You asked for more virgin sacrifices and as usual your wish is our command. If you like scrappy, scruffy, little bubble-butt virgin pups, then you’re in for a treat. We met Bobby and instantly knew we had to own his little ass! We trained him how to do everything from kissing and rimming to deep throat techniques and eventually how to take big cocks in his delicious furry hole. The shocked expressions on his face as we penetrated him for the first time are priceless and so hot. We have no doubt that this little virgin had no regrets about giving us his v-card. We appreciate the delicious honor of popping his cherry. Leave Bobby some MaverickMen fan love under this post. We absolutely want this cute little pup back for more!






10 Responses to “LITTLE BOBBY’S VIRGIN HOLE!!!”

  1. JB says:

    Little bobby, let me know if you ever want to come to Maryland for the weekend. (2) partners like Cole and Hunter like to share that hole too and yes we too have had are share of virgin holes….. All expenses paid. Let me know. You got a great furry ass….

  2. Robin Le says:

    This boy look tinier than me…lol..

  3. Greg says:

    Fuckin awesome!

  4. Mark says:

    This one is hot. I like his reaction to being fucked by Hunter . I cant wait till Hunter takes Cole on camera!

  5. Tommy says:

    I’m going away for a week and I won’t have Internet the entire time. Saw your post on tumblr and couldn’t resist. Thanks Cole and Hunter for making my last wank with porn for a while so good! <3

  6. davidmatthew says:


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