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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


Hey Boys, another question; do you all like Hunter as a hairy beast or a clean-cut sex machine?  For me, it’s a no-brainer; I love his hairy body and face, but we do get a lot of guys emailing telling us to shave or trim, or to keep more hair, or less hair, lol, so many guys just love one or the other, recently I made Hunter grow a THICK beard, I loved it but he said he feels like a cave man, hahah, I said FUCK YES cave man bring that beard over here, but in all seriousness we would love to hear what you think, here are some pics when we were experimenting on trimming his body hair.  Would love to know what you boys think about shaved versus not shaved.  I need to do a post on HAIRY ASSES too, MmmmMMMmm, I love a good hairy ass.

Thanks for the advice

Cole Maverick


Thursday, October 28th, 2010

For god’s sake DON’T SHAVE YOUR ASS! We LOVE hairy BUTT’S!  It’s true, Hunter and I both love to munch, lick, slap, bite, pinch and sometimes after we fuck the hell outta one, we will lovingly caress it like a cute and cuddly pet, hahah, it’s true.  We sooo love a sweet hairy man ass. Hunter was not always into eating ass, it was an acquired taste for him, but now if we meet a hottie with a nice hairy butt you can’t pry his fucking face out of it with a crow bar.  Sometimes I swear he leaves his face print, haha. I myself am an ass connoisseur; fine asses are my expertise. One of my favorite way to eat Hunter’s ass is when he shots his load in my mouth and then I have him sit on my face.  I love the taste of his cum in my mouth as I eat his hairy hole, makes me shoot thru the roof every time, lol.  Okay now I’m horned up again. Sorry, lol, I digress… back to hairy asses, yes the more hair the better.  Some of the best hairy asses we’ve seen have been on Sicilian and Greek guys, YUM!  Love me some Mediterranean hairy ass.  It’s a rare delicacy to find a black man with a hairy ass, at least in my experience, and it’s a shame because they have arguably the very best booty asses on the planet.  The few hairy black asses we have had were PERFECTION!  We just met a hottie with one at our gym, lol, and if you are reading this you know who you are, lol.  But a surprising number of light skinned hairy boys also have sweet hairy holes.  For instance, our frat boy Bradley has a beautifully hairy hole with a light blond coating of body hair fuzz to die for. Our boy Dutchie from our XXX Amsterdam Adventures video had one of the best hairy assess we have ever seen. I mean it’s pretty obvious that I love a big hard hairy ass because Hunter has the very best hairy ass on the planet.  I torture him with my constant pinching, biting, slapping and general harassment of his ass.  I can not help myself, no matter how many times he yells at me to quit it, I don’t listen, lol.  I do it so much that he now subconsciously blocks his ass when ever he walks by me, lol.  BUTT I think he secretly loves that I am so into his atomic booty, hahah.  So, what do you guys think of hairy asses?


Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Yes, I love my man’s hot body and big fat cock and how he uses it, but I want to tap his ass and he only gives it up for me once in a great while.  WTF!  I mean it’s not fair; yes we get to fuck our sexy friends together, but I want some on my man’s ass too, hahaha.  I am doing this blog post late late at night, he is asleep in the bed across the room from me, his ass is showing since he sleeps naked, and I just love to look at him sleeping there with his sweet man cakes peeking thru the sheets, lol.  Sometimes when he is fast asleep, I will stick my tongue in there or a finger to watch him squirm, lol, I even took this pic of me sneaking my tongue in his ass while he was asleep, lol.  He is going to kill me when he sees this post! Oh well maybe if he gave up his ass more than once every full moon I would not have to reach out to you guys to convince him not to be so STINGY with his sweet hole.  Here are some rare Cole Maverick ass pics, including the one I snuck while he was sleeping.  I hope you guys get to see this post before he RIPS it down.  Sorry my man, you know I love you!  Don’t be mad just give me some of that daddy ass.



Monday, August 30th, 2010

Our super sexy friend Mikey from our Brazilian Virgin Cherry Pop vid came to spend the night with us this past weekend, we love this guy so much, he is so sweet and passionate and loves to laugh and have a good time, his visit made us realize just how super hot this guys is, he has THE MOST AMAZING sweet bubble ass, and hot cock and all that comes with it, Hunter and I just could not get enough of his sweet hole while he was here. It was raining and shitty outside but we had a ball just the same. We hung out, went to the movies, ate pizza, watched TV, and just chilled, it was a great night and we hope he will be back for many more visits. Please leave Mikey some love here, under this post.

Cole and Hunter

RAUNCHY: Yes or No?

