Hope ya’ll are having a blast this pride season – tis the time to be horny and proud!  This next video is a special one for all you horny twink lovers out there.  We’ve had a few requests asking us to bang some hot twink ass, so here ya go!  Not only is this vid very HOT; it’s also fun and funny (our favorite!).  We were hit-up by this cute twink couple asking us to help them figure out if they were tops or bottoms.  Haha, and Hunter and I determined that they are both most definitely bottoms!  On a side note; we had met Xander months before dancing as a go-go boy (Hunter looooves go-gos) and instantly fell in love with his crazy-fun energy and his eclectic taste for both daddy bears and twinks.  And yes; we do have a few more videos with just him – those will come out later.

When Xander started dating his cute new boyfriend Obie, they came to us for some sex advice and a fun photo shoot.  Naturally after a few minutes of shooting them and their cute little twink asses, it immediately turned into a full-on fuck video.  Since it was so spontaneous, there was no time for testing so we used condoms – never the less, the man-on-twink fucking was as hardcore as ever.  When the boys offered up their sweet holes for sacrifice, face-down and ass-up in a matter of seconds, we couldn’t resist.  Being the obliging gents that we are we went all out and fucked the hell out of their hard little butts.  They were moaning so loud as Hunter and I fucked them simultaneously that we made them make-out as we pounded them out.  FUCKING HOT!!!

XOXO Cole and Hunter


  1. […] by this cute twink couple asking us to help them figure out if they were tops or bottoms. Haha, Hunter and I determined that they are both most definitely […]

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey guys, this is a really weird question but… What kind of wood floor is that? I love it! (I was wondering the name of the wood)

  3. jimmyboy says:

    When are you boys coming back to the UK. Only just turned 18 and would love to shoot a video with you two if you’re ever in London again

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We’re here now, Jimmy Boy!!! just flew in, we’ll be in London for two weeks, send us your pics!… – Hunter

  4. Barebackarsefucker says:

    Twoof the finest Pig Tops at the Top of their Game….. putting two Yng Sk8ter pieces of Fuckboi Ass where they belong….Ass held high….Butt Crack Spread…and fuckin used to perfection..

    Sk8ter Bois like this are made for Cole and Hunter pounding…Hope this is the start of some regularTrashboi Fuck Vids…Loved it..!!!

  5. johnny says:

    hi maverick guys!

    asian guys are great bottoms…when are you guys gonna do a vid with an asian guy(s)…

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We’ve been on the hunt for a sexy Asian bottom boy for years now!!! We just don’t hear from that many 🙁 – Hunter

  6. brick says:

    Yea,Those guy are hot.Will u guys shoot a vid with xander boyfriend(just u two an he alone).He is SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!?

  7. Mohammad says:

    Hey Guys, this is the first video, in a long time that, I am seeing you both using a condom. Whats your protocol for wearing and not wearing a condom? When you frist started out (on xtube) you used to stat the facts about getting tested before sex. Now it seem like that does not matter.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hi Mohammad, you should take a look at our “How We Play” page on this site, been there since we launched it and it’s discusses our approach to safer sex, we used condoms in this video because we didn’t have time to get everyone tested, and testing ALWAYS matters to us; it’s our (and others’) health! – Hunter

  8. Enrique says:

    what a hot video!!!! i just cum watching it. You guys are súper hot!!!!!

  9. mustlikehair says:

    That was hot!!! Need another tandem fuck Vid like that. You guys going to Ptown this year? If you are, hope to see you there. Uli

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks man! Yup, we’ll be in Ptown during bear week, we’re bringing our mile-high boys, Tico and Tony! – Hunter

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