Hey Boyz- Hunter and I have been noticing that a TON of you guys like Gingers, we do too, so I thought I would dig thru some of our ginger boys and show you some out takes and sexy/funny moments. From this ginger video, we just finished ravaging our favorite Virgin Cherry “FIRE BOY”. This was his very first time getting fucked, we showered him nice and clean and filmed the entire shower and our conversation, it’s hilarious, he is so shocked at how much he loved the fucking that he came back for more, even though he was “STRAIGHT” during this shoot I think he enjoyed it, almost too much for a straight boy, but to this day he insists he loves the vagina, lol. The name of the full video that this clip is from is “Virgin Cherry POP” and it was the very first Virgin Cherry Pop video we made. Let us know what you think of the Gingers, and especially of our sexy Fire Boy.

Cole and Hunter

6 Responses to “GINGER GUYS”

  1. datkboi says:

    I really like those kind of videos !!! esoecially that ginger biy and the brazilian boy !

  2. julio roa says:

    I love boys like this, my ex boyfriend was a red head and he was very good at sex, i love seeing a guy with red bush, so sexy……:)

  3. Shooter_8D says:

    YES more twinky gingers!

  4. PurdyBoi says:

    i love love love ginger boys too, and I’m one also!!! – i wanna be in a vid soooo bad with you two stud

  5. John says:

    I could watch this ALL DAY LONG! Please do more videos like this. SO great!

  6. 100percentgay says:

    Dude, I’m a fan of all that you guys do. LOVE IT!!!

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