Hey, chocolate lovers; get ready for one hot fuck video!  Chris Ryder is back and ready for action!  This tall, lean, sweet and delicious guy with his thick horse cock and sweet bubble butt is, simply put; amazing sex!  He loves it hard and can’t get enough, and we LOVE IT!  In this nasty fucking hot ass-pounding fuck video, you’ll see some beautiful hole penetrations, hard and rough penetration, and thick cum splashes that will make you squirt right away.

Chris has become a good friend and since he is local we get to see him a lot more often than our other friend that live out of town. He’ll occasionally stop by to get used by his two favorite Boston boys.  Whenever he comes over, he begs to fuck one of us since – believe it, or not – this man-boy is all top!  He is a true renaissance man after or own heart.  Chris is vers, loves to fuck hole, and best of all he loves all races and ages.  Oh, and he’s single and looking to date.  If you want some of Ryder’s big fat cock, bubble butt, soft pillow lips and sexy bedroom eyes, just leave him a message here.








16 Responses to “LEAN MEAN CHOCOLATE TEEN!!!”

  1. Peoplelover says:

    I want to know and meet Chris Ryder

  2. Sacce says:

    i want black man

  3. Anthony Colletti says:

    So freaking hot

  4. J Rob says:

    This is one of the hottest you guys… i wanna see Hunter get fucked some time

  5. doc2332 says:

    Chris, is no joke. I think I’m in love.

  6. Butch says:

    Whassup Chris Ryder, my name is Butch and I live in Harlem. Dude if you ever find yourself here get in touch with me boy, I’ll take good care of your man-needs for you. I’m a brutha just like you, slightly muscular, big dick and nice ass. 38 years old. Would love to be your daddy if thats what you want.


  7. Bambam says:

    Chris hit me up yo, love u all the way from the Bahamas

  8. ahmel says:

    let’s see more of Chris, I love his sexy appeal

  9. helpme says:

    hes a very beautiful sexy innocent ebony twink.

  10. lamby says:

    omg he’s single!? I waaaaaaaaant

  11. JC says:

    Fuck yeah, love this sexy boy, and he’s single!? where do I sign up?

  12. Bifd says:


  13. Pete bottom says:

    I want to get fucked like Chris!!!

  14. Begiumchubby says:

    Hmmmmmmmm 100% hot

  15. chad34001 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one. So hot guys, bring this boy back!

  16. Horse says:

    Love seeing sexy Chris with you guys, his body is so perfect

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