Recently we’ve been getting hit up by a lot of bisexual/gay-curious guys in need of training (and we ain’t complaining!!). This month alone we’ve had three super cute sexy boys that identify as bisexual. It’s been WAY too much fun! This guy Anthony was actually sent to us by his girlfriend. Apparently she’s a big a fan of our site. I mean honestly; you can’t make this up, lol. Anthony tells us that his girl is kinky and fun and has fingered him as he’s fucked her, and then they progressed to dildo play. Anthony’s girl is so cool, in fact, that she loaned him to us so long as we paid for his airfare and then sent him back with an autographed copy of our book for her. I think it was a great bargain! When Anthony first got here, he was nervous as hell and shakeing like a leaf (so cute!). After chatting for a while, he felt very comfortable and that’s when the fun started. We trained him how to use a dildo in the shower to make sure his ass was ready for cock. When we first showed him the dildo his eyes bugged out and he said, “Wait, what?! I can’t get that thing in my ass! Look how big it is! My asshole is only the size of a penny.? I burst out laughing and had to snap a pic of his expression while holding up the dildo. After the initial shock and some time in the shower, his little penny butt hole was ready for action! One of the best things about this video was watching Anthony’s response to kissing a guy. Priceless! I know that Anthony and his gf will be reading this, so leave the boy some love! Come back again soon, Anthony!

xoxo Cole and Hunter







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    NICE PIECE!!! « Maverick Men

  2. Rob says:

    Mmmm love his cock n hole he’s a local and I’ve been talking to him hoping I can suck him off and fuck n eat his hole breed him really good with one of my huge loads! Would love tosuck all of u off, I got some pics and a video of me deepthroating a 8.5″ cock and getting sprayed with nut! 😉 I’d love to suck u and ur hubby off sometime!

  3. Colby says:

    Can you guys please fuck me i sent a model request !

  4. Rjv says:

    Will you pop my cherry??? Saving it for you guys

  5. scotty says:

    Hey guys I’m a 26 yr old English lad would love to meet you 😉 really hot stuff!! Ta ta

  6. Jack says:

    Damn this boy was so fucken HOT , and that beautiful uncut cock was to die for. not a bottom here but I think I would have taken that for a ride after I sucked it for a long time, MMMM fuck me now baby!!! would love a foursome with all 3 of you!!!

  7. Wanda says:

    Hey guys. If you’re ever in the London, England, I’d let you all over my husband! I’m sure you’d like him, if you like your guys muscular and handsome :).

    Wanda xx

  8. Mario says:

    wow! me encantaría perder mi virginidad con Cherry Pop, que me use a su manera es mi sueño imposibleee que hombre mas ricoooooo!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loose google translation: wow! I love to lose my virginity to Cherry Pop, to use me in their own way is my dream that more ricoooooo imposibleee man!

  9. Greg says:

    Once again….absolutely the best site and best production and HOTTEST SEX out there…BEATIFULL!!!

  10. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    I would sooo let you fuck my boyfriend. I’d like to watch it irl, though. 😀

  11. Anthony says:

    I Don’t know if my girlfriend would be that involved lol.

  12. Roy says:

    Cole and Hunter can you please approve my viddy request I’m under the handle Radburn thanks

  13. Prew says:


  14. Terance & John says:

    you lucky bastards, what is the deal with married men and gay couple, dont know what is but it is nice even for those who cant score as hotter guys as you do.

  15. Gaymer says:

    Oh this boy looks so adorable. I know this one guy who wanted this other guy(with a girlfriend but was bi) The girlfriend’s response? “I want to be the one holding the camera”

    Let’s hope Anthony gets the same reaction. I wonder if you have any camerawomen wanting in on the camera holding action.

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