Fuck Em All! A Bisexual Tale!!!

As you all know bi-now, this is our very first bisexual video. I’m one-hundred percent certain that straight or gay, you’ll all love this hot gem. We met the hottie guy in this vid when his hottie girl drove him over to our house for us to have our way with him. That led to us getting to know her better and eventually, all four of us got down and dirty and loved every wet and sticky minute of it! In this vid you’ll see guys eating man ass while fucking girl pussy, guys eating girl pussy while fucking man ass – no hole was left unstuffed, lol. We really had a lot of fun getting to know these two and shooting the vids that we did. We hope you all enjoy this “hole” new adventure.

89 Responses to “Fuck Em All! A Bisexual Tale!!!”

  1. Ashton says:

    Ngl, your vid turned me straight haha. Iโ€™ve watched you guys before and never saw you guys with a woman, but I tried it with a friend of mine and it loved it. Thanks guys!

  2. Juwan says:

    Wow..insanely hot..what is the girl’s name? Is she in any other videos?

    Wow..that is all I got!

  3. Jackinjosh says:

    You guys are incredible. Iโ€™m a gay dude and wanna try pussy with other dudes. Lose my cherry. You guys always get me rock hard!! Woof!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hahha well tahts awesome glad we make you rock hard, thats a great complement, as far as Pussy…. as long as you are into it or you are wanting to try it, maybe to tick it off ur bucket list lol, who am I to say you shouldn’t….To us, Pussy Ass Cock tits balls are all on the menu, we are attracted to the “human element” and the niceness of the person, gender is not an issue, the overall chemistry is what attracts and connects us to others.

  4. Liverpoolbootle says:

    This is so fuckn horny love it when cole ur fingering tha straight guy wanna see more cuckold sort of stuff like this

  5. FuzzyE says:

    After all these years, you make a bisexual video WOW love it, shows how open you guys are and would never discriminate based on sex. Love you guys, what an excellent hot idea, I am now going to renew my subscription for SURE! xox

  6. Jacob says:

    When is another bi video going to be upload?

  7. Rick says:

    Did you ever publish the video with just the boyfriend?

  8. Minh says:

    I check on yโ€™all every now and again after being in a video years ago. Honestly proud the queer veil has been lifted and these videos are staying authentic to the missionโ€” really hot fucking <3

  9. Robert says:

    Are you both bisexual? This looks like a very sexy and hot video! Please make more bisexual porns, can you make any that are like the Eastern European czech bisexual porns from Prague, or ones with leather/BDSM scenes? Keep it up! I remember your first videos from Xtube. Stay safe during the covid pandemic.


  10. Peter11 says:

    Omg, I’m so disappointed :/ You have been the real homo gods for me for maaany years and that picture is now destroyed in my head, I can’t do anything but feel disgusted by this video, the world will never be the same :(((

  11. Matt says:

    Best bi vid Iโ€™ve seen. Hotter knowing two of the guys are gay and open minded IMO. When can we expect the mfm vid of you both with her?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks, not sure what an IMO is? as far as the other video with Hunter and mea and her that will be out some time this spring ๐Ÿ™‚ its pretty hot and she is so fun, she is also Bisexuals who knows maybe we will have a lesbian video lol she is such a fun upbeat sexually adventurous person, i’m so happy we all met up and opened another chapter into hot fun sex with any and all genders races and religions, its so cool to read all the great messages from Bisexual people all over the world on all our social media platforms, its hopefully and awesome, I’m so over people trying to judge us, for our sexual fluidity, for us we just love to explore our desires in a fun honest open way with dignity and honesty.

      • Trey says:

        This scene was honestly really hot. Just curious – if you had to pick one- which feels physically better on your cock, ass or vagina?

