Okay so I wanted to address a very common question, many people email us on this subject – we literally get hundreds of emails asking: Cole and Hunter, how do I get my guy to bottom for me, or why does it hurt my guy when I am topping him, or what’s the best way to fuck without it hurting, or how do I penetrate my man’s hole etc, etc.

Hunter and I have our own rules when it comes to penetrating boy pussy, lol. Rule number one, your bottom needs to feel comfortable and relaxed so chill out, make out, and get comfortable. The next step should be cleaning out his butt approximately an hour ahead of fuck time (how to do that is another post). After he cleans out, he should spend some time chilling at least a half hour before anything enters him. His insides need to relax for a bit after the cleaning process, which allows his body’s natural lubricants to come back. Then, after that you should treat your guy to some serious ass worship; start off with him on his belly and ass up. Massage his legs, feet and butt, and tease his ass a bit and slowly lick and eat his hole for a while – munch munch munch.  Sometimes I have to pry Hunter away from a guy’s butt because he LOVES to eat ass so much.  When you start to hear him moan and feel him arch his ass up into your face, then he is ready for some digital penetration. Just use ONE finger at first with LOTS and LOTS of lube, did I mention the lube; lots of lube. After you gently probe and play with his hole with one finger then insert two and stop at two. You will know if and when it’s time to penetrate. Positioning is important, I personally like to fuck a guy when he is face down flat on his belly; chest flat and ass up – that way I can get deep full penetration. To get his ass as high as possible while he is flat, I slide my knee behind his knees and push outwards to naturally arch his lower back. Then when his ass is up, slowly insert the head of your PRE lubed cock, all the while staying in control by firmly holding on to your bottom to show him you are in control. Then slowly slide your cock in. Once you are all the way in, it’s good to lay on them adding your entire weight, and some ear nibbling and lip sucking is a good distraction to the pressure they may be feeling with your cock inside them, so kiss away. Personally, I hate power bottoms that try to fuck my cock with their ass, hahah. I like the control of topping. If your bottom is super tight or is just nervous, you should have them sit on top of you in the saddle, that way they can guide your cock in at there own pace. We recommend that for beginners or tight asses, lol. Once your bottom boy relaxes, you should be ready for all positions.

Hunter loves to watch his cock slide in and out – that makes him shoot right away – and he likes to pound away hard and fast like a jackhammer. He likes fucking guys on their back, while pushing back their legs and pinning them down so he can look em square in the eye, lol. Everyone is different with what they prefer, so here are some images of different penetration positions. A very important point should be made here; IF you are FUCKING raw you should know your status. Testing is so easy and fast now that there is no excuse why everyone shouldn’t know their status. Tops and bottoms have an obligation to each other, it’s about mutual respect, be honest to your partner and don’t fuck if you don’t know what’s up. Easy enough, right?

43 Responses to “ASK COLE: HOW TO PENETRATE”

  1. Denis Ntege says:

    Thanks Cole But Could I Trust You To Get For Me A Friend?

    • KALEB says:

      looking for a guy with long thick penis to fuck me hard. i really want him coz i wil die to lick i giant dick and get well fucked

  2. Aaron says:

    I have a smaller dick (5 inches) and I have almost exclusively bottomed, but my boyfriend wants me to top more. What positions are best for me to get maximum penetration and give him the best pleasure?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Aaron, it’s not the size of the wand that matters it’s the magic it produces 🙂
      Dick size for the most part is irrelevant as far as topping unless your 1 or 2″ then it can be problematic but 5″ is plenty long enough to hit the prostate if that’s what your bottom likes….However to me the art of topping is 90% psychology and 10% tool 🙂 if you take charge and fuck like you own it, then you will own it and your lover will melt in lust for you every time, there is nothing hotter than a confident top even one with a small ding dong. As far as positions , I recommend bottom on have him pull his legs as close to him as possible as you kneel between his legs looking at his hole, then hold his legs back with your thumbs basically in the inner part of his knees , then slide it in and drill that hole hard and fast, that should work nicely 🙂 – Cole Maverick

  3. rangerdad says:

    Hey guys, I know you ask for pics and vids of guys who want to meet you for a hot fuck session. I’m too mature (nice word for old fart) and not nearly as handsome as you guys so I know the fuck session is out of the question. I will be in Boston this summer. I sure would love just to meet you guys and shake hands. Is that possible? You are not only two physically beautiful men, but I so admire what you do. Great role models for gay men. I wish there had been someone like you around when I was younger. I will take no offense if you can’t meet with this fan. I understand how busy you are and how many requests you must receive. As they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Love ya! Rangerdad

  4. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the tip will come in handy next time

