Hunter and I like a little playful slap and tickle every now and then. Recently went to our buddy John’s place for his annual SPANKING party. It was a AMAZING (as you’ll see in the vid). I have a small spanking fetish, but I had no idea what an amateur I was compared to some of the hard-core spankers that attended this event.

We met a bunch of HOT boys that were eager to get spanked and quite a few that wanted to do a MaverickMen video; it was a very productive evening. We also shot a hot muscle bear video while the party was going on…soon to cum. Wwe also have a lot more footage of the spanking from this party, so if you like spanking and want me to create the full video for this party, let us know!

33 Responses to “SPANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

  1. I remember the former Manhunt owner regularly throwing fun pool parties at his mansion with you guys co hosting, he had all sorts of fun sexy parties open to the public he supplied food fun entertainment all with sexy, he must be a nice guy.

  2. Hey guys,Manhunt owner Jonathans famous pool parties/spanking events at his mansion, were awesome WISH I was there I hear they were a blast… he famously made headlines in 2008 for his donating to LCR, not that its any of my business but what do you think? sorry Im the gossipy type taht loves to stir up drama just because I can heheheh

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Yes You do sound like you want to wack the hornets nest just to cause drama lol and yes since this is my site…”I monitor and sensor ALL comments even the one you just sent, I do it A. because I hate anonymous dram queens, so any creeps that want to sex shame or porn shame, or point out flaws in others, or just want to be a bitch or drudge up pain for others, I tend to sensor there drama and make it civilized and point out the BIGGER picture (haters)….,”But in any case he was a fun guy to hang out with… who he donates his money to is NONE of my business OR urs, and it has NOTHING to do with porn lol focus on positive things, dont judge, maybe stick to beating off

  3. johnny says:

    I want to see more and would be more than happy to spank some of those boys

  4. herman says:

    very hot. I like to see more!

  5. Christopher says:

    Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I love to get my hot ass spanked. Would love to see more of this party and anything other spanking play you guys come up with!

  6. Mastik8 says:

    Very hot. Thanks for posting. Any more in the works? The public clamors for more.

  7. spankdaddy says:

    I love the vid. Its about time I see some real hard ass spanking.

  8. Gar says:

    me too. love to see more

  9. MissMercury says:

    I’d LOVE to see some more!

  10. randy says:

    who is the guy being rimmed by trent diesel!?!??!`

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      THAT hot fucker is Benny G!! we’ve shot a few vids with him, planning to see him again soon, look for How to Fuck a Muscle Beast (on this site) πŸ™‚ – Hunter

  11. Chris says:

    This video is fantastic! Please let me know where I can access the full video! Thanks for all you guys do!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Glad to hear, Chris! I’ll pass your message along to Cole and see about getting the full version up in our theater. Keep in touch! πŸ™‚ – Hunter

  12. Peter says:

    Great video….yes i would love to see the whole video. I was there that night and had a wonderfull time.
    It is always nice to see you guys at John’s parties…..both you guys are breath takeingly handsome !
    Hope to see you again at the next party


  13. darkshadows says:

    i was there and had a SPANKIN good time..hope you are gonna be at the party in October

  14. thomas says:

    That guys that trent diesel is rimming is an actor?? he’s so fucking hot! if he is what’s his name? if he’s not he should be!

  15. DonnyBravo says:

    LOVED that guy on the steps getting rimmed and showing how much he liked it!! I must’ve jerked to it at least 3 times today alone..keep em cummin boys!! And let’s see more of that spank fest, too!! :p

  16. Barebackarsefucker says:

    Fuckin Sensational…!! It was a privilege to see such FANTASTIC ASSES presented like Slut Badbois were made for…spanked and red glowing to PERFECTION. Would have only been topped by Hunter’s Magnificent Ass taking a serious Spanking as well. and then given a proper Barebacking and Cum Spattered Fuckhole and Cheeks to proudly display…!! Maybe for next Session Bois…?

  17. panzer says:


  18. Michel Silva says:

    that s Arpad? I am his fan
    luck you guys
    i hope you make my dream come true and fuck with him
    if you need some help to deal with him please call me

  19. Smack says:

    Hot. Very, very hot. Let’s see that video. Asap.

  20. Kevin says:

    Whoa! Splendid! Spanking is my thing so loved it and then you two were there which added to it 1000 times over and then Trent Diesel pops up–Amazing! When he was rimming the guy on the steps and the guy was so intensely turned on….magic. That new guy you teased us with in an earlier post seems so hot. Cannot wait to see more. And would watch 3-4 more hours of the spanking fest here! PLEASE?!?!??!??

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Glad you liked it, Kevin! Yes, that Trent Diesel is a hottie (and a very sweet guy, too!) – and yes; his tongue was all up in that guy’s butt!!! πŸ™‚ – Hunter

  21. Happyboy says:

    Thank u very much.Man OMG!!!!!! THAT WAS SUPER HOT.I know guy had to get your FUCK ON with THOSE HOTTIES .MAN THOSE BOY ARE SERIOUS EYECANDY!!!!!!!!

  22. Luis says:

    Loved the video! REALLY hot! Moooreee pleaaseee

  23. MikeyBlu says:

    Awesome clip! love it.. all boys need a good spanking now and then…

  24. donal says:

    thats hot more please

  25. jean Luc says:

    great time………. and also with my favourite Arpad!!! lucky you

  26. Tyler G says:

    Hell yeah thats HOT I love to get my ass spankedd like that then have my hole fuck.

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