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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I just got the chance to edit it now, the original footage is over 60 minutes long, I had to cut it down to 25minutes for Xtube streaming but not for here you will find the full length directors cutwith all the hot fun additional footage. We have been working on this guy for over a year and he finally said yes to a three way and video. Oakley recently came out of the closet just for our Xtube fans for this video 🙂

He is a mechanic by trade specializing in muscle cars, he has been our friend helping us with projects and moves and any car stuff for quite a while, he is a serious handy boy to have around lol and a FUNNY Bastard! His only sexual experiences before us were getting head once from a guy and of course fucking several women, but he is a TRUE Ass Virgin, in this video he sucks cock for the first time, he MAN KISSES for the first time (NO LIE) Also its special because I give hunter his FIRST virgin Cherry to pop, he did a great job! We decided to show this boy a fun week end in Salem, MA, we ended up crashing at a cheep motel and thats when all the fucking happened, his moans and whimpering made my cock rock hard and that tight hairy virgin cherry ass was sweet like cherry pie lol If you like our buddy Oakley please leave him a message here under the video, he is a sexy , masculine, chill, funny boy, perfect boy friend material if any ones looking lol.


Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

This is Oakley or as I like to call him “THE OAK” because of his big hairy hard tree trunk legs… he is a sexy big MAN BOY at  6’1″, 180lbs, 8″ cut,  he is a funny straightish wise cracker  with a cocky attitude that will make your cock throb he is a hard worker always running around his mechanic shop fixing muscle cars, and man I can tell you from first hand experience he smells like a sweaty blue collar MAN! MMmmmmMMmmmm he is fucking HOT Hunter and I loved to smell his sweaty musky man pits all day long lol we shot this video in October, we love this sexy “straight” boy.