Grrrrrrrrrrrr, hi guyz! We are very excited to share this video with you! After years of trying, we were finally able to get our long-time fuck buddy Erik to do a video with us. We met Erik years ago and became fuck buddies. For the longest time, all we did with him was oral play, rimming, and hot-fun role play but NEVER fucking. Until now; Erik finally gave up his beautiful blond peach fuzz-covered muscle ass to us! In this vid, you’ll see us fuck his beautiful white-boy ass for the very first time. It’s always so hot when we get to fuck a real top. Erik had only been fucked two times before us, so it was all most a virgin cherry pop, lol. There’s one moment in particular where you’ll KNOW he’s a top at heart. He was sitting on my cock and the little fucker reaches back and sticks his finger in my asshole. I almost went thru the roof! You’re def going to shoot big time to this guy. Erik is naturally sexy and he’s very comfortable in front of the camera. His sexy smile and beautiful eyes really shine in this hot fuck video (not to mention his HUGE fuck stick!). We sucked on that beast cock like it was our job (it kinda is!). We always like fooling around with Erik but we especially enjoyed this session. Pounding-out this top-boy with a perfect muscle ass was a long time coming. You guys are going to love this loud and sweaty three way. Leave Erik some love here under this teaser. I KNOW he’ll be reading the comments to see what you guys have to say. And YES; he is single!








16 Responses to “ERIK AND THE BUM BANDITS!!!”

  1. Robert Mendez says:

    I am glad, he decided to make the video, I love it, it is a HOT. love his big dick. You guys fucking him good.

  2. Hamilton says:

    delights want to make a video with you

  3. GB says:

    Awesome trailer!!! Especially love the fur in the chair as I have a major fur fetish!!!

  4. GLM says:

    Wow. Erick is a perfect man! I can’t believe he is single. I would date him in a second. Erik, please move to Chicago!

  5. dman007 says:

    Hey guys….happy new year! Can’t wait to see more of your hot vids in 2014….You guys are AWESOME!!!

  6. Robert says:

    Another hot video 😀 you guys ever in UK? Love to star with you guys, if I’m even suitable :-/ I’ve applied anyway figuring got to have the balls anyway. Love from Scotland 😛

  7. Jay says:

    Hey guys, are you ever in Kent,Uk? Or London?

    Would love to meet wit you, im 20 😉 and i have a smooothhh ass 😛

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hi, Jay! We get to London a few times a year (usually in the summer). If you’re looking to star in a video with us, click on the Come Star in a Vid link from our home page and follow the steps. 🙂 – Hunter

  8. CuratedEyeful says:

    So glad Erik the Viking made his debut! He’s super sexy and handsome. Go forth and conquer, Erik! lol.

  9. Danny says:

    Sexy video, you two were definitely out in Chicago last night 🙂

  10. rangerdad says:

    He’s fucking gorgeous! Magnificent cock, fuzzy balls, lickable hole! What more could we ask?

  11. Luís Martins says:

    This was one hell of an undeniably hot video. That guy Erik has such an impressive tool… You should have brought Davis back for a foursome, it would have been kind of perfect! Keep those well-equipped boys coming!
    Greetings from Portugal.

  12. Deano says:

    Wow fuckin hot pole n hole combo

  13. sam says:

    i like that guys hot videos

  14. Wilko Madera says:

    Perfect vídeos. I love urs Vines!

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