Androstenol (testosterone steroid) is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, and is attractive to some females and some males. Androstenone  (oxidized testosterone steroid) is produced by male sweat after exposure to oxygen and it is perceived as highly unpleasant by some but others find it intoxicating, especially MaverickMEN, lol.
Some scientists believe that women can subconsciously smell a man’s genes in his sweat, and based on my experiences I am guessing that homosexual men can as well. I know for certain it is the case with Hunter and me.  One of the very first things that drew Hunter and me together on that hot Summer evening when we first met was our individual sweat smell.  We drank each other in and were on each other like beasts.  We laugh about it now but looking back I remember the very next time Hunter and I got together, he secretly hid my t-shirt from me after I left and made a pillowcase, slipping it over his favorite pillow so he could smell me when I wasn’t there.  He’s a crafty little fucker, lol.  We joke about how many times guys have stolen our socks at the gym if we leave them out, but some guys just go gaga for hot man scent.  It’s a powerfully hot turn on to the both of us.  How do you guys feel about the natural scent of a man?

75 Responses to “WE LOVE HOT MAN SWEAT!”

  1. Stinkis1st says:

    I love smelling stinky sweaty ripe men. Especially their feet/socks and balls

  2. Henry says:

    Ijust looove hairy sweaty smelly pits and balls. also uncut stinky cheesy cocks. Age desn’t matter to me as long as the guy is as rank as he can. My nose and mouth are ready, Just come to me unshowered and I’ll clean you all over

  3. gio says:

    aboveapar@yahoo.it if anybody interested in selling tshirt smelling armpits let me know, I’m so horny and would love to wank smelling the armpits part of a thisrt.

  4. rich says:

    with the right ass on my face.. sweaty musky and ripe … I’ve been know to pop my load without even being touched

  5. Brent says:

    There is not a bigger turn on than a sweaty guy’s pits, crotch and ass. A really sweaty smelly guy can make me bottom very quick. I love seeing you guys talk about some of the guys you play with haven’t showered and their smell. My favorite has been Jacked Jock. I so wanted to smell his pits and ass. I would love to find out what you guys smell like!

  6. Ricardo Gaytan says:

    Oh yes I love it
    it turns me on so much!!!
    it make’s me crazy man and more if that smell its coming from somebody like hunter ohh man!!!
    Greetings from Mexico!!!

  7. Bob parks says:

    Hey guys o my gosh love you videos. I always get supper turned on by sweaty men I wish I could just stop and lick them all over everytime I see one and it gets me so hard and I only wish I had a real sweaty man to come and fuck my Virgin ass mmm and let me suck his hot sweaty cock and make out with you guys are so hot mmm

  8. Richard says:

    Hey guys im from the UK and got mega turned on by you sexy fuckers woof xxx

  9. Ed says:

    LOVE the smell and looks of a hot guys armpits. A HUGE TURN ON FOR ME.

  10. discretedude1@gmail.com says:

    oh and you guys — hot. woof and woof. send jocks.

  11. discretedude1@gmail.com says:

    I get so friggen hard for man sweat it’s not even funny. There is this straight guy at the gym who is so hot. He lifts and then goes outside for a ten minute run. On many occasions in this small locker room, I’ve gone in while he’s showering. I’ve picked up his shorts – he doesn’t wear underwear I think and there is a mesh sack in there. I take it in the adjoining bathroom – in hale all of the ball scent, get it all over my hands/face etc. and replace it before he gets out of the shower on the other side of the wall. Amazing I never been caught. I literally have not been able to work out after that because his scent is all over me — once I went home and busted many out. Problem is it creates this beastly lust and the dude is 100% straight. One of those. But yah – I love man scent. I’m a good looking guy in CA and people crave my scent. Also stunned when someone isnt into this. It’s one of the first things I say I think. People go nuts over my scent lol. Woof – seriously nothings gets me more hard.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow, fuck yes!! – we are cut from the same cloth, my man, LOVED this story 🙂 – Hunter

  12. Alex says:

    It’s pretty sweet, reading up on how that’s a huge factor for you guys during sex. I always give mindblowing head to a guy who’s taken the time to work up a sweat before sex. It’s a make or break for me. Sweaty uncut cock drives me insane. SO fuckin good. It’s like an instinct kicks in and suddenly, I’m a blowjob god…Can go for hours.

    Wish ya’ll came to Canada sometimes. All the best 😉

  13. Daryll ( 22 ) says:

    Hi Cole and Hunter ( Sending you lots of love from the UK )

    I absolutely love you guys and all of your videos! My question is to ask you as to whether or not you have any intention of making the scenes on the site available for download or to purchase on DVD at any point?

    Wishing the both of you continued success for the future.


