This is another real-deal, 100% authentic, VIRGIN CHERRY POP video! As much as we LOVE to pop cherries, it’s just not that easy to locate true virgins (but this time we did!). Yup, our new friend Tommy is an eighteen year old super cute, uncut and hung, hairy-assed, so sweet, and new the gay scene. Tommy carries himself in a confident way that exudes sexy appeal (you’ll see). He reached out to us asking all kinds of bi-curious questions and finally admitted that after beating off to us for so long now that when he has sex with girls he has to picture our videos in his head to make himself cum. I mean come on; how fucking hot is that!?! We trained Tommy hard and long for three days and made two videos with him. After all the sex and intimate conversations we had, I’ve come to think that he would be an amazing top.

Get the lube and super-absorbent paper towels out for this one! Get ready for a drippy, sticky, cummy and delicious stroke session. You won’t last long watching us pop this cherry ass. If you like to see a couple of fat cocks slide into a tight virgin butt and hear that oh so sweet moaning, you will LOVE this one. Leave Tommy boy some love here. I know he’ll be reading this. Tell him how much you want him back, cuz we sure-as-fuck do! Tommy, we love you man and really want to see you again SOON!

xo Cole and Hunter

21 Responses to “STRAIGHT BOY CHERRY POP!!!”

  1. Normand says:

    Comme j’aurais aimé être à sa place.
    avez vous pensé venir Filmer au Canada Québec j’ai mon cul à vous offrir quand vous voulez;je me laisserais baissé dans ma cours arrière quand vous vouler.
    How I would have liked to be in his place.
    have you thought of coming to film in Canada Quebec I have my ass to offer you when you want; I will let myself down in my backyard when you want.

  2. davidmatthew says:

    I’m a 54 yo old guy. My dick was like a teenager after seeing this video. When will Maverick Men show a 54 yo guy with a 6 in dick fucking a young stud? Not all 50 something guys dicks are limo w/o prescriptions -just saying.

  3. saditikil says:

    Bigger the better. More hairless boys takin
    fat cocks

  4. Robert Alvarez says:

    Wow! Tommy is adorable and has a delicious cock and ass, too!! I have kissed men that are straight before and they always say that it is “different.” There is no question this man is straight; I AM curious about how he feels now after the video. And yes, Cole and Hunter, both of you took EXCELLENT care of him! And us, via this video.

  5. Tim says:

    For a boy who never even kissed before, he sure sucks dick and takes a fucking like a champ. Of course he had a couple of Great Teachers!! Any time you want to add to the faculty I’m happy to oblige.

  6. Luciano says:

    wow boys you fucking rock! tommy good job boy! i follow you for long time now! your videos are genious! an of course original and genuine! LOVE FROM ARGENTINA! yeah latinamerica loves you too boys! 😀

  7. Devon says:

    My birthday is coming up, I’ll officially be eighteen and I have been jerking off to your videos for forever, my wish is for you guys to come to Cincinnati, Ohio and fuck me

  8. Kevin says:

    More of him please!

    P.S. Must be a special treat to break these guys in.

  9. brock says:

    Yea,Man he is a cutie haha.You guys seems to the get some of the hotties guys. Woof Woof.I wonder how do you guys get the virgin guys to take cock with such ease.Do you guys practice with small dildo off cam an then use a larger one.For most virgin it take a long time to relax the anal canal?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      It’s all about patients and plenty of lube, take your time and get your bottom worked up (fingers, eating hole, etc.), let him guide in your cock when he’s ready, go slow, kiss, then he’ll be begging you to pound him. – Hunter

  10. Matt says:

    I wish you guys were in Baltimore right now 😉

  11. Thiago says:

    Só de ver os vídeos já me apaixonei por vocês dois, o tipo de caras que deixa qualquer um doido, carinhosos e safadões, sou um brasileiro que descobriu seu site a pouco tempo, e nesse pouco tempo já sou super fã de vocês dois, e se um dia vierem ao Brasil, seria um sonho conhece-los, um grande e carinhoso beijo …

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      google translation: Just watching the videos already fell in love with both of you, the kind of guys that lets anyone crazy, loving and safadões, I am a Brazilian who discovered your site recently, and in that short time I am already super fan of you both, and if you ever come to Brazil, it would be a dream to meet them, a large and affectionate kiss …

  12. HitopCub says:

    Damn! One hot boy…you guys need to keep him in his kicks!

  13. Mark says:

    How many times did you two fuck that sweet ass?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Too many times to count!! He was with us for three days and we barely left the bedroom. 🙂 – Hunter

  14. Pete says:

    Excellent guys as usual however still waiting to see some guys with small cocks you promised you would put some on…… rock on dudes

  15. teddhychavez says:

    oh tommy is hot.want more vid of him .i love tommy!

  16. ThatOneLAKid says:

    He’s a total fucken hottie! Nice fat uncut dick and a hairy ass! What more can one ask for?..

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