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          Its a tough call….fucking pussy/vagina really empty’s my balls totally, I think its because our pubic bones bang when we fuck, and that seems to triggers more cum to get ejected out, and because of that my orgasm lasts longer ๐Ÿ™‚ And Anal sex is tighter so it gives a more intense physical tactile feel on the shaft and head of my cock,so it feels great to fuck for a while. THAT SAID I prefer a good blow job every time over PIV or PIA A good cock sucker is worth his or her weight in GOLD hahahha

  12. Robert Alvarez says:

    My studly MaverickMen, it has been far too long since I have commented on one of your videos. Needless to say, I had heard about this video before I even watched the clip. The “controversy” is so overrated, and the hotness factor was even higher than I expected. Oh, I knew it was going to be hot, but what I found was a video clip that SUPER MEGA FUCKING HOT!! In the meantime, this was exactly what both you, Cole and Hunter, enjoy: hot, wet and tasty sex, oral, anal (of course, this video also had vaginal), kissing, sucking, cuddling, fingering, etc. Personally, the only thing left would be a super hot and hairy FTM, although I think both of you might go the MTF route, too. Also, at the risk of sounding a bit too grabby, feel free to bring back some older, hairy studs, too. You know there are others who check those boxes that need more of what THE MverickMen can provide. I can honestly say that you both REALLY outdid yourselves. Of course, you always do. Thank you for all you do and give to make those of us who watch porn super happy.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks very much :)xoxoxooxox there will be more Bi videos to CUM, we do what we want to do, we dont cave to peer pressure or sex shaming, anyone that sex shames us telling us who we can or can not fuck, can go FUCK THEMSELVES, we will fuck who WE choose to fuck.

  13. Mistiq says:

    My cock is not hard when see a beautiful wet cunt with gay men pleasing it

  14. Billy BlammO says:

    Iโ€™ve seen it all but that is hands down the hottest scene around. Her ecstasy while taking every inch of Cole was inspiring, she REALLY loved it. Hope to see more of her and possibly other women, you two are excellent apparently at having sex with women! Youโ€™d probably get a huge waiting list lol

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      No we dont get a lot of women contacting us to be in videos but we are open ) We are open to ALL Humans, regardless of gender, race, or political affiliation….Ummmmmmm well we do draw the line at MAGA hat wearing fact & science denying Trumpanzees, other than that we are very open to all.

  15. Logan says:

    HOT HOT!! whens his solo video with you being put out!!

  16. Cocklover_pe says:

    I admit I am a fucking whoreI am ashamed I have judged people more and more for bisexua, I did not like this at first now, I am ashamed I see its no t my busineess to say who they should do it with…r? I Do, and I’m Gay, i have no right to judge I have leared here from this.. xokiss

  17. Cocklover_pe says:

    You really FUCKING GOT ME OFF with this, amazing… Don’t asume what we like for, we like alot. We want see is a fucking pussy with fngers in a mans ass and a womans pussy. There is too much straight porn out there, I like bisexual porn like this with many men and one woman and men play witheach other . Why you not give us morethis?

  18. kennyking78 says:

    I am gay, but this was HOTTTT AF! Been watching you boys for years… this is one for the books!

  19. Sam says:

    This is such a hot video, I can’t wait to see him in more stuff. Y’all are definitely my favorite page to jack off too

  20. Jason says:

    Guys, this is super hot! I didn’t know you are both bisexual!?!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      It’s all pink inside! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love is love, sexuality is fluid, what the cock likes the cock likes, lol what other little clich’e yet true things can I say hahha

  21. Max says:

    This video definitely has a very different vibe compared to your male only content. Iโ€™m glad you two enjoyed yourself thats what life is all about, we gays should NEVER shame or discriminate, for me or ANY other gay man to tell you who to fuck would be a seriously gross and hypocritical thing to do… I thought the guy was gonna be hot from the way you talked about him on Twitter, and he really is cute, I like how you guys have such varied taste in men, not all of us can be 10s haha. When I watch porn I always end up pushing the girl out of the mix in my head. Hahaha Maybe Iโ€™m a gold star gay who wants to level up jk. Itโ€™s always enjoyable watching you guys Cole and hunter get wild with a bi couple though was so fun and sexy. I hope you guys have another scene with the guy and his GF she had such a tight lean supermodel body. I would think a Girl would need some meat on her bones to handle you two big boys, but she took it like a champ, good for her, sending non judgmental good vibes to celebrate your first bi flick good job.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thank you so much for not being judgmental and understanding we all need love and sex, it shows our fans are the best xo

