We’re very happy to share this nasty hot fuck video with you horny fuckers.  This was one of the best topping sessions we’ve had in a while.  This boy’s hole was slick, sweet, tight and eager to get stuffed, eager to Stick It In!  This sexy boy invited us over to his place where he begged us to just stick it in his sweet tight hole.  We fucked him all over the place, so much so that we put the camera down and lost track of the fact that we were there to film it for you guys to see.

When we first started chatting with him on-line he was super shy and nervous, but once he had us in his apartment all his shyness melted away.  I noticed that his eyes were riveted on our crotches so being the nice guy I am, I told him to show us his blow job skills.  He dropped to his knees, pulled out my cock, and started sucking like it WAS his job!  As soon as we started feeding him some cock, then face-fucking him, we knew he was going to be an amazing sub bottom boy.  He took our cocks hard and deep for what seemed like three hours of sweat-soaked, nasty aggressive ass fucking.  His was one of the best holes we have had the pleasure of exploring.

We love you guys, thanks for stroking with us!
Cole and Hunter

11 Responses to “STICK IT IN!!!”

  1. hotfunguyunc says:

    WOW this guy is Yummy Hot!!!
    Yes I would love having him suck me then pumping him.
    I would also get way into Sucking him & let him TOP mr deep & Had!

  2. rorz says:

    Hey u sexy Bitches.. hope ur well u do have more london videos to add.. where is the guy in latest video from is he english? Did u like all the different accents xo
    keep posted when ur back in june…. yaz soo need to get up to scotland XO

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Rory, we do have more London vids to add (and we’ll be back in June to shoot more), the latest vid, Stick It In, is with a hottie that lives down the street from us, haha YES the accents made my dick hard(er)! – Hunter

  3. Christian88 says:

    I think I’ve seen this guy before, always thought he was sexy, now I know he is 🙂

  4. Tim says:

    WOW, how old are the boy?

  5. Paul T says:

    What a good submissive bottom boy, love a sexy guy like this that only wants to keep his top(s) happy!!!

  6. Kyle says:

    Saw Cole & Hunter walking with this guy on the day of the shoot.
    Very hot to see you boys in person!

  7. jimmy says:

    wow what a hot boy for you guys, love his smoth hungry ass, more like this guy plz

  8. Mike says:

    Fuck that is soooo hooootttt – WOW so sexy u must have had a horny time

  9. Mark says:

    Its my birthday I wish you would stick it in me!

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