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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hey guys we have a VERY special video for you! (FUCKING PRETTY BOY), in my humble opinion it’s a 4-star video for many reasons; the #1 reason is that Hunter and I had the most amazing sex with this guy, he was fantastic in bed, he gave the best head, was very into getting nailed in every position and he is also vers top. We find that the vers tops are very eager to show they can take a dick just as good as a power bottom, and this guy proved that to be true, lol.  This video was shot over a year ago and I had been putting it off because it was so difficult to edit, one of the biggest problems was that I had to stop several times and stroke one out while editing, lol.  Yes it’s THAT HOT!  We had been talking with this guy for months and he finally came thru.  He is a BIG FAN of ours so he was very into trying everything; we started out with some fun in the bathroom of a local pub, and then moved it back to our bedroom where we made out, massaged, rimed, sucked and fucked fucked and fucked some more.  Hunter’s cum shot on this boy’s face while he is riding my cock is not to be missed.  It’s gushing hot cum blast at its best!  And just as Hunter blasts him in the face, this kid shoots his load like a fucking fire hose, so much that I was soaked.  We even tried some Double Penetration!  This video is seriously one of my favorites and on top of being a great lay, this guy is BEAUTIFUL; he is 21, 6’2” tall, blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled face, huge cock and a sweet body.  What more could we have asked for?  This Pretty Boy will no doubt be a big hit.  Please let us know what you think of him by leaving a comment under this video.

Thanks for stroking with us

Cole and Hunter


Monday, September 27th, 2010

Now I want to set the record straight here before I go off about this; I have no problem with pets, I love animals. I love dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs. Hell, I’ve even been known to love a KOCK A TOO, lol. So pets are okay with me, but get this Hunter wants a friggen alligator? or a snake? I mean come on guys, I need your help, I am NOT going to live with a friggen alligator or a snake in my house! I can just imagine it slithering around, snapping at my junk if I get up to take a piss in the middle of the night, or crawling into a scene, as we are shooting a video, no way! It’s been a big debate between us this week and I want to be fair and not argue with him about this, so I am enlisting your help. I told him it was up to the fans; we will let you guys decide.  Hunter says I am being a dick for not letting him have a giant fucking reptile living with us. Am I wrong here, can we just get a damn dog or a cat or how about a fluffy bunny rabbit, gold fish, or here is a fantastic idea lets get a “BBSP” Bondage Boy Slave Pet, YES! I would love to have a bondage hottie house boy that wants to curl up at the foot of our bed and fetch us a beer from the refrigerator and suck our cock on command, lol, now that’s my kind of pet! But in all seriousness, please tell Hunter what he gets by leaving a comment here under this post. Let him know that he is being crazy wanting to have a fucking alligator as a pet, what the hell are we going to call it, Muffy? Where will he walk the goddamn thing in the dog park around the corner from our house? Do they even need to be walked? What the hell do they eat? Will it live in the bathtub? Ughh HELP!

Cole Maverick


Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Hey Guys, as you know our book “Maverick Men – the true story behind the videos” just came out and has been a HUGE hit, we could not be happier with the response from you all. Hunter and I made a video to promote the book made up of a bunch of clips and red hot moments from several of our videos, we posted it here on the site and people loved it. The video compilation has been getting a lot of hits, for some reason we have been getting tons of messages and emails asking about the very end on that video where we are chatting with our HOT Dutchie boy after fucking him,  apparently some people haven’t seen XXX Amsterdam Adventures, they have been messaging us asking where that clip is from, so I decided to post this video to show you guys what that video is all about and also show some hot outdoor footage of us fucking in an alley in Amsterdam, people seem to LOVE outdoor sex  places where you might possibly get busted, lol. We LOVE IT as much as you guys so here is some footage from XXX Amsterdam Adventures and our outside sexcapades. Let us know what you think and if u would like to see more.

Cole and Hunter


Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Here is a direct link to purchase the Kindle version on

You guys can also find more information about our book on our publisher’s site.


Monday, September 20th, 2010

Hey Cole and Hunter, I haven’t talked to you guys in forever hope all is well ….

Hey Oakley we have been traveling a ton, we think about you often, please come see us in Boston, would be great to hang out, sorry u are going thru drama with ur parents that sucks, call me this week if u want to chat about it.  Are u okay? 

Xo Cole

Yeah everything is fine now… I told my mom about “everything”, other than that everything is great

About everything?  What does that mean?

