We met Parker Payne on twitter and fell in love with his awesome sense of humor and of course that muscular ebony ass. When we had the chance to hang out with him, we wanted to fuck his ass but there wasn’t enough time to prepare. We decided to do all sorts of nasty things to him other than ass fucking. I ate a strawberry gummy bear out of his ass crack, for instance, lol. He rimmed our asses and we face and throat fucked him till we couldn’t take it anymore.

5 Responses to “PORN STAR FACE FUCK!!!”

  1. MercuRed says:

    This is a hot video. I love the asses so yummy!

  2. D says:

    I love Parker Payne and follow him on twitter! I am glad you guys met him..

  3. tatum says:

    Wow all the bodies very hot in this one

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