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Daryll!! We only offer video streaming on our site. We do sell some DVDs of our movies at AMVC.com, search under MaverickMan22 Productions, and thanks!! 🙂 – Hunter

  14. MnsentHunter says:

    all men should be the sweaty beasts we are ment to be always ready and musky here.
    nuts n feet pitts – dick – balls and ass crack, so what you got men? Over worn/stained underwear are need and very welcome. Your funk bud Wayne

  15. Sweaty nuts says:

    I arrived at the office this morning with a bulg in my jock.
    I knew I couldn’t get started without watching your vid and pulling Justin’s chair to the warehouse to sniff and lick his sweat from the seat…
    What a primal heave in my ass as I unleashed a load on the floor!left that chair seat wet.
    Aaah, I want to lick his underarms, suck his boxers and lick his ass sweat!

  16. Gary says:

    Love you guy’s and your videos!
    wish I was in the age group you guys enjoy!
    so if I were king…cologne, deodorant and scented soaps would be illega…so would manscaping!
    I don’t know why so many people don’t enjoy natural body hair and hot, real male scent!
    the male body is a buffet of hot aroma!
    The one thing no one has mentioned on here is the hairy on a man’s head! when the scent isn’t covered by the perfumes of shampoo, conditioner and hair product the sweaty smell of a man’s head full of hair is delicious! The you just start down the body, the bold full bodied aroma of the pits, the chest, and then the hot full smell of a thickly haired crotch. My first found memories are hot man scent are when I was younger meating men at a park on their lunch break, they had a shower in the morning, but mother nature had already reclaimed the territory 4 or 5 hours later in their sweaty crotch, with cock and balls packed tighty in their tighty whities!
    I can’t think of a better scent than that of hot male ass, that as clean in the morning, and has naturally developed a good sweat through the day…

  17. MARCO says:


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: UNTIL I found this page .. I thought I was the only shared this taste .. As someone said in a comment .. Explicit sex. Still important if the male, odorless A MALE.

      Glad you like what you see, Marco!! 🙂 – Hunter

  18. franc says:

    Hi guys, i’m heavily turned on by sweaty male long distance athletes, especially marathon runners and 50km race walkers; i would like to lick the sweat off every part of those men’s fit bodies

  19. Timothy Graham says:

    Ok guys! I am so addicted to your videos, the kink, the sweaty guy smells, all and then some i know we could share privately!!! I dream of you two contacting me and letting total loose no hold backs as well as i am exactly what you two would want to throw down with NO HOLD BACKS!!! Well keep up the awesome, awesome sexually wonderful video’s! Ill be wating for that contact someday soon try to do it before my ass is old lol!

  20. Tim says:

    OMG!! I LOVE the smell of a hot guys sweaty crotch, pits, and feet! Do you boys sell your gear?!? I’m more than happy to buy some of your well worn sweaty socks, boxer briefs, thongs, socks, sweaty t-shirts etc… Let me know


    I’ve saved this site as a favorite!

  21. kirk says:


  22. Edgardo says:

    I love the male sweat and body fluids have an explosive feeling to my senses and caused me multiple satisfaction when I’m near an odor of male sex yeah

  23. Luis says:

    I LOVE THE MAN FUNK!!! Pits & Balls! I would loooooooooove to smell ur guys’ everything! Too bad u guys live in Boston; I live in West Palm Beach. =)

  24. albert says:

    i love the sweaty boys like in special u guys!!

  25. joshh says:

    colee i think ur SUPER cuteee;)

  26. Jabber says:

    I love a hot set of pits! Love seeing sweat drip from them. Love sucking the sweat off and running my face through them. I have definitely got to say that the pics of Hunter with his arms up drive me wild!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oinkity ooooink Jabber! Love the way you think my man. Am bout to head to the gym to get my stank on now 😉 – Hunter

  27. Mike says:

    well, I gotta tell ya, I have such a fetish for pits and man musk, I can’t figure out why, but to me there is nothing hotter than a hot guys pits and the musk that comes from them!!! Hope you guys continue to promote this, I am a MAJOR fan!!!!

  28. Marcelo says:

    Absolutely love the natural scent of a manly, masculine man. Especially after a long day at work or workout/jog/run. Male pheromones just get me going instantly! Love to sniff and lick a sweaty chest, pits, crotch, but my absolute favorites are sweaty musky nuts and ass. You guys should post some vids with sweaty guys, sniffing pits, nuts, etc. So hot. I am more of a fan now that I read this about you guys. I commend you both for being so blunt, honest and real!

