I read this interesting post on a blog by Queerific. I found it fascinating and it inspired me to create this video blog post. Here’s what they say about cum:

“Semen is a complex mixture of different compounds, and sperm actually only makes up a small amount of it. When you remove the sperm, what’s left is seminal plasma, a fluid that contains an array of ingredients, some of which can pass through the vagina and be detected in the bloodstream after sex. Three compounds of interest in seminal plasma are estrogen, prostaglandins and oxytocin. Estrogen and prostaglandins have been linked to lower levels of depression, while oxytocin (which women release during birth, breastfeeding and orgasm) promotes social bonding. These and other compounds in semen could function to keep women coming back for more. “I think there’s reason to believe based on some of the evidence we’ve collected that females that are in committed relationships that are having unprotected sex may use sex in part to self-medicate,” Gallup says. “It’s discovered after the fact that being inseminated has effects on mood, and they use sex to modulate their mood.”

There’s also evidence, he says, that women may actually go through semen withdrawal? HA! In an unpublished study he conducted a few years ago, women in committed relationships who were having unprotected sex and were exposed to semen were “far more devastated and adversely affected [after a breakup] than those that were using condoms.”

After reading this I am starting to wonder if my seed is why Hunter is always in a great mood after we have sex. Leave a comment here and tell us your sticky story!

499 Responses to “FOR THE LOVE OF CUM!”

  1. gerry says:

    Love to suck and swallow all the cum I can get.

  2. Anonymous says:

    God and Jesus both suck each others cock everyday and swallow like motherfuckers as well. Go figure.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      WOW just when I think our fan base are made up of all pretty normal people I get one of these lol Ummm ya, u may want to seek some therapy ASAP

    • tsgtdick says:

      Man who could resist a 69 with either one just think of sucking the bigest hardest cocks on earth for their ost tasty delicious wads of cum and then because U do a great job U get a great ramming butt fuck!!!!

  3. kev says:

    I wish someone would fuck me hard and cum deep in my ass. That would be my dream cum true! can anyone help??

    • I'm a pretty hot and horny Hispanic man who's just seeing this and I remember when I got my mouth fucked really good and hard by these three older black men who were teaching my ass a lesson on not to be teasing them no more says:

      I’m here in my bed just seeing all of the fun and I just wish you or someone else could give me a text or email

      • tsgtdick says:

        Man wish U were here, my throbbing 7+ is oozing pre-cum and would love how great it would feel to give Ur hot ass along deep ramming fuck balls deep with each ramming fuck–and even after we both cum, to lay there cock deep enjoying Ur tight ass-hole wrapped around my cock until our cocks go soft!!

        • Bishop says:

          Can anybody handle a 8inch thick cock good cummer

          • Van Ness says:

            Open for the first time never been with another cock you

          • Van Ness says:

            I want to try please let me know when you want me to open the door for you bring me some fun with your cum teach me how to do it fill me up to the top

          • tsgtdick says:

            Bishop—set down and let me set on Ur lap with Ur big hard meaty fucker balls deep in my twitching tight ass-crack and I will give Ur hard throbbing hunk of man meat the best cumming ride in my hot ass U have ever had & I’ll bet after Ur first fantastic fuck U’l hang in e for another great piece of man ass!!!!!!

          • tsgtdick says:

            Cole—-love a great fuck–how about U???? Daddy lets start in a 69 and really get to know each others crotches cocks, balls and ass-cracks. 1st after licking and tasting every thing to both start mouth massaging each other very sensitive cock heads and finger fucking each other with each delicious tasty suck on each others cock heads oozing pre-cum. Then trying slowly to just really mouth massage each others cock heads withe each finger fuck feeling ass-cracks twitch on out fucking fingers and cum together wad after delicious wad sucked up tasted and swallowed –only finishing when our cocks go soft and limp and even then cock tastes delicious then if you would defecate on my chest that would make it perfect!!!

          • Cole & Hunter says:

            U had me till the Poop Part! NO THANK YOU PooPoo and DooDoo aint my thaaaang!

          • tsgtdick says:

            Man yes 1st want to suck that meaty fucker up and get a taste of Ur pre-cum, then want to feel U gentle Ur hard throbbing meaty cock’s balls deep with the fat base of Ur cock stretching my ass crack around the fat base of Ur meaty fucker then would love U to give me a great balls banging fuck!!!!

          • Dodge says:

            I’d love for you to teach me how to suck that cock

      • Wheelingsome says:

        I really love your story and I would love to chat with you, Lets text each other ok I’ll give you my number

        • tsgtdick says:

          one of my favorites is 4 of us two of us in a 69 cum sucking each others delicious hard throbbing cumming cocks and two other buds butt fucking each ot us at the same time–wads of cum in both ends!!!

        • tsgtdick says:

          Man love all great Man on Man Sex both Bottom and Top also 4 ways with 2 of us cum sucking each other and the other 2 butt fucking both of us–then switch–wonder how many great suck fucking rounds we can do????

      • Hot juicy rod says:

        Baby boy when can we meet.

  4. Billie Monroe says:

    I would love to have all the men that commented here cum in my mouth.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hahhahaha me too!

    • Isuckbigblk says:

      I’m pretty new to this meeting site and I really would like to get to know one of you guys to tell you the truth I really am quite interested in meeting up with some mature older men who are available for some good cock’s I’ll deep throat them so good I’m a pretty dam good cocksucker

      • T says:

        I get turned on imagining gay cocks coming inside me bareback by multiple gay men and bringing me to orgasim by impregnating me. So fn hot. I love how they love sharing dick as much as I do. Their dirty sperm gets to mix with the dirty juice in my fuck hole flowing ever so fucking nicely. Makes my nipples so pointy and hard and ready for a good fucking and teeth bite mark on my nipple sessions.

    • tsgtdick says:

      Man think about the great sucking pleasure if we were in a nude circle each sucking another’s delicious meaty cocks for delicious wads of each others cum then rotated until we had each sucked and tasted each others hard meaty cumming cocks!!!!!

  5. Normie says:

    I’ll do anything and pay any amount for a nice couple mouth fulls of cum spew! I just can not help myself! Growing up I was always the youngest kid in the group and had to suck cum spew from at least 5 or 6 other men and boys cocks and I absolutely love it! There is nothing better then a big jucie load of cock spew in my mouth and rubbed all over my spew ridden face! I’ll suck your cock meat forever PLEASE!

    • Jeffrey Nolan says:

      Yummy dude. Fuck my throat.

    • James Machan says:

      We’re are you at I’m in Paris Tennessee I will give you all that I got and then we can play with the rest

    • Ienjoybigcocks says:

      I’m getting very excited from seeing those two men who having all that fun, I really just wish I could be there to help you two men I know for sure that I’m pretty sure I would’ve been able to satisfy both of you guys by getting on my knees and just take turns in deep throating each of you for a good while and then I’d try to have both of you guys to cum in my mouth and throat at the same time oh my God I sure hope you can at least get back to me with a few men who can text me okay

    • Joseph corbin says:

      I would like to meet

    • Bishop says:

      I love to suck cock, never but would try to learn

    • tsgtdick says:

      Cole I love playing with and fondling a bud’s cock and when it starts getting hard to suck up his very sensitive cock head until all I have in my mouth is his big meaty delicious twitching cock head oozing pre-cum. Love the way I feel his ass-crack twitches on my finger fucking in time with each meaty taste of a hard throbbing cock and then tasting that 1st wad of cum spurtin from his hard cock heads piss-slit into my cum hungry mouth –sucking up as many loads as his balls can feed me except for one more great ramming cum in my cock hungry ass-hole, then he defecates on me!!

      • Cole & Hunter says:


        • tsgtdick says:

          Cole & Hunter U both know how great it feels to have Ur buddy fondle and play with Ur cock had balls and but and to cum suck and massage each others prostate in time with sucking up every wad of cum Ur bud’s balls can feed U!!!

  6. Richard says:

    After 50 years of fantasizing, I just swallowed my first load! I’ve been getting sucked off by a guy I first found on Craigslist a couple of years ago, but had him stay clothed. Seeing how much he loved blowing me without even getting touched himself had me really wanting to try it too, but I was always chicken. But this week I went over to his place and asked if we could both get undressed this time. He was surprised but more than happy to agree. He started off blowing me over the edge of the bed but I asked him to get in bed with me. We were arranged in a 69 position and I started to play with his cock while he sucked me. It was truly the dream of a lifetime. I ended up asking him to stop before I came so I could suck him. I felt like a teenager. My heart was pounding and I loved the feeling of his cock on my tongue. I stopped and told him I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I licked and sucked for a wonderful 10 more minutes when he tensed up and started coming. The contractions of his shaft, the swollen head, the feel of the cum rising, the taste, the sounds — it was all amazing. To my surprise, he said he still wanted to finish sucking me off, and I add the most powerful orgasm in his mouth since I was a kid. I can’t believe I waited so long to feel a cock shooting into my mouth.

    • Jack Neeley says:

      It’s really awesome isn’t it I love sucking cock swallowing c** if I could do it everyday all day I would I would love to

    • Jeff says:

      I, too, waited until I was older to first suck cock. I met a guy from craigslist and we both got naked and on his bed in a 69. When he put his cock in my mouth I was hooked. I licked it and sucked it until he exploded his load in my mouth. I swallowed every bit. Now I just can’t get enough opportunity.

  7. Doug says:

    I always wanted to suck off an entire group of naked men with erections of about 25 of them. Of course I would be naked jerking off my very erect penis. One by one I would suck their cocks and let them cum down my throat. Yep all 25 of them. They could fuck my mouth like it was a cunt or an ass and then cum down my throat.Then after words all 25 men could bend over and I would lick each and everyone of their butt cracks and assholes while jerking them off until they came again and while they were cumming I would have my tongue up their asses so I could feel their assholes pulsating as they were cumming.

    • Frank says:

      Basically what I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’d love to swallow the cum of many men, get it in the ass, my whole body. I’d love to be a total cumslut.

      • Richard says:

        growing up in Pa. I use to crawl across my bedroom floor to my older brothers bedside and slip his sheets off and his drawers down and suck on his wonderful cock meat! Oh baby I can’t tell you how much I loved his cum loads! I wanted to suck him forever and ever! He loved for me to lay on the dirty floor while he fucked me in my mouth! Ofcourse I loved it more then HE did! Oh baby your CUM SPEW taste so good! Where can a married man go to in Leesburg Florida to suck other married mens cocks? I am desperate for some nice big spew cum loads in my mouth and rubbed all over my Cock Eater Face Who can help me? Where can I go in Leesburg Florida to get my face fucked? I’ll blow your cock meat forever! Please fuck my face! PLEASE! Use caution I am a married man!

  8. Jim says:

    I’m looking for some one in West Tennessee Paris or Camden to lick up there pre cum and maybe even some other things to do so if there is anyone interested please let me know asap

    • I'm in Paris Tennessee and I just want to do the same thing says:

      Look me up and we can talk and meet up and see what we both want and what we both like I know that I want to have some pre cum from a nother man so let’s try this out soon

    • James says:

      My you got my attention I’m in Paris when would you like to get together as I would love to have your pre cum and maybe even more

  9. naykid1 says:

    I love masturbating and cumming anywhere where I then lap up my juices with my tongue and savior the taste before swallowing. There’s nothing like the lead up to an intense eruption of your manly fluids especially when you start moaning while pleasuring your cock and that feeling starts welling up inside you knowing what pleasure it’s going to bring you!!!!!I I belong to a men’s club and had been lucky enough to meet one of the better looking members on a semi regular basis. He’s got a 8” hooded cock, I love getting him hard where only part of his hooded glans is covered. I slowly envelope the head of his cock with my lips, slowly pushing the foreskin down to expose his gorgeous head . I keep repeating this , each time taking more of his cock in my mouth till it reaches the roof of the back my throat. He tries to trust back and forth but I firmly grasp his ass cheeks so I control the tempo. The slower I tease his cock with my tongue, purposely enveloping his cock in my mouth as he tries to break loose and fuck me orally. Usually by remaining firmly in control of his cock I can make him produce some extraordinary release of pre cum followed by convulsing cum shots. Some of which on the first couple of shots go straight down my throat if I happen to be down on the base when he let’s loose. The amount of cum he produces at times is amazing to the point it’s running down his cock and balls because it’s simply too much for me to maintain in my mouth because the wants to throat fuck me. It’s just a fantastic experience which I’m going to try role reversal. on him so he wants to become a recipient of my juices as well.

    • Dloren says:

      you describe the experience of sucking cock so beautifully. I want a load.

    • SAM says:

      Yes this is the same way I do when I can not find a man to suck of and make him fill my mouth with his cummmmmmmmmm . I just love the way he taste ,cum is good

    • Rob says:

      I have yet to be with another man. I have spent my entire life as a heterosexual male but have always had the want to feel another man’s touch. The last few years it has been a seriously overwhelming obsession to get it done to it fullest. I masterbate every single day to the thought of a full on, strip the sheets off my bed, ravishing and taking a throbbing hard males joystick and using it to its fullest potential. As soon as I get so excited and I just cannot hold my own eruption, I fill my hand with my own love juice and spend the next few minutes slowly linking every last drop of it, wishing it was cumming from the throbbing pulsating joystick that is filling my mouth. I want it/need it so badly at times, it consumes my whole thought process. I just LOVE the taste of my cum and cannot wait to finally get my hands/lips/mouth/anus around my first hard throbbing cum filled man!

      Does anyone on here have any suggestions on how I would go about meeting a like minded person like myself that has the same type of thoughts to experience the pleasures I have been having?

      • Ron says:

        Have had these same thoughts/actions (liking my cum) seemingly forever. Where are you located? Get together to suck and maybe fuck?

        • Siciliansausageman says:

          Im 21 if any of you live in glendale heights illinois or surrounding area. I feel exactly how you feel Rob

          • Mike says:

            Not far from you would love to take your hot load I have yet to do this but would love to try
            If it works out you can dump your hot load anywhere you want in me
            I also love to wear panties teddies hose ect

      • Bob says:

        I love watching men and their cocks, yet I still have not been with a man. I would like to try sometime. Work into it slowly with someone my age 65, cock sucking, hand jobs and work up to kissing and maybe more. I want to taste someone else’s cum.

        • Mikel mcdonough says:

          I yet to be with a man I want real badly I am 54 I even dream of an orgy of men older men it makes me real horny to think of sex with men to be fucked and suck and be sucked

          • Scott says:

            (49yo)Just recently had the unexpected experience of secretly & submissively getting to suck my friend’s cock while our wives were out of town together for the weekend and I must say that it was the most intense & erotic thing that I’ve ever done! Feeling his hands on the back of my head & hearing his moans as he made me unexpectedly go even deeper down onto his shaft and then (the best part) feeling him explode a his hot ropes inside and down my throat as I swallowed every hot drop is definitely without a doubt the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced…and now needless to say I’m hooked and can’t get enough of his cum!! Guys if you ever get the chance don’t pass it up!!

    • Mike says:

      I’ve been sucking cock and getting fucked up my ass for many years and still get so excited every time I suck or get fucked. Either way I eat the cum. I just love it and when you experience it you’ll always be a cocksucking cum eater.

      • Jim says:

        I am hoping for a young hung cut cock to fuck my virgin daddy asshole and to feel his HOTT cum spurting inside both my holes.
        Bay Area Ca.

      • Mike says:

        I know how you feel as I’ve been sucking cock,getting fucked for many years and I still get excited. I can’t get enough cum, I’m addicted to eating jizz. I also eat the loads that are in my ass I just love it! Mike

  10. SissySeanette says:

    I LOVE THE COCK and LOVE SPERM EATING ummmm could suck cock 24/7 wanna gang bang too have slick shaved sissy body crossdress suck and fuck like a mink.. whore… super clean ddf jamest48 @ msn . com Buffalo/Tonawanda, NY

    • harry931 says:

      same 24/7

    • Dani says:

      Hell yes..
      I’ve been sissy since I was a kid.
      I can be manly too. But LOVE getting pretty and having men fuck me
      And swallow loads of cum.

      Boy scouts became a great source for cock.
      We even seduced one of the grounds guys to let us suck his dick.
      And one year there were these few scout master assistants. Older boys who brought us to a secret Man / boy orgy.
      It was amazing.. I still love lots of cum to this day.

      Love glory holes 🙂

  11. cummthirstyron says:

    I Have Such an UnQuenchable Thirst for cummmm… I Luv bein a submissive cock-suckin cummthirsty bitch-boi… Feed me plz Sir s

  12. LEE ORMEROD says:

    I wish it could be me receiving some of that cum I would like to take as much as I can get.

  13. John says:

    I love eating cum so much. The buildup is intense. Those final moments are such a rush. His breathing gets fast. His body is so sweaty. His cock gets so stiff and hard, his head super full. It’s so exciting jerking his cock quickly as he moans and groans. You feel him twitching and jerking, his body is getting ready to pump his load out. You can smell it steaming out of his urethra, such a manly powerful smell. You know that any second now he’s going to cum, it’s what you’ve been waiting for the whole time. You feel nervous waiting for it because you’re not sure what you’re going to do with it or what it’s going to taste like. How much of it are you going to taste? Is it going to taste good? Will it taste salty? If you catch some in your mouth, are you going to swallow it? It might leave a gross after taste if you swallow some.
    Or, you could shut your brain off and stop thinking, and as soon as you see his sperm cum out, you scoop it up with your tongue and immediately swallow it. Enjoy how strange it tastes. Jerk his cock and watch it all cum out of his head. Eat every spurt you see come out, shiver as you taste how strong and salty it is going down your throat. Keep eating the spurts, knowing that his head is so sensitive every time your mouth touches it. Imagine how great he feels ejaculating but also feeling a hot tongue all over his sensitive head as his cum comes out. It’s the best feeling and it drives him crazy. Know that tasting all of his jizz and licking it off his cock makes him feel so good. There’s nothing hotter than a dude knowing he’s going to blast a hot load into a moist mouth, and that that person is going to love eating whatever comes out of his penis.

    • BOB says:

      Just want to share….Happy married man…but I love swallowing cum and sucking. When you are sucking and just before he cums ..he grabs you and moans and you fill the load in your mouth. awesome feeling…. I really enjoy swallowing black cum and older white men the best…good luck

      • jack-o says:

        I almost always swallow the sperm, unless its really gross tasting.
        I just love sucking cocks and cleaning them after.
        My record is 5 different guys loads in a day.

    • Joe says:

      I love cum. I love cock.

      • Silverbear says:

        I agree with you one hundred percent, tho I’ve never sucked a black one, I’m communicating with a black guy now and hope to blow him soon, I have sucked quite a few white ones and swallowed many loads, one Saturday night while the wife was on vacation I took 8 loads down my throat,

  14. Del Wilkinson says:

    Dear Kent, I, too,love cock and cum. I have been sucking for a very long time. I am 69 and have been at it for multiple decades!

  15. Noel says:

    I just wanted to tell someone of an experience that haunts me. I was 19 or 20 and already had fooled around with a few guys. Back then I just tried to put those experiences to the back of my mind because I was in a serious relationship with a girl. Anyway I was at an alternative book store and met a guy named Dennis. He was a cute guy and say me hovering near the gay porn and asked me back to his house. I went with him. We ended up kissing and the next thing I knew I was sucking his thick cock and he told me he was about to cum. Although I had sucked cock before I had never let anyone cum in my mouth. That being said I told him he could just do he s thing wstarted sucking harder and just waited.i felt his cock throb in my mouth. He started to moan and I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed like it was taking forever and then he burst into my mouth. It tasted so awesome. I let it sit on my toung for what seemed like forever. I can Taste it now just thinking about it. It was the most erotic of my life.i just remember feeling so satisfied. I don’t know how many things are made up here but this is 100percent true.

    • Jon says:

      Started 4 yrs ago after a 40 yr. lull. What a waste. Making up for lost time. Go to parks and wait on pick nick tables. Don’t take long. I had 2 blacks one was a young kid. How lucky! Id say about 8″! I had two others off the trails earlier so I was a little tired so I did him slow and I’m glad! The precum was unreal. After about 40 min. Of sucking he blew his load to my delight! It was thick and huge! He took off and I just swished it around while jerked off as I swallowed every drop! Tks

  16. Gene says:

    Loved all of them. Finally, someone who knows how to film cum shots in the mouth. If you ever are on Cape Cod, I would love either suck your cock with the thick creamy cum and or have you film me eating your cum. I am a retired man and never get to see men my age eating a good load of cum.

  17. Pete says:

    I love how turned on I get feeling a hot hard cock in my mouth.
    As I stroke myself holding back until I feel his thick hot load filling my mouth and that sends me over the edge making my cock explode and pump all my cum.
    Gets me every time

    • Ronnie says:

      I’ve been wanting to find out how big of cock i actually can swallow and how long i can keep it in my throat and fill it when it gets ready to exsplode in my mouth and suck it dry then set all the way down on it and start bouncing up and down in front of a mirror and if I enjoy it then ill be ready for a few big cocks all at once and I will suck every one of them off and keep sucking until they say they had enough

  18. joe says:

    i love to suck cocks until they ready to cum and I pull the hard prick out and let it ejaculate over my face

  19. Randy says:

    Hi Neil, Not only only would I let you suck my cock but I would also suck yours and swallow every bit of your cum. No matter how many times a day it is. we can chat

    • walter says:

      im in my 60s and will suck a dick big or small dry I also luv a big dick in my rectum roundand deep up&down all around all whil im swallowing his big big load of good cum down my throut and deep in my ass hole,i luv cum anyway I can get white but ill take white or black or mexican

      • Philip says:

        If you know any man age 60 in Wakefield Pontefract let me know on my email so I can suck his cock for ten minutes even if he cums after 2 thanks

      • roy1948 says:

        I also love to suck cock and eat cum, it is so fucking erotic feeling the cum ejaculate into your mouth. I love it.

  20. Joey says:

    I love sucking cock and swallowing cum

    • Mick says:

      Hi Joey, We should line up at a gang bang on our knees as like you I adore sucking cock and love taking many loads at once down my throat. Love the look in guys eyes when they cum, love the feel of thick hard cock when it blows, love the shudder in some cocks when shooting and just love cum.

      • M H F MURPHY says:

        Would love to suck dude’s cocks until they CUM which after I taste, I would swallow !

        2018 February 01, Thursday, 20:32 MST

    • Rich says:

      I like sucking big cock and getting cum shot in my mouth by somebody

    • Rich says:

      I would love to make a moive with u eating ur cum i would ur cock and ur cum in my mouth would u like that let me no ok

  21. Steve says:

    I luv to spread cum all over my face. It also keeps my complexion clear? Has anyone ever jo with coconut oil and then eat it mixed with him? It’s delicious!

  22. mick says:

    you sund so fucking hot mmmmmmmmmmmm

  23. Keenan says:

    Im bisexual i have a liking for big black cock never had yet. I want to feel a nice hard one in my hands as i suck on the head of someones huge black shaft taking as much as i can in my mouth and throat as i stroke his sexy black stomach and chest waiting for him to work up a big warm load of cum to come out of his fine shaft and ooze out so i can see it over his head and cock so i can lick it up and hopfully have more cum build up in my mouth as i suck his huge dark black shaft tasting his cum . I want to have sex with a sexy black man or more than one i want a long thick with a nice head and crown to suck on

  24. Pjohn2 says:

    Many years ago my buddy in HS sucked each others cocks and I did it again as an adult and ever since that time I fantasize sucking a trim guy. I have masturbated to the thought and even thought of sucking a cock while fucking my wife. I have an easier time cumming with those thoughts running through my head. I just happened across your sith and plan on many times of reading the articles while stroking my cock to climax John

  25. James says:

    Wow! What a picture I now have in my mind. Made me very horny.

  26. heffy says:

    problem solved neil!I have an insatiable desire for sperm, and have a reputation for being quite good at draining guys nut sacks. the thrill for me is swallowing part of you. As for your having too much cum bring 3 more cum filled dudes with you. By the way I don’t swallow and tell as i respect the gift i’m receiving. Hit me up if your interested, if not it’s okay. GOOD LUCK!

  27. Nic Snyman says:

    Love too see interracial movies

  28. Rich says:

    This is for who wants an unbelievable sexy story that happened to me in high school. I was on the wrestling team and was at school late one day to learn some new techniques from the coach and a senior who was also on the team. We were in our private wrestling room with just our wrestling shorts on. I thought nothing of it when the coach stepped in totally bare chested. He had a great build and an extremely hairy chest. His nipples were manly and full. We started as usual. He positioned us on the floor, arranging our arms and legs for good maneuvers on the mat. Again and again his hairy chest brushed my face and I even felt his protruding nipple against the corner of my mouth. Neither the coach nor my senior friend knew that I had been struggling with a gay feeling in my body for about a year and a half. As the coach rubbed against my face with his hairy chest my mind went to a secret fantasy and I envisioned what the coach would look like naked. My body had a quick 17 year old’s reaction. I felt an erection develop between my legs. As we did some wrestling moves, my bare chest rubbed tightly against Nick’s bare chest too. I know I had a full erection, but did the coach or Nick know? Then the shocking surprise came when the coach talked about the Roman days and how their was an advantage for men to wrestle naked. Then he staedt….”So fellows, let’s try it that way and see if I’m right. Off with your shorts.” Inside I screamed “OH NO!” Nick was the first…he pulled his off and stood bare naked before the two of us. I slowly pulled my down with high hopes that my hard on was gone……but it wasn’t. As my shorts lowered my dick bounced up with a hard on–on display! I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I ignored it completely. The coach again pushed our bodies together as if wanted our privates to rub together. As we rolled on the floor I could feel Nick make deliberate attempts to rub our dicks together as if he knew how to keep me hard. Every time I rolled to my back, I knew by male instinct that my cock was stretched out straight up! I wonder how Nick could keep from getting erected. Our naked bodies came together again and again and the coach stepped closer and closer. Then HIS MOMENT CAME. I was on my back. My sexual excitement was unmistakable….and with a quick push of his hand, he pushed Nick’s face into my crotch. How it happened I didn’t know but HIS MOUTH SLID DOWN OVER MY HARD COCK! …..AND HE DIDN’T FIGHT IT! I could feel him sucking my hard on! I began to relax my tense body and think about that new exciting feeling Nick was giving me. I could see the coach’s hand holding Nick’s heard in place over by dick. Then the coach leaned down to my ear and quietly spoke, “Enjoy it Matt, you need it right? You’ll be glad it happened. Nick is doing you a favor. And Nick really was. I had never felt such sexual pleasure before I shocked myself when I said, “Oh yeah Nick, keep it up.” He did. But it was short lived……the ecstasy build up through my balls and all I could utter was…”Ooooooh Nick! DO IT!” My cock burst into glorious orgasm…and right into his mouth! My body quivered on the floor as I shot…I cried out…. “OH! OH! UGH!UGH!UGH!.” My cum gushed out in full ejaculation mode. The coach exclaimed…”ATTA boy…shoot it!!!” Somehow I began to make sense of all that had happened….the coach…his hairy chest rubbing my face….Nick pushing his mouth on my cock and their delight as I shot a full ejaculation of cum into Nick’s mouth. And then the Coach’s words….”enjoy it Matt…you needed it, right?” For the first time…I knew that’s what I needed. It was my first time being blow jobbed and by far the most wonderful orgasm my body had ever experienced. After catching my breath from it all, I rolled a bit and my eyes focused on the coach. His pants and Jockeys were to his knees and Nick’s face was in his crotch. Nick was NOW SUCKING HIM!!! The coach gasped as he lay on his back and soon he exclaimed—–NICK! TAKE IT!!! OOOOHH YEAH!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH! As he ejaculated he was breathless and grunted with a loud erotic response. Nick’s mouth continues to pull on the coach’s hard meat. He had to be swallowing all that he got from his second blow job. We all laid there for a few minutes playing with two slimy wet cocks. Then we headed for the shower. Nick still proudly displayed his erection as the coach and me washed down. I then realized that Nick had not “been satisfied” as men want to be satisfied. I took hold of his hard on and began to do what men like. He stood and let me begin masturbating him. But my urges were so much more intimate with him. I lowered down to my knees and for the first time in my life, I slid a man’s cock into my mouth. The feeling was extremely personal and beautiful to experience. In and out…in and out..the cock went. Nick whispered “”OH man Matt, do it real good.” I remembered how Nick did me. I remembered how exquisite the feeling was. I had one purpose in mind…Nick’s orgasm. AND IT CAME! My mouth flooded with his cream and I sucked and suck for every drop to shoot out. In absolute sexual ecstasy Nick grabbed my head …trying to stop my sucking. Obviously his cock head was now extremely sensitive as my lips pulled tightly over it. Such was our wrestling practice. It proved to be the most productive session two guys could have with their coach. Did I mention his name? It was Coach Icum ! But we often teased him about that….and called him Coach WEcum.

