What else can we say; we LOVE to fuck Jordan! He’s sexy as fuck, hung big, has a hard ass, beautiful body, and as he’s sweet as cherry pie. Combine all that with his amazing skills in that sack and that makes him the perfect candidate for as many videos as he can take, lol! If you like our boy Jordan as much as we do and want to see more videos like this of us going to town on each other, please feel free to leave a comment here under this vid. The three of us will be reading all the comments.

11 Responses to “FUCK MY LOAD OUT!!!”

  1. Requester says:

    I’m still waiting to see a video where Hunter takes Cole’s raw cock doggy and missionary
    until Cole deep breeds him and it spills out. Watching Hunter take cock is
    God’s gift to us all.

  2. Seb says:

    What a great series of videos with Jordan! The chemistry is awesome 👏🏻

  3. Trail says:

    Yes . Hot! Glad to see it works..

  4. Mark says:

    Love this guy and would love to see him swallow loads from you both.

  5. kiwiboi45 says:

    So keen to see more of the three of you – it’s such a hot combination, and the thought that you’re reading this too Jordan is such a turn on – kia ora – more more more!!!

  6. Joe says:

    Jordan is one beautiful boy! Damn and that hole!

  7. Mark says:

    Jordan is a perfect third, Each one of his videos are hotter than the last as the three of you get to know each other Hope he can be a regular. Might be fun to add a fourth or to have Cole top him while Hunter top Cole! With Jordan I can see the two of you take it to the next level of SUPER HOT!!

  8. Tim says:

    Nice Vid.
    Why you never kiss with Jordan?

  9. Santi says:

    I realy love videos with Jordan. Please continue fuck him. I want more videos with him

  10. Simon Kingo says:

    wish that was me

  11. David says:

    Have you guys considered bottoming for one of your hot video mates?

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