweaty after Gym Sex” Hardly enough to satisfy our appetite. I would like to suggest that every third or fourth presentation be a Cole and Hunter exclusive.

I would love to see a video re=enactment of the scene in your book of the pursuit through Provincetown and the ending. I believe this is the background to all love stories, namely pursuit, capture, and surrender.


From Cole:
Hey Joe :)

So glad you wrote back, you have some great points and no we didn’t think of it as negative feedback; I was just concerned that what we were doing was staying on target, so thank you for your advice. It’s so shocking to me that you know all of our videos so well, lol. That’s awesome! To be honest, I didn’t even know how many videos we had until I saw it here in your message, hahah. As far as the book, I love the idea of a reenactment, but to be honest, as hot as that moment in the P-town Parking lot was, it was also painful and traumatic for both of our hearts so I don’t see that happening anytime soon, lol. But I sincerely want to say thanks for inspiring me to show Hunter how much I love him even more than I already do… It’s all about the love 🙂
Because of your message I am going to create a special video and dedicate it to you. It will be a video for Hunter called, LIVE LOVE & LAUGH, to remind us both to never loose sight of the most important part of all this Cyber stuff…OUR RELATIONSHIP and our LOVE! I will make the video a free blog post and I will try to get it out before the weekend 🙂

Cole Maverick
I will do my best to post more videos of just Hunter and me because of your message, so whenever you see a Cole and Hunter video, just know it was because you.