Okay so here he is; you all went BANANAS over our buddy Davis and demanded that we show him next, so as always; your wish is our command!  A few things you should know about Davis: he is an amazing guy; very chill and relaxed with a serious appetite for hot sex, he is top-vers and loves to be cock worshiped, he loves sweaty man scent just like us, and he’s truly a man’s man.

Be warned; his big blue eyes and fat cock will break your heart and your hole if you’re not careful, lol.  Did I mention that Davis is SINGLE and looking for Mr. Right, or maybe even Mr. Right now!….so feel free to leave him a message on the site or email us here at and we’ll foreword your loving and lustful emails to him.

In this sticky hot video you will see a true top take cock like an eager bottom.  We eat and lick his sweet manhole till he begs for our cocks, and when we finally slip them in, he goes wild; moaning and growling like a fucking beast!  We fucked him in the morning on our sofa so hard that the sofa ended up on the other side of the room.

The sounds alone in this video will make your banana cream!  Once again, I judge this video’s hotness by how many times I had to jerk off while editing and this one was a 3-stroke video – a true home run of hotness.  As a long time fan, Davis has been eager to come meet us, which shows throughout this video.  We spent a great weekend with him here in Boston.  We were snow bound with nothing to do but fuck!  Davis, if you’re reading this; we love you man CUM BACK soon, please!

Xo Cole and Hunter

48 Responses to “HORSE HUNG HAIRY HOLE!!!”

  1. NewEnglandGuy says:

    10 years! Do you keep in touch with Davis? Would love to see him film with you now all grown up and hairy…

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Yes we still speak with Davis, he is an awesome guy, who knows maybe some day he will come back for a visit and shoot again 🙂

  2. fred says:

    Whoaw, 10 years ago, just wondering how this beautiful hunk has been . One of the sexiest model

  3. Antonio says:

    I’ve never leaked so much pre-cum as i did watching this clip of Davis revealing that horny hairy hole, and luscious thick cock. And when i blew, watching him being fucked, it was as close as i could get to being there with him, staring into this baby blue eyes. Davis is a truly beautiful man, and if he’s up for a long-distance lover, i’m waiting. Antonio

  4. Antonio says:

    I’ve never leaked so much pre-cum as i did watching this clip of Davis revealing that horny hairy hole, and luscious thick cock. And when i blew, watching him being fucked, it was as close as i could get to being there with him, staring into this baby blue eyes. Davis is a truly beautiful man, and if he’s up for a long-distance lover, i’m available and waiting. Antonio

  5. André says:

    Greetings from brasil!

    I love your movies, you guys are fuking hot. I would like to know how can i become member and have acess to the full lengh videos, you know quarentine is a bitch. On the maverickdirect there is a part to purchase, if i buy there i will have acess to the videos here two If not i would like to know. Thanks and keep up the amazing work!


  6. Ben says:

    damn! I wanna fuck him so fucking hot Davis come to Jersey I will take your like champ

  7. hairylad says:

    Davis — if you ever want to top someone who will be a true and passionate furry holed bottom like you were in this vid, come visit across the pond. or hunter + cole, offer extends to you too. fuck i’m horned now.

  8. D Rock says:

    Any chance you have a video of you both breeding Davis? Hunter came so close to doing so and I think it would be so hot to see! Big fan of all of you since the beginning! xoxo DRock in SF

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Woof! Thanks for the love, D! I think we’ve posted everything we have with Davis so far but I’ll def hit him up and see if he’s hungry for more. 🙂 – Hunter

  9. C. Cooper says:

    I’m 25w twink sub btm from SC also. I’d love to worship Davis’s hot cock.

  10. whereangelsdare says:

    One of these days i am going to grow a pair and request for these two to fuck me, although i havent seena black guy on here 😛

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wha what!?! we LOVE sexy coco boys and we’ve shot plenty of vids with them, Black Cherry Dick Down, CoCo Cherry Pop, Chocolate Chery, Boy Hole (and a few that we haven’t released yet!) 🙂 – Hunter

  11. SXS101 says:

    Can you guys please set up a date for Davis and me? I can’t get over how great are sex would be not to mention a guy I would actually date!! I need to meet all of you but def want to try Davis out bad!!! Please let me know if that’s possible!!:) you guys are great keep up the great work!!

  12. alexander says:

    Davis: my new god in here! Heaven bless you!

  13. roro says:

    I’d love to see a vid of of Cole getting fucked! Do any exist?? I fucking love that hot young Silverfox!!!!

  14. Zechs says:

    Went to high school with that dude.

  15. narffbear says:

    Holy Crap. Davis is hot, Hot HOT!!! Those incredible blue eyes, that incredible big dick, that hairy asshole and its seemingly insatiable hunger for cock. The young man is as close to a perfect 10 as I’ve ever seen. How did you guys connect up with him?

