I called this video “Golden Boy Toy” because Hunter and I both think meeting Vic was a golden moment in time. We had such a great time with him and we grew very close. We took him traveling and sight seeing and we always had an amazing time. The toy bit in the title comes from him cutting ties with us because he met someone else, at least that’s what we suspect, lol. Such is life and Vic has his own to live. Another special bit about this vid; we filmed it entirely with my iPhone. I am super surprised how great it came out. You will love this aggressive fuck video!







9 Responses to “GOLDEN BOY TOY!!!”

  1. Joe from Toronto says:

    easily the hottest guy that has ever been featured on this channel. I am in love with him

  2. Glenardo says:

    I like this kid. He has a very nice face. Not sure what the separation was all about unless he has a new partner who’s overly insecure. Doesn’t he realize that this was just a fuck vid, not a love triangle?

  3. Gaymer says:

    Tank you little horndog, I love it! 😀 Also your given name appeals to me for MMO and gaming reasons 😛

  4. Gaymer says:

    It’s a real shame that some great relationships end so abruptly because of fear or some kind of anxiety that may ruin another (potentially) great opportunity. At least you can console yourself that you guys had a great time while you could and that you’ll all do great on separate paths instead of the same one.

    There’s also the silver lining in that for every relation that ends with you guys, you have five more that you start with boys as well! 😀

  5. Thiago says:

    Cole fucking Hunter … pleassssssseeeeeeee

  6. Richard says:

    Love from Venezuela!!!

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