  29. Ken says:

    totally agree but for me it takes a heavy dose. The kind of build-up that a hilly 2 hr mtn bike ride produces.That last 1/2 hr is filling the single track with man musk ,strangly burning the inside your nose.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Woo hoo, Ken man we can smell ya from here and we love it, grrrrrrrr, haha, keep in touch stud – Hunter

  30. Jon says:

    Love a ripe sweaty crotch while im blowing a guy. I prefer a man to smell like a man not like soap.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hell yes, Jon…my gym jocks go a few weeks before I wash em, and I always keep em handy for stuffing in bottom boy’s mouths 😉 – Hunter

  31. Dustin J says:

    hey guys, i love sweaty man sex , sweat drippin off of a man is so hot goin at it for hrs building up the sweat. smell sometimes is hot to wild sweaty dom sex hell ya!

  32. Rafa says:

    Ohh man!! that’s kinda nasty… Well depending the tipe of guys, Because some of them are bery stinky….

    by the way Guys you are awesome… love you guys you are so hot:)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Rafa, you get over here and we’ll school ya on the ways of hot sweaty man sex. We’ll make ya a believer, too 😉 – Hunter

      • Dustin J says:

        Ill be there 2 i know few the ropes too of sweaty man sex i can show him and maybe even you wink 😉

        XOXO Dustin J

  33. Garrett says:

    I love the smell of a hot guy’s pits, crotch, and ass. The smells sometimes do more for me than the actual sensation of sex! I wish I had known about you guys when I lived next to Fenway Park in 2006 and 2007! I would have kept an eye out!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Garrett (possibly one of the hottest names ever, grew up with two Garretts, both rode in rodeos, both wore really tight Wrangler jeans, yee haw!), damn man you really got us going with your comment stud, hey – you know where to find us if you ever get back to Boston (just follow your nose and cock) – Hunter

  34. kyle! says:

    and i would lick it all off your balls through the screen right now if i could….

  35. kyle! says:

    its pretty much all i love!

  36. Hunglikeahorse4U says:

    Oh, man, do I love to suck on a guy’s arm pits. I love the salty, sweaty, musky taste, and smell that lingers on my nose the rest of the day. That gets me horny!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Stud! You are singin my song man; love the lingering that hangs out on my beard after a hot session, get’s me goin again too 😉 – Hunter

  37. CockSuckerN2Feet says:

    I love to lick the sweat off of a hot man from his head to his toes!!! Especially the pits, the ass, and the feet!

  38. Cameron says:

    The musky smell of a guy’s balls, especially after exercise drives me wild!! I can shoot just smelling them. Pits are hot, too. Smells are the best part of sex for me and I need to connect with a guy’s musk or it’s a no-go. Thanks for posting this. Glad to know there’s a cadre of pit and nut sniffers out there like me 🙂

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Nut and pit sniffers unite! Nicely put, Cameron, sounds like we’re all signin the same song, my man 😉 – Hunter

  39. andy says:

    You guys are HOT and absolutley right on this one! I too LOVE a sweaty man! What gay man doesn’t? I Love licking and tasting sweaty balls, pits and ass! It’s got me hard as fuck right now just thinking about it!!!

  40. Javier says:

    Greetings from Venezuela! God! What sex are both delicious! That I start to dream about being with you! hahahaha! I have never been with 2 men and their videos were giving me curious! Handsome success!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Javier! Great to hear from you man, and greetings and hugs from snow-covered Boston! We’ll keep the videos coming at you buddy 😉 – Hunter

  41. Beto says:

    I think is the most stimulant thing in a true man, I mean is so hot smell and suck a man with that sweat in the body, also when you has sex after exercise, your body turns more hot, and that is so fucking amazing exciting lol I love the sweat on the back and arms mmmm delicious, btw both of you are so sexy, hot & cute….well bear hugs 😉

  42. Jaime Flores says:

    There is nothing better than the salty taste of sweaty nuts
    Can*t stop saying ……….you guys are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. chad says:

    god a guy the has worked up a nice sweat thats hot.then just to diving into those pits and lick the clean

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Well said, Chad! If I catch a wiff of man smell on a hottie, I completely loose control, can’t think straight, and have to get more 😉 – Hunter

  44. Pmb says:

    Definitely, man sweat is the ultimate aphrodisiac. sweat of a young male is heaven to me. Makes me horned and harder during sex. Just waking by a man you can tell if he is right for you.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      TOTALLY agree man; have SUCH a weakness for sexy college boys gettin pumped in the gym, I always sneak a sniff when I walk by 😉 – Hunter

  45. Josh says:


  46. Paul Ribnicker says:

    Can’t agree with you more. Nothing hotter then a sweaty man, except to lick a sweaty man, head to toe.
    Especially either one of you guys, very hot….

  47. Ale N says:

    I looooove the intoxicating smell of man musk!!!! I can`t get enough of it! specially the smell of a sweaty ass!!! Love your stuff

  48. Greg says:

    Love a sexy sweaty man! expecially if they look like you guys. (btw wish i could run into you around Boston!)

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