Hi guys, Hunter and I had a great 4th of July weekend with some friends, it was so much fun we wanted to share it with you guys, it couldn’t have been better,  we were with some amazing friends and we did the usual July 4th stuff; we swam, had a bbq, saw some awesome fire works, made a huge bonfire, and enjoyed the hot hazy weekend, lots of fun. It couldn’t have been any better until Bradley, our favorite frat boy, drove down to the Cape to surprise us, needless to say, he added a lot to the festivities, we love our frat boy, lol.

Hunter and I were having a conversation about whether or not you all want to see more stuff like this, we are not sure if you guys wanted to see stuff like this OR just sex related stuff, lol, but just in case we thought we would share some of the fun July 4th weekend high lights with you all, we hope you like it. We are headed back to Cape Cod today, feel free to leave a comment here to tell us what you think of this post. If you would like to see more stuff like this and what our lives are like on a daily basis, we would love to hear from you, after all this site was created for you guys.

Have a great summer, if you see us out and about please feel free to come say hi and come play with us xoxo

Cole Maverick and Hunter

4 Responses to “HAPPY FOURTH!!!”

  1. Jon says:

    I was also in P-Town for the 4th …. of course i live on Cape Cod so im up there almost every weekend in the summer. Wish i saw you guys I would have taken a pic with you! oh-well maybe next time

  2. Jacques the Haiti says:

    I concur! Your true fans don’t like you soley because of “the sex” we like your personalities and your playfulness. This was nice an intimate. I enjoyed it.

  3. John Gilmore says:

    :) Well just for me personally LOVE all your stuff ;) And the day to day is just an added BONUS!!! U make it real for alot of us and for that I THANK u guys!!! (and ur fratguy….hot!!)!
    Thanks for all u guys do!

  4. Just Gary says:

    I like normal stuff with you guys in it, don’t get me wrong sex is great and fucking hot but there is more to you two then just sex too lol, Glad you two had a great time

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