  29. James says:

    I need help with my sex life. I’ve read all the articles by men on your web site and they have stimulated me in manly ways so I will write in plain bold language. I’m just 18 and have had my share of masturbation to meet my obvious needs. But I long to have more exciting sex, even with a guy if it’s sexually satisfying. But how do I know if a guy is at all interested in sex with another guy? When I see or meet and nice appeal guy, is there any sort of cue I can drop to help him know I’m interested in a personal sexual affair. Maybe a hand gesture or phrase to use that he would recognize. I would love to try to be sexually appealing to him, if you know what I mean. Is there anyone with suggestions on how I could meet guys with getting embarrassed?

  30. Burt says:


    • Rich says:

      Bert…why do your want to deep throat big cocks.? I’ve done a lot of deep throating with guys and really love thinner and shorter ones to go into my throat . My favorite is a 5 or 6 incher, not too fat, with a full sized head on it, The longer I can push that into my throat the longer my man squirms with pleasure and covets to ejaculate. When he no longer can bear the erotic play, Go for a blow job on him and his whole body shakes in ecstasy. And we both get rewarded.

  31. Frank says:

    I have thoroughly loved reading all these posts and I love to add my own I didn’t start sucking cock until I was 47 I’m now 60 and I’m addicted to cock I’ve tried many times to quit but I keep coming back I can’t shake it I didn’t taste cum until I sucked off 10 guys and since then I’ve become addicted to the taste and texture of sweet gooey jism in my mouth I’ve now given 168 blowjobs to 142 different men and have swallowed 144 delicious loads of hot cock milk
    I’m at the point now that if I don’t receive a nice wad of creamy spunk from a man I am truly disappointed as I view eating the loads as my rewards for a job well done .
    I’ve been married 41 years and this is the only pleasure I now get so hopefully I’ll be posting again with updates on the amount of delicious cream I’ve managed to eat.

    • scott says:

      Frank I also would love to suck on your big cock and have you feed me your cum to swallow so when can we meet up and swallow each other where do you like I am in burbank Ca. reply back send me your number if you close to me and ready for you to feed me big loads of your sweet milk to swallow OK cheers scott

      • Frank says:

        Unfortunately buddy I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada so I highly doubt we will ever meet but I’d love to suck you off and swallow your loads.Ive given 212 blowjobs now and swallowed 192 delicious creamy loads

        • Frank says:

          Well guys just finished sucking off a nice young black guy and that makes 251 different guys now and 290 blowjobs I’ve given .Ive now swallowed 281 delicious creamy loads of CUM

          • Cole & Hunter says:

            DAYUM! You must be ready to burst :} …So no diner then? hahah U better hope the religious lunatics don’t vote in a law claiming every sperm is sacred, the beginning of life! lol

  32. Richard says:

    I didn’t suck a man off until my fifties. I can’t believe I waited so long. The taste of cum is not bad, but for me it’s the feel of a cock exploding in my mouth that’s the real prize. The pulsing that you feel throughout the shaft on your tongue, the flaring head filling your throat, the contractions at the base of the shaft against your tight lips, are all wonderful. Then the taste as the cock shrinks in your encasing mouth and delivers the last of its cum. I love the taste because of what just preceded it.

    • Marc says:

      Finally received my first load at the age of 47 and I have to say it was a great experience.
      The feel of the cum spurting into my mouth and the taste. I held it in my mouth as I orgasmed, swallowing every drop as I realease my own load. Now I have a regular married buddy who I meet about once a for night and we enjoy draining each other’s balls and swallowing each other’s semen.

      • s vandarner says:

        I was 30 when I was working with a company where we traveled and stayed in motels. One night after a couple rounds, a work mate and I started talking about sex and I ended up sucking his cock. I didn’t swallow his cum that night but two nights later we ended up in a 69 with both of us swallowing. We worked together for over 15 years with both of us sucking each other and swallowing cum every time we got the chance. We even sucked each other off at job sites when we got the chance. I loved the taste of his cum and man, did he shoot a lot. I wish I could find another man to feed me cum like he did.

  33. Ric Carter says:

    I love to have people watch me suck a cock. I am often hesitant to take the semen in my mouth for some reason. It could be because I didn’t start sucking cocks until I was fifty. I’m 62 now, and still practice! I won’t be an accomplished cock sucker until I can happily swallow every load.

    • Phill says:

      The trick is to crave it like you’ve never it craved before.

      • Ric Carter says:

        I think the main thing is lack of opportunity. I need someone to suck regularly, and become comfortable with the cum squirting in my mouth. As it is, I love it because I feel so humiliated having another man’s cock in my mouth.

    • Joe says:

      I thought about sucking cocks for many years. I watched a lot of gay porn. I was in my 60s when I finally did it, and I am glad I did. I would like to have somebody or somebodies to do it with on a regular basis, but sucking random cocks is pretty nice.

  34. Tom says:

    I am married and my wife knows how turned on i get when fantasizing about sucking cock. She also knows I love shooting my load into my mouth . I told her I would like to experience the real thing at some point in my life and at first it was flat out no but she knows how bad I want to try it. Now she says if I could find a safe cock to suck she would be good with it. The problem is how do I find a cock that I know is safe?? Any suggestions there?

    • Steve says:

      I’m available. I’m game and very open minded.

      • Billy says:

        Any guy named Steve and is available as well as open minded really turns me on. Let’s talk. Does being open minded mean your like to go to bed (naked, of course) with an assortment of nice looking and clean men for healthy gratifying sexual play and fulfillment. Meaning you can be attracted to all types of men and enjoy all they would like to offer you. I’m a bit more than just open minded. I’m also “open mouthed” With a man my mouth is open most of the time. I like it most when that naked guy in bed with me is ” available” to share all his manly parts with my kind of openness. Of course the pleasure of it all will be mutual. And the important word here is “PLEASURE!” Are you available for the pleasure I want to give. I’m referring to “open mouth pleasure” Am I being vague and missing the mark with suggestive language. Okay, I’ll talk plainly. Stene is a sexy name and I want to take you in my arms and press you to my naked body I want to press my lips to your and deep kiss you with an abundance of our mixed saliva—-yes, swapping all the spit we can get together. Oh how I want to go down on your cock and suck it good…and suck your balls and chew on your pubic hair. I want to suck passionately on your nipples and lick lick lick deep into your under-arm hair. I long to feel your cum streaming into my mouth with all its delicious tasty goodness. And if your mouth is “available” I want to deep kiss you with my mouthful of your fresh cum. I would love to drool all of your creamy load down onto you cock and balls and massage them with all that sticky ejaculate. *If , like you say, you’re available and your “game” and “open minded”, then you’ll love the way I want to love your body and parts I wished you lived next door to me. I would L O V E your willing and available body every
        night. YOU COULDN’ T GIVE ME TOO MUCH CUM!!! Nice talkin’ to ya, Handsome guy. (Go stroke your chicken if you have to.)

        • Steve says:

          Oh yes. I will stroke my chicken tonight while watching porn. Then I’ll cum all over myself and lick my mum off my fingers. Then I’ll just lay naked in my bed for a bit without even cleaning up. I like to lay in my own messy and sticky cum. After I beg out for awhile I’ll get up and wipe myself clean. Then I’m usually hungry for a snack and eat naked or just a shirt on. If I have enough energy and I’m eating something sweet, I put coconut oil on my cock and then Jack off into my food and eat all that good protein! What a naughty boy I am! I live over here on the west coast. Where do up live Billy?

  35. dana says:

    For me I couldn’t resist the urge so I started eating my own loved ones and of course loved it. And again I couldn’t resist the urge so one night I was at a gay bar sucking a black guy’s dick in his car and when he shot his load he shot it on his leg and I leaned over and licked it off and then one for every drop I could get and absolutely love everything about the taste feeling it in my throat and knowing that I finally swallowed a guy’s load. It was absolutely fantastic I love it and wish there was no such thing as a HIV because I would eat loads a few times a week at the gay bar I go to suck dick in

    • John says:

      I really enjoy a nice warm load of cum when I get a chance to 69 with a guy ! While we’re both sucking each other , and I hold back from cumming first ! Feeling that hard cock pulse it’s salty load out is so satisfying ! Sure would be nice to have a regular cock to enjoy .

      • infidel says:

        I want to kiss you and suck you. I want to kiss your balls and give you a hum jog.

      • mick says:

        I don’t seen to find enyone to do it with but I love to swallow

      • scott says:

        Hi there John I would love to meet up with you and have you big dick to suck on and you feed me a really big laod to swallow I am in burbank Ca. where are you are you close to me reply back tell if so lets cum together I am hungry for your cream to swallow

    • raymond thomas says:


      • Ted says:

        Yeah Ray. Real men love cum in their mouth. Last night I had the all time thrill of cum in my mouth! It started with a full thick creamy load of ejaculate that this 38 year old handsome guy unloaded in my mouth at the end of a blow job. My mouth filled up fast and his cum spread throughout every crook and cranny of my mouth. I went wild with the thickness and taste of his ejaculate in my mouth as I played with it with my tongue. His body shook as my mouth tightened around his cock head and pulled every drip of cum out. BUT THE BEST WAS YET TO COME! Jeff twisted his body around and quickly pressed his lips to mine. My lips were wet with cum and his tongue slipped through them and plunged into my cum filled mouth. With his tongue and lips he began sucking on my mouth. SUCH INTIMACY I HAD NEVER KNOWN BEFORE!!! I couldn’t help but begin sucking on his tongue. His thick creamy gobs of sexual pleasure spread all around on the outside of my mouth. The taste of his cum was only surpassed by the smearing of his this thick ejaculate inside and outside of my mouth. The only words that now rushed through my mind were “WOW…WHAT DELICIOUS AND EXCITING CUM”…LIKE I’D NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE!! My hands gripped the sides of his head as I made his mouth and tongue to go deeper into my oral receptacle. We licked and sucked each other’s tongues and lips for several minutes. IT WAS THE ULTIMATE IN MALE INTIMACY I HAD EVER KNOWN UP TO THIS POINT IN MY 28 YEARS OF GAY RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN. All I can say to all you men lovers out there is…you gotta share cum with your mouths with more men! IT SURE DOES BEAT SWALLOWING CUM AT THE END OF A GOOD BLOW JOB!!! All you guys who have shared cum mouth to mouth are now shouting “YEAH! TELL IT LIKE IT IS!! NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SUCKING CUM FROM EACH OTHER’S mouth!!!

        • Steve says:

          Man that turns me on so much. I’d luv to watch u guys and Jack off!

        • Billy says:

          Steve, it would be great to have you stand beside us, nakedness is required, to watch us have our big double blow job in a 69. And don’t forget, when you have your big jerk off, make sure you shoot your ejaculate straight down into your mouth. How else would a he-man like you do it? Right? Sorry I don’t live on the west coast. I live near Tampa FL.

  36. Derrick says:

    I swallow my own cum all the time but I have never swallowed anyone else’s cum but I want to. Can I swallow you guys? I want both of your big loads in my mouth

    • Max says:

      I have swallowed my load for many years and have really enjoyed it,about 5years ago I had my first experience with a man,once I had his cock in my mouth I was hooked it was so hot,I never had so much fun.I told the next guy I was with to fill me full of cum,my god what a rush,feeling that explosion in the back of my mouth,I have been enjoying hot cumever since

      • Derrick says:

        I can’t wait to find a big white cock to squirt hit cum inrhe back of my throat.

        • Chris says:

          I would love to exchange cumloads with anybody. I need my first mouthful please!

          • Fuzz Jefford says:

            Chris, I would love to share cum loads with you! I love sucking cock and absolutely enjoy taking hot cum in my mouth!! Taste so good and you will not want to quit!!

          • hardhead says:

            Ive never blown a guy to completion but I want to try it with some one with little experience like me. I know I caan still want to suck a cock after I cum. Can you? Please answer. Hardhead

        • Scottish stallion says:

          I’ve cum to the point in life I really want a man to suck me off. I’m brand new and just visiting a desire. I don’t want to touch, suck, or anything. Just want to see what a man feels like taking my big cock in his mouth

          • Liam says:

            My good and sympathetic advice to you is simple. If you just want to experience getting your cock sucked off and having that beautiful orgasm in a man’s mouth then it’s a simple sexual experience to arrange. Go to an Adult Book Store where they have booths for men to watch porno. Each booth will have a glory hole for men to stick their cocks through. Any man in the next booth will be looking for a cock to suck. So drop your pants and let your cock go through the hole in the wall. Press your naked cock and balls against the hole opening—men love to see it all. You will quickly feel the warm wet pressure of a man’s mouth slide over your cock head and then he will suck your total cock into his mouth. He will probably suck slowly at first to get your meat hard as possible. But as he speeds up, don’t be reluctant to groan with pleasure. If you’re a man this will come naturally. Expect the strong urges to cum in his mouth—within 5 minutes you will crave relief’ Your secret friend will suck faster….he wants your cum soooo bad. So it’s up to you to satisfy him. If you must…pinch your nipples firmly to bring on an orgasm. As a man you will feel nature taking its course and ecstasy will flood through your loins. An immediate ejaculation from your cock will flood into his mouth. Your cock will explode in the most erotic orgasm you have ever had! Believe me… An orgasm from a blow job is the greatest sensation a man’s cock can ever feel. As your cock shoots off, expect to grunt loudly, you hips will shake in rapturous ejaculations as his lips and tongue

          • Liam says:

            Second reply to Scottish stallion’s sex life’s need….A CONTINUATION OF MY 9-22-16 REPLY REGARDING A TRIP TO THE ADULT BOOK STORE………
            ……your hip will shake in rapturous ejaculations as his lips and tongue will push the remaining drops of cum from your cock. At this point you will be breathing deeply as your cock ceases to throb. AND…. you have loved every second of your blow job and find yourself saying–“I’ve got to have more of this!” Now you know why men crave blow jobs. And for sure, I know this too…you will soon be craving to GIVE men blow jobs!!!

    • Steve says:

      Yeah sure. PM me.

  37. Josh says:

    After reading these I really want a big hard cock in my mouth now I have never done it before but I’ve been thinking of it for a while now

  38. James says:

    I became a cum lover when I was a teen. I did yard work and such for a man who I think was 35-40 years old, one hot day when I came into his house for water I saw him in the living room on the sofa. no pants on, hard cock, thick and veiny sticking up while he was watching a porno. I was amazed by this movie, had at that time never seen one like it, and I started to get hard too. He saw me looking and told me to come in. He saw that I liked the movie and told me to drop my shorts and watch it with him. I won’t describe all the weird feelings, but he made me feel comfortable so I sat down. He stroked his thick cock and a bead of clear precum was on the tip. He saw me look and asked if I had ever tasted precum juice before, I said no, he told me it tasted good and dipped his finger in it and licked it off. I had no precum so he told me to taste his and I did the same. I told him that it did taste good and then we watched the movie some more. When he had another nice blob he said to me to “just lick some off” a bit freaked, but I leaned over and tasted my first precummy cock and I liked it. Soon I had my lips around the head and was sucking his cock. It didn’t take long and his hips were moving around and his cock swelled and a hot splash of semen shot into my mouth, then another and another. I had to swallow because his hand was on my head, and blobs of thick hot cum were going down my throat. When he was done shooting he said “wow, that was awesome!” I swallowed again and got some water.

    Afterward we talked about it and decided it would be fun for me to come over and work a few times a week and watch some porn too. So, for two years I worked for this man. He would come to meet me at the door naked with a semi hard cock knowing my lips would soon be around it. I sucked his cock two to three times a week for two years. I must’ve swallowed a quart (or more) of his sperm over that time and I love swallowing cum still today.

    As to today, I’ve sucked swallowed more than 60 cocks I think, and some of those were regulars who needed service once a week, so many loads were sucked from them over time. I’m 42, have been a cocksucker for almost 30 years, and still love to make a man cum and swallow his hot sperm. Thanks guys for this forum! It’s nice to tell the story.

  39. Kent says:

    I’d like to hear from teens, guys, men and seniors regarding their experiences of jerking off their cock in order to shoot their cum into their mouths. I feel that more do it then just those who admit to it. Share with us when you first did it, your reaction to your first selfie, how often did you do it and/or are still doing it. I say there’s no shame in doing it –how to you feel about it. If it was your first taste of cum, tell what the taste of it was like. My name is Kent. Look for my take on eating my own cum.

    • Ted says:

      Okay, I will have to admit it. I have jerked off my cock and the cum shot straight down into my mouth. I was about 27 when I had the strong urge to try once. But as men know, you don’t do it once. After you’ve tasted it and found that it ain’t a bad thing you begin to want to feel the creaminess of it with your tongue again. And again and again and then on a regular basis. That was my experience. After my very first cum selfie I knew I’d have to do it again. Once I had a taste of cum, I no longer had reservations about taking a man’s cum, But even at that point in my life I had not sucked cock. But soon after in an Adult XXX theater, there were guys there of all ages that were looking for blow jobs. And that’s where I first gave one. I never could put a name to the taste of cum. It was always just the taste of taking man’s juices into your mouth. And what taste there was , was always worth the pleasure of getting a guy to cum. Years later now, I have done hundreds of blow job sessions, but if I’m really horny and alonge and no guy is available, then I will again kick my feet up and give myself a warm cocktail of fresh manly pleasure. Really now, don’t most men still do it? Waiting to hear from Kent about his selfie experiences.

    • Steve says:

      Yes. I taste my cum almost every day. I also like to rub it around my face. It’s good for the complexion. Cum also has a lot of protein in it too. I’m hetero, but I fantasize about sixty nining with another man and swallowing his cummings beside him spanking all over my face. I’m not ashamed at all. I like to do new things. After all, variety is the spice of life! I also have a 5 ” dildo that I stick up my butt the same time I Jack off. I need to lose a lotto weight so I can maneuver myself to have my sick close to my face. Or does anyone have any suggestions of how to do that now? I’m dying from curiosity cuz I want to try it ASAP.

      • Steve says:

        I always use coconut oil when I jack off on myself. I luv the combined taste of my own cum and coconut oil. The two have lots of protein in them anyway. Keeps me young at heart.

    • Bob says:

      Okay Kent, here’s what you wanted. I’ll tell the truth and say it — I love a mouthful of my cum on a fairly regular basis. The first time I shot downward into my mouth I suddenly realize how big my load of ejaculate really was. I wanted the cum taste and boy, did it ever flood into my mouth. I was 24 and single and, of course, needed sex often. I took my cum orally seven days a week for a long time. Now I enjoy other guys taking my cum. Nothing beats having an orgasm inside a man’s mouth! But one thing I longed. for and finally experienced. I went 4 days without cumming thinking my load would be bigger than ever. I was with a “blow jobbing” friend — we did each other every month. We had laid in a 69 enjoying a pleasurable hour of sucking cock. He worked me up to a tremendous urge to cum and I told him to take and hold on to it. He gave me a fabulous blow job which shook my body from beginning to end. It seem that there were endless throbbing gushes of cum I shot into his mouth. I almost felt exhausted, but I was empty and so sexually drained. BUT I wanted that new experience I had only dreamed about. I WANTED TO TASTE MY CUM LIKE A LOT OF GUYS DO IT. I pushed myself up in the bed and my mouth went down on his. My lips circled his and he had to know what I wanted. I slid my tongue through the lips and he opened. Then I turned his head to the side and I began to suck and lap my cum from his mouth. He cooperated beautifully and raised his head to drain his mouthful of juice back into my mouth. It was another big load of gism, but I took it…and the exciting taste was so familiar. We lay there for 15 to 20 minutes just swapping my cum and other juices from mouth to mouth. I never lost my hard on through all of this, so we went on sucking in a 69 till he came. It was a terrific session of sex. One I knew would have to be repeated.

    • Ray says:

      Ive ate my own cum and I like the taste and the texture. Ideally though I do love to entertain a real man’s cock. His whole body! Ive had a lot of cock and swallowed a lot of cum….some tastes good and others taste bad but the feel of a cock in my mouth and just the thought of sucking a guys cock til he cums in my mouth just turns me on baby! woof!

      • Kent says:

        Ray, I don’t know your age but I write you “from experience” I am 76 and have tasted loads of my own cum and have taken cum for men’s cocks 100s of times. That’s a n under-estimation! I was sucking cocks off in my late teens. Even now, sucking cocks off and enjoying the taste of cum is never a HO-Hum experience. Every blow job is a brand new experience as it gushes into my mouth for that total male oral experience.. Need I say, I LOVE CUM! Every mouthful of ejaculation I take from a man, a guy and even a teenager becomes the “flavor of the month”. Oh those beautiful kids with their youthful patches of pubic hair and smooth hairless balls…what a thrill to help them experience their very first blow job! Yes, I love a good thick creamy load of cum that sticks and clings to the inside of your mouth, but the ejaculate from the younger ones is so sweet and sometimes watery, but always abundant and very mouth “watering”. I imagine that you have many more years ahead of you for enjoying oral sex with men and of course, delighting in every fresh load of gism they give you. I can guarantee that you’ll never tire of blow jobbing or getting your cock sucked off. It’s great being a man…and of course, being a man to a man. Many happy blow jobs for you, my Man. And, of course, enjoy every man’s cum……. like a man! Under separate cover I’m sending you a gallon of my cum… case you get lonely some night. From America’s #1 cum lover.

    • Frank says:

      I first jerked my cock off into my mouth when I was 26. I knew I was bisexual and longed to feel a guy’s cock in my mouth. But before I could suck cock I had to taste cum just in case my male friend ejaculated in my mouth. I hadn’t come for almost 2 weeks when I decided to shoot off my cock into my mouth for the taste of it. I did the old “legs over my face” procedure. I starred up at my big dick as I masturbated in a downward angle. It naturally felt good as I anticipated this new experience. My groin began to ache for relief and I knew I had to give myself a good jerking off. The moment of relief came quickly — my hand did my cock like a teenager would do it. My mouth opened wide with a “AAAAAH!” and my cock surrendered its macho thick stream of ejaculate. I felt it cover my tongue and run into my throat. As I swallow some of it, my lips pursed and cum covered my lips with my manly juice. I licked them off and the taste I got from it was very acceptable. I opened wide and more cum streamed down into my mouth. I suddenly felt like a man –an adult sexual male—It felt good, it tasted good, And I felt completely satisfied and fulfilled as a young man who had desires for other young guys. I pushed the creamy thick ejaculate around in my mouth. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I seemed to instantly know that I wanted to taste cum from another guy as soon as possible. I learned quickly that the taste of cum was addictive! I immediately began to go to a gay bath. During that first month of sharing my naked body with other guys, and men up in their 60s, I had sucked cum (that is–blow jobbed) at least 30 guys. WHAT A WONDERFUL THRILLING TIME I HAD DOING IT, TOO. I don’t have to take my cum any more. Nothing beats the exciting pleasure of feeling another man’s cum fill your mouth. RIGHT?

    • Rutabug says:

      When I was younger I loved to self- suck oh the cum was so good but now at the age of 77 cant. Still love the taste of cum the more the better. Nashville TN

  40. Steve Bach says:

    All I can say is that it is imperative to always swallow the load [s] of all the guys cocks we sucked. Not only is it the most disrepectful when one spits out the load . When this happens the top can be allowed to punish the guy in every way he wants . A few hard slaps and punches across the face and a few kicks in the balls would be a good motivation to always eat the cum . I always try to suck the great penis all the way and not letting out of my mouth till he cums in my mouth guys love this the best and taking fresh cream right from the source is ideal. Bring me loaded cock in onr door and they leaved drained out the other

    • Liam says:

      Sorry Steve, but I disagree with you that spitting cum out is disrespectful. A lot depends on where you did your blow job. Anyway, when I take a load of cum into my mouth I have way to show my respect to the cock and guy for giving me such and exciting and delicious treat. Picture this, the big hard piece of meat in my mouth has just delivered several gushes of creamy liquid sex in to my mouth. He’s threw with the big “OOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHH!’ and his cock has stopped throbbing. My mouth is holding the fresh warm load of his liquid manhood…..his cock is still hard in my mouth and my lips gently massages his cock head. Slowly my lips part and his cream drains down over his cock and runs into his hairy bush. Then with a hand wrapped around his beautiful cock I catch the cum and begin to tenderly bathe it. It’s wet, gooey and sensual to feel. Soon both of my hands are on his cum covered cock and I begin to spread it, and I push the white cum deep into his pubic hair. It is so sexy to feel as it glistens all wet in my hands. My man friend then knows how much I loved and appreciated his macho ejaculation. There’s no disrespect, Steve, when you show your man how much you personally love his cum. Yes, I’d love to take your cum and show you what I do for the love of cum! Usually, following my hand rub down of a guy’s cock I lick and suck it clean and I just love to get my mouth into his hair and lick it clean too.

  41. Billy says:

    Cole and Hunter: What do I really like about this web site? You should know so you don’t change it. You focus in on the wonderful activities of cock sucking, blow jobbing, shooting cum and taking cum, the delicious nature of having cum in your mouth. You high light the enjoyment of kissing men and also how to enjoy the feeling and taste of cum. Thanks for telling us how many men have a love for cum. Thanks for NOT getting into golden showers, or ass play, or anal intercourse. There’s such pleasure in masturbating or sucking cock that every man can find something to enhance his sex life with men. You have provided me with hours of pure sexual enjoyment, not only with myself but with scores of men who want men. As I look at your personal naked pictures—I could eat you up!

  42. Jim says:

    Scott, your rundown on how to kiss men is what I needed. You described exactly what I would love as I press my mouth down over another man’s mouth. I’m glad to encouraged the exchange of spit. That I really love to do. It is so sexual and personal. I love to push my mouth and tongue into the farthermost recesses of a guy’s mouth. I love sucking on a tongue and pulling a guy’s lips into my mouth with my own lips. And let the spit flow! How can two men bond more tightly than when they share and swap their saliva back and forth? I love when a guy sucks his spit together in his mouth and then drools it out into my open mouth. Yes, spitting saliva back and forth into each other’s mouth is the Greatest Intimacymen can experience…second only to spitting cum from mouth to mouth.

  43. Harry says:

    Lee, One phrase you said caught my eye and brought back a flood of memories. That phrase was, “I never knew that cum could taste that amazing.” I was 22 then and had been sucking cock and doing blow jobs for maybe 3 years. I actually loved the darn stuff as it shot in my mouth. I’d heard that cum tasted good and I began to prove it to myself on a regular basis. After every blow job I looked forward to the next load of cum from a guy’s cock. I loved cum in every way. Its taste and its creamy feeling. One day I was with two of my buddies. We all got naked and hard ons came fast. Being alone and in a private place we all began sucking cock. And we did more. We sucked balls and nipples and on each other’s mouth. I loved the deep kissing which the other guys liked too. Chewing on tongues and lips and swapping spit was so much fun and personal.And it sure kept our cocks hard! After about an hour of delicious sexual play, I wanted cum so bad that I went into blow job mode and Bob came hard and fast in my mouth! The feeling of that warm gush of cum filling my whole mouth was super terrific. Scott knew that Bob had just been blow jobbed as I knelt in front of Bob’s cock, still sucking his creamy dick. Scott came over, got down on his knees, grabbed my head in his hands and then put his mouth onto mine. I loved kissing and so accepted his mouth. Our mouths opened and our tongues licked and lapped at each other’s mouth.We exchanged cum fast and passionately between our mouths. What a thrill it was!! Bob’s cum was rich and macho, yeah, real thick and delicious. I wanted this kind of gooey deep kissing to last and last. I knew Scott loved the intimacy of this moment. Yes ,and I never knew that cum could taste so amazing! Cum dripped from our mouths onto our chests and ran down to our hairy cocks too. With our mouths locked together, Scott and me ate cum together from my mouth. Up to that point in my life, I had never had such a sexually masculine time of sheer ecstasy with a man. This one time of sharing cum orally made me repeat it as often as I could with other men who had mouthfuls of cum. GUYS, you’ve got to try it…suck cum from your man’s mouth as often as you can! TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS CUM…WOW!!! I’m a guy who’s had a terrific cum experience and a new appreciation for its delicious taste! AND IT CAN BE YOURS TOO, TRY IT!!!

  44. Mike says:

    I’m 40yrs old and I’ve never sucked another mans cock but I’ve been wanting to try it. I want to taste a guys cum in my mouth. I live in middle Georgia. Anybody wanna meet up secretly and cum in my mouth?

    • john says:

      I feel the same frustrated wanting to find the man that WANTS IT AS much as I do and pull out his big members and suck it all down all night. can you set it up. out

    • Ben says:

      I have had the pleasure of taking numerous loads of cum and really enjoyed it…haven’t had any for several years now and would love to meet to take a load and give a load.

      • Larry says:

        Sorry Ben for your lack of “cum pleasure”. For you, who have had the thrill of many wonderful loads of cum, I hope you have at lease had the pleasure of experiencing a bit of your own ejaculate. It ain’t bad and is a wonderful substitute for a good blow with another man. After all, you are a man with sexual needs. You are jerking off, I know. But don’t forget that your cum IN YOUR MOUTH can be tasty and enjoyable. Can you get to a gay bath? You’ll meet men there who want what you want—a cock to suck, cum to taste and a ready mouth for some deep kissing. The guys there are great and are a good variety. I find them to be between 20 and 80 and all have beautiful cocks with delicious cum. Here’s Good Luck to you and remember, too, lots of larger towns have gay bars.

