We love all ding-dongs, but we especially love a nice uncut cock!  We get lots of pics from guys that want to hook up or be in videos and I have noticed something odd with approximately 75% of the photos that guys send us; specifically uncut guys, they send us hot pics of their face, body, ass, and cock BUT the dick pic is often times blocked or hidden.  These hotties of all ages send pics that hide their foreskin and in many cases they crop the pic to exclude the head of their cock, or there hand is strategically covering it.  We have even had guys say hey, “I’m not sure if you guys like uncut guys or not so I am sorry”.  WTF is up with that?!  This was pretty shocking to us because Hunter and I travel all over the place and we have discovered that the majority of the planet is uncut so why are these uncut beauties reluctant or ashamed of their amazing uncut cocks? The stereotype of uncut not being clean is just plain stupid.   People either clean their junk or they don’t, it’s that simple.  So we want all you uncut boys out there to know that the MaverickMEN LOVE your ding-dongs, big or small.  BRING EM ON!  This post is dedicated to a very special boy (with a beautiful uncut hog) that we LOVE named, Johnny Rio.

45 Responses to “WE LOVE UNCUT COCKS!”

  1. Orifices says:

    j’aimerais ben m’faire piner par vos queues et sentir votre dèch jutter au fond de mon Q! J’adore vous voir piner des Q sans condoms…..

  2. Cindyboy says:

    I adore cocks love to suck them off and run my tongue round the glans . My idea of my gay heaven is an unlimited supply of big thick uncut cocks to service my ass and mouth filling me with semen on a daily basis . Cocks of ,/iall colours I like black cocks specially monster big cummers .

  3. Confused says:

    Recently I’ve been researching my options about having my urologist remove my foreskin and doing a circumsission. Not a full one just cutting off some of the skin. I think having the head exposed when my cock is hard looks so much better. Plus I’ve heard it makes my cock less sensative (making sex and masturbation last longer – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Plus it is obviousally cleaner and prevents a lot of health issues. I’ve got a 7in long and 6in around fatty right now and don’t want it to shrink to much anyway. My boyfriend doesn’t mind it and I’ve heard so many gays say they love uncut and some say they wish they were uncut. What should I do. I hate having my cock uncut but I know it’s not really a necessary surgery to get the foreskin cut off. Putting aside your preference (I know what that is haha) what should I do.

    • Edo Deweert en Sacha (Saskia) Deweert says:

      you have gotta be kidding…..you were born with an intact ciock….fuck, man,don’t mess with the big guy.
      and do not fall for this neo evangelical hogwash trap.
      you were GIVEN a foreskin….HE gave you one…..jeez…i am an atheist
      you are priviledged…..why mess with it, man?
      my wife, who died 6 months ago, loved to pull back the skin and reveal the glans….so fucking yes, man.
      leave it alone……removing it will also remove a lot of pleasure……read for that?????
      did not think so…..

  4. Keona. says:

    I am a t-girl and I love sucking and fucking big fat uncut cocks, they are sooo much fun to get hard and ride on 🙂

  5. Brad says:

    I have very nice skin and enjoy having my partner lightly chew on my foreskin. I also enjoy docking my cock and having my partner lose his load under my skin.

  6. Izzy says:

    Hey all you cut guys who wish you have the real deal! Look into foreskin restoration (manual, NOT surgical!). You can find out about it at NORM.org (National Organization of Restoring Men). Another good site is foreskinrestoration.org, a support group with lots of tips for newbies. I’ve been restoring for years, and while I’ll never be completely whole, I have a nice foreskin and incredible new sensitivity. It looks and functions like real!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the info, Izzy! – Hunter

    • Dylan says:

      Hey I have seriously thought about this alot! I really want to have an uncut dick. I like how they look and I wanna have more sensitivity. How do I do it and how much better does oral and sex feel

  7. Edgardo says:

    do not know if I like uncut cocks that I have not had a sexual experience but when that day comes I hope it is with an older man ….. so I think I like cut jajajajajajaaj

  8. edo deweert says:

    the male nipple and the uncut cock….a match made in heaven.

  9. bill says:

    me ex has an uncut monster NOTHING BETTER!

  10. Jon says:

    So i was reading your uncut cocks, and well im not uncut, but i do have a small cock, and i hate it. Im trying to be the guy that says Hey, i got what i got, and i cant so anything about it, but then i see your websight, and both of your beautiful cocks, and i get discuraged. With all of that said, i did love the fact that you said, small or large, you should love it, so i guess thanks:) if you 2 can appreciate a small cock, then so can someone else:) I sometimes think i wont find a partner due to the size of my cock, and i know i need to be more confident, but sometimes its hard, so thanks for saying all cocks or great:) Jon

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey sexy-
      Are you serious? Ughhh man I hate this penis envy, self doubt psychological plague that guys have to deal with…SO many guys are hung up about there cock size its crazy, I know you are going to say easy for you to say Cole u have a big one but honestly for every cock size and shape there is someone that lusts after it, there are entire websites dedicated to small cocks, and uncut cocks, or big cocks , or black, yellow, bent cocks cocks cock cocks on and on and on! you are a fool to think that just because you don’t have a huge cock its not desired by others, your cock is loved and wanted, trust me its just a matter of you owning and loving it and realizing you are sexy in your own way, Hunter and I have had many fuck buds with very small cocks, and we love it especially if its attached to a confident fun sexy guy, to us and a ton of other people the cock size is not an issue at all, we love big shooters, or masculine, or cute, and if u have a big one great if you have a little one great, its more about the person the cock is attached to not the cock itself, Hunter and I had this guy over once years ago , he had a MASSIVE uncut tool, it was a beauty if you like massive cocks, BUT it was attached to a total arrogant asshole, the only thing he had going for him was his big cock, so after about 15 minutes of him boasting about his big cock and what a big top he was, we decided to bend him over and fuck the humility back into him, as he staggered out of our house clutching his sore ass, we both agreed that we are not impressed by penis alone. Bring your little hot cock over to us we will kiss some confidence back into it.

