Hey guys we have a VERY special video for you! (FUCKING PRETTY BOY), in my humble opinion it’s a 4-star video for many reasons; the #1 reason is that Hunter and I had the most amazing sex with this guy, he was fantastic in bed, he gave the best head, was very into getting nailed in every position and he is also vers top. We find that the vers tops are very eager to show they can take a dick just as good as a power bottom, and this guy proved that to be true, lol.  This video was shot over a year ago and I had been putting it off because it was so difficult to edit, one of the biggest problems was that I had to stop several times and stroke one out while editing, lol.  Yes it’s THAT HOT!  We had been talking with this guy for months and he finally came thru.  He is a BIG FAN of ours so he was very into trying everything; we started out with some fun in the bathroom of a local pub, and then moved it back to our bedroom where we made out, massaged, rimed, sucked and fucked fucked and fucked some more.  Hunter’s cum shot on this boy’s face while he is riding my cock is not to be missed.  It’s gushing hot cum blast at its best!  And just as Hunter blasts him in the face, this kid shoots his load like a fucking fire hose, so much that I was soaked.  We even tried some Double Penetration!  This video is seriously one of my favorites and on top of being a great lay, this guy is BEAUTIFUL; he is 21, 6’2” tall, blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled face, huge cock and a sweet body.  What more could we have asked for?  This Pretty Boy will no doubt be a big hit.  Please let us know what you think of him by leaving a comment under this video.

Thanks for stroking with us

Cole and Hunter

13 Responses to “FUCKING PRETTY BOY”

  1. Brent Dun says:

    I couldn’t stop getting off on this one. What is his name?

  2. Don says:

    Where can I find more of Pretty boy? Hes beautiful do you think you will have him back anytime soon?

  3. Jean Morales says:

    Delicious!!!! How can i have the entire video?

  4. akzero says:

    Always hot to see a married guy get fuked. (I did see a wedding ring?)

  5. Kristopher says:

    wow. loved the hairlip thing he had going. that guy was wicked hot. you guys make some wicked awesome videos!

  6. Franky says:

    “it’s a trick…kiss me and he fucks you” LOOOOL!
    I love you!!kisses from Italy

  7. YeeYaw says:

    He’s another cum-guzzlin stud! You guys fuck him down real good in this one

  8. Papito says:

    I love how aggressive this guy is about getting fucked by you two, very sexy, send him my way

  9. Keith says:

    WOW, great vid guys, you need to have this hottie back for sure

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