      • Frank says:

        Ben, just the man who need to hear me out. I’ve been blow jobbing men for 45 years and have never stopped loving the gush of fresh cum saturating my mouth. The very thought of a man giving me an orgasm in my mouth gives me a hard on! Can’t understand why it’s been years since you unloaded a wad of cum in your mouth. You already know the thrill of sucking cum from a guy’s cock. I must confess…..I am 87 years old and I frequent a gay bath in Tampa. I’m never disappointed. I always take 2 or 3 loads of cum from the guys there (yes, with my mouth…how else?) The thrill and pleasure of a good thick load in my mouth is the best reason for sucking cock. I love to bring on orgasms fast and furious and then suck passionately on the sensitive cock heads. It’s great sport to feel their hips bounce up and down as their cocks explode in erotic ecstasy. They cry out with “OOOH

        • Frank says:

          (A CONTINUATION OF FORGOING REPORT FROM 87 YEAR OLD) I was saying….as I suck off their sensitive cock heads some will cheer me on to make their orgasm tremendously wild and erotic, but others plead for mercy and cry……”OH PLEASE STOP….STOP !….STOP!!!” I find that the feeling and sensation of a throbbing cock head in the mouth as it shoots cum all over inside my mouth is the height of cock sucking pleasure. SURELY, YOU KNOW THAT! Ben…get back to cock sucking and LIVE AGAIN! You may be older, but I know your desire is to again suck cock and feel that beautiful white cream all over you tongue again. You deserve that man with man pleasure for many years to cum! I wish you a ton of male friends and all the cum they can deliver to you for all your sexual needs and pleasure.

    • chasbuck says:

      I feel exactly the same. I tried to find a guy but the ones I met were so Gay it put me off so I now content myself with having a wank and making out my cock is being sucked but I truly would love to find a reliable guy in the UK who I can hang out with for mutual oral pleasure

      • Brandon says:

        Chasbuck, here’s a suggestion, do you have any gay bath houses in the UK. Maybe in London? I’m 18 and go to a couple of gay baths here in the States. The guys I meet there are not gayish. Beautiful bods with hairy chests! I’ll get to suck cock on 6 or 7 each time I go and take cum from 3 or 4. Yes, I really love to feel cock in my mouth and especially I love to experience guys shooting their wads of cum in my mouth. I first tasted cum 2 years ago when I shot it in my mouth. Since then I’ve been blow jobbing my friends every chance I get. There’s nothing like the taste of a man’s creamy gism. So my word to you is there’s no place like a gay bath for mutual oral pleasure! May you soon find the thrill of experiencing lots of wet juicy blow jobs!

    • Ted says:

      Mike, you sound like a guy I’d love to have a good mutual blow job session with. Each of us sucking cock in a 69, then we both shoot on cue and suck out the sweet gushes of cum from each other’s cocks. That’s when I could show you how delicious I think cum is. Yes, you’ll be sorry you never did a blow job earlier that 40. I know you’d love cum. Thousands of men love cum! I first tasted cum at 17 when I shot it in my mouth and soon after I was blow jobbing my friends and loving every drop of the tangy goodness of their creamy gism. Believe me, Mike, the feeling of a guys cock head going in and out of your mouth is soooo erotic and personal. To suck a cock for a few minutes will MAKE YOU WANT IT TO COME SOOOO BAD! Here’s a warning! To feel a guy’s cum shooting in your mouth will MAKE YOU WANT MORE AND MORE OF THAT FABULOUS EXPERIENCE. Within another month you will have sucked at least a dozen more cocks off. You won’t be able to help yourself…you’ll want to taste cum so bad!

    • Jim says:

      Mike, don’t give up. You want cock…you’ll get it. I was taking my own cum at 27 and did it for years as I longed to have a guy’s cock in my mouth. And it finally happened. I had gotten blow jobbed (my first) in an Adult Book Store’s porn flick booth. I went back the next week determined to take a cock into my mouth. This guy was on the other side of the glory hole, his pants were down to his knees. I could see a mass of dark hair around his cock and this really turned me on. (I’ve always been drawn to a man’s hairy crotch.) I motioned with my fingers through the hole and “my friend” pushed his big erection through the glory hole. This was my big chance to suck. I wanted a man so bad that I had no hesitation to push his cock head through my lips. I sucked slowly at first. WHAT A THRILL IT GAVE ME! Then I really began to suck and I’m sure he never realized that his was my first cock to suck. It was sheer pleasure to feel his dick going in and out. His big cock head was a terrifically wonderful thing to suck on. I knew why I was sucking….for sure, he wanted to come and I strangely wanted him to shoot into my mouth. I sucked him like an old pro…with real determination to get his orgasm out. I heard him sighing and knew he was feeling more and more ready to come. I was sucking cock LIKE A MAN! I heard him exclaim “OOH” He push his hard cock against my mouth…I took it in…and then a surge of juicy gism streamed into my mouth. His cock twitched and shook. HIS ORGASM HAPPENED !! I wasn’t mindful of any taste, I just felt the flow of his juicy warm cum. I seemed to feel a new pride in what I had just done. As his cock stopped throbbing, he pulled it back. I reached for the paper towels in my pocket and spit it all out. That wasn’t the end of it, though. I wanted more of the same and in the weeks that followed I got quite a few more cock in my mouth and I was ready to take all the cum they could give me. I was 43 then and in the last 10 years I have fulfilled my desires for men hundreds of times. Of course, now I love cum. Its gushing flow into my mouth is the ultimate pleasure of cock sucking. The taste is still manly and wonderful to savor and it’s my main reason for sucking on cocks as often as I can. Mike, I’d love to be the first to take your sweet gism. Ever get to Florida–I live near Tampa.

    • Mike says:

      I live in Ga and would love to meet up. I am 44 years old, white, average build, dd free.

    • Billy says:

      You never said if a guy has ever taken your cum. But at any rate, I’d find it an honor and thrill to be the fist guy to give your mouth a good tasting of cum. I don’t know how we might get together. I live next to Tampa. Can you get to Atlanta. There is a nice gay bath there where you’d have no trouble getting a mouthful of cum. It used to be call and maybe still is “The Flex Club”. right off of US 75. Been there 3 times. Never go thirsty. Hope you soon have a hot juicy ending to your search for the full experience of your manhood. In other words, ‘ENJOY YOUR CUM THE WAY YOU WANT IT!”

    • Ted says:

      I know what you’re feeling Mike. I was in my early 40s when sucking on a cock really happened. To feel a hard dick going through my lips and having my tongue lick and caress it was so erotic and sexually stimulating that it became the beginning of a new kind of love making with men. Feeling that manly cock head in my mouth gave me a very strong urge and sexual desire to taste his cum. So I went for my first blow job and, wow, he really gave it to me…..and I tasted a big wad of cum. I felt like a man like never before. The feeling and taste of cum in my mouth was now what I wanted again and again. Mike, you’ve got to do it and join the millions of men who love cum in their mouth. Living in Georgia I have to ask you….ever get down to Tampa FL way? I’ll have a cum party with you any day. Don’t just “want” cum any longer…become a guy who wants “more cum” ! My experience tells me that

      • SAM says:

        Hi Ted Ilive in Chattahoochee and love sucking men till they fill have my mouth with cum,and yes I all so took my own cum in my mouth and love it
        So if you can make it to Chatt. I will suck your cock .

    • Frank says:

      You’re at that perfect age for men to suck. I can imagine that your cum is very thick, white and delicious to feel swirling around in a guy’s mouth. I can imagine that your loads of cum are hugh and excitedly warm as it coats every square inch of your mouth. I long to suck cock with you in a 69 and experience your fresh ejaculation shooting into my mouth as I unload gobs of thick cum into your mouth. I don’t mean to brag, but guys have told me that like the taste of my creamy gism. I sucked cum from cock since I was 43 and never have had a regrettable experience. Male cum is always a thrilling and delicious feeling as it shoots into your mouth. Believe me I KNOW! I’ve been giving blow jobs for 45 years!!!

    • Harry says:

      Mike, had to answer you. I’m a young 56 and have been sucking cock for 13 years. I wich I had started when I was 21…it’s a wonderful manly feeling. Nothing is so \personal and satisfying as to feel a guy’s hard cock sliding through your lips with the anticipation of bathing it with your tongue and saliva. When I first sucked cock I was 43 and knew that I wanted to do it a whole lot more. And I have…and have loved every cock I every sucked. This can be your experience too. To suck a guy’s cock can be be very addictive, but never regrettable. Tasting a man’s cum may seem to be a real challenge, buy once it happens it becomes a piece of cake. Lots of guys have gotten their first taste of cum from their own cocks. It’s a simple procedure. Lay on your back…kick your legs up over your face and jerk off straight down so that your cum shoots into your mouth. More men have done this than you’d ever imagine. I did it several times as a young man. Then when the time came to suck on a man, I knew what cum tasted like and I gladly and willingly gave him a blow job and truly loved the feeling of his cum shooting into my mouth. NOW….GO THOU AND DO LIKEWISE”! Taste you own cum first and then realize all cum tastes about the same. But it’s not the taste of cum that men are after for the most part. As with me, I love the feeling of a guy’s warm thick white ejaculate shooting into my mouth and coating my tongue and teeth with that pure essence of man! Nothing is more personal that feeling a man come to orgasm inside your mouth. My best wishes for a soon cum tasting experience and then a full blow job with your first man.

    • don says:

      get in touch/ we both want the same thing. i tpp would like to suck a cock, and eat some cum/

  45. PATRICK says:


    • Brandon says:

      If you like cock sucking and the taste of that gooey white stuff , then I’ve got advice that every cum lover needs to know. I’m only going on 19, but I had a lot of cum in my mouth and can talk with experience. It’s black cock cum. I don’t want to be at all disrespectful to African Americans, but rather thankful and praise worthy. Their cum is something else! How do you do it men? It’s usually unbelievably thick and comes out in hugh loads! That’s the kind of cum I long for. Sucking black cocks is a terrifically thrilling treat in itself. They’re big, hard and all muscle. But when they shoot off….WOW….

      • Larry queer for black cum says:

        I agree, black cum is better its thicker and more of it. The taste is so good, white men could take a lesson. but it wouldn’t do any good black have more desire to please a white fag . A good white queer and a big black dick will show the world what he missed.

        • Billy says:

          When you are a cum lover like me, you want the most manly cum there is. And that is cum from a black cock. Forget about their wonderful meaty size, their big luscious cock heads, their long hard muscle that can stretch down your throat. Right now, think about that exciting thick and white Made in America CUM! It’s so think it’s almost hard to swallow But who wants to swallow a delicious and hugh puddle of the thickest cream a man can make! Believe me, a black cock’s cream is something to enjoy and experience in the mouth. Yes, it’s like pudding, but it has a taste that’s masculine, mature and warm. White guys who know, want the thrill and enjoyment of blow jobbing for the richest ejaculate of any race of man. I’ve sucked dozens of black cocks—probably over 50—and have never been disappointed with the thick gobs of white semen which I took into my mouth. My tongue loves the creaminess of it and my total mouth delights in its taste. Larry, thanks for bringing up the subject of black cock’s cum. ATTENTION WHITE GUYS OF ALL AGES!!! YOU HAVEN’T COMPLETED YOUR BLOW JOBBING LIFE UNTIL YOU’VE SUCKED OUT THE THICKEST AND CREAMIEST CUM IMAGINABLE —- it comes from a beautiful black cock!!

        • Ted says:

          Larry you are right on the ball about cum from black cock’s. I’m a single guy in my early 50s and have been blow jobbing for many years. I am also white, but have long preferred black guys for sex. I love their super dicks and of course, their cum is so much more enjoyable than a white guy’s. When you love cum you want the best. And I love deep kissing black guys more than white men. They seem so passionate about getting their mouths into my mouth and I love that! Spit is spit and I love juicy kissing!

          • Brandon says:

            A few months back I was 18 and new onto the gay scene. I had been a closet gay for my high school years, but then I had to be honest with myself. I opened up myself to meet with men. And being in a large city there were 3 gay bath houses for me to visit. I had a nice body being on the H.S. football team. I was 6 feet and weighed 200. Well, about 4 months ago I was at a bath with just a towel around my waist, like all the guys did. It was quite dark in some places and hallways. I turned one corner and literally ran into a guy. He grabbed me to steady me from falling. It was too dark to really see him. His hands and arms went around my sides and held my lightly. Then his hands began to feel me. That was okay with me. I also rubbed his chest and detected a nice meaty pair of hard nipples. I scratched on them with my fingers. He squeezed my body to his and I felt his hot breath on my neck. His face rubbed against mine till our lips were touching. My heart was beating too, as I rubbed my lips against his, They were full and thick. Nothing was said and our mouths opened and we began some kissing with our wet lips. I love kissing a guy’s full mouth and so mt tongue went in further and further. Within a minute our mouths were sucking at each other’s mouth and licking as deep as we could go in a sort of sensual orgy. I loved his hot passionate technique. My hands grasped his head to hold our mouths together tightly. I felt a head of tight curly short hair and almost immediately concluded I was with a black man. So far he was exciting and delicious as our saliva mixed together. Without a look at him I said “Wanna go to my room?” He agreed. He truly was a hunk of one good looking black guy. In the dimly lighted room our towels came off and we laid down together –it happened to be in a 69. In seconds our mouths met one another and our cocks were were being gently sucked. It was a beautiful and wonderful sexual time we had for almost an hour. Ralph was my first black encounter and it could not have been better or more rewarding, We both seemed to want a blow job simultaneously on each other. So in a 69 we sucked, not quick and determined to be the first to take cum, but with a passionate regard for each other. I don’t believe I had ever sucked a cock so full in size, so long and manly and with such a desirable cock head. We brought each other cum “up” and together we did surrender our ejaculations of cum at the same moment. The thrill can’t bee described as our mouths filled up together amid loud grunts of erotic pleasure. My mouthful of thick pearly semen was a new treat for me. One I have had many times since. Our cocsk stopped beating out their juices. We laid still, and it seems we needed time to enjoy and taste and the cum as we managed to hold a cock in the mouth. I felt Ralph was swallowing my cum. And then….it was so easy to let his drain into my throat. We lovingly kissed more for a few minutes. And then we make plans to meet again in another week. What can I say about having sex with a black guy. Nothing but words like AWESOME! REWARDING! DELICIOUS! SO SATISFYING! UNFORGETTABLE! DESIRABLE! BONDING! AND BEAUTIFULLY INTIMATE!! This was not a one time experience , but the beginning of a relationship full of love and sexual gratification!.

          • Ray says:

            I LOVE black cock. In general to me anyway……black men enjoy a white man who loves to enjoy cock. I REALLY enjoy it. I am very sensual cant help but quiver when I know a hot man is going to dick me all over! I enjoy pleasing a black man more… long as he treats me right. Ive been told I suck good cock and pleasing a man makes my day!

        • Liam says:

          Let me say this to Larry and other guys who like cum from black cocks. I am black, 28 years old and work out at a gym which gives me a pretty nice body. Like lots of guys these days I like my sex in a variety of ways. I could be bisexual. I think men are exciting to be with, In the gym shower I see how guys like to look over my body It’s not unusual for me to get a hard on in front of them because of their interest in my cock. They are the first to say something like, ” Wow, you’ve got some meat there” or “What’s it like gettin that one off?” If I’m along in the shower with a guy who remarks about my long dick, I know he’s interested in it We may even handle each other a bit just for a quick feel, but then we’ll end up together at some private place and have a great sexy time. At any rate there are white guys who love big cocks. I know black guys love em and for sure black guys love thick cum too. I find that having sex with whites is just as exciting and satisfying when they cum as black guys are. Thanks Guys for saying encouraging things about black cocks and their thick cum. I don’t mind having a good size dick and thick cum. It makes having sex more thrilling for my partner, and I’m sure it helps to attract the white guys to me. And another thing. Most white men just love to join in with deep juicy kissing too. So the bottom line is…Bigger is Better!

          • Kent says:

            I’m glad you told as it is Liam, Both white and blacks need to understand the truth about their cocks and cum. It was 1986, I was 20 years old, when a black guy around my age showered with me in the men’s change room at an oceanside bathing spot. I definitely was impressed with his manly penis having never seen a naked black fellow before. Well, I wasn’t ashamed in any way with what I was endowed with either. We both were circumcised. I got in several glimpses of his penis as I turned and rinsed down. I almost felt he might be erecting because it hung at an angle away from his balls. Both of us seem to soap up slowly as if to make these moments last. I looked over again and saw his cock about 75% raised. I was into some sex play with a couple of friends and the sight of him demonstrating his manhood was all I needed! My cock swelled faster than I had wished. In probably about 42 seconds I totally erected and my cock stood in an upward slant from my hairy bush. I glanced down and I actually my cock head was bigger than ever before. His cock now looked like a mature man’s cock as it stretched a good 7 or 8 inches from his body. We were caught looking at one another’s meaty organ … our eyes met and we half smiled and half laughed a bit. I never thought…we’re two young guys and we get hard quickly and at the drop of a hat sometimes. With a big smile he remarked, “Looks…good…on you.” I snorted a laugh and answered “But not as good as yours.” He moved over to my shower head to sort of rinse off and as he turned one way and then the other, his long erection rubbed against my thigh. Then came a second rubbing. I was sure he purposely made it happen. and especially when I noticed how he glanced at my hard on and then…into my eyes. My heart beat a little more to think he might be suggesting something. We were alone…. the door for our double showers was closed. I boldly put forth a question—“What are you thinking about?” He replied,” Whatever a guy like you might be thinking about too..” “You want to get acquainted?” He said…”It might be nice.” Our cocks stood at attention as if there was going to be a military inspection. I moved to right in front of him….looked down at him and took his cock in my hand. My fingers curled around his cock head. I felt his response and it seemed so nice. Well, that’s how it began. Behind the closed door we moved close together and began to enjoy each other’s parts. I played with his nipples, I massaged his balls , my fingers combed through his kinky pubic hair and of coarse began to rub his meat in a slow masturbating motion. We stood there a good half hour and our sexual urges were rising all the time. I was first to drop to my knees and take in his gorgeous dick, (It wasn’t my first cock sucking>) I suckrd with a fresh excitement about a possible load of cum. We sucked on each other for minutes. Then I brought him to a no return spot and he quietly exclaimed “Oh man Oh man SUCK! SUCK!” My lips clamped tightly over his cock head and with one long growl his cock ejaculated with a hugh burst of cream…..CREAM LIKE I HAD NEVER EXPERIENCED FROM MY FRIENDS! His cock head throbbed as more and more cream flowed throughout my mouth. WHAT AN EXCITING BLOW JOB IT WAS !!! My tongue didn’t splash through the cum, it pushed around throughout the soupy ejaculate. He grabbed my thighs and sucked my cock feverishly. I was so sexually high that in less than a minute I exploded hard in his mouth. And it went down his throat. James and I have been friends for the years that followed the one day’s experience. We have laid together hundreds of times and always our favorite sexual relief comes with 69 blow jobs and, admittedly I’ve swallowed a lot of his “vanilla pudding”. If any white guy reading this has never had a cock sucking session with cum — with a black guy—don’t put it off. IT’S AWESOME!

          • Rich says:

            My greatest sexual pleasure was from a beautiful black young guy who was hardly 21. It just happened that I went into one of those movie booths at an adult book store. I sat down and glanced at the glory hole. And just then 8 inches of handsome black meat came through the hole. What a gorgeous shape his meat was and the beautiful cock head he was offering me begged to be felt. I touched it with my fingers and then wrapped several fingers around it for some gentle play. He was already so hard that it was just natural for me begin stroking all 8 inches of his young exciting joy stick. Through the hole I could see a spread of short curly black hair. I felt he was young and needed his youthful sexual urges met. That big boy cock was irresistable and it seemed to plead to me for my best attention. Though he was a total stranger, I went down on one knee like I was going to worship his prize organ of dark flesh. Sucking came easy and natural for me at this point in my life. My wet lips spread over his dark head and the hard shaft slid all the way into my mouth. Sucking him became fun and delicious to feel. My mouth slowly “did him”—I wanted such pleasure to last a long time. His large sculptured cock head was an exciting piece of meat to feel in my mouth. Sucking my friend was a wonderful experience. Then he pulled away and through the hole I heard….”I’m ready…take it.” I knew what he wanted. A natural thing to say to someone sucking your cock. Why else would I be sucking. Don’t all cock suckers want to taste cum? His cock appeared again and I took it in. Now I sucked with anticipation and purpose for the love of cum. I was now in blow jobbing mode and I heard his loud whispers….”Oh man…suck it. Gotta cum gotta cum.” His cock extended out to me in its fullness and my mouth worked the head of it with passion. Then I did his cock deep throat and he groans loudly…”OH oh oh …I’M COMIN!!!!—– AAH!
            AAH! AHHH! My mouth filled with wads of thick warm pudding-like cream. His cock shook….the head throbbed…he thrust his cock in and out as he gasped for relief. I held his cock steady in my mouth with my hand as he went through a fast and wild ejaculation of his cum. It tasted like pure man’s cum. Warm tangy and delicious. As his cock stopped its throbbing, I knew I had a mouthful of gism that needed to be swallowed. It went down my throat in two swallows. It was one of my greatest blow jobs ever. What more would a guy want from another man!! I watched through the hole as he pulled up his pants . His whole private area was beautifully sexy. What a cock he had and what balls he was hanging! And the light thin spread of black curls confirmed his youthfulness. I wondered if he could have been just a teenager wanting to get his rocks off like a man. As he stepped from his booth I stepped out and met him. We paused and looked at each other. I muttered, “Thanks” and instinctively I took his young face between my hands and our lips met in solid and wet fashion. It wasn’t quick like a passing gesture, but with open mouths we exchanged wet tongues and just some ole natural spit. Our kiss lasted many seconds—-we laughed—and went our ways. I was now sure “my man” wasn’t a day older than 18. We both left feeling we had had a very wonderful and lucky encounter. I only wish that every man reading this could have a sexual encounter with a black man like I had had with my beautiful friend. Believe me, you’ll really love his cum!!

        • Bob says:

          I decided to take your advice Larry and try to meet up with a hunky black body to experience your advice. I got him to go with me to a motel, you know the kind. We showered together and that was very exciting enough to wash his privates with the soap. His cock got so beautifully big and its head was a thrill to rub and play with. His nipples were manly and meaty and I had to suck them for my pleasure. He gently took my head in his hands and directed it to his face His full lips pressed against my mouth. Being a guy who likes kissing I open my mouth and he pushed his large lips and tongue into it. Oh, how he sucked my tongue! We stood with our naked bodies pressed together and literally ate into each others juice mouth. Then we quickly dried off and laid our naked bodies together on the bed. And I mean together! Our privates and hard cocks rubbed side by side. My fingers pulled and squeezed his nipples some more and his mouth clamped over mine again. The words “deep kissing” don’t adequately describe what our mouths and tongues were doing. We were orally using each other’s mouth with our lips and tongues and an abundance of saliva…yes, with all the spit we could get up!! His cock was like a giant log between us. I needed a breather….I went down and swallowed his gorgeous cock head. Sucking it was a tremendous treat and macho experience for me. He moan with a pleasure that only a man could know about. He hands held my had and he began to guide it up and down on his meaty cock. Sam was in 7th heaven as my mouth stimulated his cock head as only a guy could do. And I was THAT LUCKY GUY! I was loving this so much!!! And I wanted his delicious cum so bad. I suck with a purpose and he surly must have felt my strong desire for his cum. His hands pushed my head up and down faster and faster. I knew I was sucking cock like all men want to feel it. He couldn’t say anything but…”Oh Oh Oh Oh OH MAN OH MAN OOHH MAN! OOHH MAN! YEAH MAN!!…… …..SUCK IT!!! ” HE WAS READY…I WAS READY…AND HIS CUM WAS READY!!! From deep within he bellowed out the sounds of his orgasm! My mouth immediately took the flood of his cum as it pilled in over my tongue. I was expecting thicker cum throughout my mouth but what spread over my tongue was thickest gism my mouth had ever experienced! It was erotic and so much fun to feel. I could taste it more passionately and found it to be the most exciting mouthful of ejaculate I had ever taken. I now know what you were talking about. Thanks Larry for challenging me to take a load of black cock cum. You white guys out there, don’t pass up another black guy’s cock! You’ll love it!

          • Brian says:

            Boh–loved your article and and willing to share that first black experience with us. For weeks I’d lay in bed at night with big hard ons thinking about black cocks going through my lips and then exploding its cum into my mouth. I’ve blow jobbed loads of cocks and have tasted loads of cum, but the thought of a large black hard cock shooting a triple thick wad of solidified semen into my mouth made me jerk off in my briefs many times. So I had a lot of cumy messes to clean up, but they all felt good and only prepared me for the real thing. I went looking for that new experience. I went to a porno flick booth at one of those “book stores” and on my second entry into a booth I peeked through the glory hole and saw a man with his shirt off and his pants were to his ankles. His body was a rich brown color. I quickly undid my pants and could see him looking through the hole at me. I dropped my pants and began to stroke my cock for him to see. I saw his fingers come through the hole and they “beckoned me”. My cock was big and hard and I stepped to the hole and inserted my cock through it. What I felt was not a hand doing my cock—- soft wet warm flesh circled my hard meat and slide back and forth over it. I knew from experience, that this mouth had sucked a good many cocks before. It was wonderful to feel and wild to experience his tongue licking and probing under my foreskin. I just let him do for quite awhile. The that feeling came—–I wanted his cock so bad!. I stepped back and immediately his long dark shaft appeared. It was long….thick….solidly hard….and offered me a large gorgeously sculptured cock head. It was irresistible! I dropped to my knees and pushed my lips over his glans and took in several inches of his dick. I sucked on it like a pro…OH what a fabulous first time experience with an African American! He had to know that I was a real cock sucker and knew how to do it as men what to feel it! Minutes went by as my mouth, my lips and my tongues worked on his beautiful cock. Yes, I wanted that one big moment of ecstasy so bad. I sucked with passion and fervor. Then I heard him. “Okay okay okay GO FOR IT!!! I tightened my lips and mouth and sucked faster. Then came my reward…. I felt the rush of his warm cream. It coated my tongue and teeth as his cock jerked in and out of my mouth.

  46. Don says:

    To Cole and Hunter: Thanks for giving guys a place to talk about cum. It’s so stimulating an encouraging to realize that other men, like me, can’t live without it. The first time I found your page and was reading all about the taste of cum, I came in my pants. Thanks a lot! But now I come only in mouths.

    • Jim says:

      I say DITTO to Don’s comments, and say “Thanks a lot” to Col and Hunter for giving me the chance to say that I’m a real cum lover too. It excites me with big boners to share with others my craving and pleasure for sucking cock and enjoying the delicious rewards of oral orgasms. It was this web site “For the Love of Cum” that prompted me to shoot cum in my mouth to get the taste of it and then I HAD to take it straight from a cock. I can only thank you guys for the exciting shots of cum I have taken from men in the past 4 years. If only I could get a good taste of Cole and Hunter!!

      • Brandon says:

        You said it Jim, we all want a taste of Cole and Hunter! I long to feel Cole’s beautiful sculptured cock head sliding through my lips. I crave the feeling of my tongue licking around the rim of that beautiful meaty bulb and then, of course, to taste the a full ejaculation of creamy goodness as Cole fills my mouth with his delicious juices. With Cole I could swallow his cum, or better yet, I’d love to deep kiss with him and with my mouthful of his fresh gism.

  47. Bob says:

    Lee, what makes you think you need a girl friend? Any guy who drops to his knees that fast to enjoy his friend’s manly organ is pretty much going to be a real man’s man before long. I only wish I was Rich so that I could help satisfy your urge to experience what Rich had to offer you. I think you’ve given us the answer to your inner desires when you said “I never knew that cum could taste that amazing.” Yes Lee, cum does taste wonderfully amazing, as well as tasting totally macho and beautifully addictive. By the time you read this, I wonder how many more loads of cum you have tasted with amazement. Be prepared to get hooked on cum tasting very quickly. When you said “Rich tensed up and he exploded inside my mouth”…it didn’t sound as if It was your first blow job. Otherwise you might have said “His penis shook in my mouth and soon my mouth was full of gooey stuff.” Sorry to be critical, but I did like your description about Rich’s offer when you said, “with Rich’s hugh hunk of man meat in my watering mouth.” Why was your mouth “watering” to have a cock in it? Lee…as man to man…..a man’s mouth will water when he WANT’S to give a guy a good blow job. Truly, I understand. My mouth is watering for you right now. Thanks for your story…it gave me a good hard on. Love you…wish that our mouths could water for each other sometime.

