Return of Victor MONSTER Cock is part two of our hot weekend with Victor.

The first video was crazy great but this one is even better!  In this much-asked-for video, we get hard core all afternoon long, eating Victor’s sweet hard tight ass and chocking down his 10” monster cock (which ain’t easy!).  But the fucking was by far the best part.  Victor has a tight delicious pink hole.  Hunter and I fucked the hell out of him while he was moaning and squirming and loving every inch we gave him.  You might remember from his first video that Victor is actually a top.  We trained him how to bottom like a real man and he is amazing at it. You’ll hear us talking about getting a hot bottom for him to fuck, so if there are any volunteers step up and leave a comment under this video.  I’m sure he would love to hear from you.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we literally came three times each this afternoon.  The sex is super intense in this video; I literally ripped his jeans in half to get at his sweet man hole and by the end of the day we had torn his shirt and jeans to shreds!  I had to have sex with Hunter two times while editing this video – that’s how hot it is.  If you don’t love this video, you might just be straight.

Cole and Hunter


  1. Mason says:

    26yo masculine muscles hairy hung solid stocky rugby playin tradie power bottom cum n piss pig will bottom for all of you will take any/all cocks but the bigger the better (_0_)

  2. Daved Arron says:

    Both are gorgeous , handsome , hairy , hot and amazing fuckers uffffffffff ,really love you both .

  3. James says:

    I would love to volunteer to bottom for victor or any of you guys too. I really want to have his huge cock inside me

  4. Matt says:

    Hey! I love both of Victor’s videos. I am a 18 years old and a virgen. I would love to lose it with someone like him. Love you guys, your my confidence <3

  5. Matthew says:

    Victor is hot and looks like a lot of fun. Loved seeing him get fucked through his ripped jeans. Such a turn on!

  6. alejandro says:

    as you do to work with you want to be porn actor and not as I do enncantaria puedor work with you
    my email is

  7. Ted says:

    Hello. Responding to your comment about stepping up to volunteer for Victor……I love Monster Cocks….and I usually don’t have an issue getting them balls deep in my throat. Then after I have gotten that Monster Cock hard enough to slide up my ass, Victor just has to ease it in the time balls deep in my ass and work my hungry hole at the same time as making that cock rock hard the rest of the if this is a challange from you guys to me bring it on. WOOF!

  8. angelus says:

    Hummmmm ,j adore le beau petit cul bien poilu de Cole ….je vous adore les mec :)))))

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: I adore the cute little ass hairy Cole well …. I love the guy:)))))

      Merci, Angelus! 🙂 – Hunter and Cole

  9. darian says:

    im a virgin and i would love to lose it to that cockzilla, then to u and hunter! that would be mindblowing

  10. Paul says:

    I’m in my 30’s but I’d love to bottom for Victor. Would love to have Cole and Hunter too!! I’m not far from Boston.

  11. tedd says:

    i always love to see cole and hunter.i want to suck cole and hunter so much.

  12. Aaron V. says:

    haha, wow guys. when you comin to nebraska!? haha

  13. jose says:

    Thank you hunter! will be very importantly for my. I wait for your news if it is not here for facebook

  14. Boombop says:

    I realize you guys have a certain type of person your into, but I gotta admit- the idea of you two getting a tiny twink boy to take both your cocks is prettty nice sounding. Any thoughts on a video with a twink?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey there, some of our first vids were with twinks. If you take a look at our theater, search for anything with Billy in it. He is super twink! 🙂 – Hunter

  15. P@ulito says:

    Fuck yeah I’d bottom for him! This vid was hoTtt! Seriously tho.. tell him to hit me up!

  16. P@ulito says:

    Fuck yeah I’d bottom for him! That was one of the hottest vids I’ve ever seen!

  17. jose says:

    HI BOYS!
    in a few days i com to amsterdam and i fall in love with the hairy boy of the XXX AMSTERDAM ADVENTURES video please say me if he have msn facebook or skipe for can know he and date with me in amsterdam

  18. JT says:

    I’d bottom for you guys 😉 5’7 135lbs asian boy in Indianapolis and sometimes Boston

  19. fbrand12345 says:

    i’ll bottom for victor. and you. and cole. ahaha 😉 fuck yeah i would

  20. Mike says:

    Holy fuck! I have to watch that again. And again!

  21. pabs says:

    wow this is amazing i would gladly bottom for him and you two guys! i would be in heaven

  22. joseph dimaria says:

    I would love to have him top me or one of you guys… please let me know I want some of that hot cock action

  23. David says:

    I’ll bottom for him! I’ll bottom for all three of you!

  24. sanjay says:

    you guys so hot, Cole so macho and Hunter so naughty and rough

  25. bryan says:

    id love to bottom for victor white college guy in baltimore

  26. Mark says:

    Well I need to clean the keyboard again , Cole watching you take Victors ass made me shoot!!

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