Well, here it is; our very first bear video! We’ve been getting tons of messages from guys asking us to find a hot bear to fuck down. Since most of the guys we do videos with don’t exactly fit the “bear” image, we felt the need to represent the bear community on our site. Apparently we thought otters and twinks were enough but I guess not, lol. I’ve kind of always felt like I’m a bit of a bear, so I thought we WERE representing the bears. I mean, I’m 6’3” tall and 200 lbs so I’m a pretty big guy. And I’ve felt like Hunter is kind of a muscle bear, am I right? He’s 210 lbs, also 6’ tall and he has a thick beard, hairy ass, chest, and legs. So ya, I feel like we’ve been fulfilling our bear-y obligations on our site. But I guess all that wasn’t good enough for you guys since we kept getting emails from you asking for more bears. So Hunter and I went bear hunting and holy honey pot did we bag a big hot sexy bear! His name’s Grumpy and he’s awesome (in all honesty; he’s anything but a grump). He’s a big, sweet, sexy, cuddly man-bear with a heart as big as a bear claw, lol. We met Grumpy on-line, then we met face-to-face and Hunter and I fell in love with his deep voice and sexy accent. One of the BEST things about this video is that Grumpy’s a true MaverickMen fan and has been for a long time. Apparently he’s been lusting after us from afar, not thinking we’d be into him. Haha, WHAT!?!?! Grrrrrrr, we are VERY much into him! What’s not to like about a big, sexy Mexi-bear with a BIG thick cock, deep voice, hard muscle ass, big bear arms and thick hairy chest? Hellooooo!?! Best of all; Grumpy is a sensitive cuddly cub at heart. It’s important to note that the Grumpster is usually a top bear. He’s vers on occasion but he told us that when he takes a guy home, the guy almost always wants the Grump Hump, lol. They always ask him to TOP them. So, because of this, his wish was for Hunter and I to help him rediscover his bottoming-cub side. We did just that, and we LOVED it! We fucked his big man-bear ass like our lives depended on it, and by all accounts he loved every inch of it. Grumpy was SO LOUD that we were afraid that the neighbors were going to call the cops. There’s lots of hand-over-mouth fucking in this video, lol. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to tackle and penetrate big game with my Hunter. We had to climb on this big man and give it all we had until he roared! I know you bear hunters will LOVE this hot fuck video. Please leave some love for our big honey Grumpy and let us know if you want to see him in more MaverickMen videos.






35 Responses to “GRUMPY BEAR’S HONEY HOLE!!!”

  1. markus says:

    WOOOOOF !!!!!!!!!

  2. Cyro Dantas says:

    I love you guys perfect for my in Lisbon

  3. Fabio says:

    So, so hot…. I wish I was that lucky bear!

  4. steve bare says:

    just tell me what i have to do to be in a porn with this hot bear

  5. MIKE says:

    Sooooo hot, please make more

  6. Adriel Brazil says:

    I love guys, i’m fan

  7. Bearmanoo says:

    Please give me more of this bear male. Thank you for sharing with us that great moment.

  8. Uliss says:

    Rico papi !

  9. Italian*Bear says:

    That was hot as fuck. Would love to see more of him getting his hole used. Very sexy. More bears, men!

  10. Chance Armstrong says:

    Hot vid. I wanna be ur first cub with a cunt, guys! Can’t wait.

  11. Leo says:


  12. Matt says:

    Fuckin-A that. Is. Hot!!!!

  13. Lynx says:

    Hot as fuck!! I am living vicariously… My god to take that monster. Dream come true.

  14. Mr.E_LMT says:

    Hot!!! Did I mention hot!!!!

  15. Mr.E_LMT says:

    I just tore a muscle in my forearm from violently beating it to this. This man is hot and must be a regular. I wish there was a live touring show. 🙂

  16. Mcdee says:

    One of the best videos you have had in a long time–a thick beard and buzzed head on a hot bear–great combination when fucking–keep up the good Vids!

  17. Dozer says:

    I’d take me some grumpy bear any day of the week. Grrrr

  18. Little Wolf says:

    FUCKK YEAH!!!!! I love me some bear ass!! My 2 favorite hot fuckers & additional hotness WOOOF!

    – Jay Seidon

  19. Looking says:

    ER MAA GERDDDD. wow wow. super hot. may i suggest that Grumpster is the man UP to the job of topping Cole for the first time on MM??

  20. rangerdad says:

    Holy crap! The video of my hottest fantasy. The two sexiest men on the internet fucking a gorgeous bear! My dick is raw from jacking to this vid. My balls are drained. I fucking love you guys!!

  21. Just Me says:

    Amazing !!!!! Perfection, the three of you are PERFECTION ! More please.

  22. Tink says:

    Finally! And Hot!!!

  23. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    I think Grumpy is hot! The first thing I noticed was his eyes. He looks so kind and fun!. More real men, please! There’s too much twink porn out there.

    No, I don’t think Hunter is a Bear, he’d need some padding to be one. And with that incredible butt, he creates a new category! 😀

  24. Logan says:

    WOW!!! I can’t believe I just saw this. It seems just like a few weeks ago I was wishing to see this on you guys site and here it is. OMG guys I fucking love you guys. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  25. Oscar says:

    That was hot!! I would like to get fuck like that !

  26. Rihanna says:

    becoming a member…NOW!

  27. Mark says:

    Bring on the bears!! And when is my turn??!!

  28. Mike-N-Ike says:

    I think this is the first video of yours where I want the bottom more than I want you two.

  29. Robert Alvarez says:

    I AM in super major LUST right now.

  30. chad34001 says:

    fucking hot, bring on the Maverick MEN

  31. Dan says:

    Yes love grumpyface. also i have the same fashion jock in the same color

  32. Jason says:

    fucking hot as hell

  33. DS says:

    He resembles Hunter lol. We need more one on one vids wth Cole and Hunter 🙂

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