  48. Chloe says:

    I wish I was there

  49. jeremy says:

    I think its hot I wish I could eat cumm. I would swallow gallons of it

    • Beau says:

      Would like to talk about cum any one out there want to talk cum sucking hot

      • Mike says:

        I am a mwm. I have sucked cock and swallowed cum a number of times. Older guys, younger guys it’s all good. Big and small and love them all.

        • jerry says:

          I understand; I am a MWM and love cock as well as pussy? so I suppose I am Bi? I love the taste of cum; I love sucking a cock to completion! I love the feeling his cock swell then the cum begins to flow across mt tongue where I

          • James says:

            I would love to suck a cock and feel the sensation of warm cum oozing on my lips tongue and face

        • James says:

          i am dying to suck a cock and feel warm cum explode in my mouth

          • don says:

            I have only sucked one cock, It realy turned me on, Would like it again if I had some one to trust

          • cockplzr says:

            I just need my virgin tight ass banged then ill suck & swallow all the cum you can give me ! Whoes up for it

          • Frank says:

            James, are you saying you’ve never felt a cock shoot off into your mouth? You’ve never had the delicious thrill and taste of pure manhood spread over your tongue and throughout your mouth? The rush of thick cum ejaculating into your mouth from a man’s cock is one of the most rewarding experiences a man can have with another guy. It’s what you want to feel and taste and enjoy…isn’t it? Do it man! It will multiply the thrills of your sex life beyond description. You need to shoot your own cum into your mouth to taste it, to feel it’s slimy thick consistency, to play with with your tongue. You are ready to blow job a guy NOW. You said you “are dying to suck cock and feel warm cum explode in your mouth”. It’s time for you to get a guy to blow job and satisfy your longing for the greatest intimate sexual experience you can have with another man…..namely…to take and taste his fresh juicy ejaculate. I guarantee you’ll love it and want more!

          • Bob says:

            James—I know how you feel about sucking a cock and feeling the warm gush of pure cum covering your tongue. Right after I was given my very first blow job, I envied the guy who took my cum because I had come fast and hard, and his mouth had enjoyed my big load of cum. Three days later I went back to that Adult Book store, went into one of the movie stalls and coaxed a guy’s cock through the glory hole and began to suck it. I was so determined to taste cum that I didn’t care that I didn’t know him. He thrust his cock in and out of my mouth as I sucked. I heard his grunt and sigh and knew he was going to come… know…come right into my mouth. Well, HE DID! The new slippery and creamy juice was unmistakable… was his cum. And I tasted it as my tongue moved around. It was not a bad experience. It had only a slight mild flavor which didn’t bother me. I was satisfied and pleased with my break-through experience. I had given a blow job! Somehow I felt more adult. Yes, I had a paper towel with me to spit in. That first month after that, my interest in guys increased and I probably blow jobbed 5 or 6 more cocks. James, that was several years ago and now giving blow jobs is such a rewarding thrill for me that I have no trouble at all with enjoying and and tasting an ” exploding load of fresh cum” into my mouth anytime. You are missing out of one of the greatest sexual pleasures a man can have if you keep on JUST HOPING TO SUCK A COCK and HOPE TO SOMEDAY experience the thrill of having cum shoot into your mouth. Please, James, try it…you’ll like it!

          • Don says:

            My heart goes out to any guy who hasn’t sucked cock. Maybe your not yet convinced that you’re missing much. Believe me— a cock repeatedly passing through the lips is tremendously rewarding. I know that feeling and it’s terrific! To lick and explore a guy’s cock head with your tongue is so personal and bonding to do. Yeah, you said it right about “feeling warm cum exploding in your mouth.” You know it’s warm because you’ve shot cum into your hand. And your know cum does explode from a guy’s cock because you’ve seen your own cum fly into the air after a good ole jerking off. But YOU DON’T KNOW the extreme pleasure of feeling it fill your mouth with a wild delicious manly flavor. James, YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT!! You’ve got to feel and taste the creamy fresh ejaculate straight from a man’s cock! What else can I say? This advice comes from a guy who knows and is begging you to give a guy a blow job. You’ll love it and love cum all your life!

          • FFrank says:

            I never did it but I want to taste cum and suck a nice cock and play with balls.I love balls to

          • Harry says:

            James, to feel warm cum oozing over your lips is a delight for any man. To experience the flood of fresh hot ejaculate saturating your entire mouth is a thrill that man long for. But to rub thick cum with your tongue over the roof of your mouth…to savor and taste it….to feeling its smooth pudding consistency over your tongue and teeth is what real he-men crave after to enjoy. It can be tangy, it can be sweet, but above all, it’s the taste of manhood in all its sexual goodness! Do I speak from experience? You bet! I am such a lover of cum that I will take it from any color cock, any size cock, any age cock and from any man’s mouth too. I once laid in bed with a guy and held our mouths locked together and full of each other’s cum for almost an hour as we played with the cum from mouth to mouth. That’s what loving a man is all about!. IT’ S SHARING DELICIOUS CUM IN THE MOST ORAL WAY POSSIBLE ! James, you seem to indicate that you want a “cum experience”, but are still waiting for that moment to come. Please don’t put it off. Get a man and take his cum as soon as possible. You’ll always be glad you “became a man” by taking his cum into your mouth. YOU WILL ENJOY IT AND BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

          • Harry says:

            This is my experience James. I got my first blow job by a man when I was 43 and wanted to take a man’s cum right away. A week later I had the chance. I blow jobbed him through a glory hole and I thought at the time that if I did once that would be it and I wouldn’t want to do it again. I was so wrong! I longed to have more cock in my mouth and feel the creamy cum some more. Years have gone by and weekly I was spending 3 to 4 hour at a time at a gay bath. Boy, did I have cocks to suck and cum to take there. James, one “explosion of cum” into your mouth will give you a hunger for cum that you will have to fill. Just try it once…you’ll love it!. Now I’m 63 and still go to the bath almost every week. No problem getting to blow job men there, but those wonderful delicious loads if ejaculation are an exciting treat every time it happens. I’m a true cum lover and I know you want to be one too.

          • Kent says:

            Don’t put off sucking cock! The thrill of a cock exploding with fresh hot cum in your mouth is by far the greatest thrill a man can have with a man. To feel and taste the thick ejaculate all through your mouth is beyond description. And if the cock is a black one, WOW! what a treat to experience thick cum like never before. Cum is cum, the taste is every bit as delicious, but oh that sticky thick ejaculation on your tongue and teeth is the most personal thing a man can give you. James, don’t wait , do a blow job as soon as you can!! You’ll lovr it and wonder why you waited so long.

      • Don says:

        I’ll talk “cum” to any guy. I assume you love the wonderful stuff and want to hear about other guy’s experiences with it. Well I had a great wild treat one day with a beautiful wad of cum. I had been sucking his cock for a good hour along with lots of deep juicy kissing and tongue sucking. He had a body like a boxer. He was black, dark, and really good looking. His cock was what you’d expect—big and beautiful. I was doing him, My mouth was going up and down and I loved the large cock head going through my lips. In an instant he exclaimed, “Oh Buddy!! SUCK ME GOOD!!!” follow by, “TAKE IT!” His cum exploded in my mouth and he was literally cock fucking my mouth as his hot cum gushed into my mouth. He and I knew that it was a real big load. But I soon FELT IT! Man, it was thick!! It was like I had just put a spoonful of pudding in my mouth! He grunted and groaned as I sucked his cock head to get the very last spoonful….I mean…every last squirt of his ejaculate. I’d never felt such thick cum in my mouth before. But I was so horny that I loved it! My tongue spread it all around in my mouth. The taste was so neurtral…I just wanted to lay there and enjoy the intimacy of the moment…and he let me do that. I’ll always remember that day–that delicious thick gism–that beautiful body and the erotic deep kissing we shared together. That’s my cum story. Now, tell us yours.

        • Billy says:

          My experience with cum goes way back. My first years of masturbation (between 13 and 18) were of the old fashion kind….straight jerking off. But them I wanted to enjoy my cum more. I had tasted it, but once I shot it in my mouth, I had no desire to enjoy it further. I wanted the FEEL of it, the SENSATION of it in my hand and between my fingers. I wanted to play with a cock covered with cum! So, laying on my back, and naked, I worked up pre-cum and as it oozed out I massaged my cock with it. I would get cum out like this again and again and loved to bathe my balls and hair with it. I would get so horny! As the cum got sticky and drier, I would give in to a full jerking off and the rest of my cum would shoot up and over my stomach.Then, I loved to smear the cum all over my stomach. Now I’m in my early 20s and love to jerk off guys all over my hard cock and hairy bush. Bathing my privates with their cum is so personal and sexy! I also love rubbing my wet gooey cum covered cock against their privates too. Sometimes this makes them come and they shoot their load all over my dick and balls and lower abdomen. So—there’s more to cum than just taste…it’s fun to play with. Use your imagination.

      • Bob says:

        Kent: Your cum eating story makes my mouth water. I need a hugh glass of fresh warm ejaculate to spread around in my mouth right now! I can can only think about what I experienced a few months ago. It was a genuine cum-a- rama or CUM FEST! I was at a gay bath and I had stretched out naked on the soft bench in the locker room. I was very horny and was giving myself as an opportunity to any guy who wanted my cock. I was as hard as rock, straight up , big and I thought inviting. Very soon a naked guy came over and he went down on it. His mouth was thrilling to feel as he sucked. I could see that his own hand was “doing” his cock as he sucked me. His mouth felt so good on me, but I was hoping I wouldn’t come yet. I couldn’t help but groan with pleasure. But then he got up, still wacking his cock and stepped up to my face. He was then masturbating over my mouth. Another guy took over with sucking on my cock. The guy jerking off pushed his cock head through my lips and let out heavy grunts…and they he shot off! His warn cum soaked my mouth as the pushed his cock in and out. HE HAD FUCKED MY MOUTH! I thought it was GREAT because I really loved cum! Then the guy sucking me off got up and began to jerk off at my mouth too. He couldn’t stop and suddenly he was jerking off over my lips. I opened wide and caught it with my tongue. My mouth was saturated with thick gooey gism. Oh yeah, I played with it…tasted it real good…and loved the manly experience. Now—a third guy stood next to the other guys beating on his dick….he stepped up and as he pressed his cock head against my mouth he jerked himself off and his cum went through my lips and spread on into my mouth! I HAD TO SWALLOW! But my mouth was still swirling with thick juices from these guys. The taste was pure masculine and the feeling was so erotic. I WAS LOVING IT! Then, one by one, the guys pushed their slimy cocks through my lips and made me suck them a little bit more. My cock was so big and hard that I thought the head of it would tough the ceiling. Then a hand took my cock and began to masturbate it. I surrendered my self to the pleasure that swept over me. and soon I shot my cum into the air and, of course, over my whole body. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I think of it often as I get it off in the shower. Every man need an unbelievable sexual treat that iwill give him fresh hardrons whenever he thinks of them.

      • Kenny says:

        Beau, I had a great cum experience some time ago and it seems right to tell a guy like you about it. I’m not so reserved that I can’t talk to a guy about cum. I was at a XXXTheater, sitting in the balcony. Maybe there were 3 or 4 of us in the balcony. A man sat next to me. I had only been into cock sucking 2 or 3 years and not too aggressive yet, then I was about 45. He probably came and sat next to me. But he wanted to get into my pants. Okay with me–I undid them and slipped them down to my ankles. I spread mt legs apart and his hand quickly grasped my dick and I got hard right away. His hand felt so good on me for quite awhile and then he went down and sucked. I loved that, but soon I felt I didn’t want to come yet. I reached for his crotch and in the dark I found that he had a full hard on sticking straight up through his fly. He opened up his pants and stretched back in his seat. That was my invitation I figured. I bent over and slid my mouth over his big dick. The head of it felt gorgeous . It was large with a good firm pronounced rim around it. Absolutely beautiful for sucking. I just loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth! He could have been maybe between 48 and 55 with a big spread of pubic hair which made his balsl hairy too. I love getting my fingers into it again and again. I tried to suck like a pro. I could hear his deep breathing…his legs stretched out….and I knew he was ready for something. With a quiet groan he pushed my head down and he came! M y mouth filled up full as he repeatedly shot out his ejaculate. His body trembled some through it all. His breathing was rapid but quiet. My tongue felt every splurge of cum as it left his cock head. With that big cock and sculptured cock head, and the full load of fresh cum, I knew I had blow jobbed a real man!’ As his hand eased off my head, I got some paper towels from my pocket to spit in. I watch more of the movie, but about 30 minutes he came back and sat beside me. He dropped his pants first and assumed I’d treat him good. It was his cock head I had to feel again in my mouth’ He stretched out and leaned back. My hand rubbed over his bare torso and felt him all over. His cock was swollen and was a beautiful temptation for any guy. It hardened fast as my mouth did it again. I heard a low “oooooooh”. I hardly believed he needed another blow job, but I was willing to try. His two hands held my head as it went up and down. Again his breaths became short as my lips work his cock head over. I heard his low whisper…”oh yeah man”. Then came “Oh boy!” and his body jerked and his cum flooded into my mouth. It was another full load! I wondered…How does he make it so fast.? His hands gripped my head tight to stop the sucking, I’m sure his cock was extremely sensitive, even to a sucking mouth. I could feel each shot of ejaculate as it hit my tongue. I waited for the final squirts of gism before sitting up again. With a final “Thanks a lot friend” he left. And also left me with a tremendous sensual memory of a sexual experience with that man. Yes, Beau, two hugh delicious loads of man’s inner honey from one man!!

      • Liam says:

        Beau, can’t resist your challenge to talk about cum. I love the subject and I think it’s so macho to talk about it. To introduce myself, I am a cum lover! I love to feel its thick creaminess shooting in my mouth. I love the tangy taste of it as my tongue spreads it around in my mouth. I don’t spit it out till it thins in my mouth. And the most satisfying experience I can have with cum is to kiss another guy who has a mouthful of ejaculate. Oh yeah buddy…to spit cum back and forth from mouth to mouth is the most exciting of all sexual play. So–that’s who I am. How often have you read something like this on this web site…”I’m 63 years old and just started to blow job men….Wish I could have started this when I was younger.” Well Beau, I’m one guy who did start blow jobbin at an early age, and by actual count in my records, I have taken cum from over 1250 guys in my 22 years of blow jobbing men. No wonder I’m a cum loving young man at 39. I only wish we could spend a few nights together. Boy, would we ever make cum flow! I was 17 when this buddy of mine and me were spending the night in a little tent and for amusement we began to suck each other in a 69 We got naked first. Then, we were wildly sucking cock and it just happened without any thoughts about what would happen. He gave out a loud grunt and my mouth filled suddenly with warm creamy stuff. I knew it was cum as I felt his cock head throbbing in my mouth. I didn’t jerk my mouth from his cock, but let it spurt out its full load. I remember grasping his cock and balls in my hand and gently rubbing them. I had no sense of tasting his cum—I was only conscious of the personal connection we had experienced. Then I crawled to the doorway and spit into the grass. We laughed and talked about what happened. I still had no discernible taste in my mouth. In about 30 minutes, my buddy said, “I think it’s about time I sucked your cock again. I stretched out on my back and his mouth went down on me. This time we both seemed to know what what was going to happen. It was terrific to feel him suck on me and very soon I had to surrender. I gave a quick “ooohhweeee!” and let it go! My cock shook hard…in and out…as my load of cum gushed through my cock head and into his mouth. Up to that point in my life…this had been the most wonderful night in my life! I was so completely and fully satisfied! So it began…my new life with sex that was truly exciting and fulfilling. For the rest of our H.S. days , this buddy and me had dozens of sessions where we sucked cock together and always went for those big delicious loads of cum. Now, just one more incident that developed my desire and love for cum. It was after gym class, I was showering with one lone guy because it was near the end of the period. I watched his maturing cock as I showered and quite naturally I began to erect. It soon was straight out in its full male glory. He saw it too. As he washed his privates, his dick swelled and his hand began to stroke it. I watch and enjoyed the sight of another guy enjoying himself. His cock curled upward, like some cocks do. He was masturbating with a purpose and I was then slowly doing my cock too. He was breathing deeply as his pleasure increased…….then he blurted out “OOOOOHHHH!!!!!” I saw his white cream flow out of his cock head and down over his hand and fingers. Surge after surge of thick cum flowed from his cock and his hand caught it and massage his cock with it. His dick was tremendously white with cum and exciting y to see how he played with it and bathed his dick with it. He could only utter…”uh…uh…uh…uh.” Then the unexpected happened…..I forget where we were and I took his slimy dick and massaged it with my hand. His cum between my fingers was wild to feel and play with. I switched my position and took hold of my dick with all his cum in my hand. I had to do what followed! I stood masturbating in front of him and very soon I shot off. My cum sprayed onto his pubic hair and onto his dick. We laughed. It was utterly wonderful for me to do this and feel it with my naked friend. We washed ourselves down as our cocks went limp again. It was nearing the end of our senior year when we happened to find ourselves together and alone in the showers. He was bold enough to ask….”You feel up to it again?” We faced each other…took hold of our cocks and worked them up. Then it was mutual masturbation all the way. We did it to each other in bold naked fashion and watched our fresh creamy cum shoot out onto the floor. Our last words were….”Felt good — didn’t it?”

    • Obsessed with cumswallowing says:

      My obsession is overpowering, all i watch is pormosnognfatncocks pumping and pumping dreamingnit was in my mouth its insane i.cant find a fat cock anywhere i need help

      • zillius says:

        My cock is big thick and long and everyone says they love the tast of my cblow it tast like cakemix they say

        • Don says:

          Taste like cake mix? That’s a new one, and for sure, I can accept that description. But to me, from my very first cum tasting, I’ve tasted coconut milk. The kind straight from a super market coconut. At any rate, I’ve never taken cum I didn’t like. Next time when I have a big gusher going into my mouth, especially a thick one, I’ll think of “cake mix”

          • Larry says:

            I agree with you Don. I vote for coconut milk flavor. Would love to meet you and prove what we both think. I’ll take a load of coconut milk any time.

      • Don says:

        I’ve written before, but now I have to share a very private obsession. Your obsession is cum swallowing, mine is enjoying multiple loads of cum in my mouth all at once. Whether it’s 4, 5 or 6 loads of cum…I want them all in my mouth to taste as one sexy cum cocktail. Maybe 6 guys will line up and I’ll blow them all and hold their cum in my mouth as one giant load, or they”ll come to my mouth and masturbate their fresh cum into my mouth. Any way they want to shoot off, I’ll take it. Once I had 10 ejaculations at once in my mouth. To swirl a mouthful of gism like that is the height of masculine sexual pleasure. The taste is so neutral and the drain of it all going down the throat is just the pure thrill of manhood! It makes any guy a real man!!

    • Liam says:

      Cum is hot, as it terrific! What’s holding you back? You have a mouth and your friends have cocks. Maybe you need to go back to school and take “Zipper 101” to learn how to get into a man’s pants. Ha. Sorry about the joke. But this is no joke. Men love cum, why else would they give blow jobs? You will love cum too, guaranteed. BUT you’ve got to try it!

  50. John says:

    It’s so hot!!! I’ve always fantasized about it, but never done it! Any tajers???

    • Tee says:

      I highly recommend you try sucking cock. I still can’t determine if I love getting head or giving head more! It is the most fun 2 guys can have and is just a great thing to do for another person. I totally enjoy sucking cock and I can’t wait to do it again!

      • Harry says:

        Yes, Tee, I agree with you about your advice to John. I once fantasized about sucking cock and taking a guy’s cum, but then I got a guy’s attention. We went to a “daytime” motel, showered, and got our naked bodies into bed. We sucked cock and kissed for 2 hours. We sucked on tits and on each other’s balls. I went crazy sucking his hairy bush into my mouth. After 2 hours of intense sexual play and stimulation we had to find relief for our groins. We began sucking in a 69 and went wild as we each came to a terrific and simultaneous orgasm. Our blow jobs were intense as we pumped out the cum into each other’s mouth. That was greatest sex I had had up to that point in my life! Yes, we both just gulped down the cum without a second thought. That was the beginning of my wanting to blow job men. I say to John, once you’ve sucked a guy’s cock and enjoyed a mouthful of his cum, you’ll never want to jerk off again. You’ll have to have a man!

      • Kenny says:

        I know that feeling Tee—to suck cock or be sucked—what is more satisfying? Yes, I love to be blowed, but my real pleasure is to feel a man’s big dick in my mouth shooting off a hugh load of cum. I don’t think we’re alone about this choice in having sex with a man. I think most men would choose to suck cum from cocks again and again than to have one satisfying orgasm in a guy’s mouth and then it’s all over. Let’s hear from you men out there……do you like blow jobbing men more than getting a blow job?

        • Candy London TVCD says:

          Hey Kenny . . . I love to have a nice long kind of slender (but not skinny) cock with a nice bulbas head on it. I mostly prefer sucking cocks of CD’s or TV’s when dressed up. I hope that’s not a turn off, cause I love eating pussy that way too. I spent years staying on the straight and narrow, going through 2 marriages and no 23 years into my third. I began sucking a friends cock while tripping my brains out back in the day when whatever happened while you were high was OK. I was so excited sucking this guys cock, I begged him to fuck me like the girl I always wanted to be. He didn’t hesitate, nor did I. Having his 7″ cut and beautiful cock deep in my ass and having the sensation of feeling like a woman, was arguably one, if not, the best experiences in my life up til then. I still long to have him ask, when we were alone in the house 6 of us “guys” rented together, wanna do it? The answer was always yes and yes again. No one knew we were “in love” with each other. I can still say, if I saw him today, I would want his lovely cock and gourmet cum in my mouth then my ass, then back in my mouth for as many times as we could. I was blessed to be multi orgasmic and can cum 3 or 4 time in 30 or 40 minutes.

          Today, as I reflect on my self sexual experiences, in younger years, of being able to get my glans in my own mouth and cum, I loved pretending to be a girl sucking a cock that was mint. It was pretty sensational, but at the same time carried alot of mental baggage for a while. Once I got over that, I was able to manipulate my cock into my own ass . . . A stunningly satisfying experience. So “go fuck yourself” has a whole different meaning to me. If someone says that to me now . . . I start looking for a dark corner to do that deed.

          I can no longer perform either of the amazingly satisfying tasks on myself, so up til mid 2014, when on a business trip to New England, I had done nothing but surf CL and post ads looking for someone to play and suck dick with. I found a beautiful young crossdresser who needed help with make up. I drove, dressed totally as a woman, heels, stockings, hair, nails, toenails, makeup, etc., to Boston and spent 4 1/5 hours helping this young lady with a nice cock, get ready to have a rousing kissing, sucking, swallowing and frolliking all night, cock binge. I can’t remember the last time I had precum dripping for hours from my 8 1/2″ cut thick cock. In fact, I’m soaking myself just writing about this stuff.

          So all that said, how many of you would love to suck a trans cock that’s all shaved, smooth, long and dripping to get in your mouth????

          I’m in Utah, near Salt Lake and really want a nice load of cum shot down my throat and all over my tongue. Wanna Do It?

        • Harry says:

          I read your private expression about liking a blow job or giving one. What’s my preference? Definitely,y I’m a cum lover and will always try to give blow jobs rather than receive one. Of course I love coming in a guy’s mouth, what man wouldn’t, but to take a man’s cum when I’m sucking him is so full of excitement and satisfaction as well as getting a good taste out it ana the pleasure that you also satisfied him. I vote for “blow jobbing a man” as one of the greatest sexual relationships a man can have with another man. I also think that most men who suck cock feel the same way. That’s way so many men started with masturbating into their own mouths. Right? Come on guy’s, admit it!

        • Del Wilkinson says:

          Yes, I prefer sucking cock and swalowing cum. I like to be sucked, but I will suck any and every chance I get!!

        • tsgtdick says:

          Man what a waste of time only once?? Man my buds and I go at it for at least two great delicious loads of cum and have gone up to 4!!

        • Love To Suck Hot Cum From Cocks says:

          Which is more satisfying? Receiving a blowjob or to suck hot cum from cocks again and again? What do you think? Most men, if not all men, would do anything to suck hot delicious cum from hard throbbing cocks, one after another, after another, or better yet, let those multiple hot cocks pump deep in the back of your mouth until those juicy balls unload hot creamy delicious sperm, pouring right down the back of your throat!! O.M.G. HOT HOT!! We know what really turns us on, it’s in our nature. We all fantasize about it and need it. Some of us are lucky enough to do it. Go to the nude beach or bath house and strut your stuff. Drive all those horny naked men crazy and you will get your sperm craving satisfied. All that incredible erotic cock exploding pleasure we can give each other! Why not? It’s a bonding experience that can not be topped. Try doing a lineup where you keep those cocks right on the edge of cumming so as soon as the first cock cums in your mouth, the next cock enters and cums so you can taste several loads of hot cum at once! Fuck that’s hot!! Be warned, one you actually start sucking hot cum from men’s cocks, you will not be able to stop.

      • Kenny says:

        Tee, I’m like you …To blow job or be blowed, that’s the question. I squirm with pleasure when I get sucked off, but the rush and thrill of worm cum surging in my mouth is my greatest and most delicious experience I can have! I covet the ejaculation of a man’s hot semen as it spreads over my tongue more than anything else. I love thick cum so much. It’s taste and feeling as it coats my teeth and gums is so erotic and intimate. Nothing beats of good blow job from a full juice-filled he-man cock! To suck on a cum saturated cock going in and out of my mouth is the enth degree of sexual pleasure. I just love to play with jelly-like gism with my tongue throughout my whole mouth. The taste of it is so rewarding. I long for that delicious treat every day, but only get to eat cum 3 or 4 times a week. I wish we could spend a week together. I’d blow job your cock at least twice a day!

  51. Middleagedfire says:

    Never thought about a man ducking my cock. Married! In Porno shop watching, man comes in and does me. I thought I would faint! Came so hard my legs got weak. After he pushed my head down, eased his cock in my mouth and gently fucked my mouth. Not huge, just gently in and out. No warning he began to cum and I swallowed. He just kept cumming over and over and I gulped it down. He finished, stepped back, I stood up and with a smile turned and walked away. I told my wife and she has had me cleaning her after sex since. My cum or other man’s cum, doesn’t matter. She is happy with being open with other men, I enjoy watching and the eating the end results.

    • Kent says:

      For Middleagedfire. That a good and very true name for a guy like myself. I’m 60 and have been sucking cock for over 30 years and haven’t lost my need or enthusiasm for getting cocks for blow jobbing. I’m a frequent visitor to gay baths too. I wonder if the man you met in the Porno Shop was the same guy I hooked up with at a gay bath. He lay on his bed in a semi-darkened room. I stepped in and was welcomed, Of course he was naked. I began to stroke his cock, It was very hard and a good 5 to 6 inches of male attraction.

      • Kent says:

        (CONTINUATION OF ABOVE ARTICLE) for Middleagedfire. Because I love cock so much, I had it in my mouth very soon. I did the usual. Played with his balls, sucked them, got my open mouth down into his hairy bush, and of course, sucked that cock like he had reserved a cup of cum just for me! He moaned with pleasure. It couldn’t have been 20 minutes when he stiffened his body and excitedly said. “OH YEAH…TAKE IT! My mouth then “did him” with a classic blow job. He shot a real good one! My mouth filled, …his body shook and I savored and enjoyed the big load he had given me But a big surprise awaited me. Before I left him a little light crossed over his face. Tactfully I asked him “Buddy, I’m 60 and enjoyed you very much,…mind telling me your age?” His reply was “I’m 87, and I enjoyed you, too. Let this be advice to all you cock suckers out there. Older men should not be shunned.. They, too, are full of cum and know how and are ready to get rid of it to thirsty cock sucking men. I’d suck him again…any time.

        • Don says:

          Thanks Kent for your plug for having sex with older men. I”m in my early 80s and have regular hard on and love getting blow jobbed. I still give big loads Also, haven’t lost my desire to suck cocks and do good blow jobs of any kind of guy. I like them with big or small cocks, black or white, young fellows or older men. I like heavy guys with fat cocks with lots of hair. Do I even have to say that I love cum? Why would I suck cock and worship the thrill of getting their juices out? I don’t swallow cum quickly either. Holding it in my mouth to thoroughly taste and enjoy is good enough reason to blow job men as often as I can.

        • Ric l Carter says:

          I also enjoy sucking older men. I think the oldest cock I’ve had in my mouth, was 92. Not a huge cumshot, but he hadn’t had a blow job in decades. He was a WW2 veteran, and I considered it an honor to take his cock in my mouth. I’ve always preferred sucking veterans, and active service guys. A special thanks, as it were.