  5. PD says:

    Historically speaking, I’ve been 99.9% top my entire life. I’ve wanted to try to submit and become versatile, but, I’m UBER tight, and nothing gets me relaxed enough to even remotely enjoying it. Any advice?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey PD, I always say rimming helps the ass to relax and I always eat ass before I fuck it after a whole the bottom is begging for the dick. But in your case try a small dildo in a warm bath or shower, get your hole used to that kind of anal invasion first, after a few sessions you will learn your tight little balloon knots limits after that just remember LOTS of lube, chill out try sitting on it at first , this way you are in control, be sure to breath in and out while putting it in, if all else fails maybe try some poppers, I don’t usually recommend them but on a tight ass has closed up shop that’s a good way to relax the anus, never do poppers with any kind of Viagra ever and never near an open flame like candles.
      Happy bottoming 🙂 – Cole Maverick

  6. Jeremiah says:

    hey there! I’m Jeremiah from Borneo. I want to ask something, is it ok to fuck raw if the bottom guy is HIV+?? I’m really curious? Please PM on my e-mail. Looking forward for your reply. Cheers! 😀

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hi, you should never have unprotected sex when someone is hiv positive, regardless of who’s on top or bottom, there’s still a chance for transmission (even if it’s a small one) which is reason enough to wear condoms.

  7. michael says:

    dear both
    how are you? my name is michael, from hong kong and now worked in shanghai
    lobe your site and both of you are cool
    p.s what is the username if would like to add on fb?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Michael, greetings from Boston man, good to have you with us. You can find us on FaceBook under Cole Maverick.

  8. Richie says:

    Good advice if your bttm is a bitch…lol…when they learn to take what they are given you’ll have no issues. As far as power bttms go I am one, but I’m only a power bttm cuz I give the tops total control…

    love what ya do…

  9. Frank says:

    this is a great post, I had one guy just just shove it in once and boy did it hurt, our night quickly ended because I was in too much pain to enjoy it. That is hot pic of Cole in a suit, I wish I was under that desk making his work day a little easier. 😉

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ouch, that suck Frankie, you need to come over and let the pros nail you down good ;), have a good one buddy, happy holidays – Hunter

  10. Phil A says:

    Hey guys !
    When will you demonstrate on my ass, on tape ? I sent my pics last weekend… 🙂 would love to shoot a scene (or two or three or more) with you !

  11. DJB says:

    You are thrillin’ me in that suit, dude. Are you takin’ meetings?! (meatings??)

  12. andrew says:

    This is good advice. A post on advice for a bottom to get the cleanest ass possible would be truly appreciated! Hope to see the post soon! 🙂

  13. Derrick from L.A. says:

    On behalf of bottom boys everywhere, let me thank you for posting this. 🙂 You wouldn’t believe the number of tops running around with no clue what they’re doing down there!
    I like your style, guys… you can commandeer my ass anytime! LOL
    And incidentally… how fucking HOT does Cole look in that suit. Sexy stud.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, we LOVE our bottom boys Derrick, thanks for the love buddy, and yeah; Cole in a suit is the epitome of hotness 😉 – Hunter

  14. Jorge culo says:

    where can i buy the book here i mexico? some page, some store? i dont know, please tell me.

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  16. Mark says:

    Very good advice. I hate hate hate being with the tops that think it’s hot to just shove it in. It’s like the old saying, you gotta preaheat the oven before you shove the turkey in…ha ha…and btw Cole, very hot pic of you in the suit. It makes me wish you were calling me into the office for some punishment=) As always, keep up the good work guys! You ALWAYS find a way to make your posts hot, whether giving advice or pounding away at some lucky guy’s ass.

    P.S., just ordered the book last night, and can’t wait for it to come in so I can get to reading. Part of me is wishing it’s a picture book;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Mark you rock man! LOVE that bit bout the oven and turkey, too funny, never heard that one before, def let us know what you think of the book buddy, keep in touch – Hunter

  17. Derek says:

    Very informative. The first and only time i’ve been fucked wasn’t my most pleasent experience lol. I turn 19 today 😀 and this guy really wants to hookup. I’m scared it’s gonna hurt, but I REALLY wanna try it again. Something really gets me going when I see a guy getting pound hard. Should I do it or not?


  18. Benny says:

    Daddy Cole and Daddy Hunter I want you to demonstrate all of this on my ass, I’m sending pics to ya’ll now…

  19. Josh says:

    VERY NICE Im a virgin and I love to top all the time I believe im good at it but I want to give you guys my virginity I will make you guys take my virginity I don’t care what i have to do but i really want you and hunter so bad 🙂
    -Much love your new frat boy Josh from Oregon

  20. Dennis says:

    I can’t wait to watch you penetrate my ass on tape!! 🙂

  21. Jorge culo says:

    yeah they are a goods advices, i am not active man, i am pasive, so i like to give my ass, but i tell´em at my men read this, i cant tell´em in his face, its not my job, is his work fuck me nice, and my job is move my ass well and squeeze.


    love you.

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