Okay, you guys have been BEGGING us for another, so here ya go; we are pleased to present to you our next vid, Guido Virgin Cherry Pop! You are going to love watching this hot closet-case virgin guido get his ass pounded-out for the first time. We had to train our boy Anthony on everything from how to be ass-ready, how to kiss a man, and how to bottom. We went bananas over his smooth, muscle body, handsome face and deep voice. Hey Anthony, for a straight boy, you really took our dicks like a champ! Hit us up, sexy boy. We’d love to hang again!

xoxo Cole and Hunter








23 Responses to “GUIDO VIRGIN CHERRY POP!!!”

  1. Ashiihi says:

    So fucking hot to hear them guys moan like a bitch when getting fucked.

  2. Ehrud says:

    Is this video no longer viewable in its entirety?

  3. Icy says:

    Still holding out hope on him returning. Need more virgin cherry pops!!

  4. Rjv says:

    Hope he comes back for a 2nd round. He’s a cute little pup who got a double ass fucking heroes. So badly wanted to see him taking 2 dicks at once like a champ and eat all the cums out.

  5. ray says:

    Waouh Anthony is an handsome man, beautiful eyes, nice ass…this video is one of the hottest. I can’t wait to see the second run in Boston. May be soon? Thanks for this hot moment…With Marverick Men it’s always great.

  6. JB says:

    Anthony if your ever in Maryland let me know. Me and my partner Scott would like to sample that ass too. Willing to put you up for the weekend! Thanks and great ass!

  7. DanishDick says:

    A foursome with Anthony, you guys and my virgin ass would be epic!!

  8. james says:

    I wish this guy cumin back for 2nd round … please make it happen 🙂

  9. Little Wolf says:


  10. ahamat saleh says:

    Waooo fuck me please?

  11. lakshay says:

    man i want to take that huge cock in my ass

  12. C says:

    What particular method of prep did Anthony and Hunter use in the bathroom to get ready? Did they use an anal douche or kit?

  13. Jaz says:

    YUM. His ass is beautiful. I thought Hunter had a nice ass but he’s been knocked to second place (sorry Hunter). Cole must have been in heaven, or the closest place to it! I’m envious!

  14. Dirty ass says:

    ASS READY? Please Hunter! Teach us how to be ass-ready!!! I NEEEEED to know (specially having big Cole as a partner). I’m horny as fuck but i’m always afraid i dont know how to be ass ready so… i never get fucked 🙁 It’s really sad. My confidence is really bad 🙁 Please do help pleaaaseeee? Love ya both! <3

  15. qunomad says:

    wow.. cole knows how to fuck a virgin ass.

  16. K says:

    Firstly, that guy isn’t a guido, not even close. He’s amazing on video that’s why I had to purchase more minutes to the site.

  17. Deano says:

    HOLY FUCK I wanna be balls deep in this hottie

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