  52. JoAnne says:

    First time I swallowed my own was a kid with legs flipped over my head! I wanted my cock sucked so bad I wished I could suck mu own and wanted to know what it tasted like! At first I was turned off right after cumming but loved to taste of my precum when it dripped. I kept stretching and improving the range of my limberness and soon licked the end of my cock! More cum tasting followed! more stretching too! Eventually I was sucking over half my cock on my best days. Could even stretch my balls close enough to lick them a little! I loved to taste me salty balls after a sweaty day! turned me on! Sucked my own off from my teens to early 40s! no longer limber enough! I swallowing often but not always still eat it after materubating some times! precum taste is always a major turn on! Have also been lifetime (but only occatinal) crossdresser. sometimes sucked my own while dressed and with a dildo inserted in my ass. loved the anal stimulation too! Not quite but can be nearly passable. Waited until I was in my 50s before I tasted another mans cock! Loved sucking and fucking! have even swallowed with two out of the 6 of them. You can find my profile and pictures on various sites under the same uzzer name nylonsblack .

  53. do dirty says:

    hottest story i’ve read and enjoyed in a long, long time. kinda reminds me of experiences i’ve had w/ men. definitely love looking at, touching, smelling, tasting and sucking a nice dick and swallowing hot cum. look fwd to hearing more stories from you and ???????? maybe hooking up with some guy(s). am very hot from your letter. thanx a lot.

  54. Joe says:

    I would never pass up a chance to suck a cock and I always swallow every drop of it. I just wish I could suck more cocks more often.

  55. Billy Belcher says:

    I am 24 years of age

    • jeffkump says:

      I really luv sucking dick I like to open my mouth let a guy squirt a big load of hot juicy cum in my mouth I luv cum I’m always looking to suck dick I luv BBC I would luv to have 2 or more guys to suck off squirt every drop of cum in my mouth

      • jeffcump says:

        Mmm luv cum

      • Billy says:

        You never said if a guy has ever taken your cum. But at any rate, I’d find it an honor and thrill to be the fist guy to give your mouth a good tasting of cum. I don’t know how we might get together. I live next to Tampa. Can you get to Atlanta. There is a nice gay bath there where you’d have no trouble getting a mouthful of cum. It used to be call and maybe still is “The Flex Club”. right off of US 75. Been there 3 times. Never go thirsty. Hope you soon have a hot juicy ending to your search for the full experience of your manhood. In other words, ‘ENJOY YOUR CUM THE WAY YOU WANT IT!”

      • Brandon says:

        I’m with on having more than one guy shoot in my mouth at one time. It sounds so absolutely awesome to have a mouthful of cum and then go down on another cock for more cum …and then another cock for more cum!!! What a big juicy mouthful of creamy goodness that would be! Do I love cum? I want to taste every guy’s cum I see!

    • Billy says:

      Hey Bill, your message is, “you’re 24 year old”? That’s it?…nothing else to say? But I can imagine what you meant. Let me finish your message, OK? “I’m 24 years old and have been jerking off for over 10 years, and it’s boring. I dream of sucking cock and taking a guy’s cum because I want it so bad! Help help help. Won’t some guy suck me off?!” Is that what you wanted to say “Mr. Billy Belcher”? I’m in my 30s and would love to lie down with your naked body and meet your sexual needs. And so would ALL the guys reading this. Let us know what the sex life of a 24 year old is like? Being 24 your must be a real sexy guy.

  56. Billy Belcher says:

    I LOVE cum very much an loads of it .i will swallow every drop of it too.
    This can be published if you want to i don’t mind

    • Kenny says:

      Why not share with us all that you love cum? Most men love to brag about how they love the taste of it and how wonderful it feels to let cum slide down their throats. Just remember that a mutual cock sucking and blow jobbing session a day will keep masturbation away. I haven’t had to get off my rocks off (jerk off myself) for over a year because I have good blow job sessions with a guys at least every day. I’m glad you know and love the extremely wonderful pleasure of sucking cum from guy’s cocks. Billy, thanks for telling us about your macho sexual desires.

    • Harry says:

      This is my experience James. I got my first blow job by a man when I was 43 and wanted to take a man’s cum right away. A week later I had the chance. I blow jobbed him through a glory hole and I thought at the time that if I did once that would be it and I wouldn’t want to do it again. I was so wrong! I longed to have more cock in my mouth and feel the creamy cum some more. Years have gone by and weekly I was spending 3 to 4 hour at a time at a gay bath. Boy, did I have cocks to suck and cum to take there. James, one “explosion of cum” into your mouth will give you a hunger for cum that you will have to fill. Just try it once…you’ll love it!. Now I’m 63 and still go to the bath almost every week. No problem getting to blow job men there, but those wonderful delicious loads if ejaculation are an exciting treat every time it happens. I’m a true cum lover and I know you want to be one too.

    • Del Wilkinson says:

      Dear Kent, I, too,love cock and cum. I have been sucking for many decades!!

  57. La Bête says:

    Je suis un homme marié de 49 ans. J’ai trouvé ce site et je le trouve très intéressant. Je suis hétéro mais très attiré à vouloir sucer un pénis et avaler le sperme. Je me suis déjà avaler moi-même mais je suis rendu à vouloir sucer un homme. J’aimerais avoir vos conseils… Au plaisir

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loose google translation: I am a married man of 49 years. I found this site and I find it very interesting. I’m straight but very attracted to want a penis sucking and swallowing sperm. I already swallowed myself but I went to want to suck a man. I’d like your advice … Hope

  58. Johnny Sucksalot says:

    I am a senior who sucked a cock for the first time 2 years ago. Damn, I didn’t realize I could deepthroat and swallow cum so easily.
    The first guy I met a few times and after feeding me a load did a hard bareback on me too. That was also fun and he came each time.
    The second time I got two cum loads from him both shot when his cock was all the way down into my throat. That was really hot and I sucked him hard but he couldn’t shoot cum for a third time in one day, but that’s OK – his dick was wonderfully hard and long and thick.
    The third time he brought a friend and I did deepthroat for both of them and swallowed a load from them both.
    Later I met a young black guy with a long cock and he really shot me a heavy load. I swallowed every drop. He shot 7 or 8 long spurts into my mouth and I had to swallow three or four times because there was so much cum. And it was as sweet as Ice Cream.
    I have found late in life that sucking dick is wonderful. I love to swallow cum, as much as I can get. Any man who hasn’t tried it has missed out. Why women complain and bitch about giving their husband some head is a total mystery to me.

    • ricky says:

      Yes I just love sucking and swallowing
      Would love a black cock down fuming in my mouth.

      • Kenny says:

        Ricky—-Your desire to suck a black cock is great. From my own experience I can saythat black cocks are a real treat. They’re big, they’re very hard, their cock heads are beautifully shaped and a real thrill to lick and suck on. Their pubic hair is so macho to suck and chew on too—it’s coarse, wiry and often in tight little curls. But the cum they shoot is something else!!! Fresh out of their loins come this very thick and pasty glob of exciting cream. Yes….gobs and gobs of warm he-man juice that coats everything in your mouth. The taste is rewarding, maybe slightly more tangy, but it’s delicious cum that you’ll want again and again. It’s so thick that you know you’re in for a treat as it drains into your throat! I’m not an African American giving you a commercial on myself. I’m white, 41 years old, and know first hand the special thrills of blow jobbing black men. Yes, they have cocks that make white guys jealous! My list of black cock blow jobs is now close to 50. I’m aiming for a thousand before I’m 70. Do I also kiss black guys? Yeah man–deep, passionate and real juicy (Love to chew on their full lips too) Do I orally swap cum with them? Of course! and why not? They can be hot, hot, hot sex partners! I have had them in bed with me all night. Three orgasms from each of us is common. I guarantee that if you have sex with one black guy…you’ll be hooked and begin to seek out a lot more young handsome blacks!

      • Billy says:

        I’m a white guy and love black cocks. Go for it. Their cum is thick and delicious Just awesome!

      • Liam says:

        I WAS ONLY 20 WHEN I BEGAN WORKING UP A HARD ON WHILE DRIVING MY CAR AT 65 MPH. I pulled over, undid my pants and began to stroke my big cock there in the front seat. I didn’t see what happened next. A police cruiser pulled up in back of me and there stood a cop outside my car door. Oh yeah, he saw everything. He had a full view of my hand masturbating my solid hard on with my pants to my knees. I heard, “Lower your window” I did. and he looked down at my naked dick as it stretched up straight in all its naked glory. He muttered, “Guess it’s feeling pretty good, eh?. Slowly and quietly I answered. “Yeah, it was. ” He then answered, “How about we go into the woods and you can finish what you’re doing. ” I got out of the can—my pants pants hung just below my privates, and I was glad it was a very lonely stretch of road. We walked together into a more dense part of the trees. My cock was still hard and stretched out in a manly fashion. “He said, “You can drop your pants here. They fell to the ground and he saw ALL OF ME. He stood there facing me. He was an African American and dark skinned. “Now you can give me a show, or do you need help?” He stepped closer. I wondered what he meant by that. I began to slowly masturbate which I thought he wanted to see. By now I felt I was standing with a friendly onlooker as I resumed my slow jerking off mode. His comment was, “Nice looking cock there.” I answer, “Bet yours is a nice big one too.” It’s not bad , believe me.” His hand started to undo his wide black belt. He unbuttoned…zipped down… and lowered his pants…and then slid his white jockeys down, His dark privates were a treat to see. His black tight curls of pubic hair begged to be touched and felt. He had opened the door for me to get more personal. Why else would he stand there with his macho dark privates fully exposed? I was sure I was getting his message and so I acted on my hunch. I reached over to him and lightly gripped his penis and stroked it slowly. I remarked….”Feels nice. You’re a real macho guy, aren’t yah?” “Glad you like what you feel….my hand scooped down under his balls and gently caress them, and then I pushed my fingers through his coarse hairy curls of pubic hair. His finger closed around my cock head and began to slowly masturbate my cock. My heart and cock beat together as he stimulated my organ. I felt so closed and personal with Officer Mason. I ached inside to get really personal with him as man to man. I moved to within inches of him,…. my arms when around him….we were eye ball to eye ball…..I wanted to experience more of him……I could see it in his eyes as he glanced down to my lips. I had never connected with a black guy in this manner before. But we were men…and sexually excited…I had to know him with with more intimacy. Our faces met and then our lips pressed together ….. my mouth opened–his opened too—and the feeling of wet juicy flesh filled our mouths simultaneously. Our kissing went deep, we exchanged saliva, we sucked and licked our way deep into each other mouth. Our hands clung to each others hard cocks as we sucked away at each other’s mouth. IT WAS SO PERSONAL AND INTIMATE ….I LOVED IT! YEAH, I totally loved it with a sexual passion! Then I lost all reservations……..I dropped to my knees there in the bushes I plunged his man-size cock deep into the depths of my mouth. His super cock head went to the back of my throat, and I sucked and sucked his gorgeous hunk of black meat. Yes, I even opened my mouth wide and sucked in his sexy pubic curls of black hair. Then he went down on me. My cock went to the back of his throat and then he sucked my cock with a wild passion. My body stiffened as he sucked my cum juices further and further toward an orgasm. I sighed with an audible groan as my sexual pleasure sky rocketed. I COULDN’T HOLD ONTO MY CUM ANOTHER SECOND!!! His mouth brought me to an unbelievable surrender of ejaculate. My cock exploded with hot streams of thick cum as his mouth tightened around my cock head. OH, WHAT A BLOW JOB!!!! MY BODY BOUNCED ON THE DRY LEAVES AS i ANNOUNCED EACH SHOT OF CUM WITH A “UGH! UGH! UGH!! OOOOOHHH CRAP!!! My cum flowed fast and he took it all! It was a relief as his mouth slowed down its very sensitive sucking on my dick. OH, BUT I LOVED IT SO!! I could feel his tongue and lips cleaning off my juicey cock. OH, THE INTIMACY OF IT ALL!!! Then, I had to experience the deepest personal act for his personal sexual satisfaction. With LOVE and COMMITTMENT I took his cock in and sucked with the passion of giving him my very best blow job.He exclaimed “OOOOH JEEEEZ–I’m COMIN!” A steady stream of thick cream filled my mouth as his cock head filled my mouth with his delicious ejaculate. It was the first black cock I’d ever blow jobbed. IT WAS SO GOOD…SO REWARDING….AND IT TASTED LIKE A MAN’S JUICES! The cop’s body jerked and shook with orgasmic pleasure and relief. My mouth delighted with the fresh thick creamy goodness of my friend. I rolled over and spit…… it was a full 1/4 cup of the thickest cum I’d ever tasted….AND SOOOO WORTH IT! It was a blow job I’ll never forget. As we caught our breath together, our mouths were locked into a time of deep wet kissing. We were now intimate friends, with the lingering taste of each other’s cum in our mouths. We exchanged phone numbers and were able to share our love and sexual fulfillment again and again. Within just 3 months we were able to blow job each other in a 69 and swap cum for a total of 18 times. We both want 18 more times in the next 3 months. Why not? Our cum is really delicious!

    • Harry says:

      Johnny: I wasn’t blow jobbing guys till I was about 43. Now I can’t live without a trip to a gay bath every week.On a good day I’ll get to suck 10 or 12 guys and give blow jobs to at least half of them. We both know that nothing feels better that a good hard cock gong in and out of your mouth, and nothing is sweeter than the burst of fresh hot cum filling up your mouth. My greatest pleasure is to wildly deep kiss a man with a mouthfull of cum. A double thrill if we both just gave blow jobs and have a ton of cum to swap back and forth from mouth to mouth. OH MAN…WHAT DELICIOUS EATING THAT IS! Believe me Johnny, If you love cum and the delicious reward from blow jobs when you’re young, you’ll love and want it when you’re older. The thrill and taste of cum never leaves you.

    • Roger Wilco says:

      Johnny — Love your story. Way to go. I’m a 75 year old white married cocksucker — just for the last two years. Wish I had started sooner. Suck about all the black cock I can find and love it. Have a semi-regular black 34-year old feeder. But I seriously love all cock. And for those wives who don’t want to suck their husbands; send them to us. Thanks.

  59. Tim says:

    The first time I sucked a cock I did not allow my partner to cum in my mouth.
    Although I dreamed about sucking cock I never thought about cum or what to do about it.
    The second time I sucked a cock I found myself longing for his cum. I wanted that cock to blow off in my mouth more than anything. I got a huge load and i loved the taste, I loved the feeling of his pulsing cock and his moans of pleasure.
    I now absolutely love having a hard cock blow it’s load in my mouth. I never let even a single drop go to waste.
    I have a new friend now, he has a beautiful cock and is a heavy cummer. I’m going over to his place in 2 days to suck him off and enjoy his cum and he will do the same for me.

  60. lee says:

    I am 48 yrs old and ive been fanasising about sucking cock and swallowing cum for years and years ..I had a roomate in Vegas name Dean that i had the biggest crush on for years but he never knew … But that didn’t stop me from tasting his cum on several diff occasions … Like at least 10 diff times Dean would his gf’s and believe me he had a lot of them … So I would go into his room after they fucked and then left to go out , I would always steal his used condoms from his trash can in his room … and OMG i didnt know that it was possible for any guy to shoot that big of a load , and sometimes i would get lucky and find 2 or 3 cum filled condoms in Dean’s trash can ..and let me tell what ..Dean L. has the best tasting semen in the world , his cum was always very thick and i never wasted a single drop of Dean’s sweet creamy cum

  61. Jeff says:

    Scott, you’re something else! I got such a hard on reading your article on how to kiss a man. I had to call my buddy. I wanted to kiss him with the extreme intimacy which you suggested. We had been masturbating to together for several months. But now we have been cock sucking. The score is that we’ve each given each other 3 blow jobs –and have taken each other’s cum. We’re mid-teenagers and are just beginning to love and enjoy what each other’s cock has to offer. So,,, I wanted to experience Mike’s mouth ALL THE WAY like you suggested. He came to spend the night–my parents were out of town.. I had him read your “kissing article”. His first words were “BOY THAT SOUNDS GREAT!” We grabbed each others head and locked out mouths together. Immediately our tongues stretched out into our mouths and we licked, licked and licked. We ate away in a wild- like passion—sucking on our lips and tongues for a good half hour. OH, the delicious intimacy of exchanging spit with his mouth! Jeff, we had wild cock sucking sex for 2 to 3 hours with beautiful mouth to mouth oral sex with our tongues. THANKS FOR TELLING ME WHAT A GUY’S MOUTH CAN DO WITH ANOTHER GUY’S MOUTH. IT” S A BONDING EXPERIENCE LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!

  62. Anthony says:

    The greatest feeling for me is a BBC throbbing down my throat, sucking cock is awesome I must say.. I have had the glorious pleasure of sucking 100 + cocks in my 32 yrs (wow guess that makes me a naughty boy Lolz ) but I do look forward to lots more… I’m not much of a cum swallower but you can shoot your loads in or all over on me :)….

  63. Bobby says:

    Thanks Scott for that terrific challenge on “How To Kiss a Man”. I live to suck on men’s mouths! I love their spit as well as their cum. Before we get into blow jobbing each other, I spend a long time eating into the depths of their mouths. I really really love to suck on lips, to chew and suck tongue and , of course to swap all the saliva we can make. Such intimate oral intercourse as this has, more that once, brought me to a full ejaculation. When your mouths are locked together, and your naked bodies are pressed against each other, and your hard cocks are rubbing each other’s side by side between your squirming bodies…you know what has to happen! Your whole groin ejaculates and you unload a terrific
    surge of cum over your friend’s hard dick and into his pubic bush!! WHAT AN EROTIC THRILL CAPTIVATES YOUR WHOLE BODY AS YOU SCREW YOUR MAN’S PRIVATES WITH A FRESH PINT OF CUM. And count on this…as you are screaming orgasmic cries into your man’s mouth..HE WILL COME!!! Oh Yeah! WILL HE EVER COME!!! You will never forget that kind of loving, tender ecstasy with a man! I remember far more my “Cumming by kissing” experiences than those simple blow job sessions,…which I’ll never stop loving either.

  64. Jon says:

    MWM who loves both cock and cum. Wife has no idea of my love of both. I love having a cock in my mouth and having a hot load shot down my throat. The feel of a hard cock getting ready to blow is awesome. Having a man jack off in my mouth is also a treat. Nothing beats a BBC that shoots a HEAVY load. I could suck cock and swallow cum every day if I could. My fantasy is to be in the middle of many cocks and have them blow their loads on me and in me..

    • Karen says:

      My boyfriend just told me of his love for sucking cock, it is kind of sick but yet maybe i can use a little more cock myself!

    • Billy Belcher says:

      Billy here ,you sure can publish this if you want to.
      I LOVE sucking cock especially large cocks an big balls an licking them an sucking on them and working my way up to his cock an sucking it an licking it an deepthroating it an d then he face fucks me an cums in my mouth an down my throat too .I will swallow every drop of ity too

  65. jhertz1961 says:

    54yo mwm,sucked my first cock at 12yo and knew as he was pumping in my mouth I would always love cum.i have tasted many many loads and I love them all.currantly im ready to suck the cum out of a used asshole.i have licked it out of my wife many times but never out of another man.cum rules.i would suck cock every day if I could.

    • mick says:

      I could do with you and your wife at my place and fuck you both

      • Steve says:

        Mick, Where u at? I think it the most recent post. Do you like to do it with just couples or do you like single guys? I’m a virgin, but I’m getting bored with autofellatio. Would u like to 69 with me? I’ve also been practicing with a 5 inch dildo in my ass and I like to rub it around my own cock. I’m small, but 5 to 6 inches when hard and I’m cut also. I’d like for you to Jack off all over my face and cum all over it and into my hair. I already have pre cum oozing out as I’m writing this. Gotta go.

  66. ed says:

    Great stories and great site guys we all love cum thanks

  67. Jonny says:

    I first sucked cock when I was around 14 but did not let the guy cum in my mouth and it was nearly 30 years before I sucked cock again but never swallowed but thought about it all the time and could not get it out of my mind. About 6 months ago I decided to do it and hooked up with a guy on the next and went around to his house. I was as nervous as hell because I was determined to swallow his cum and also his family was up stairs so it was really weird. Anyway we mucked around for a while and then I said I wanted to suck his cock first because if I came first I would probably not be able to swallow his load. So I got down beside the bed and began sucking and within about 3 mins I felt that warm liquid fill my mouth and just swallowed. There was no taste but hell I felt good. I just dreamed about swallowing cum after that and have now got a regular guy who I blow every couple of weeks and just love it. My next fantasy is to go to a glory hole and get about 10 loads…now that would be something. Semen …I just love it.

    • john says:

      similar experience, but really got going eating cum from wife’s pussy after she had been out on a date…yummy!

    • Welldoyou says:

      i just love the taste of cum, the texture, its warmth. Nothing nicer than having a big cock squirting its warm cum over your face or snogging with a guy and swapping cum between us.

      • Kevin says:

        I love sucking dick and swallowing cum. I eat my own cum. I wish I could suck my own dick but can’t reach it. Its really small. Its only 1 inch limp and 3 inches fully hard. I love sucking dick and swallowing cum more than anything. My dream is to marry a transgender with a big dick.

        • Bob says:

          Yes Kevin, who doesn’t love a nice thick load of cum going down his throat. I confess, I also belong to your IEMOC Club ( I Eat My Own Cum) When I can’t have a man with me, I find that my own full loads of liquid manhood have a satisfying thrill for my tongue and throat. After practice shots, I’ve learned how to shoot straight down into my mouth. I will write more in a little bit to tell you what’s even more rewarding than swallowing cum.

        • Bob says:

          Yeah Kevin, let me continue about something I love more than swallowing cum. I love to take cum from a guy. (Most men do.) It’s a thrill to feel the pulsing ejaculations of fresh semen filling my mouth. So, you and I are both hooked on that part of a blow job. But I need TO SAVOR ITS FLAVOR AND TO LET MY TONGUE EXPLORE ITS THICK CREAMY TEXTURE. Whether it’s my cum or another guy’s cum, I love to dribble it out on my cock (or his cock) and then bathe it with my hand, up and down, massaging his cock and balls with the sticky juices. Is this PLAYING WITH CUM? YOU BET and it so sensual to feel. It is so much fun to wrap a cum covered hand around a guy’s very sensitive cock head and have him tremble and squirm as he feels the new and intense pangs of sexual stimulation. You know that unbearable and intense feeling that a cock head has right after the orgasm. Yes, playing with cum is a wild treat to feel with your hands. But I could go on….give your man friend a new kind of intimate relationship and press your cum filled mouth onto his and made your two mouths to open. ORALLY SHARE YOUR CUM WITH HIS MOUTH! Go deep with your tongue and let the creamy juices flow out to fill his mouth too. A double treat would be if both of your mouths were full of each other’s ejaculation. THIS is playing with cum…enjoying it…tasting it……and sharing it! My greatest and long lived memories with a man is the way we enjoyed playing with the cum after our orgasms. The last thing you want to do with cum in your mouth is to SWALLOW IT TOO SOON.

        • Kenny says:

          I’m with you Kevin, I love sucking and taking a guy’s tidal wave of orgasmic juices. We agree–nothing beats the taste of a mouthful of cum. The size of your cock isn’t important. The advantage of having a short cock is that a man can suck it all into his mouth right down to the furry pubic hair. I really love the feeling of pubic hair in my mouth. I don’t particularly like one of those he-man super meaty cocks. Give me a really hard 3 inches of male meat with a beautiful cock head and let me suck away on it. After all, what is it that a man really wants when he suck dicks. Of course, it’s the cum. He is thirsty for the luscious creamy juice that all men have to share with a friend. So, Kevin, I’m your man to suck cock with. I love any and every cock that slides over my tongue and all the way into my throat. You sound like a beautiful guy waiting for a guy like me to love your cock to death.

          • Bill says:

            Kenny I agree with you on small cocks. Good to get the whole cock in my mouth down to his cock hair. (love cock hair on my lips and nose) Small cocks need to cum also. it’s all about the taste of the cum and the thrill of feeling it shoot into your mouth. I like to suck on hairy balls too. I used to suck an 87 y/o man regularly, always shot a nice load.

          • Del Wilkinson says:

            Glad to hear of som one who likes small dicks. come to Santa FE, N.M> and suck my dick,please!!

          • Del Wilkinson says:

            So, have you sucked a cock yet? Hop so. Time’s a wasting.

      • Kevin says:

        I’d love to suck your dick and swallow your cum Well do you.

      • Larry says:

        Well buddy, we’both are in the same sexy boat. I have to say I love the taste of cum too. It’s much more fun to taste and enjoy really thick cum in your mouth, isn’t it? If I ever had cum squirt all over my face I would want a guy’s hands to rub it around for a good facial. Better yet, I’d love to have 10 guys shoot their cum all over by body and then have them all massage me with it from head to toe. You mentioned those two beautiful words…”swapping cum”. I love to lock my mouth onto a guy’s mouth when it’s full of cum. To eat cum from a man’s mouth is about the most erotic and macho thing I can do with a man. You must think so too. When you love cum, you want it that way too. Glad to read your bold statement about loving cum. We are just 2 in hundreds of thousands of men who love cum. No, it’s millions of men!

  68. Seanette says:

    I am a mwm and so lust to suck cock, lot’s of cock and eat lot;s of cum. Wife hasn’t a clue that I lust to be a cocksucker… I love the taste of cum, I eat mine all the time. I want cock so badly

    • Scott says:

      I just discovered this awesome site and absolutely love all the cum talk & sharing! Like you Seanette I am happily married but my wife has no clue about love to suck cock and swallow another man’s cum. in fact, I’m so excited that I just found out that my friend whose also married is going to be in town tomorrow and is going to stop by and feed me his cock & cum. I haven’t seen him for two years now and I can hardly rest tonight as I’m so excited and can’t wait to be on my knees between his legs and on my back with him on my chest fucking my mouth so deeply. I am so going to tease multiple loads from his sexy cock and and can’t wait to have my hands on his ass. I guess better get some rest, but had to share my excitement with all my fellow maverick men!

      • Seanette says:

        Wow You Lucky Man, I still am lusting and looking for my first cock… god I want it so bad… I now resort to eating my own cum everytime I jerk off… which is quite often. I am in buffalo, ny anyone care to feed me… god I LOVE THE COCK jamest 48 @ msn . com

        • phyllis says:

          Seanette, You MUST suck cock as soon as possible. I was so afraid of being known as a cocksucker, a queer, a pansy that I was 52 before I sucked my first cock. I’ve wasted so many years of sucking and I am so regretful.Men sucking cock is a glorious and wonderful experience. ALL males should suck at least one cock.

        • CuriousLee says:

          Seanette, I’ll feed you my load if you feed me yours.

        • Larry says:

          Seanette, Your article dated 7/7/15 says you”re dying to suck cock. You want cum in your mouth and you love cock, but you have to resort to your own cum to satisfy your strong sexual desire. You have but one cock and it has but one load of cum to give at a ti me. Remember, there are thousands of guys out there with thousands of cum loads and they are dying to shoot off into thousands mouths just like yours. It’s been almost a year since you wrote and confess your sexual desires. Are you sucking cock now? Taking cum now? Laying with men and having beautiful blow jobs together? Bring us up to date. Click on “Reply” and write back about your exciting introduction into blow jobbing the guys. Please…make me come!

        • Don says:

          Seanette, I’ve read your plea to suck a man’s cock and get a load of his cum into your mouth. Your craving to suck cock is over a year old. Please bring us up to date and tell us if you’ve gotten a mouthful of cum yet. So you jerk off into your mouth regularly and now know what cum tastes like. Any man’s cum will taste like yours. Trust me, you’ll love it. Please write and tells us how and when you sucked your first cock.

    • john says:

      Me too! Lots of us walking around!

  69. dr_fg says:

    The feel of hot cum jetting from a cock and filling yur mouth is like nothing else. Big cummers are hot I like the multiple swallow cums – so big you have to swallow again and again. mmmmmmmm

    • george says:

      mmm I would love to feed you my cum

      • ilovcummalot says:

        I’d love to feed u my cumm to. I also love to swallow huge lods of cum it tastes so good

        • Ed says:

          I’ve been swallowed raw by another man for the past 2 months and I have to say I haven’t had an experience like this before. After coming in his mouth I’m left without breath is a dying pleasurable experience literally. The pumping and swallowing during the last minute is crazy. I’m a married man and I cant get enough from this guy. Even though I didn’t want to go back to him in the first place.

          • Larry says:

            I am also a married man and enjoy sex in bed with my wife. But I’ve discovered that sex with a man is absolutely super. There’s no orgasm like a full wild orgasm inside a man’s mouth. I find that blow jobs are OUT OF THIS WORLD, and I need them regularly. The utter thrill and excitement of shooting cum while getting sucked off is the wildest feeling I’ve ever known. My friend had given me a few blow jobs (maybe 5 or 6) when I I finally tried to blow his cock. It was a real fun experience and the surge of cum into my mouth was a wonderful treat. I loved it then and I love it now. In fact the two of us meet 2 or 3 times a week privately, and strip down naked for a hot time of love and sex on a bed. We both do blow jobs and I relish the feeling and taste of his cum every time. I especially like my orgasms in his mouth. I go wild with pleasure when I unload my cum. Shooting cum like that had never been so intense and thrilling –I’ll say it— a blow job is man’s best friend. No wonder so many men can’t live without a regular blow job a couple times a week. Ed, you know what I’m talking about. Yeah, giving and taking cum with a guy, straight and fresh from your cocks, is the greatest pleasure two men can have together.

