13 Responses to “SPIN THE BUTTHOLE (part 2)!!!”

  1. Shane says:

    Yes this is amazing, but hoping for more naughty material! 🙂 the foreskin and glasses is husband material

  2. MaverickLover says:

    For sure! Just tell me the steps i should take <3

  3. Jami11106 says:

    Love this please do more

  4. Neal says:

    More of that boy in the yellow sweatshirt, please.


  5. Tank says:

    Oof! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! 😀 hahaha

  6. Robert Alvarez says:

    This one was funnier, and it had some seriously erotic moments. And I clearly need to organize my own all-male sex version of “Spin the Bottle!”

    My favorite moment was when Tony (I hope I AM referring to the correct guy) was doing a push up above ravishing Ren. Of course, Horny Hunter made it EVEN BETTER, by having him lower his boxer brief!!!

  7. Mar says:

    Make the commands more sexual next time!

  8. Hairy says:

    Im loving theses videos! Will be there any orgy scene with theses guys? ( The one who sissy the walk, and the one with glasses are SUPER hot!!! )


    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Glad you liked it, Hairy! We have some EPIC orgy scenes coming up with this bunch of horn dogs! Can’t wait to share them with you! 🙂 – Hunter

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