      • edo deweert says:

        size matters……to the guy who has the one that is less than the average 5.2 inches………
        to me it never did (does), i am not a size queen.
        sometimes they apologetically say: “mine is small”
        but it’s rock hard, right, so i suugest they get as much pleasure from it as i do from mine, they get horny, raunchy, right? they cum, right? with an orgasm that explodes, right? and if after sucking them silly, they spray a load of hot semen all over my cock i am the happiest guy in the world……size matters?????…wtf

  11. Alec Cabrera says:

    I have an uncut cock!! if you guys want i can send you some pics!!

  12. Rick says:

    I agree uncut is the best. I’m cut and everytime I get a nice uncut dick to play with I’m in heaven. I’m 63 and when I wasborn I believe that 75% of the guys were cut. I’m vers and have a 9″ so most of the time I’m the top but when I get a hotuncut dick I want that baby in my ass. The feel of that shaft moving in and out of the skin. I can take and have taken a 11″ with no problem if it’s uncut.Thanks for the great shows you guys put on.

  13. kyle! says:

    well…i love my extra skin! pull it back bitches!

  14. edo deweert says:

    i love this site; i am 67, born in holland and uncut.
    i pose naked for art students
    i am a fericious anti-circumcision activist
    check the blog at http://www.themodelundraped.blogspot.com

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks for your support, Edo (probably one of the coolest names, ever), just checked your blog, love love love the drawings man, very nice work – Hunter

      • edo deweert says:

        thanks guys, your comments mean a lot to me.
        always get a kick out of how students deal with THE COCK, some are generous, others stingy, still others don’t deal with it at all – there is just a space.
        again, i love the stuff on this sit

  15. josh says:

    i know hole you feel cole i hate morning sex too, love fucking and getting fucked and all that just as much as the next guy but just not in the AM

  16. Lance says:


    I dont have a big dick and im not ashamed of it. I consider myself a nice looking guy with a penis that works and Im a hot bottom. lol. thanks guys, your vids are hot.


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Lance, great to hear from you stud, we love a hot bottom boy with confidence, nothing sexier, grrrrrr – Hunter

  17. Benny Morecock says:

    Awesome post. Now I wish I were uncut.

  18. izzi says:

    HI guys-I am one of your female fans and just had to respond to this post. I chose not to circumcise my boy because I couldn’t stand the thought of hurting him the moment he was born. I’ve always wondered if it was ever a problem for him and recently asked him how he felt about it. He said he believes he has more sensitivity and therefore more intense orgasms, for which he is eternally grateful -that just cracked me up. He said he’s had a couple looks now and then, which he just thinks is just curiosity, but that he has never had a negative experience with a sex partner and that anyone who might have an issue with it, was not worth his time. Of course, he’s pretty comfortable in his own “skin” 😉 So all you uncut guys remember that it’s really just a matter of mind…if you don’t mind-it really doesn’t matter!

    • Cole Maverick says:

      Hey mom lol where the hell were you when my mom had my foreskin lopped off hahaha You seem like the most chill parent on the planet, your relationship with your boy sounds amazing ! He sounds super secure and confident and FUNNY lol all obvious signs that you are a great parent with a well adjusted boy!
      Thanks so much for checking us out You Rock Mommy Milf!

      Cole Maverick

  19. Mark from Kansas says:

    My ex was uncut and I was in love with his dick! It was like a yummy little toy for me to play with. And I did, a lot. Now that I’m single, everytime I hook up with a little hottie, I’m hoping to pull down his pants to expose a nice uncut one, and find myself a little disappointed when it isn’t. To me, it just became my preference. Glad to see you guys give a shout-out, because I know a lot of guys don’t like them, but also make fun of guys that are uncut. That is fucked up to me. So guys with the uncut dicks, just come my way:) And Hunter and Cole, you guys should totally feature a new video with an uncut guy to show some love! Keep it sexy bro’s, looking forward to what comes next!

    Your sexy Kansas boy,

  20. Josh says:

    I love my uncut cock 🙂 Hunter and Cole do you guys still have my cock pics? 🙂 I miss you guys and I’m still jerking it and making videos im soon going ot be done and then Cole you can help me put them on on xtube 🙂 Ive missed you guys.
    p.s. I have sooo many guys that love my UNCUT THICK BIG COCK But sometimes some guys make me feel like shit cuz they tell me Im nasty for having an uncut cock. I WANT TO SAY I LOVE MY UNCUT COCK AND IM NOT ASHAMED 🙂 Wish you guys would of used a cock pic of mine on ur site 🙁

    -Much Love your New frat boy Josh from Oregon

  21. christian orlando says:

    i actually like uncut dicks though the thing is you gotta know how to clean it!! =)

  22. pat flynn says:

    I LOVE a Uncut cock like to chew on the extra skin!!!

  23. xnicklex says:

    LOVE uncut cocks, damn i wish my mum hadnt have made that decision for me lol

    nothing beats jerking an uncut cock

  24. Brad says:

    I must say, even though I have never been up close and personal with an uncut dick (as I am a virgin) I think they are pretty cool. I’ve been reading about them recently and never realized how sensitive they are. It’s been making me wish I was uncut!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Brad, (I took your pic advice, thanks) – uncut dicks are the best! We highly recommend them 😉 – Hunter

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