      • clint says:

        i would love for you to feed me your cum. i am 66 and never been with a man,years back i started thinking about sucking my dick i just wish i could but that got me thinking about sucking somebody cock and eating there cum now its all i think about i just can’t make a move on any body sure would love to eat a big load of cum

        • Jim says:

          My heart and sexual desires go out to you for your longing to have a “cum relationship” with a guy. I wish I could be him because I love the cocks of men in their 60s and 70s. I’m 56 and have been sucking cock and enjoying all their cum for 30 years. Once you’ve tasted a wad of cum from a guy you can’t stop wanting more. If you haven’t already, try the old legs over the head position and shoot your cum down into your mouth to get acquainted with its taste. Believe me, it’s rewarding and satisfying. To find a guy will to share your cocks and juices together, try going to a gay bath or go an Adult Book Store and get into a movie booth. Use the glory hole–you’ll surly will get a blow job and I guarantee, next time you go there you will want to suck a man’s cock and suck “For the love of Cum” I urge you to start sucking men for their cum. I can’t stress enough that you’ll love the pleasure of feeling the gushing of ejaculate going into your mouth!

    • Nick says:

      Attention dr_fg : Great to hear I’m not the only one who craves the thrill of a good big burst of ejaculate in my mouth. I don’t know you but thoughts of you giving me a hugh load of fresh warm cum to taste gives me one BIG HARDON…right now! You’re not here — do I have to resort to a “selfie” –it won’t be the first time!

    • Tony says:

      I’m glad you like HOT CUM JETTING FROM A COCK. I do too!! I also like BIG CUMMERS and very very thick ejaculate which clings to my teeth and tongue as I suck it from a guy’s cock head. It’s so exciting to swirl a guy’s thick gob of cum around in my mouth–the taste can be so pungent and exciting to savor. I think really thick cum in the mouth is so masculine and extremely intimate! It just makes me want to play with it all the more with my tongue. Thanks for sharing your sexual urge for enjoying the best of the best , namely, the thickest creamiest cum that a man can shoot out.

      • Jim says:

        Thanks for you “cum confession”! I LOVE CUM THICK too. I’m glad to hear it from you, I thought I was alone in wanting the thickest cum possible from a man. A mouthful of tangy sirup is a delicious reward for any blow job. Here’s to you for many more thick cum jobs that stick to your teeth.

  70. Rocky says:

    I have an observation to make. I love all the “For the Love of Cum” articles but don’t forget there are “For the love of nipples” men, and “For the love of Hairy bodies” men out here too. Of course, the greatest love men feel is that giant load of cum filling up their mouths!! If that’s true then why do I crave to have a mouthful of body hair. Think of that middle age Italian man whose body is clothed with masses of black curly hair. His arm pits are packed with black curls… his abdomen displays a wide deep spread of black curly manhood, his balls are covered with the kind of hair men want to suck….oh yeah…to open my mouth wide and bury it deep into this guy’s delicious pubic bush is absolutely erotic and totally macho. Let that hair get saturated with all your saliva and spit…and then…suck the spit out of the hair till it’s dry! Do the same with his hairy arm pits. Lap up the long straight black hairs into your mouth and enjoy a real taste of manhood1! And don’t miss the thrill of licking and sucking those hairy nipples. You’ll love that feel and taste and excitement of it all as your man squirms with your erotic nipple play. Do get the idea of what I’d also like to read about?

    • john says:

      My nips are my “power points!”

      • Bob says:

        I’d love to see your nipplely nipples. To feel and play with them must be treat for any guy. I love large meaty tits to suck on and to tease a guy with as I lightly squeeze them. Nipples surrounded by thick hair are my favorite and get this…I love to suck on big nipples AFTER my mouth becomes full of cum. To lick and taste that combination is so manly and it gives me hugh hard ons. You said right, your nipples are your “power points” and I’m sure they’re points of great pleasure for you and for other men like me. Think of me as you get them sucked by guys of all ages.

  71. cal says:

    I too love to suck cock and get that sperm right from the tap so creamy and warm and I play with it in my mouth as much as possible thank you gay men for shooting your tasty load down my throut

    d for men who love getting their dick sucked

    • Harold says:

      Yes Cal, we all love those gay guys out there who love to shoot their warm creamy cum into out mouths. How else can you and me get the absolute thrill of feeling the real stuff..true honest ejaculate as it surges from a guy’s cock head into our mouth. What greater intimacy can you know than to feel thick gobs of gism gush across your tongue and then surge throughout your mouth as your tongue spreads it around and around. BUT, WHY SWALLOW IT ? Make a guy’s cum more thrilling then that! Yeah.

      • ilovcummalot says:

        I love ur idea on how to handle cum. I’m deprived of cum I feel for it All the time if ever get to.suck a cock again even after he done Cummings in my mouth I dont wana pull away because I dont get to suck cock hardly ever man this sucks. U can shoot as many loads in my mouth as u want and I.will not spill .drop process I love suckn dick and eating lots and lots of huge cum

      • atthedells says:

        Would enjoy the warmth of fresh semen. Spurt, swirl, suck cock tongue and lips swallow looking for more. Anyone? Solo or exchange semen. Willing?

        • Nick says:

          With a passion like yours and hunger to experience a male orgasm in your thirsty mouth, I strongly suggest you try to get to a male bath house. I’ve been to many and stay about 3 or 4 hours. I’ve never been disappointed with the men, including the older ones, and and younger 18 and 19 year olds, and especially the delicious and sexy black guys. Don’t minimize the thrill of their beautiful cocks and their big cock heads and their hugh loads of thick cum. They are often the best guys for blow jobbing

        • Jon says:

          I’m writing you because you seem to like cum and want more of it. I’ve been jerking off for a few years but always alone. Yet I would like to do it with guys. when I read this web site about cum I get hard thinking about cum in my mouth. I need to meet guys who would be able to help me try out cum. Maybe even how to blow job. Would it help you to know I am 19.

        • Jon says:

          Oh yeah Mr.Atthedells. I’ll never turn down any man’s load of ejaculate. I’ve never sucked cum from a cock that I didn’t like. You would love me…I’m really into exchanging semen. I love to swap and share cum the old fashioned way…..with long periods of deep kissing and sucking/spitting ejaculate back and forth from mouth to mouth. If I came to you for the night, how many times could you come in, say, 6 hours of blow jobbing your cock? Hot men make me thirsty!

    • Harold says:

      We”re a lot alike, Cal, I also love that fresh warm cum to play with in my mouth. “Play with cum” is my middle name. I never swallow cum but do I ever love to handle it and play with it on a man’s body. Do this–you’ll love the intimacy it’ll give you with your man. Drain that fresh load of ejaculate from your mouth right onto your guy’s cock head so that it will run down his cock on all sides. Using two hands curl your fingers around his hard on and smear the cum up and down his cock. Be sure to rub those fingers on the edges of the head. It’ll drive him crazy in a wonderful post orgasmic way. With fingers cover with slimmy cum bathe his balls with the cum in a teasing yet macho way. And don’t forget his beautiful bush. Comb those gooy fingers through the hair, as deep and sensuously as possible. You yourself will love the new feeling of cum soaked hair. At the point I love to go down with mouth open and suck on the guy’s wet pubic bush.

  72. Bret says:

    I’m 18 and have diccovered how to get my rocks off. I love to jerk off with a couple of my boy friends. We go the woods and get naked and then stand in front of each other as we jerk off. I’m the youngest and love seening their bigger cocks. Thjey like it when I feel their hair down there. Now we do more to each other. We jerk off each other and I love that. It feels great and I love the bigger cocks in my hand. A couple of the guys want cum shot out on their hard ons so they can get more out of jerking off. Two guy want to try sucking but only if we all do it. Will I like to do that? That gives me a hard on just to say that. Tell me all I need to know about cock sucking. Is that the same as a blowjob? The guys say its really terrific to come in a guy’s mouth. Are they right? Please write me and tell me if you like to ssuck cock.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      “Bret” we LOVE all the messages but do keep in mind that we can see they all come from the same ISP. 😉 – Hunter

    • Hasrold says:

      Hi Bret– You sound like a happy jerk offer kind of guy. But let me ask….you seem to imply that you “discovered” jerking off at the age if 18. How could it be that late in life” Didn’t you have a buddy when you were 13 to show you what all boys like to do? No big brother to proudly show you how to make cum? I thought I was a late bloomer. As freshman in H.S. I didn’t have a clue what the words “jerk off” referred to. The honest truth is that I had my first orgasm at 13 years and 11 months. It was March of my freshman year! I remember it well…yeah…how could I forget that “wierd and strange” thing that happened to my prick? I was taking a bath and sure enough……another hard on happened. I play with it. Then it was fun to stimulate it a little more. Needless to say…IT FELT SO GOOD. I thought “when does that feeling go away…how do stop the compulsion to rub my hand up and down my cock?” I seemed almost fortuitous to find out how much better that feeling woud get. Then it happened, …a sudden surge of electricity went through my cock and groin and Then a big stream of “foreign white stuff” shot straight up. The feeling in my big boy erection was something brand new! As the squirts of ejaculation kept coming, I leaped from the tub to the toilet so I wouldn’t contaminate the bath water, but there was little left in me at that point. I don’t want to bore you with the change THAT brought in my life! I recall that for a long time I had to get it off every single night. Now, you asked if you would like sucking cock. I can only speak for myself. Three years later a guy and me (we were 16 aand 17) were sharing a party at my house in a tent in the back yard. We got very involved with sexual play and then we tried IT out. The brand new feeling of a cock going in and out of my mouth was soooo-erotic……..soooooo intimate…….. soooooooo macho feeling, that I can’t give up that kind of pleasure with a man. So, I agree with your friends….NOTHING BEATS THE TERRIFIC EXPERIENCE OF A BLOW JOB! L et the cum flow throughout your mouth and enjoy the feeling and flavor of your buddy’s ejaculation!!!

  73. Drew says:

    I love your articles and coverage on the thrills of cock sucking and the exciting accounts of guy’s who love slurping cum down their throats. I’ve been there, done that. What more men need to know about is the wild and intimate practice of very deep and wet juicy kissing and how it gives a guy a faster and harder erection. First, when your mouths come together and then open up to each other don’t be shy, don’t pussy foot with a slight lick on the lips. Just plunge your full length tongue immediately to the back of his mouth licking and sucking everything in its way! Be agressive and wild as you atttempt to orally ravage his mouth with your wagging licking and raging tongue. With your hungry desireable lips suck his lips into your mouth. Don’t try to hurt his mouth, but nibble with your teeth the soft hunk of meat called tongue. As your mouth sucks on his lips and tongue try to work up a puddle of saliva, and I mean pure spit, in your mouth your pleasure will be enhanced as the saliva drains from mouth to mouth. The intimacy of swapping spit will grab your cock and balls, You hard on will extend another inch and your nuts will become firm and macho. Make your kiss last. With mouths pressed tightly together…go ahead…and “slobber” all the spit you can as you eat and suck away into each other’s mouth. To enhance this kind of mouth use, chew a couple of mints down, or take a spoonful of suger into your mouth. Your genuine pure saliva and very intimate spit will produce quickly the mouthful of oral cocktail men love to feel draining into their mouth while kissing a man
    .. I can’t emphasize enough ….real macho men love sloppy, wet , drooling kind of kissing. How else can a passionate loving guy demonstrate his love for his friend. If you doubt that I always kiss like this, then come to my house. You’ll be shown how I can make a kiss last one hour!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Drew: Your letter was so stimulating to read. I’ve just stumbled on the “For the Love of Cum” web site. I’ve read a lot of it and it seems to be an encyclopedia on cock sucking and the importance of man’s cum in all he does sexually. IT”S SO GREAT TO READ ABOUT SOMETHING WHICH MEN ARE SEARCHING FOR. I thank the Editors for their stark openness, their honest insight on what men want to experience and then they tell it as it is. This brings me to one very intimate affair I once had with two guys. I was about 58 then and was visiting a gay bath, which I did once a week for about 4 hours. I had a room, but in the hallway I connected with a young 30 something young guy. We each was handling each through the towels wrapped around us, but soon decided to go to my room. Another guy seemed to join us and followed us into my room, but seem to understand I had first dibs on this guy. I sat on the bed, he sat next to me and my sexy friend stood in front of me. I slipped his towel off–we were already naked on the bed. With extreme pleasure I slipped his cock into my mouth and began a real sucking experience with him. He was so hard and exciting to suck. I took his full cock in for real enjoyment and began to suck like a blow job was in mind. He loved my cock sucking seem to respond like he wanted me to go all the way. My friend next to me on the bed noticed this and said something like “When he comes, you take the first shots and save the rest for me to suck out.” My blow jobbing heated up and speeded up. My friend began to sign and then groan. I knew then he wanted a full blow job, so I sucked his cock to make it happen. He burst out with a
      “OH…AAaaaaaaaaagh!” His cock shot off with a good healthy 3 or 4 bursts of ejaculate. Next to me, that guy leaned over and I pulled my mouth off the shooting cock and steered it into his mouth for him to suck all the remaining cum out. Through it all, my friend grunted out those erotic sounds all men go through when their sensitive cock heads are sucked off. He had had a very good blow job and I had a nice big mouthful of his cum, and, of course, the guy next to me had a mouth smeared with white cream and a mouth obviously coated with warm semen. We looked at each other and realized we were both sharing in a mutual experience of another guys big load of cum. Our minds seemed to work together and we put our mouths together and a MOMENT OF INTIMATE CUM SHARING AND CUM TASTING ABSORBED OUR PASSION TO ENJOY ANOTHER GUY’S FRESH CUM. What an intimate time we had together. Only in “For the Love of Cum” could I write this to you. It’s great to have this outlet to talk about your sex life

      • Rick Gumm says:

        I have sexy I can live off, I wish every man in the world cum in me iLove it

      • Billy says:

        You’re a cock sucker after my own heart. Billy, I love you for all you said. I loved your whole experience, I just wish it was mine. I can’t imagine the sexually great time we could have together. I admit it…my mouth wants to share cum with you any time. I know that if ever our mouths locked together when they were full of cum, it would be an hour before we could get them apart. What a tasting good time we would have! Your a guy that I dream of deep kissing with cum. The thought of sharing and swapping cum for an hour with your mouth gives me a wild and big hard on! Your reference to the word “intimate” tells it all, and I love LOVE LOVE!! deep intimacy with a man which kissing with cum can give to both partners. Believe me, Dan, I want your cum so bad. We will probably never meet. I live in Largo Florida.

  74. Josh says:

    love this if this will work

  75. Harold says:

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    • marcus says:


      • Jim says:

        Marcus—you sound young and without a lot of cock sucking experience. You’ve sucked a few cocks , but then a year ago you took the guy’s cum and swallowed it. I’m not surprised that you want more cum in your mouth. It happens to all guys who take their first load of gism. I’m sure you’ve blow jobbed dozens of guys since then and are no longer just a young guy. But the good news is…you have developed a genuine taste for man’s delicious ejaculate. I’m glad for you. Enjoy it all you can. I’ve been sucking cum from cocks for years and have never had enough. Every man is excitingly different and I love variety in my cocks. I’d like for you to “reply” and bring us all up to date on all the men you have taken cum from.

    • Brandon says:

      Harold–Did as you suggested and it works, I’ve shot cum in my mouth over a dozed times and am loving iy more each time. Yes, I want another guy’s cum. It would be so exciting to taste his and feel it with my tongue. I’m 18 but don’t feel that it is too young to enjoy a man this way. I’ve masturbated for 5 years but I now need to get more personal with guys. Thanks for your advice. Ha!

  76. Johnny says:

    I’m glad to read about cock sucking and blow jobbing and of course masturbation. I have been active with gay guys for a long time, but remain in the closet. I meet my guys mostly in gay baths in city areas The point I want to share is that I have NEVER had anal sex. I don’t desire it. It seemed painful, for starters. Why go to a rectum when men have beautiful cocks, and sexy hair over their bodies and around their balls, and men have delicious tongues for sucking and eating, and they have exciting and sometimes hairy nipples to suck on, and some have exciting hairy arm pits for eating into, and of course they all have delicious balls to get your mouth around. AND DON’T FORGET, THEY HAVE CUM AND MORE CUM AND WADS OF IT!!!! It’s the GISM, the EJACULATE, the intimate creamy thick JUICES that flow from from their cock heads. THAT’ S THE TRUE ESSENCE OF THE MALE BODY!
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    • Toby says:

      Johnny, you said it all! Everything you said about what a man offers if absolutely true. I’ve been having gay sex with guys for over 30 years but have never had or given anal sex. You are right in your observations, A man has everything any man needs to have a thrilling time in bed. I had my first gay experience at 19 (a blow job) and now I’m 49 and still make love in hot intimate ways. I love cum, I love blow jobbing, I love to kiss with cum, swapping cum is still a wonderful experience for me. My friends are between 18 and 67 and every one is a trill to suck and kiss.

    • Maximo says:

      I think ur right.. The final, ultimate goal is CUM. Sperm. To shoot cum, or taste cum, or see cum or feel cum, etc.. To cum (orgasm, get off) and ejaculate.. Shooting cum or taking it for the man that shot it…or giving it to some boy to taste or get bred by.. All boils down to cum, really..

      • Larry says:

        Mazimo, you have it right, too. It is cum that makes sex worth while. I go to a gay bath twice a month just to experience lots of cum…or should I say LOADS of delicious and wonderful ejaculate. To feel and taste it, and swallow only one drop at a time, to spit in my hand and lubricate and man’s hard dick and wash is balls with it. To spread a man’s load of cum over my chest and nipples and all over my privates will keep my cock really hard a long time.

        • Frank says:

          Larry, you are my man! I really love the FEELING of cum all over parts of my body. A guy with a handful of cum doing a juicy masturbation on my cock is out of this world! I love my balls caressed with cum. I love to feel my nipples pinched and scratched with lots of cum on my chest. I love the caressing of my pubic hair with big loads of cum too. But what beats all is to have a guy cum all over my face and then have my face massaged with all his fresh warm ejaculate. And as a guy scoops up the cum and pokes it in my mouth is absolutely the height of intimacy. I LOVE IT! One unforgettable treat a guy gave me was when he licked my face clean of all his own cum and than gave me some real deep kissing and cum swapping. I was sooooo sexually prepared that I shot off my cock with a big full load right into his privates as he laid there on top of me, and kept rubbing our cocks together. Larry, I could share a good cum session with you any day!

  77. Scott says:

    Ever since I shot into my mouth I’ve been hooked on cum. It’s the very most intimate experience I can have with a man…to take and savor that warm creamy ejaculate from a guy’s cock. The ultimate ecstacy is to then lock our mouths together and share that delicious cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. The thicker the cum…the more exciting the wads of gism throughout my mouth. The thick gooey surges of cum are a real treat especially when I share them with another guy’s open mouth. The taste of it alll….IS SOOOO MACHO!

  78. subjimmy says:

    I would love to suck anyone of You maverick men … Your cum looks so tasty … jimmy

    • Drew says:

      You sound like a cock sucker after my own heart. You like your men macho, you want their ejaculate to be warm, thick and full. I’m not a Maverick man, I am a guy with a 7 inch erection who also love guys with erections…any size erection…just so it gets really hard and can give me a tasty full load of creamy thisk cum. Dozens of guys say I have good cum, what ever that means. It must be alright, they come to me and wany to blow job twice in the same day. Maybe they just like 19 year olds.

  79. Scott Severin says:

    I don’t know what else I would be if I wasn’t a cum pig.

  80. bobby says:

    nothing makes me happier than having a guy shove his cock down my throat as I suck the semen out of him while wearing my bra, and panties. I’m such a cock sucking tranny!

    • John says:

      I love your terminology..”I suck the semen out of him”. Is there any other kind of true blow than that? A blow job is not a blow job if a guy comes and shoots a little cum out on your tongue, or jerks off some gism over your lips. For me a real blow job is sucking the full cock and especially, near the end, suck the cock head with passion ’til it explodes in rapturous surges of fresh hot cum. Whether it’s a load of thin juices or deliciously thick creamy ejaculate…the wonderful intimate feeling is the juices from the cock head filling up your mouth……Saturating your tongue, coating all of your teeth and spreading throughout your thirsy mouth! Now that s a blow job you can really taste. If the cum is thick, even almost lumpy, play with it with your tongue, in your mouth. YEAH, MAN! EXPERIENCE THAT WONDERFUL LOAD OF MAN’S VERY BEST REWARD FOR A BLOW JOB WELL DONE! Bobby, I wish we could get together and “suck the cum out of each other!!!

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  82. chaly says:

    So right guys love to be filled up in both holes by all of u guys but really love to kneel down between a lovers legs and consume his beauty in my mouth to suck and lick before consuming his big hot load down my greedy throat Love u all MEN

  83. Kurt says:

    Cum is the best! The only thing better than a cock up the ass is the head of a cock in your throat, and the only thing better than that is a guy emptying his nuts in your mouth and savoring every drop. I’d eat cum all day long. I’d love to go through the drivethru and get a 16oz cup of warm cum and slurp it down every morning. Yep, I’m the guy who would blow dudes all day long and eat their cum. I would LOVE to eat cum out of a guys asshole. I’ve eaten about 25 loads and would love to eat a million more.

    • Carl says:

      Carl: Don’t waste a guy’s hugh load of hot cum up your rear. If you love cum and blow job to get it, then skip the drive up window for your daily fix. I live just down the street and will give your mouth one hugh load of thick cum eveery morning…and another lunch…and another hot load for supper. I live at 69 Blow Job Boulevard. Oh yeas, after your cum supper with me, why not spend the night with me. Who knows how many ejacilate snacks I’ll give you through the night. Between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am I’d probably shoot you wilh at least 10 more hot creamy desserts into your mouth. I can’t believe you’ve only eaten about 25 loads of the “essence of manhood”…CUM that is… and your goal is a very worthy ONE MILLION! Within 2 years from my first blow I had suck cock and eaten cum some 652,278 times! (a bit exaggerated) To help you reach your goal of a million, pleaswe come on over every hour for the next 6 months. I BELIEVE I WAS MADE FOR YOU!!! At least I know my cum was made to fill you mouth a few thousand times!

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    • hornycock749 says:

      Wouldn’t you like it fresh from the source?

      • Chad says:

        Same here. I’ve been wanting to suck a fat cock and the cum all over me. Never tried it,but want to.

        • Gary says:

          I love to suck a nice load from a nice cock and swallow every drop. I would love to have a group of guys to shoot their loads on my face and down my throat. I also would love to suck off a BIG cock. I mean a 10 to 12″ cock.

          • ilovcummalot says:

            Ur a tranny that’s awesome if always wanted to get to talk to one I never have and just absolutely dream of being with a tranny it would be great. I’m 6,0 180 lbs brown hair hzl eyes & 7,0 cock kinda a heavy cummer I would love it if u got back to me

      • Harold says:

        hornycock 749–You’ve got the right idea. I want my cum straight and fresh from the source. All cum is best when it’s warm and creamy. The greatest thrill of a good blow job is to experience the surge of the ejaculate as it shoots from the cock head to the back of your throat. Of course, never spit it out too soon. To capture the essence of it’s slimmy make up and the tangy goodness of its flavor, a guy needs to play with the full load of ejaculate in his mouth for several minutes after the blow job orgasm. If I could, I’d love to show you how to enjoy a fresh load of cum. MMMmmmmm.

        • Billy says:

          You’re my kind of guy. I love to play with cum in my mouth. I push it through my teeth real fast and the cum foams up to twice its mass. What a wonderful taste that has! Then I love to spit out my friend’s foamy “pudding” onto my cock, which is now big and hard, and massage it all over my balls and dick and you know what happens then……my cum shoots into the palm of my hand which I add to my slippery gooey prick. Oh…man….what a way to jerk off! It made me feel that I was 14 again!. Once, after I showed my friend how I masturbate with his foamy cum, he went down on my cock and sucked it clean . Not a trace of white foam cum could be seen. I loved what he did and how he did it. It made me want to orally swap cum with a man right away!

    • Kurt says:

      You and I think alike! When I watch those women guzzle a glass of cum in bukakke videos, I’m so freaking jealous I can’t stand it. I’d pay for a glass of warm cum.

  85. Tim says:

    so fucking hot, love to share of few loads with u guys

    • dave says:

      my sentiments exactly hot

    • bob says:

      I have never suck a cock but I want to TASTE CUM GOING DOWN MY THROAT.

      • Chad says:

        Same here. I’ve been wanting to suck a fat cock and the cum all over me. Never tried it,but want to.

      • Hasrold says:

        I read you Bob. I was once hesitant to suck a cock having never tasted cum. Well I finally got my taste–that’s right–the ole self cum way. Just lay on your back and shoot it hard and fast straight down into your open mouth, then savor it all you want. Several times after that I couldn’t resist doing it. Then came the chance to do a blow job. It came easier than I thought it would. The taste and feeling of thick creamy cum in my mouth was just great. I still don’t swallow the stuff. What’s best about taking a guys beautiful ejaculation is the slow tasteful play time with both cock and cum in you mouth together. It make it hard for me STOP sucking a guy’s juicy meat! I wish I could give you your first blow job and show you what mean. MMMMmmmmm.

    • Chad says:

      Well cum on.

    • Carl says:

      Tim: Forget the “fuckin hot” bit, that’s not where I want your cum. BELIEVE ME…I LOVE CUM!!! I want the taste of it..I want the thick gooey feel of it over my tongue and teeth…I want to play with it orally throughout my entire mouth…I want to share and swap your cum with deep kissing (you just gave me a beautiful hard on!) Did you say you wanted to SHARE a few loads of cum with me? With my mouth full of your cum, how can I SHARE only A FEW loads? After I get to taste of one load I’ll want to share and swap A FEW MORE…AND A FEW MORE…AND A FEW MORE!! I’m sure that would be okay with you…Oh yeah…you said “you wanted to share” your cum “with u guys”…that sounds great…BRING on the other guys too…MORE GUYS MORE COCk SUCKING…MORE COCK SUCKING MORE BLOW JOBS…MORE BLOW JOBS MORE DELICIOUS MOUTHSFUL OFTHICK HOT EJACULATE TO TASTE.. What more would I want? It will be a reaal “BLOW JOB-A-RAMA!!! (Oooooooh…I just came!!!) Yeah, it was worth it!!!

  86. Robert Malcolm says:

    I’d love to eat and swallow your hot cum, let me know how I can get it.

    • Toby says:

      Robert: I loved your short snappy invitation. Of course I’d like to give you some hot cum. Don’t you know how to get a good load of that fresh warm cream from my body. I’ll bet you do…get it the old fashioned way! Over the centuries men have gotten literally barrels of that delicious good stuff from their male friends. How can our male population forget how to get it? Let’s get together. I’d love to teach you all the ways you can rob me of the wonderfu liquid essence of my manhood.

  87. jimmy says:

    I jerk off to all the video’s here wishing i was getting my ass fucked and eating a load from You guys…..i am more thn willing to eat a load on camera for You for free ….

  88. Steve says:

    Love the video. Have loved sucking cock and swallowing cum since my first sexual experience with a man. While laying on the bed he strattled my face, put his cock in my mouth and the next thing I knew he shot a big thick gooey load in my mouth. Swallowed all of it and loved it. Few years back had this hot Italian guy I frequently hooked up with on a regular basis who loved to get his cock sucked and his cum swallowed. Every time he would ask if I wanted his cum and did I want to eat it while I was blowing him. Good times!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Fukkin WOOOOOOOF!! Thanks for the spank-bank material, Steve!!! 🙂 – Hunter

    • Skippy says:

      STEVE: Glad to hear how you got into cocck sucking. It brings back tasty memories. I remember standing in the back of an adult theater looking at men with menon the screen. A nice looking blondiish guy came up to me and worked my cock inside of my pants. I opened my fly and in seconds he had my cock in his mouth. I had never felt sucking before. I just had to let him do it. He knew what he wanted. In a few minutes I reached that unforgettable moment that men love. He blow jobbed me and took every drop of cum. Obviously he swallowed it all and walked away. I stayed there longer and maybe an hoiur later he came back. He remembered me and took my cock out again. Yes, he blow jobbed me again. I was surprised thet I could shoot more cum again. Then we talked in the hallway and made plaans for the folowing week We met at a daytime motel. It was so stimulating to go naked with him and shower with him before lying down on the bed. He was so good looking that what happened seem very natural. To enjoy his body more I chose to lay 69 with his body. I did what any man would expect…I began sucking his cock. We sucked together for quite a while. I wanted something to happen and got vigorous whil my cock sucking. Now my greatest urge was to finish him off. I sucked harder and he let me know with his groans he was coming. With one big intense…”OOOoooooWWeeeeeee he shot off his cock into my mouth (MY VERY FIRST TASTE OF CUM!) I remember well the feeling of my mouth getting flooded out and I remember those throbs in his cock head as the shots of cum continued to ejaculate. The feeling of warm cum in my mouth was very satisfying, the taste of it all was immaterial…don’t remember tasting anything. So…one week after I got my first blow job, I was anxious and willing to pass on that thrill to other men. All I can say is there’s nothing so rewarding and satisfying as blow jobbing men. mmmmmmmMMMM!