Everything…lol…news for ya’ll; thank you for everything again because if it wasn’t for the video I’d still be single.  A guy that graduated from my high school when I was a freshmen saw the video and he recognized me and sent me a message on facebook, now we are like crazy about each other and going out, he is hot and amazing.  It just got to the point in Jimmy and my relationship where I wanted everything out in the open so I told my mom about me going to Boston to meet you and Hunter and about making a video with ya’ll…and then I told her about Jimmy and she totally shocked me and told me that she was just happy to see me look at someone and honestly smile and she was glad that I did what I had to do to make myself happy…

WHAT! Are you serious that you told your mom all that???? WOW ROCK ON!  You are a fucking machine, lol, how do u fit them big balls in your pants hahahah, that takes a lot of guts!  We can not wait to see pics of your new BO Jimmy are they on your profile?  I will look after this message.  Oakley you have no idea how much that warms my heart, Hunter it so happy he ran to tell me to read this after he saw the message, lol.  If you and your guy ever want to come spend a legit weekend here in Boston, video or no video, we would love to meet him and see you again, you guys can rest here and eat here and drink here free, all u need to do is get the tickets to come, we would LOVE to see you again and meet your new man.  This is an amazing story; can we do post about it on the blog?

Feel free to do whatever you want, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have anything in the first place.

Oakley, when we met you and did the video we knew you were someone special; hot, sweet, rugged, tough and sensitive with a wicked sense of humor.  You really are the complete package, lol, your new BF is a lucky man, I hope he appreciates what he has.

We love you man, come visit us soon!

xoxoxoxox Cole and Hunter


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos (FREE TEASER)


Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Hey Boys!  Break out the lube and cum rags; this one is a classic RAW hot fuck vid! Yes it’s the highly anticipated remake of Military Cherry, we had to pull the original last year after only 3 weeks for various reasons, but since our boy Cooper is now everywhere on-line, we thought it would be cool to re-post his very best work, lol.  Hunter and I recently decided to revisit this footage and RE edit and post it because there was so many great things about it; this video has no less 8 cum shots, lol, it’s 100% hot raw fucking with serious hole penetration, raw bare back fucking like nothing you have seen before, a true MaverickMen video if ever there was one, this original video is an hour and a half long, shot over a 3 day weekend, the first Xtube version was only 26 minutes, this Director’s cut will blow you away! I had to cut out over an hour to fit in to the Xtube size limit, but not here on 🙂 so now you get every juicy hot fucking moment…Just to let you know how hot it is, while I was re editing it I had to have Hunter suck me off here at my desk so I could concentrate and finish it to share with u horny boyz, lol.  It’s THAT HOT! Not only is Cooper so fucking sexy with his blazing blue eyes and sweet body, he is absolutely hungry for cock in his ass and mouth.  We dominate him in a big way in this with ass eating, cock sucking, cum slurping, verbal dominance, and foot worship.  It’s fucking and verbal aggression across the board.  If this doesn’t make you squirt several times, your computer must be turned off 🙂

Thanks for stroking with us guys we seriously appreciate you sharing your orgasm with us 😉

Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


A person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Leave it to the French to create such a perfectly hot word, it just rolls of the tongue and drips down your chin to your crotch!

Voyeurism has become very in!  The Internet has created a safe haven for all you “Peeping Toms” and Peek A Boo window watchers… The WWW seems to have saved the non peepers, now we don’t have to worry about “that guy” skulking around out side of our windows late at night trying to get a glimpse of our junk, lol. The internet is your play ground so make the best of it and enjoy your freedom to peep and peek to your cock’s content. Hell, we created our site for you guys so all you voyeurs out there that secretly watch us and stroke to our nakedness while in the security and privacy of your homes ENJOY that’s why we are here we LOVE IT!

In this Freebie video of the 2nd installment of
The Psychology of Sex “VOYEURISM” you will see a classic HOT case of a guy that just can’t get enough of peeping. When we met our Boy Niko and made two smoking hot sex videos with him. We discovered that he is a PEEPER, lol. He loves to sit back and watch and stroke his meat, he would rather watch thru the reflection of a mirror or a window rather than right up close? I was so surprised I almost kissed him, lol. It takes a lot to surprise us. As soon as he told us his little fetish we fucking fell in LOVE with this guy, at one point he asked if he could watch us thru the reflection of the mirrors in the gym that we were shooting in, it was a bizarre request but we were very excited to indulge his fantasy, especially since we had just fucked him six ways to Sunday and popped his cherry! Besides it made him shoot a huge load lol he was so cute he was lying on the floor in the other room looking at us thru the mirrors secretly peeping and stroking his cock and when he was ready to cum he ran over to us and said I’m Cumming I’m Cumming and SQUIRTED all over the place. It was a blast to meet this kid and spend a few days with him getting to know him and enjoying his sexy sexy ass. Tell us your peeping secret stories we would LOVE to hear them. The two videos with Niko the peeper are right here in the full videos section. Check them out if you want to see more of this sexy fuck.