  22. Tony says:

    Cool video, not into bi play since in general I am not aroused by women. Yet it was hot very watching the guy with you. Hopefully he will come back again minus the girl, so you two can really give it to him and watch him let loose and turn him out properly. Lol

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Tony, Well honestly we like them both, I hope she comes back many times, and I hope he comes back many times, as for now we have done 3 videos with them ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes he came back alone to shoot with us and we railed him good he loved it lol and she also came back alone and we railed her as well , she loved it, it was a blast each time ๐Ÿ™‚
      xo cole

      • Starboy96 says:

        this video that recorded with the girl is completely amazing, she is lovely and sexual good…. I love it because between the two of you there is usually hot interaction in all video no matter wh fuck, and to wach you both suck kiss eat each other at the same time as the girl was fabulous in the mix, I dont usual like straight vagina but this was so sexy sexy and the all cum was wow.

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          Yes she is a fun sexy hot woman with skills and the kind of sweet fun open sexy vibe we love in a scene partner, we hope she will be back for many more.

      • Ryan says:

        Oooh! I hope those scenes end up on a DVD sometime. I will buy it the day it’s released! Hot hot hot

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          Well DVD’s are kinda going the way of the cassette tapes, we dont feel its worth continuing to produce DVD for sale, unless u want a custom made one and thats BIG BUCKS $500 ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Tom says:

    This was so hot 2 talented guys excellent video

  24. Tom says:

    This was so hot 2 talented guys excellent video YES PLEASE more like this

  25. M1989 says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m gay and often watch Straight porn, straight men eating pussy turns me on, gay men eating pussy makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. I come here for full on loud abd proud gay man sex. I think right now I must be feeling what teen girls feel like when their teen idol hearth robs come out as gay haha. To clarify this isn’t a Diss, I’ll still be watching all your videos and wishing I was in one, but just confused by what’s going on. Are you gay men who shag women, or bi? I’m gay but ocassionaly hook up with girls for fun if nothings going on at a party ect, but I describe myself as a gay (open) man, not bi as I could not have an emotional loving relationship with a woman.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks for being honest ๐Ÿ™‚ at the end of the day Hunter and I share these videos with you to A. to make money lol and B. because we have fallen in love with our true fans and we love to share what it is that we are up to sexually… We felt it was disingenuous to NOT share a bi video with you since we do on occasion have sex with women, we prefer men but love and respect and enjoy women as well, and trans FTM and MTF we like it all we fuck em all lol. We do not work for a big company we are sharing our love and sex life with you because its FUN to us, if guys want to watch AWESOME if not then oh well there are MANY millions of other porn videos out there to choose from, have at it ๐Ÿ™‚ But at the end of the day NO ONE TELLS US WHO we can or can not fuck ๐Ÿ™‚ our bodies, our choice. love is love, lust is lust, if you guys choose to still love us with bi content great if not, thats okay too, just dont judge or demand ๐Ÿ™‚ because at the end of the day, as consenting adults we ALL should be free to do whatever we want with our own bodies, its all pink inside lol.

  26. Tyler says:

    This was so hot. So how did you boys enjoy the sensation of vagina? Like it as much as ass?

    • bareraw says:

      “its like the vagina was mad for the penis lol, because it ultimately was hahahha The beauty of the vagina and the penis is, fun to explore and interchangeable for ALL to enjoy” “sin not to enjoy both” ???

  27. ROM says:

    I have been a fan of you for years and I agree with the French boy that it is not a video that I would like to see of you, I fully understand that you have to try new sensations, and if so, show the requests that the fans make of you, of course you like it! Cheers

  28. Jim says:

    Love you guys but, I have to say um, not into chicks – so doesnโ€™t really resonate here – but I’m sending peace & love no judgments, I will still watch anything with you guys FUCKING holes, male or female.