      • Nick says:

        Steve, You’re a man after my own heart. It happened to me many years ago. A guy shot a hugh creamy wad of cum into my mouth and that did it! I wanted to blow job every man I met. My blow job record must be unbelievable cause I spend about 8 hours a week, over two days, at gay baths where I live. I was 22 for my first taste of cum. Now I’m 38 and probably average 6 to 8 blow jobs a week. You do the math, I find it almost unbelievable. But what can I say? I just love taking in that thick white “essence of a man” and tasting it and playing with it and often sharing it with the mouth of the wonderfully relieved man who I just sucked off. I wish I could experience your hot creamy joy juice someday!

  89. Isael pasive says:

    I love to suck dick and have a mouth full of cum. If there are any guys here who want to squirt their load into me, wow, I a waiting

    • cane7776 says:

      I’d love to dump my load in your mouth

      • daniel says:

        would love it but can also piss on me to clean up

      • mike says:

        I agree! I love a huge load and to have it slide dowm my throat…….god i gotta go stroke!!!

        • Toby says:

          MIke…you ole cum addict! You’re a regular kind of guy…my kind of guy too. What macho kind of man doesn’t like hugh loads of hot lubrication sliding down his throat? BUT…when you want it and it’s not available straight from nature’s intended source….you don’t have to resort to “stroking” unless you mean….lying on your back, feet over your head and then stroke your cock into a wild jerk off experience right into your mouth.. Then you’ll have something to enjoy….like a huge load of your own cum. Don’t waste that precious moment with just a simple masturbation into the toilet. Yes…make the most of every drop of gism you produce.

      • Scott says:

        John, you talk about sucking “big black dichs” I am white but love those super big cocks that our black friends treat us to. It’s not so muck the leagth but the hugh cock head which is a thrill to push all around in your mouth. I prefer shorter cocks like 4″ to 6″ so that I can get the whole cock all the way in. I like to deep throat a medium size piece of meat. When I deep throat I love to sink my whole mouth down into a guy;s deep hairy bush. Getting back to handsome black cocks… Don’t you really love the creamy thickness of their cum? Some times it actually comes out in GOBS. WHAT A FEELING THAT IS IN YOUR MOUTH. That kind of stringy well formed cum will beat anyday those thin spurts and spray of diluted ejaculate that one can hardly feeling going into your mouth. And I really believe that a surge of the thick cremay stuff has a tad better flavor. And I’d better mention, that “their” thick gism, when spit into their black curly bush is so exciting to suck back out. The hair is coarse, tight, wirey curly…. a real different kind of hair sucking thrill.

      • Skippy says:

        So you’d like to dump your load into my mouth. Is that all? I want more that that! I want that delicious load dumped back into your mouth too. Isn’t that the purpose of cock sucking and taking cum into your mouth. It’s to be shared, to b e swapped back and forth from mouth to mouth. Full healthy loads of cum in the mouths of two hot guys are to be tasted by both men—to be licked and savored by both. This kind of ejaculate intimacy is what the real macho men desire to experience. YES YES YES… I’ll take your full ejaculation and you take mine and then we KISS…we will be thrilled with our blend of cum as it splashes from mouth to mouth. Ooooooohcane7776, I NEED YOU NOW!!!

        • Frank says:

          Love your invitation to swap cum! It makes we want to spend a week with you. I’ll take all the cum you can give me– mouth to mouth, dozens of times. But I have to give you fair warning. My loads of ejaculate are hugh! When I orgasm, my cock floods a mouth with pure white genuine streams of thick surup , BUT IT IS CUM! And it’s that kind of hot fresh gism that I want to taste back in my mouth. Are you up to that kind of cum sharing without swallowing too much of it? I really love deep and wild kissing with lots of thick cum to exchange. But what happens after a long session of savoring each other’s cum is sooooo exciting for me to do. I drain my mouthful of the blended cum into a guy’s crotch—all over his cock and balls and hairy bush. Then with my mouth open and tongue out I “shampoo” the entire private area with my open mouth, my face smearing the cum cocktail around and then licking up all the cum juices that I can to spit out and then lick up again. There’s to greater or thrilling intimacy you can have have with a guy than that! You’ll feel a bond with him the rest of your life! AND THEN YOU WILL CRAVE TO HAVE THE SAME KIND OF MALE/CUM relationship with more and more men. What a blast you’ll have as you swap cum with the guys and shampoo their beautiful privates with your whole face and mouth. Yeah Skippy I NEED YOU NOW TOO. What a night we’d have together as we blow jobbed each other again and again and then enjoyed the taste of all that cum as our mouths share it with each other. FYI…..I’m a mature 44 years old, sexually young and hungry for all types of men, moderately covered with dark chest hair, prominent nipples for easy sucking, generous dark pubic hair and a full 6 inches of hard meat! And , oh yes, guys have told me that I have great balls. Would love to hear more about you on this page of “For the love of…”

    • ilovcummalot says:

      I’d love to cumm in ur mouth I kinda shoot a big load so u will like that. I’d like to blow u and swallow ur cum.. Are u a heavy cummer

      • johnboy says:

        email me we will get together asap i want you to be the first hot dick to cum in my mouth for hrs

  90. Rick says:

    I am one of the best cocksuckers ever. All my friends even call me “Cocksucker” I love gulping down loads of sweet sticky cum. I think I could live only on cum if that’s all their was. A cock to me is like a large nipple to feed from.

    • Erik says:

      I love sucking a big hairy cock too been with a friend we’re both hairy hunks did a 69 nude with him mine 8.5 inch he swallowed all my hot man juice and licked the rest off my big bush yummy love having my big balls sucked and love eating a man’s big bush while I run my hands all over his hot muscular hairy chest

      • Carl says:

        Erik: I can sure identify with you. I’m a real HAIR lover too. Just the thought of lying 69 naked with an extremely hairy guy gives me fast hardon. I go from my usual 6 inches to a quick 38 inches—I would if I could. How do I love a man’s hair? A hairy crotch…his bush, his abdomen, his balls …WOW their great to suck and eat into your mouth. But I go for ALL the hair. I love a chest with deep dark curls of hair from nipple to nipple. Yeah, I love sucking vey hairy nipples. I love to get my mouth onto hairy stomachs so I can get my tongue in the hairy crevasses of a guy’s navel and lick ,lick and lick away. Then there’s those hairy arm pits. Some have deliciously long hair to suck on, others, like black guys, have large spread out patches of deep black curles of coarse wirey hair that is so much fun to suck and eat into your mouth. I love to drag my tongue up and down over extremely hairy legs, too, To feel and squeeze heavy hair on a guy’s butt is sensuous, but I’m not “into” the butt part of guys. And for sure a very hairy back is a real turn on, too. Like you said, Erik, sucking a big hairy cock is great.. I love to deep throat those kind and push my face into their deep pubis, making every effort to suck up, and lap up with my tongue and lips …their deep thick bushed of hairy goodness. Did I mention the excitement I get when I mkiss and guy with a moustache and beard? Oh boy, do I ever like sucking on their faces. I say, my spit was made for that kind of hair! Erik, you’re the right kind of guy I’d love to go to bed with. I’d suck ever hair right off your body!!!

        • Harold says:

          I’m a pretty hairy guy and you turn me on. I ‘ve had hair lovers in bed with before, but sound like I could eat you up because of your passion for hairy men.

        • Drew says:

          Erik–and Carl: I’ve just read your confession abouit loving a hairy body. I’m glad I’m not the only “Hair Freak” (That’s how I think about myself) I can’t wait to get my mouth into a very hairy armpit…black, white, Hiapanic…I just want to chew on a guy’s hair—wherever it is!

          • Jack says:

            Hi Drew hairy arm pits are great for licking as is hair all over the body. I like feet too, good to suck on a guys toes and cum on them

        • Nick says:

          Carl. I once knew a “Carl…he was Greek and maybe you are too. If that’s the case I’ll bet you have a nice big black hairy bush…deep, wide and begging to be sucked into a mouth like mine! I feel like a twin of yours…. I want very hairy men soooo bad. YES, I LOVE THICK HAIR IN MY MOUTH! The greatest turn on for me is this…… Right after a blow job I go down on the guy’s thick bushy pubic hair and empty my mouth into it. Then I suck it all out and bury my mouth into the hair again and let the cum drain out again. I do this 7 or 8 times’s SO INTIMATE!. I call it “A Hairy Cum Shake” The feeling, the mixture, the taste is so very mature. The blow jobbed guys often laugh but I’m having a wild feast of creamy ejaculate!……Yeah…try it, you’ll love it!! GUARANTEED BY A MAN WITH OVER 36 YEARS OF BLOW JOBBING EXPERIENCE

      • Kenny says:

        Eric, you make me want you so bad. I love to 69 with hairy guys. I nickname myself “a Hair Freak” because I love ALL the hair on hairy guys. By “love” I mean “to passionately eat it up”! I love and crave to have hair in my mouth. Like…hairy balls, or a deep thick spread of pubic hair, or heavy hair coverage across the chest and around the nipples, or thick and long under-arm hair (that’s a wonderful sucking pleasure.) A wonderful sucking pleasure is added for me when I go down on hair with a mouthful of cum. Oh, the sensuous feel of sucking hair and cum together! Why I love it, I don’t know. Hairy legs and back is always a plus. I love to drag my tongue over those hairy parts. And what a thrill to open my mouth wide and take in a guys clean beard! So much for all of that. I’d love to spend time in bed with you. I live in Largo, Florida…next to Tampa. Wish we could meet.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Rick you made my dick throb and since I got married I have been able to explore more of my bi_sexual’s been years since I had a load sucked from my cock by a guy or any one and I miss having my lips wrapped around a fat cock while it erupts thick hot tasty mouthfuls of man yogurt

    • cum guzzler says:

      I bet a blowjob that i could swallow more cum than u in a single swallow its a win win

      • harold says:

        Any guy who challenges me into a cum swallowing contest is a guy I wanna meet especialy when his mouth is full of cum from 3 or 4 blow jobs. Oh yeah…a mouth that has just taken 3 wads of hot cum is a mouth I want to kiss. Did I say KISS? I meant …EAT AWAY AT! IS THERE A BETTER MACHO PLEASURE THAN TO SUCK 3 LOADS OF CUM OUT OF A GUY’S MOUTH ! A REAL DELICIOUS CUM COCKTAIL i

    • Pete says:

      Pete…I beg to differ with you…. I AM THE BEST COCK SUCKER EVER.

    • Pete says:

      Pete…I beg to differ with you! I AM THE BEST COCK SUCKEREVER! MEN SCREAM WHEN I BLOW JOB THEM!! When they come in my mouth threir bodies bounce on the bed because of the erotic ecstacy of shooting off their gism in my tight firm mouth. Men gasp for their breath as their cocks spew out giant surges of hot thick ejaculate. Men plea “STOP! STOP!” as my tight lips clamp down on their cock heads to push the very last drops of gism out. And through all of this I am squeezing and pinching their nipples abusively so tha tthey beg for mercy with tears running down their faces……Now, what does you cock sucking do to men?………………………………………..I”m joking with you….Yes, I’d like a good blow job from you any day.

      • Nick says:

        Just read and enjoyed the imagination of “I’m the Best Cock Sucker Ever” Too bad he’s not for real. I need to experience his very own kind of Ultimate Blow Job. I’m answering you about this guys pipe dream because I MAYBE DID HAVE a once-in-a – life-time experience with a 43 year old, very very hairy Italian man , or should I call him “a bear” Anyway I LOVE HAIRY MEN. Hair in my mouth really turns me on! This is what I wanted and then did with him. Picture us naked and on a bed. I had been wildly enjoying all of his hairy parts with my mouth, when the thought came…..I wanted to COME IN HIS ARM PIT! So I move in….put my cock head into his extremely thick hairy arm pit. Then lowered his arm down so as to squeeze my cock head as I …yeah…..fucked his arm pit! The feeling for me was wildly intimate and for sure, very masculine as my cock pushed in and out through his massive black hair. He knew what was coming….or CUMMING!! Then I did what only a man would do… I ejaculated hard and fast!! YEAH… I cried out like a man with Ooooooos and Aaaaaahs and loud grunts. His arm pit caught it all! Once I had caught my breath I moved his arm out and saw it all…. My cum laid in puddles and gobs all over and through his macho black curls. Boy…was is ever one big hugh load of manly ejaculate ! BUT NOW I NEEDED TO REALLY EXPERIENCE IT…. EXPERIENCE IT LIKE THE MAN I WANTED TO BE! At times like this I crave really strong intimacy with a man. Without a hesitancy , I bent over and thrust my open mouth into his glorious arm pit hair. My cum was still warm, his hair was saturated with it, my tongue licked deeply and erotically through every curl he had. I sucked through his entire bush loving all of the thick cream I could find. This exciting cum sucking adventure lasted a good half hour. And YES, he had a completely clean spread of pubic hair when I had finished with him.
        Pete–this is one man with man experience you can believe. Are you hard now? Well, I AM! When that kind of occasion arises again, and I am with a man with WOW hairy arm pits, I’m sure I’ll do this again!! WISH ME LICK!

      • Amador says:

        I told told a friend of one time, out of conversation, that my then girlfriend was the best cock sucker ever…She would start by slowly stroking my cock and gentle kisses and licks to the head. But before I would get the urge to shoot my load, she would have me bucking like a bull in bed. Now nobody ever to this day has been able to do that. His response was that my girlfriend has never sucked his cock so therefore he wouldn’t know if she was the best cock sucker ever….lol.

    • Daniel says:

      I understand how you feel about your passionate performance of cock sucking and taking cum. BUT YOU’RE NOT ALONE! There are thousands of cock suckers out there who love juicy cocks and the erotic taste of a man’s cum. I’m but one of them. I’ve been giving blow jobs for over 30 years and have enjoyed the exciting thrust of over 8000 ejaculations—that’s if I only average 5 blow jobs a week. I’m sure I’ve hit 10,000 oral ejaculations from men in my life time. You think you love cum, Don’t I?

  91. turbo says:

    glad I’m not aloneI love tasting my own cum can’t wait to find the rright man and swallow all of it

    • PowerBottom1211 says:

      I wouldn’t mind. I love swallowing cum

      • erick says:

        Woud like to taste ur cum

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          Its very tasty!

        • Pete says:

          ERICK: okay, I’d like to taste your cum too. Mine ain’t bad. When I first tasted it I was about 27-28. To me it was a bit like coconut milk fresh from a store bought coconut. I’ve gotten it in my mouth many time over the years and it stays pretty much the same flavor. Yes, I still jerk off into my mouth on occasions, but nothing beats a good blow job and the wads of cum from other guys. Sometimed my gism is thin, liquidy and without that exciting texture of thick creamy gobs of ejaculate. But for you I know how to work up a good creamy wad of nice warm cum. I know you’ld love it!

    • Billy says:

      Hi there Macho Turbo! I can understand your position. You love the taste of your cum, but you wait for the right macho guy to come along to get that second taste. I was shooting off quite awhile in my mouth before I had the chance to blow job a guy. I’ve often thought “Why did I wait so long to take another guy’s cum? Believe me, his cum will be very little different that your’s. But the big difference is this…..from a blow job you get that tempestuous feeling that you have bonded with a man, like in no other way. I guarantee that once you’ve experienced blow jobbing another man, you’ll be through tasting your own cum. By the way, I didn’t mention this. My last name is “Craven” which in my case is interesting–it’s shorter than “Craving” …and this Billy is always “Cravin” a guy. My eyes go down to most every guy’s crotch and I picture his cock and balls and Imagine my mouth doing his cock in a private place. I yearn (or crave) to blow job the nice guys. With a name like Turbo you must have a delicious looking cock. Here’s a suggestion, that when you are blow jobbing guys, don’t swallow it too soon. One thing I go for, it’s a long session of enjoying the cum and playing with it in my mouth. Keep suckng the cock with the cum. Spit the cum into your man’s hairy bush and then suck it back out. That’s fun to do many many times. I only wish I could be your first man to blow job and show you how I play with fresh cum. I know you’d love it!!!

    • Don says:

      Like you, after tasting my own cum several times, I was wanting and waiting for a man with such sex appeal so that I could give him a really good blow job and enjoy his hot cum. I met him and was drawn to his dark hairy chest. Black thick curls covered his chest and nipples. My hands caressed over his chest again and again and my fingers played with his bold meaty nipples. His arms pulled me to him and he became “the kisser” of my dreamers. His mouth went into mine…our tongues licked and searched each others mouth for ever erotic feeling we could find. He was SO HAIRY! The black curls cover his front side from his neck down to his ankles. Rubbing my naked body against him was a most stimulating feeling…my cock never got so hard. His mouth was so delicious and generously filled with saliva…I didn’t want to stop eating it. But his large swollen cock was craving for my mouth too. I moved down and took it in. OH WHAT A MOUTHFUL OF MEATY GOODNESS!! It was a privilege to suck! I think I was the envy of the other 3 guys watching us. His balls were the most exciting and hairy that II’d ever sucked on. His hands were grasping my head and directing it up and down as my mouth held firmly onto his cock and I waited for his reward….a mouthful of fresh delicious cum. He cried out…. “OH BUDDY…GO FOR IT!” His hands shook my head and his cock head exploded with a massive gush of warm creamy ejaculate. It CAME and CAME!…my mouth filled to its fullest. He loudly declared his orgasmic thrill as his cock plunged in and out through my lips. His cum was thick! It was so tasty, so full and warm. I love the feeling of his giant juicy deposit in my mouth. But I wanted to really experience his cum like a man! I opened my mouth and it all drained out over his cock and into his deep hairy bush. With both hands I went to work and shampooed his pubic spread with the thick cream…I bathed his hairy balls with it and my hands spread the cum up and down his cock in slow masturbating fashion. His body jerked as my fingers circled his sensitive cock head. He surly knew he had had a blow job to remember and I had taken a load of cum by mouth and totally loved the whole delicious experience. It was my first blow job, my first taste of another man’s cum, my first wonderful introduction into the man’s world of sucking cock For the Love of Cum! In the years that followed I’ve eaten cock meat by the hundreds and have suck cum out that would fill a barrel! AND IT WAS ALL PURE NATURAL PLEASURE as you guys out there would agree to. Turbo, don’t wait any longer. Find that man you want and give his the best blow job you can. A mouthful of his cum will make you day, but YOU WILL WANT MORE! Getting hooked on cum ain’t bad. You’ll soon find that you can’t live without the frequent taste of cum in your mouth. You will LOVE cum! And your friends will love you as you take it from them. Remember this, before you swallow cum, enjoy it thoroughly inside your mouth. Your tongue needs to savor and feel its delicious creamy nature and flavor. Here’s to you on your first taste of another man!

  92. wiliam says:

    when im giving a blow job and when i feel the guys cockthrobbing I love the guy to hold my head onto his cock,, as hes about to shoot his load and make me swallow every last drop

    • Harold says:

      William—-Let me repeat what you said about being told to suck cock. It’s more exciting and erotic than most guys would imagine. So, it goes like this…I’m blow jobbing a cock on my knees. My friend with a beautiful cock has his hands holding the sides of my head in a gentle way. My mouth slides over his wet cock… I have visions in my head of the spray of ejaculate that soon will be mine. Abruptly he loudly cries out “I GOTTA COME!” His hands clamp my head tightly!!…I’M GETTING ORALLY USED!! My mind quietly screams….”COME ON YOU FUCKIN’ COCK SHOOT THAT BIG LOAD OF JUICY CREAM!” Then, 6 more thrusts of his swollen cock and RELIEF CAME!! His surging hot bursts of cum came fast and furious…saturating my whole mouth, my teeth, my tongue, and inside my cheeks! IT WAS A DELICIOUS COCKTAIL OF MAN’ S MOST INTIMATE GIFT TO ANOTHER MAN!!! I tasted it with delight, I orally played with it vigorously…I worked it through my teeth into a mass of thick white foam and with erotic pleasure I emptied my mouth unto his cock and hairy bush and macho balls….and then just shampooed his whole private area with both hands. You talk about sexually stimilating fun!!! THAT KIND OF INTIMATE PLAY WITH A MAN BEATS EVERY THING ELSE IN THE BOOK!! Please try it…I’ll bet you can’t do it just once!

    • Kenny says:

      I know what you mean. When I get into a blow job I like my man to hold my head tight and make me suck him good. I love the whole feeling of being told to suck cock and then take his cum. With a mouth full of fresh hot ejaculate I love to have a cock pushed in and out of my mouth, but then comes a wild time of power and control over my cum filled mouth as my man friend puts him mouth on mine in an attempt to suck all of the cum out and into his mouth. The absolute sexiest and most intimate experience I can have is to deep kiss with cum…eating and licking cum from each other’s mouth. THAT IS WILDLY DELICIOUS!!! Bill, I wish you could come on to me. I can take it and love it!

  93. Roy says:

    Love sucking cock till it shoots in my mouth and down my throat.mmmmmm good

    • Don says:

      Granted, the feeling of cum sliding down your throat is so personal and masculine-like. We all enjoy that feeling. But there’s something better. It’s simply “tasting” the cum. Let the big deposit of ejaculate stay in your mouth awhile. Let your tongue splash around through it and savor its flavor. The taste may be neutral, but it can he tangy, sweet and hopefully the cum will be thick. Black cocks give the thickest cum. When men blow job they want cum TO TASTE, not just to flow down their throats. I speak from experience. I WANT flavorful cum to enjoy after a blow job. I think that all cock sucking men want to taste good cum. Otherwise, why suck it out of another man’s cock? Once you start tasting what cum is all about you will WANT CUM JUST FOR ITS TASTE. But the feeling of thick cream in your mouth is wonderful and so satisfying, you find that you want to hold on to it longer and longer as you spread the cum throughout your mouth with your tongue. Some day your will love the taste of your cum as you lick it from another guy’s mouth!

  94. dave says:

    It’s so hot to see and feel your cum splattering on your own face..watching your cock swell and reaching the point of no return.
    I have my partner hold my legs over my head while on my back, while stroking me and caressing my balls.
    Awesome naughty fun!

    • Daniel says:

      You sound like you do a lot of your own cum eating.. I did it first when I was about 28 and through the years I have enjoyed the experience when I was really horny and a guy was not around. My loads are usually quite thick or creamy and that’s what I love for my tongue to play with and taste. But I want to share this with
      you— never call jerking off into your mouth “naughty fum”. It’s ” awesome” alright, but why naughty? It’s your very own semen, it’s your need to taste it, it’s your thrilling experience to have that kind of an orgasm and it’s your wonderful sexual relief that gives such erotic satisfaction to your craving need. Do it, Daniel, and make every orgasm into your mouth totally awesome and never naughty. I’m now 67 and don’t meet the guys like I used to. I’m still sexually active. My hard cock is still 6 inches, my bushy pubic hair has not thinned out , my cum is, thankfully, manly, creamy and tasty, and I crave really deep and wet and wild kissing with a man. I feel like I’m 55, but sexually I’m still 35! I THINK I’VE JUST TALKED MYSELF INTO GOING BACK TO THE GAY BATHS! THANKS DANIEL FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT!

    • Ted says:

      I just found this web site which certainly tells about gay activities. (I am straight) Are you saying that you brought yourself up to having an orgasm and then your friend helped you get in position to ejaculate….but where?….in your mouth? What I’ve been reading here and from you is getting to have second thoughts about my own personal sex life. (I’m not married and sex can be boring.)

      • Ted says:

        I’m updating the above note of mine from May 24. To take the boredom out of my sex life as a single guy I went ahead and tried to take my own cum. I’m young enough to have generous ejaculations, and so it happened. A full quantity of semen flowed from me, actually it ejected quite hard and very full. I held on to it and tasted it. Not at all bad in any way. After all it was “mine”. It was a new moment of experience for me and it felt worth repeating. I did so 3 times more that week and 3 times the next week. I’m enjoying my times of sexual relief a lot more and look forward to having sexual experiences this way. I even wonder if having a friend with me and sharing all of this with him, would excite me further for better sex. Need your comments on this.

        • Liam says:

          Sex is definitely more fun with a parner/helper. In my teens I got into shooting cum into my own mouth for the feeling and taste of it. I had a friend watch me as I did it to show him his acceptable it was. Then he asked if he could jerk me off into my mouth. I agreed and once in position on my back be began to masturbate me. It felt so wonderful and sexy that when I shot off It was a total pleasure for me. I had had a great satisfying orgasm by another guy, and I had the very personal experience of tasting and swallowing my own cum. Several time after that we got together so he could shoot my cock off into my mouth. Then he let me jerk him off into his mouth. But there’s this thing I call The Evolution of Taking Cum. So what happened was we soon were sucking each other’s cock and giving explosive blow jobs to each other. This gives new meaning and understanding to the phrase, “For the love of cum”. Once a man tastes and feels the creaminess of a man’s semen , THEN HE ‘S HOOKED! He’s no longer a Happy Sexy Camper…HE NEEDS REGULAR BLOW JOBBING IN HIS LIFE! And that’s not a bad thing. Ask a man who blow jobs. He’ll say, “It’s the most delicious thing I can do with a man!”

    • Jim says:

      I’ve never has cum splattering over my face. Any cum that comes my way I want it in my mouth. I don’t go for just a guy jerking off his dick into my mouth. I have to have the full cock head inside my lips so that I feel the stream of gism across my tongue and filling my mouth. That’s the whole reason for giving a blow job…to feel the gushing of cum inside your mouth. That’s the best way to taste it! MMMmmmm. But regarding cum on the face, this is what I’d like to experience. Having a muscular black man shoot his full abundant load of fresh thick cream all over my face …IF…IF the guy will take two hands and massage my entire face and ears with it! A wonderful finishing touch would be to press our lips together for a time a wet deep kissing and rubbing our faces together. OH HOW SENSUAL AND FUN THAT WOULD BE! I’m sure he would want to blow job me after that!!

  95. LongWell says:

    Where do I start! Cum, sperm, seman, jizz, etc what ever you like to call it we all agree It is wounderful. It is delicous and a gift that keels on giving. The first time is tasted my sweet juice I was about 13 years old. I was having an intense teenaged spake session. I watched what ever type of porn I could get my hands on, my cock was so hard and pulsing. I started to precum which was a tad bit new for me. I decided to taste it, not too bad but seemed to turn me on alil more then I already was. I’m jerking my cock away while playing with my ass, experimenting on my likes and dislikes. As I circled my assholde I feel my cock pumping and getting ready to blow. Boom a huge load smaks me dead on my lips, I was alil disturbed and distrusted but since it was my own I said what the hell!!!. Wow to my amazement it was delcious and different. Not sure how totake it but surly was something to look into.
    As years passed I started to become obsessed with the thought of sucking and swallowing a cock. I never went to look for any guys but did learn how to seflsuck. By the age of 15 I was sucking my cock like a pro. Nothing better then sucking and swallowing yourself. And at the age of 25, I continue to still suck and swallow my loads. Its almost a ritual to beat my cock and lick my sweet cum. I salute those whose swallow for the long haul.
    LongWell Jonson

    • mchlglmn says:

      yes. there is nothing better than eating an entire load from pre cum to final drops that are squeezed out. I enjoy swallowing and I enjoy savoring. getting another man’s cum is one of the best reasons to give a blow job if you ask me. I like eating my own as well, but another guy’s cock sending his warm semen into my hungry mouth is heaven on earth

      • Kenny says:

        Agree with you completely. The best reason to blow job is to eat the gush of hot cum a man gives you. I live to experience the flood of warm thick cream flooding over my tongue and coating every tooth in my mouth. To chew on cum and savor it’s delicious tangy goodness is the ultimate sexual food a man’s mouth can play with using his tongue. And the glob of chewy semen that shoots from a black cock is a totally erotic treat which every man should experience. I hold cum in my mouth as long as possible…licking it throughout my mouth….tasting every drop….spreading it with my tongue all over my lips. I long for the violent gushing of a man’s ejaculation inside my mouth EVERY DAY! If only I could personally show you how wonderful eating fresh hot cum really is. But then, you already know the delicious experience of having the inner juices of manhood fill your mouth at the climatic end of a blow job. Thank you ” mchlglmn” for your honest confession. The leaI could do was to give you my honest confession too. IF ONLY WE COULD GIVE EACH OTHER OUR VERY BEST HOT CUM!!!

  96. Raif says:

    love eating my own cum! I like jacking off, lubing up, fingering my hole, getting good and hard. Just as I am going to shoot I throw my legs over my head, point for my mouth and shoot1 tastes so good! can get most in my mouth. the rest I scoop up and savor!!!!

