We just can’t get enough of this all-American beauty. At 6’3” tall, 180lbs of tight lean muscle, with a big cock and sweet ass…what’s not to love? Hunter and I met up with Jordan after soccer practice when he was all nice and sweaty. I started out taking some hot pics of him, then it quickly turned into Hunter and I getting into every hole he had to fill him up. This is a beautifully nasty fuck flick with lots of close up penetration and gallons of thick sticky cum.

2 Responses to “SLAM IT AND BREED IT!!!”

  1. Evan says:

    Hi maverick men! Evan here. We communicated and I sent a video intro last early fall. Hope I can be in a video some day. Love you guys!!!

  2. Bobby says:

    This scene is so fucking hot. I didn’t want it to end! Jordan’s a god and the way you guys fucked him was incredible. More Jordan please!!!

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