  29. Leo Brazil says:

    Iโ€™m str8 curiouss and this is the best video EVER!
    Keep going guys! Open mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. SeattleBear says:

    I’ve never subscribed to your site, but with this scene I may consider. Bisexual men need to be out and proud to change the minds of gay men and straight women alike. Hot is hot! Please make more of these and I will be a dedicated fan!!!

  31. hellatrax says:

    The cringe is real, VAG?… Yikes, not my cup of cum, I know I am pretty chub and most would think not so attractive but I would not be caught DEAD near a vagina, Yes I know I am judgmental heheh

  32. Jared says:

    Whelp bang who you want, but this is a little off brand and not exactly what I was looking for, however who am I to suggest who the MaverickMen should fuck you have always been Mavericks,and quite honestly, As gay men, we should be the LAST, to judge others, or to say who anyone can and can not have sex with, that would be the ultimate hypocrisy, so yup, do you boys, I will still be a fan.

  33. Jenn A. says:

    Will you find mostly straight men who are exclusively attracted to trans women, too? I think they are more easily persuaded than 100% straight men but still quite masculine for your audience’s preference. I hope you find some I don’t know which site you could find them at but it would be nice if you could find straight daddies like that please. I don’t think you have had that yet besides that one guy I forgot his name.

  34. Vid says:

    Why? I come here for gay porn not bi porn. I don’t want to see a nude woman or a vagina. Absolutely disgusting. If you’re going to do more videos like this it should be on a different site, not this one.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Vaginas and women are Absolutely disgusting to you ??? Seriously??? Guess what, ur mom was nice enough to give “life to you” through her ” absolutely disgusting vagina” lol just go to another site, we dont want cranky misogynistic gays bitching and judging us anyway, be gone before somebody drops a house on you witch.

      • Cocklover_pe says:

        Cole, your “product” never disappoints, I dont care if u want to fuck a bowl of rice and beans, you guys are simply hot. you should continue to behave as such as you like . keep doing what you are doing dont listen to the fucking assholes that try to tell you who you can have sex withm, fuck them they can go to pornub or whatever tupesite and watch that if they want, .

    • Cocklover_pe says:

      I’m totally agree with you Vlad. These guys are totally awesome and should do what they want, it is there own body to have sex with men women anyone as long as they are of legal age and consenting. I hope they they can give us this fun porn, we want more more more.
      It is pure bull to tell these men who to do porn with porn, if u dont like dont look. fan for life, stay free maverick

  35. Douglas says:

    love all your videos but this one was so fucking hot & I’m a gay man shoot the biggest load this morning thanks sexy guys

  36. Rheb says:

    Hey and then I watched it….and it was good! Cool on you for being able to try new things.

  37. Rheb says:

    It’s not for me, but I hope you had fun trying and doing a thing, either a new thing for you or trying something out that you guys were curious about, curious togther about. And I’m sure many were entertained to see it, to see themselves in it probably. It’s good stuff.

  38. jacob roberts says:

    omg this is fucking amazing , best video ever !

  39. John says:

    This video was so fucking hot, Iโ€™m a gay man but I sometimes have sex with woman. This was amazing to see, especially when you ate her out. Well done, fucking loved this!!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Glad you liked it, thanks for the positive hot feedback

    • Max says:

      Are you sure youโ€™re not bisexual with a stronger male preference? We are conditioned by environmental stimuli.

      • Cole & Hunter says:

        I prefer not, to over analyze or label who we are as sexual beings, we enjoy sex with all kinds, we go with the flow, CHEMISTRY and a connection is what we are all about, if we LIKE the person, if the person is NICE, FUN, CHILL, kind, and passionate, thats the stuff we look at FIRST, passion knows no gender.


  40. Tomas Kyle says:

    Yet another reason why I love you guys and your content! You’re so open minded and provided us with some authentic top-notch bisexual stuff, and looked like you were having a blast. Was hard the whole time through. Yet another reason as to why I want to shoot with you guys ever since I started watching your stuff!!

