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Friday, July 8th, 2011

This is our second vid in our “Jock Fuckers” series!

We had a BLAST last year in Provincetown (Cape Cod), MA.  It’s our favorite place to stay during the summer (and still Hunter’s all-time fav of places that we’ve visited), and we always meet the hottest guys there like this sexy soccer boy, Dennis.  We had been chatting on-line with him back and forth to finally set up a meeting, but he took too long so we told him we were headed to Ptown.  MUCH to our surprise he found his way to Ptown and started sniffing around for us.  We saw him sitting outside of The Vault, one of our favorite bars to hang out in while in PTown.  You’ll always find lots of sexy boys and hairy beasts there, lol.  We snatched him up and took him back to our hotel room and the Crown and Anchor.  We LOVE that place!  It’s the perfect spot to stay if you ever go to P town – awesome rooms and great views directly in the center of town overlooking the beach, and as I said; it’s always full of sexy men.  When we took our sexy boy to our room to show him the view, we decided we couldn’t wait to inspect the goods, so we made him strip for us and show us his beautiful bubble butt.  We got Dennis to put on a jock strap and get to work shakin that ass.  We played with his bum for a while and made him dance and shake it for us then it quickly escalated it to some serious raw hot ass fucking.  This boy’s hairy wolf pussy was so tight that it took half a bottle of lube just to get my head in.  Hunter blasted an amazing load, squirting all over Dennis’ hairy man hole.  You will LOVE this video.  Show our soccer boy some love and leave him some comments here under this video.

Xo Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Hey Guys,

We have always said we LOVE OUR FANS and now we are going to prove it!  Tons of you have been telling us that you would like to see a special feature on the site. After much deliberation, Hunter and I have decided to give you exactly what you want.…..ask and ye shall receive!!

To see the big announcement, LOG IN to your account by clicking HERE and click on BUY TIME.  Remember, you must be logged in!

If you don’t already have an account, don’t worry!  Click HERE to access this very special deal and click on BUY TIME.

We hope you will enjoy this new special feature.

Thanks for stroking with us!!

Cole and Hunter


Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

We were invited to a great pool party at our buddy Jonathan’s house last weekend.  We thought we would share some of the pics from this fun annual event. Each year Jonathan Crutchley, or as we like to call him “Big Daddy ManHunt” throws a great pool party for the winning teams of The Minute Man Classic presented by the BeanTown softball league.  We met players from the “C” division, Southern NE – CT and from the “D” division from Club Machine here in Boston.  All the boys were having a blast!  If you are interested in learning more about these hot jocks or maybe you’d like to join a team, check out

We got to mingle and mix with some of the fun hot jocks and crazy party animals; we had some laughs, pinched and photograph some hot butts, and had a few beers.  It was a ton of fun…open bar, big ol’ pool filled with scantly-clad cuties, hot daddies everywhere (Hunter was in heaven), DJ was spinning fun music – what more could you want from a pool party at the ManHunt mansion!?!  Move over Hue Hefner, Big Daddy (pictured below and in between us) is back in town.  Here are a few pics of some of the jocks and fun people we met that day.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Hey Guys, Hunter and I had so much fun with this contest thanks to all of you.  Every day we’d get new entries and they just kept getting hotter and hotter.  Thanks for the pics and the LOVE; we got just under 90 photo submissions!  They were ALL hot or fun, some funny, but we had to narrow it down to just a few.  Here are the winners!

FIRST PLACE is to the sexy boy with the sexy Petting Zoo, hahah.  Hopefully he will come do a video with us!  He wins: 3 free hours of viewing time on, an autographed copy of our first book “Maverick Men, The True Story Behind the Videos”, and a copy of our mega hot DVD, Deep Woods Drilling.

The other winners are listed below.  We love pics like the delicious fat uncut cock submission from the stud from Italy that wrote “MaverickMen” on his massive dong,  or how bout that Yummy Bummy butt shot (made Hunter very hungry), or the slim sexy smooth body shot.  We both LOVE the coco hottie pic, too.  All these submissions were also very hot, so we decided to give them each a 60-minute pass on and a 2-week membership to ManHunt.

Thanks for showing us so much love!  Next up: a video submission contests with similar guidelines.


Cole and Hunter


Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

We were recently asked to take part in a documentary on the subject of masculinity by Andrew Extein, a student from USC School of Social Work.  At first I was reluctant because we didn’t want our fem boys to feel slighted.  We love and value our fem gay boys and feel that they are a very important part of who we are culturally.  And, we love to fuck them, lol.  But then we met Andrew and we talked more about his intriguing project, and we quickly knew we needed to take part.

We welcomed him and his documentary crew into our home and our lives and let them ask whatever they wanted.  Andrew’s questions were very thoughtful and we really felt as though we were contributing to something important.  We can’t wait to see the finished product!  As the day turned to night, the filming went great and the three gents (all named, Andrew) stuck around after for some NON-SEXUAL fun.  I have to admit that the sexual tension in the room was evident from all corners of our house (see pics).  Some clothing did come off and some eyebrows were raised and some crotches were BULGING, mostly mine and Hunter’s, lol.  Had Hunter and I not just blown our loads, we would have tried to instigate something for sure.  The Andrews Three were a pleasure to chill with and they are welcome back anytime.  Specifically, Hunter and I feel we need to revisit the BULGING crotch situation; these boys were pretty modest, but you never know.

MASC is a documentary short that explores the fetish of masculinity in gay and queer communities through the eyes of self-described “masc” gay “bros” and other gender paradoxes. Currently a student at USC School of Social Work, Andrew Extein is calling attention to the values within gay and queer communities that have the potential to harm, while at the same time providing a deeply empathic portrait of compelling characters. Combining a background in visual art, a passion for social justice, and insight into gay culture, the filmmaker is questioning what it means to be gay – and what it means to be a man.