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Yes or no; Raunchy, Nasty Sex? What is it wit Hunter and myself, why do we like it down and dirty nasty sticky cummy hot? I have given up trying to figure it out, can you dirty boys help us out, tell us why we love it, why we crave it, why is cum sweet honey to some of us? Why dose the smell of a sweaty dude drive us fucking CRAZY? Why is it when I suck, lick and bite a sweaty salty neck as I slip my cock into his tight hairy hole it makes me so fucking hot? Why is my animalistic urge shifted into high gear when I taste a hot pink hole in the center of a hard hairy ass? Why is nasty sweaty cum soaked sex so fucking amazing? Can you tell me why a hard willing ass with an eager tight hole sends us into a frenzy of lust? Perfection to us is a guy that likes it hot, sweaty and aggressive, a guy that gives up his ass and body to us willingly, letting us take him under our control to show him what man sex is all about. To be totally honest, we get our biggest pleasure from man-handling a sexy fucker that totally surrenders to our desires; a guy that trusts in us, that knows we know how to make him gush gum and moan and laugh all at the same time.  I say this with humility, not bravado, I am certain that once you surrender to Hunter and I, you will have the best sex of your life bar none. If you are honest, open and willing to surrender, we would like to meet you. One of my very favorite things is to have Hunter shoot a bog load on a nice clean pink sweaty virgin hole, then I lick it off, lol, that just makes me fucking CRAZY.

Am I crazy? Yes or No?

Cole and Hunter


Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Hey Guys we were sitting here with some buddies going over our stock footage to show them our favs, and they were like WOW who is that little stud, lol, so I got this short clip together and thought we would post it on the blog, it’s one of my favorite clips from one of our hot fucking videos with our boy Niko, we did 2 videos of him; the first one was Fucking Our Boy Niko, and the other was, Hot Gym Fun, this clip samples from both videos, Hunter and I just LOVE fucking these little tough virgins ,lol, and yes he was a virgin during this, his second video ever with gay guys. Let us know what you think, if you get a chance to see either of the full videos here with him in them leave us some comments so we know if you all want to see more of him.

Cole and Hunter


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I just LOVE this Video, its brilliant I have been watching this SICK HOT “Ice Cream Truck” video so much that Hunter is sick of it lol I just thought it was so fun and hot that I would post it here for you boys to check out, the guy that created it, Cazwell, tapped directly into my most embarrassing childhood moment. Here are 2 photos from Back in the day so you guys can see what a skinny twink punk I was, lol.

I was 17 and standing in line at an ice cream truck in my old neighborhood, a very Italian/Irish part of Boston. It was a hot summer night and I was with about 10 or 15 of my punk teenage friends from the hood. It was a very hot summer night most of us were shirtless, I was wearing Adidas sweat pants with an elastic waistband (they were very fashionable at the time, lol) because it was so hot, I had just taken off my white-wife beater t shirt. After I paid the ice cream guy, I was holding 2 large ice cream cones, one in each hand, and as I turned around to hand the ice cream to my girl friend, (yes “GF” it was a long time ago, lol) my best friend yanked my sweat pants down to my ankles. And I was NOT wearing any underwear! The entire group of my friends burst out into shocked laughter. They were all rolling on the ground laughing and screaming. It seemed like an hour went by, but it was only seconds. I was standing there in shock as my ass, cock and balls were there for all to see. I quickly tried to hand off the ice cream to the person nearest me so I could pull my pants up but they all laughed and backed away, saying no. So I finally stuck one ice cream in my mouth, and for effect and to try and save the little amount of self-esteem I had left, I decided to be cool and pretend I was not mortified. I made a point of pulling up my sweats slowly like a strip tease, lol. It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. To this day I blush whenever I see an ice cream truck.



Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Is it just me or has my boy Hunter been truly gifted by the God’s with the most spectacular ass on the planet?  its hard as steel hairy, bubble shaped looks great in any pair of jeans or out of any pair of jeans for that matter…lets get real here, his ass has super powers, it’s my kyptronite!  It’s true I swear I get week in the knees when ever I see it, but an ass should not be judged by looks alone, it should also be tasted for quality and bubbliciousness and Hunter’s ass is fucking delicious it tastes like pure cherry honey man ass. Sometimes I just spend hours with my face buried deep in it sucking his hot pink rosebud lol or rubbing my scruffy beard against his hairy muscle cheeks or  kissing it, eating it, licking it, biting it, slapping it, punching it or massaging it but most of all I looooove to fuck it FYI Hunter’s ass is the the property of COLE MAVERICK and don’t you dirty boys forget it lol