  97. strokman1945 says:

    I have on occasion eaten my own cum. Probably the time I enjoyed it most was when I hooked up with a guy who wanted a blowjob. He asked me to jack off and cum on his cock and balls. I really enjoyed licking and sucking him clean. Every time I jack-off I fantasize about eating my cum and it never fails to get me turned on pushing me over the edge to orgasm. By the time I’m finished shooting my load I am not in any way interested in eating my cum. It’s not like I’ve never enjoyed a mouthful of cum, I love sucking cock, love to have a guy shoot my mouth full and swallow every drop of that wonderful white stuff.

    • Drew says:

      Your statement about “shooting your cum and then loosing your interest in eating your cum” struck a real bell about my own cum eating experience. I was around 26, married and I easily got horney. I ‘d say I was bisexua’ but was not into sex with men….yet. I needed to confirm my position on possibly liking cum in my mouth. I first tried to taste my own stuff by shooting it in my hand and then lick a little out. Didn’t work–no desire left to sample a taste. I realized that I should jerk off right in my mouth. That wasn’t successful either. I Imasturbated straight down into my mouth and I caught it all . It was a good creamy load!! But, I had had an intense orgasm with that jerk off and was left with only the desire to spit out the cum quickly. Days later I realized I had to come in my mouth without an orgasm. So in a private moment in my office, after hours, I raised my legs over my head, ….began my masturbating, but stopped just before the ejaculation…it was close, but my cum ran out of my cock in a generous way with no orgasmic surge like when you jerk off. It was THEN that I could enjoy the feel and taste of my cum. I kept it in my mouth for awhile and actually loved this new experience. But I was still horney and could not resist giving myself a full jerkin’ off into my mouth. So…the lesson learned was SHOOT THE PRECUM INTO YOUR MOUTH BEFORE HAVINGA FULL ORGASM IF YOU WANT TO TASTE IT. BUT, Mr. Strokman, do you really need to sample your own gism? You are having lots of fun cock sucking and taking other guy’s cum and hve tasted a great variety of male ejaculate. You said it all when you declaied ” I LOVE TO HAVE A GUY SHOOT MY MOUTH FULL AND SWALLOW EVERY DROP OF ….THAT…WONDERFUL… WHITE… STUFF1!!! You learned the right way how to love cum—-one guy and a time1 I agree with you, it is wonderful white stuff. MEN EVERY WHERE, BRING IT ON!!!

  98. Pornedout says:

    I am bicurious and love watching videos of girls and guys getting ejaculated on by multiple men. It’s so awesome. I wish it would happen to me. I would also like for it to happen to my wife and I would lick all of the cum off of her face and kiss, snowballing back and forth. I love JiZz lol.

    • Dan says:

      You sound a lot like me! Except, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist eating the other man’s cum from my wife and miss out on the snowballing. That’s been one of my fantasies for a very long time. Maybe one day…..

    • Amador says:

      Wow. It’s one of my many fetishes too. It kinda sorta happened already thanks to my ex-girlfriend. She invited me to her house this one time and she convinced her then boyfriend into letting me watch them have sex. She called me into the bedroom and she started sucking his cock as she layed on top of him. So I sat down on the edge of the bed as I was enjoying the cock sucking show. Mind you, she is an awesome cock sucker so my cock started to get hard. When she got his cock good and hard, they got into the doggie style position and started haVing sex. At this point, I decided to get more comfortable and laid down beside her caressing her body. He must have been really excited because in no time he was dumping his load deep inside her. What happened next I did not see it cumming. She grabbed me by my shoulders and laid me on my back, straddled my face and told me to open wide. I could see his white creamy cum dripping out of her pink love box. She had perfect aim because every drop of his man juice fell right into my mouth. After she filled my mouth with his warm delicious cum she told me to swallow. And like and obedient sex slave, I ate every last drop of his cum like she instructed me to. Talk about wild…

    • Kenny says:

      You need to go to a gay bath and have a bunch of guys shoot cum all over you. The thought of that even gives me a big hard on!

  99. JohnnyS says:

    I luv cum and I’m looking for a new experience where another dude & I are 69ing. we come at the same time into one another’s mouth without dropping a drop. Then we face one another, kiss and use our tongues to mix our brew before we share and then swallow. Yum-O-Rama!!!

    • Jeremiah says:

      Johnnys that sounds so hot if we met we would have so much cum filled fun. After 69 and snowball filled kisses we would take turns sucking the cum out of each other’s cock and sharing every drop till we couldn’t even produce precum anymore. God im so fucken hard

    • Pete says:

      Pete, I know exactle how you feel or should I say: I know how badly you need to experience a guy’s cum. I yearn for what you want. I crave to have a 69 blow job, both of us coming simultaniously, and then with mouths saturated with delicious man cum….we kiss, and kiss deeply and share, swapp and trade our manly sexual juices from mouth to mouth with the help of our tongues and a deliberate attempt of spitting the gism back and forth from mouth to mouth. I THINK WE”D BOTH LOVE THAT VERY INTIMATE EXPERIENCE. You’re right! It would be a real YumYum-O-Rama!!! I can dream, can’t I?

    • Harold says:

      JohNny S—I’ve got tell you…What your looking for I have done many times. Yep, the whole routine. To lay in a 69 and suck cock is soooo wonderful and rewarding and What an intimate feelong it gives you when you’re sucking each other’s cocks. But the ecstacy of shooting cum and taking another guy’s cum at the same time—is fabulously erotic. Then hold it all in your mouths for several minutes… yeah..your cock and cum in his mouth and his cock and cum in your mouth. If the cocks go soft then you have a new thrill of sucking a gooey soft dick. And so you also want to kiss with it all. GO FOR IT! Tell your selves to swap cum from mouth to mouth. Use your tongue to push the ejaculate from mouth to mouth. You may loose your desire and libito to share your cum this way BUT DO IT AND HAVE THE MEMORY OF ONE OF THE MOST INTIMATE THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH ANOTHER GUY! And don’t forget to make that kiss a long and wild experience. But, I’m not always in favor of swallowing cum. What I like to do is for both parties to spit out the double cum recipe on each otheer’s chests and do a little nipple play with your fingers and cum. GOOK LUCK AND BON APPETIT !!!

  100. Greg says:

    never get enough watching men eat it….gonna enjoy some of my own in a few!!!

    • Skippy says:

      Greg: Yes, what you say is true enough. Watching men eat cum is great entertainment and it’s very stimulating in the groin area, too. It makes a guy wanna get his rocks off right inside his pants. I learned my lesson—now II get naked before I watch that erotic stuff. But it’s practical too, when you’re naked you get to enjoy your own cum quicker. A suggestion for you Greg—– There’s something more fun than watching men eat cum…

  101. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    I love when a guy eats his own cum. I let him shoot on my pussy, and then I tell him to lick it up! Or he can cum on my tongue or in my mouth, as long as I dont get it all over my face. Not my thing.

    I’m experimenting with a bisexual guy now. He is awesome, and don’t mind tasting his own cum. We fuck for hours and he does things to me that I’ve only seen on vid before! 😀 I never would have dared if it wasn’t for you, Cole! Thanks again for saving my sexlife! Hugs /H

  102. Bruce Burke says:

    I live to swallow cum ,and love having it squirted on my face dried then going out so people can know I suck cocks

  103. Greg says:

    The elixir of life!
    Guys…I am yours!
    F U C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. dixie says:

    I love swallowing cum. that is why I suck cock, for the reward.mmmm

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I agree with you %100!! – Hunter

      • John U. says:

        So do I! I just LOVE cum and my love for it includes playing with it before I swallow it all down! Nothing like a tasty thick load of sperm to have fun with and eat!

        • strokman1945 says:

          I love the way a guys cock get super hard just before he shoots.

          • Rock says:

            Big cock heads are always a thrill to push through your lips. I most always feel the swelling cock head in my mouth just before it shoots! That’s my signal to tighten my whole mouth around it and suck just that throbbing cock head like crazy so that the com shoots hard and fast to the back of my mouth. Sometimes I feel an orgasm like that is fuller and thicker when I do it that way, which most men want to experience anyway. Try it and see if I’m right. Nothing to loose, but gobs of gism to gain!

          • Kent says:

            What I notice with a cock in my mouth ia the swelling up of a guy’s cock head seconds before he unleashes that super delicious load of masculine goodness. That’s when I clamp my lips tighter around his fleshy glans so that his shooting cum sprays further into the back of my mouth.

        • Homer says:

          John U. You’re a great guy after my own heart. Thanks for telling us how much you like to play with cum. I had an experience awhile back which was a a new and intimate thrill for me at the time. I was about 45 years old and was visitiing a gay bath house in NYC. In the hallway I connected with a guy about 35 and he came with me to my room for something more intimate. Another guy followed us in and sat next to me on the bunk bed. The 35 year old stood in front of me naked, indicating I was going to suck his cock—–which I was. I said to the “intruder” next to me that my “friend” in front of me was to be “MY friend.” He agreed…but asked if Iwould share the guy’s cum with him. Interesting, I thought. I began to suck and it turned into a good ole blow job. When the guy began to sigh, and groan with those signs of coming orgasm, the “intruder” move his mouth and face close to mine. Then with one loud grunt , a surge of cum exploded into my mouth with an audible “AAAaaaaa!” I felt the rush of a couple loads of fresh cum over my tongue, and then quickly I pulled my mouth away and immediatelly shoved the ejaculating cock into the mouth of the guy sitting next to me. He finished the Blow Job! I sat holding cum in my mouth’ He sat holding cum in his mouth. Our heads turned and instinctively we leaned toward each other and our mouths met! Our mouths opened and the rest is history!!!Our tongues splashed the cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. IT WAS WILD…IT WAS INTIMATE…IT WAS ERATIC…..SO DELICIOUSLY SATISFYING1!!! I’ve longed for that kind of cum feast many times since. I’ll bet you and I would have a blast together! Yeah! I L0vE CUM, TOO!!!

          • John U. says:

            Homer, for sure we’d have a blast together!! Heh! Heh! Well, we’d sure be blasted AT, that’s for sure! Yes, I LOVE to play with cum as it dangles off my fingers after the guy cums in my open mouth! I’m visual in sex and just love to see his load drop into my open mouth and then to thorougly relish and enjoy it before swallowing it all down! Have had some nice experiences over the years and LOVE bukkake! I’d LOVE to take on a group of guys orally and have them all jack off into my open mouth when they shoot their loads! The most I’ve had was five but would enjoy more someday! 🙂

        • Jim says:

          To John U} It’s great to hear of a guy who enjoys playing with cum before swallowing it. I always love to taste cum thoroughly in my mouth and lick it all around in my mouth to enjoy that macho creaminess with my tongue. We’d have a great time sharing cum with deep kissing each other.

          • Bob says:

            WOW Jim! We must be twins! I love cum so much that I can’t swallow it. I can’t spit it out. I have to spread it throughout my mouth to get the fullness of its flavor. I crave thick creamy cum to saturate my mouth with—just like you. Boy, could we ever have a cum feast together as we kissed with big loads of ejaculate to pass from mouth to mouth. After we each did a blow job the only way to kiss each other is DEEPLY…licking and sucking our cum from each other’s mouth. WHAT EROTIC PLEASURE AND DELICIOUS TASTING THAT WOULD BE! As one Cum Lover to another, I say, I want your cum so bad, I want your cum filled mouth so bad, I want to orally share our cum filled mouths together! What else can I say but …three cheers for wanting to taste cum to its limits.

          • Brandon says:

            Thanks for telling us you love to taste cum thoroughly in your mouth. I’m with you on that. I’m 18 years old and have a strong desire to really taste a man’s cum. I love you for talking about sharing cum with deep kissing. THAT IS MY CONSUMING PASSION! I love to take 2 or 3 big ejaculations of cum into my mouth and then kiss a third guy for wild deep kissing and swapping cum. Long sessions of licking and sucking cum from each other’s mouth is about the most intimate pleasure that two guys ca n have together and I DO IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Oh for the love of a juicy cum filled mouth !!! I can make that kind of erotic juicy kissing last for an hour if I can start out with 3 wads of gism in my mouth. There’s never a problem to find men who want to have deep wet kissing with an 18 year old. I’m done it with an 18 year old and also with a married man of 76 years. There’s no difference in the erotic experience with either guy. When you LOVE CUM, YOU LOVE IT WITH ANY GUY !

    • Drew says:

      dixie—-I don’t want to be hard on you (no reference to my cock) but is your only reason for sucking on cock is to get the cum out? Granted , I love the thrill of having cum shoot into my mouth. I love to feel the thick creamy texture of it with my tongue. I also like the tangy taste of it as I savor it in my mouth. But there’s another important reason for wanting to suck on a good hard on. Just the shape of it. the hardness of a guy’s meat, the wonderful feel of man’s cock head going through my lips, the nearby pleasure of his pubic hair to dig my fingers into and also to suck into my mouth. Then there’s those macho balls to lick and suck on. That’s all prt of sucking cock, right? If only you want cum out of it all then you’ve missed the thrilling excitement and pleasure of getting your face deep into a man’s crotch. Don’t you like the sound of short quick breathing as you bring a guy up to orgasm…the groans… the short cries and the pleasure pangs which he utters as he nears his ejaculation. Yes, I love to hear him cry out “I’M GONNA COME—SUCK ME HARD!!!” Then you know how good of a blow job you’re giving a guy and when he shoots his cum into your mouth, that’s your reward. Taste it, and enjoy that creamy goodness! I’d love to prove how right I am by giving you one of my free blow jobs Yes FREE… will cost only your cum.

  105. slicksean says:

    I love my own cum and want to suck and eat 50 or more cocks at once, have it filmed and posted online… with sun glasses on to kind of hide my identity. I love cock and Cum. Buffalo NY

    • Harry says:

      Who wouldn’t love 50 guys in a row to give blow jobs to? I, for one, would love to take that much cum and have it flowing out of my mouth and down my naked body. Think of it! With a mouth full of cum from 15 or 20 guys running down your naked stomach and into your hairy bush and over your cock ….then to smear the gism over your privates and start jerking off. What erotica that would t be !!! Then more guys shooting their cum on your cock as you jerk it off!! Yeeeeess!! I’d love to do that! The line forms on my right!

  106. dave says:

    I love to suck cock dry more the cum the better

  107. JOE says:

    I would swallow all cum available, no matter who it’s from or how much in one session.

    • james says:

      I have to agree with u man I love to swallow a lot of cum there was only one time I got to swallow like three big gulps it was amazing I don’t really have to suck a huge cock or even a big but if he as some really nice good size ball sac and can cum a lot I’ll blow him as much as he wants. If always wanted to be in a big circle jerk and get to swallow every last drop of and race does not matter at all I love to suck black cock to

      • Nick says:

        I don’t know your age James maybe between 18 and 25? I’m sure you’d like my 36 year old piece of meat. It’s always been a good 6 incher (bone hard) but when it comes to scrotum size, it must be what guys really want…they always talk about the size of them before their mouths take over sucking my balls. I’ve often have had 3 or 4 guys shoot their big thick loads of cum over by solid hard scrotum and then another guy, who wants a mixed cum cocktail experience, goes down over my cum splatter balls and sucks and licks them clean. I’m all for that kind of intimacy with a man!

    • Frank says:

      You’re a guy I’d like to meet. After your good blow job I’d love to kiss my cum back out of your mouth. And then I’d return it so you can swallow it. Can’t we both enjoy a good taste of ejaculate?

  108. CuriousLee says:

    You guys can jack off and cum in my mouth every day of the week.

    • Rickie says:

      I’d like to share with you something worth trying when you get that load of cum in your mouth 7 days a week. I’ve done it many times and love the utter sexiness of it all. It’s this. With a mouthful of fresh hot cum’ I let it drool out of my mouth and down all over my cock and hair… Then I work up a slow masturbation with the cum for lubracation, When I can’t stand the erotic pleasure any more then you know what, I jerk off fast and hard. That’s when I shoot 15 feet across the room!!

  109. John U. says:

    I LOVE the taste of cum! I get off on having a guy or group of guys jerking off over my wide-open mouth when they shoot their hot loads and I try to catch as much as I can! I also enjoy playing with it before eating it all up! My mother always told me never to play with my food but I make an exception in this case! 😉 LOVE the cumeating and would LOVE to see you guys do more and more of it! Great hot action and keep it coming Hunter and Cole! 🙂

  110. JoshGotLength says:

    First of all- i absolutely luv to service, suck, worship, deep-throat, swallow, lick, flicker my tongue on the nutts while i have the entire thick and yummy shaft all the way in my throat. For me personally- cock sucking is humungous pleasure- in fact i can actually cum without even touching my dick while i’m suckin’ dick- that’s how much i enjoy it.
    Secondly- i did not do all that pleasing and tantalizing for nothing- if i work on a dick- i WANT my REWARD- which is thick, creamy, spermy, jizzy spoodge- YUM!!! i adore the way it tastes, feels and dances on my tongue. Whenever i have picked a guy out that i want to service- i always want his loadS- for sure!
    Only twice has the dick’s i’ve chosen to worship- when they did shoot their load and blast hot yummy cum in my mouth- were they randomly slightly ‘bitter’ or ‘salty’- and i have sucked A LOT of dick’s- all different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, veiny, big fat mushroom head, long and curvy, etc…
    i definitely am entirely happiest when i am makin’ a snake grow and plump up and harden and grow and get fatter and longer and drip a constant and very tasty supply of delicious syrupy pre-cum. YUM!
    ALL the other loadS [minus the random two] have tasted wonderful and creamy and sweet and yummy!!!
    I’ve researched- and there are certain foods that can make cum taste sweeter such as pineapple, green bell peppers, etc…
    Coffee and cigarettes and stuff like that can contribute to the loadS tasting ‘bitter’, etc…
    After all- we are what we eat. And i eat dick’S and loadS of nutritious cum.
    i even enjoy eating my own loadS.
    You guys are absolute studs and your videos really turn me on BIG time- i’ve got a raging woody right now with thick leaking pre-cum and when i shoot- i ejaculate A TON.
    i fantasize about one day getting the awesome pleasure and opportunity to service you hunks!!

    • strokman1945 says:

      Hooked up with a cross-dresser one night and she absolutely went wild on my cock! Incredible blowjob! I started to take her panties off so I could return the favor and found that she had gotten so excited that she shot her load of cum in them.

      • CumSponge says:

        I’m with you, Josh. I am absolutely, hopelessly ADDICTED to giving mind-blowing, ball-draining blowjobs. Nothing I can name is so sexy, so bawdy, so downright KINKY as taking some hot jock stud’s veiny sausage into my neck until it unleashes a volley of sweet, thick, creamy SPERM! Of course, I have to pull back on the dick so it splashes the baby batter onto my tongue and I can actually taste it. I love to swirl it around in my mouth…blow bubbles with it…and get off on my stud watching me play with his DNA!

  111. Gabriel 1989 says:

    Truly sexy video guys!!! Love the kiss and swap!
    I will say that I really do love to blow until a guy cums and just tast and swallow it all. Haven’t done it in a long while though. Only certain guys spark that in me.
    I will say, you guys both really do… lol. I think i’d try to milk you both dry. lol.

  112. DamienOz says:

    Love it.

    I only wish you two were into 40 yr old tubby aussie uncut jews with an orgiastic taste for jizz 🙂

    Take care guys – love your work

  113. mody says:

    i love maverick men
    i want to become model
    i am egyption young man
    iam realy want that
    thanx alot

  114. jockstrapper says:

    Cum to East Tennessee for some Southern Hospitality and cum eating. Woof.

    • Rogerwilco says:

      What part of East Tennessee? I grew up in Alcoa and worked in Knoxville… but have been a Louisiana coon ass for 30+ years. Would love to suck some Tennessee cock, tho’. Geaux Tigers.

  115. Jay Seidon says:

    What’s up guys!! You know I love you guys to dead & definitly the idea on somebody else but maybe someday I’ll try it.. You know keep trying new stuff you never know especially with a hungry LITTLE WOLF!!! 😉

  116. bukkake says:

    i love the video. wish i were there doing the same thing. love fucking cum. the most precious thing about male sex. why waste….woof.

  117. JoseUru says:

    Now i Know why I’m feel so good after sex some times

  118. Chris says:

    I love the taste of cum and the best way I love it is lips around the head, you shoot and I swallow it as it comes out. I had a straight buddy that loved that so he could get a bj shoot his load and not have to deal with a mess to clean up. I ate it all straight from the tap!

    • Don says:

      Can’t wait to try to blow just the cock head. I love love love big sculptured heads on cocks and can suck them for hours and when they cum that cock head becomes so pronounced and macho. I love guys who let me suck their cocks with a mouth full of their cock’s juicy treat. Like you I love a guy who goes into “rapture” when I blow job him off. That’s the way I like to cum, too,….unbearable and wild!

  119. rocko says:


  120. benny says:

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  121. Benny says:

    Fuck! What started as an instant chubby was followed like an atom bomb cumblast that spurted like the three fountains of Roma to my own hungry mouth. Fuck: never knew you guys blew such thick creamy heavy spunky loads. Wish I was the luck recipient from your two loaded barrel guns! Sweet!

  122. Markuss says:

    Yummy! I would clean the mess anytime! 😛

  123. Mike says:

    DAMN I LOVE the taste of a hot guys deep down my YES I DO SWALLOW… I feel that’s my REWARD for a JOB WELL DONE….or so I’ve been told….LOL..
    PS: Would LOVE to be one of those lUCKY GUYS to take BOTH OF YOURS ALSO… ONIK….LOL

  124. Roger says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE… best 6 min of my week!

    • Carl says:

      Roger: Your message haunts me. The ” LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” must refer to your LOVE of cock sucking or getting blow jobbed. But it Itroubles me to think that the “best 6 minute of my week” is ONLY 6 minutes long! For Pete sake, what ever your doing, DO IT MORE!. Do you self cum in your mouth and that it only takes 6 minutes? You’re missing something….you’re missing the sheer pleasure of sucking another guy’s cock, I think you’re missing the ecstasy of experiencing the surge of warm cum flooding throughout your mouth, you are missing the intimate feeling of a man’s sacred fluid as it saturates your whole mouth and , of course, you’re missing the delicious after-taste of another guy’s ejaculate as it spreads over all your taste buds. You see, that takes longer that 6 minutes. You’d missing a lot! Let me go back, to put a man’s cock into your mouth is wonderfully intimate. To feel the cock head going through you lips is to crave it even more …. it’s hard to stop sucking it even after 30 minutes. Then as his ejaculation builds up, your anticipation of an explosion of cum in your mouth is soooooo strong that you have to suck faster and harder till he shouts “I’M COMING!!!” Then you truly know what intimacy with a man feel like. You suddenly feel and know what “shooting you cum” is suppose to be like!! The sensation of gobs if thick cum coating the inside of your whole mouth and then …. that subtle taste…. that rewarding experience of tasting man’s most “private” substance….and the awareness that “YOU HAVE DONE IT! YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR GUY A FABULOUS BLOW JOB!!!! and to think,you both have been tremendously rewarded!!!

  125. kyle says:

    I have always swallowed. Love the taste. 🙂

    • kyle says:

      Oh and if you guys are ever in Minneapolis, drop me a load or two 😉

      • TJ says:

        I would eat cum from you two any day. I’m also in Minneapolis, so it could be a fun group 😉

        • Kenny says:

          Speaking of Minneapolis, I lived there while doing graduate work. In this school there was a secret club of gay and bi guys (about 12-14 of us.) Every night some would meet in a dorm room and we’d leave ” pride” at the door and we’d all strip down naked. Whether there was 4 or 10 of us we had sex for 2 hours. Every guy there got to suck everyone. Some could give 2 big orgasms, in the 2 hour, Others like me, waited till the end and then surrendered to a blow job. Those naked sex orgy parties really prepared me to want sex with men FREQUENTLY. Now, 12 years later, I’m having good blow jobbing sessions with friends 3 to 4 times a week.

    • Harold says:

      Hey “Love the Taste” Kyle. I go for the thate of cum in a big way, but I never swallow (since the early 80s) If you love the taste like I do then why swallow? Hold it in your mouth, play with it . treat you taste buds to the macho tang of those thivk gobs of “Man’s Best”! and coat your lips with the white stringy goo. And then KISS YOUR MAN…all the way to the back of his throat. He desirves to share in hte flavor of himself!!!

    • james says:

      I started swallowing when I was 14 it was my best friend at first he chased me around the room with big cock out I wasn’t really big then but one day I finnaly stop and he came up to for a couple of weeks I just jacked him off then I started s uckn his cock it filled my mouth up easy it was nice and fat and about 7 1/2 inches and then one day he asked me to swallow and at first I didn’t want to but he talked me in to it and then I always swallowed his cum I loved it was thick I lovedsuckn his fat cock and he shot big loads to

    • Don says:

      I’m sure I love the taste of cum as much as you, but for health reasons, I don’t swallow it…BUT I sure do know how to taste it! Just hold it in your mouth and play with it with your tongue. Coat your mouth with cum using your tongue..lick your lips again and again…..let your Buddy’s cock ride in and out through that full mouthful of his liquid reward. Believe me, the taste of it will be real and natural and so rewarding to your tongue. And that delicious activity can last as long as you’re hungry for that taste of man. Whereas, with one swallow…the taste is gone…….what a waste of that erotic moment when you can make it last…as you play with it in your mouth. Yeah…I’d love to show you personally how I do it. You’d like that I know!

      • Ted says:

        Don, I’m like you. Why swallow cum when what you really want is the pure natural taste and flavor of that thick rich white cum straight from a man’s cock. When you don’t swallow cum after it fills your mouth, you give yourself the real masculine experience of shifting the cum throughout your mouth so the full flavor of it covers your tongue. Don’t all men blow job for the thrill of tasting cum? And the texture of that creamy cum in the mouth is something else! It is so intimate to spread around with your tongue….to feel it over your teeth….to spread it out to the inside of your cheeks….and to lick it out over your lips. CUM IS TO BE TASTED! Tasted thorough’y with the whole tongue, tasted often and enjoyed to the very last strand of gooey cream. Why give blow jobs if you’re going to swallow the cum before you give it the 30 minute taste test? Did I say “I love cum in all its delicious appetizing flavor?” Next to sucking out the ejaculate from a man’s cock , I love to deep kiss a man with a mouth full of fresh warm gism. OH…THE THRILL OF SHARING THAT MACHO TASTE WITH ANOTHER MAN!!! Sharing a full load of ejaculate with another man’s mouth is totally erotic and may even cause a man to orgasm inside his pants ! (Which would be an utter waste of fresh delicious cum.) So Don, keep crusading for the complete enjoyment of tasting cum, the way cum needs to be eaten.

  126. fonz says:

    Hi, you guys arew hot, was interested in meeting up for a fun session, live in miami beach, havre pics to send, total bottom, slim, and horny, Thanks, Fonz

  127. Brock says:

    yea, That was a very interesting blog. I Personal like it sometimes but I am not a fan of having cum shot on my face.I was with this guy an he wanted to cum on my face an I move so he could shoot on my chest.All guys are different.I like if in my mouth,an on my ass.

    • Harold says:

      Sorry Brock about the misdirected cum over your chest. Next time treat youself to the main course..At the moment of ejaculation, shove the guy’s cock into your mouth and suck suck suck his full load out. If you really like to experience cum like a man, then then follow my advice…TAKE IT AND TASTE IT!!!

    • james says:

      I like really big loads and I like in my ass in my mouth I don’t just swallow it I swish it around for a bit then swallow it and I also love for a guy to come on or a bunch of guys completely cover me in cum that is so damn hot

    • Rock says:

      Brock: If you haven’t come and your partner has to…Try this–it’s excitingly intimate. Let him shoot all of his cum onto your face (hoping for a big load) and then get him to use both hands to smear the cum all around from your chin to your hairline, but not over the eye lids. This would be a true CUM FACIAL. It’s soooooooo intimate to experience! And if he’s a committed he-man. he’ll lick it all off for you. The real thrill if receiving cum from a guy onto your body is what he wants to do with it. I find that my pleasure is having the cum smeared over me as far as it goes. Example to keep in mind: I he shoots his cum over your cock and balls and over your pubic hair, then have him lay his body on yours–his privates unto your now CUMLY parts and with your hips gyrating, shear the cum fully around onto his hairy bush and cock.
      What a tremendous erotic sensation it will give to both of you. AND IT YOU’RE LUCKY…YOUR COCK BEING RUBBED BY HIS COCK MAY BRING YOU TO A WILD EJACULATING IN BETWEEN YOUR TORSOS !!! That’s what I would call a “Cumming Out Party”! I write from experience. I’ve had this kind of juicy party many times and I surly hope to enjoy one as soon as possible….maybe tonight!

  128. rangerdad says:

    Good to the last drop! I would eat the cum from Hunter and Cole anytime, anywhere! God you guys are hot!!

    • Don says:

      I agree, Cole and Hunter are hot and delicious. I dream and long for Cole’s cock to shoot a handsome load of gism into my mouth. It’s surly delicious cum! It looks so creamy and thick. I ache inside to taste their fresh juices.



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