    Keep up all the amazing sexy fucking work guys

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks Tom, cant wait to see you again man, hopefully this covid will be over by the summer, come sit on our faces please

  41. Asianmen says:

    Eagerly waits every month for new clip and this one was surprisingly good and long clip to make me cum twice. I wanna see fucking Asian man too.

  42. Adam Chase says:

    This video was fucking HOT! A real lack of good bisexual porn out there without all the stereotypes and played out tropes. This was just real FUCKING. I was leaking precum by the end. You guys nailed it, and so hot to see Cole’s monster cock stretch out her pussy. I really hope to see more like this in the future (and maybe join next time)!

    Seriously, love to see y’all push the boundaries and expectations like this. Much love.

  43. Dave says:

    Love it! I love true bisexual porn where everyone has sex with everyone. No inhibitions. No judging. Just hot sex. Hope to see more of this. You all are awesome!

  44. Joe says:

    WOW!! What a great video!!! Canโ€™t wait for more like it!!!

  45. Bastian says:

    Disgusting old ex-fags!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      U can tell a TON about a person by the hate they share, I felt like approving this “hate” so we can pick it apart… See how this anon spider uses the self loathing terms “FAGS” “OLD” the words “OLD & FAGS” are words typically used by an older person, usually in my experience, its a guy that has been hung up on his sexuality and his age for years….Most of these hate mongers are unhappy with who they are physically or in their sex or love lives, but thats just how some unhappy people are, so sad so hatefully so unnecessary, given all the hate in the world you would think these kind of hate mongers would try and add positivity, or love, to the world, but I guess you have to have some dark so we can appreciate the light.

      • lab says:

        it’s not about hate it all about love and undrestanding mor people need to see

        • lab says:

          You are AWESOME I LOVE you guys, the best most amazing sex ever and no shaming others , love is love fun sex is MaverickMen, that is why we are so emotional about this, we respect you know LOVE IS LOVE no matter if man or femael all deserve you sexy men on them.

  46. Velvet says:

    so incredibly delicious !!! i love fucklicking so much! fantastic work guys

  47. guigui says:

    hello, men, at first when i see the title i was happy, for the first time you made a video with the girl who bringing you his man, but when i saw the preview, i was clearly desapointed, because i juste watch a girl who is banging buy three dudes who suck dick. and the guys did you fuck him too, it’s not realy clear. but what is clear for me is that not the type of video i want to watch here !
    but i want to say something else, you are fucking crazy and taking pleasure in this video, it s great to see that, and i m a little bite jaleaus of your free mind in sex.

    ps ; i beg my apologized for the mistake in taht texte, i m a french guy who liking what you do and what you are

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey thanks for the comment, yes I can read it all no prob ur spelling is fine, lol mine is not much better its all good….I feel the need to say it always blows my mind when guys comment on a new video when they haven’t taken the time to see the full video lol SEE THE FULL VIDEO before you comment, you are welcome to peep here on the blog free if you want, as our loyal paid members know, I have given a way FREEBIE videos here on the site for years, still do… but if you want to weigh in on a topic and comment please join the site to support us. I feel the need to point out something very important here that you said above in ur comment, you said ” but what is clear for me is that this is not the type of video I want to watch”…. THANK you, that is exactly my point, as discriminating viewers of adult cinema lol we are all free to CHOOSE to watch whatever makes our cock hard lol no one is forcing anyone to watch our content, truth is we have had lots of comments in the past (12 years) telling us who we should or should not include in our videos. If we listened to the naysayers we would have been out of business years ago. Truth is, we TRY to make our videos appeal to everyone, but you cant win em all, some people like the skinny fem twinks, some like the masc thick guys, some the hairy guys, some the hairless, some like the bears some dont, point here is, we are and have always been Mavericks, we do not limit ourselves to what people demand of us, been there done that lol when it comes to sex, we do what we like, we share it with our fans that love us “unconditionally” if they like a video AWESOME if they dont, no problem, there are lots more videos in our library to choose from.
      Cole Maverick

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