    I would love getting together with Davis sometime and fuck him royally. And, even though I am a top, I can be versatile and I would definitely give up my ass to Davis. I would like to impale myself on his cock and see if I can get him off using my sphincter muscles. Not to brag, but I have a friend I would fuck of a regular basis. After fucking him, I would sit on his cock and through nothing be sphincter muscle contractions, was able to bring him to a climax more than once. I would love doing the same for Davis.

    I also wonder how Davis will look in ten years. My experience is that he will probably get more body hair. I would love seeing a follow video in ten year.

  16. alvmerick says:

    more armpits. sniffin’ licking PITS yes yes yes

  17. Federico says:

    Hola, soy de Argentina y la verdad que me vuelvo loco viendo sus videos. Sigan asi son impresionantes. Y cuando esten por el fin del mundo. No duden en contactarse.-

    Hi, I am from Argentina, I love your movies. When you came to this country contact me.

    I love you guys.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Frederico! We’ve been trying to plan a trip to Argentina, we hope to get there soon, keep in touch! 🙂 – Hunter

  18. Paul says:

    Davis, if you’re ever around Boston or Providence again, hit me up. I want to ride that horse cock of yours.

  19. Harrison says:

    Good lord. I think you guys have outdone yourselves this time. Hotter than ever!

  20. Ethan says:

    huge fan, this was a real handsome dreamy kinda guy.
    live in new york, would love to get to know him better, maybe even go for a cuppa joe
    cole hunter thanks for forwarding and letting me know
    thanks a lot ‘ethan

  21. Jeff says:

    Oh my… and wool socks as well!

  22. JB says:

    Davis come to Maryland and share that hole and cock. 2 buddies both vers, 43 and 45. Come have another three way! Tested and clean and can host you for a fun weekend here. Like to eat that ass of yours all day! Thanks JB

  23. Sarah says:

    Holy hell this is SO hot!!! His blue eyes are to die for too!

  24. Isaak says:

    This was fucking sexy as hell. Good job boys!

    Davis, you are a sexy fuck. I would love to take you out to dinner, and then do horrible, filthy things to you. 😉 Very sexy!

    Cole, Hunter, spectacular job as always!


  25. Mateus Claudino says:

    I love the videos you guys post, would love to meet you guys! hug fan of Brazil …

  26. Dan says:

    Wow… definitely worth waiting for! Cole and Hunter, you are so lucky to get to fuck so many hot boys! Superb job, as always.

    Davis, you are one hot mother fucker… great eyes, cute smile, awesome cock… will you marry me? ;p Or at least wrap your legs around me like you do so often in the video. Kissing required of course. Come back and make more vids! (Cole and Hunter, if he does, can I come over and watch? 🙂 )

  27. Homoguy says:

    ….Speaking of tops bottoming, Cole, have you ever bottomed?Will we ever get to see you bottom?

  28. Jim says:

    Aw. His bed head is so cute before he gets fucked lol.
    Close to my age, hairy, how pleasant 🙂

  29. Mikey says:

    Dear God what a sexy boy! No wonder you boys are fucking the daylights out of him!!

  30. Dewitt says:

    The only way I could be more of a fan of Davis is if he were a total bottom. Maybe he’ll convert if you get him back for a few sessions? Let me know. I’ll be working on my proposal.

  31. Jacob says:

    YES YES YES!! Seriously, that was so hot. Davis, please come back. I would love to see more of you.

  32. Davis says:

    Love you guys too!!! and I most definitley will cum back for another pounding!!!


  33. Khaled says:

    Happy valentine guys! Wish u awsome sex for the rest of ur lives. I’d lovve to see more videos of Cole fucking Hunter. I’m crazy about his ass. kisses from Tunisia

  34. carl says:

    MARRY ME! Say Yes!

  35. njguy2221 says:

    DAM what a great Valentine gift! Thanks for sharing!!

    HOT TIME There guys….love to see more with HIM!

    Davis you are very Hot and Cute…NJ guy here…love to service you sometime if you ever in the area….

  36. Michel Silva says:

    love it
    took my shoes off
    please fuck me like that
    you both are in my wish list

  37. Earl says:

    O.M.G!!!! F’in HOTT!!!!!!! I had to re-watch this video about 3x. Best video by far. Just when I thought you two were the hottest beings to walk this planet, you find Davis! Hottest group of men in a video, hands down! What I would do to be that guy’s Valentine and man! If he’s looking for a fun-sized bttm lemme kno ;-)Bravo boys, bravo!
    Take it easy fellas, and keep up the GREAT work!

    Earl 🙂

  38. manhattanite says:

    YES. YES. YES.

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